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  1. My experience is that a company (who isn't/wasn't data registered) was sharing cctv footage to others. Data Protection said it was a Police problem and the Police said it was a DP problem.
  2. First hand experience! DPO don't enforce any breaches and the police don't - as it's not their job. So anyone can post anything without the fear of prosecution from either of them. Alas, you can be taken to a small claims court (I think) JW will know more.
  3. Amazed at how the Illiam Dhone commemoration was called off because of Covid19, prior to this announcement!?
  4. Shhh, nobody is allowed to mention the gas plant so close to any residential areas! Nevermind businesses! Although, I'm sure that all was passed with building control...
  5. Unfortunately this is so true! Unfortunately the cheapest at something important is better than an approved company.
  6. This 9.99% profit, does anyone know if it includes the purchase of vehicles, rent of flats/houses or any other excesses which should come out of profit?
  7. I get that but most of the people receiving this income haven't paid a penny into it. That's my bugbear! I have no problem with the people who actually do the hands on work, just the rest who seem to come out with HUGE pensions, then leave the island. So another thing would be to tax at 50% if you no longer live on the island for over nine months of the year. And seeing that the MUA gave up details about a lone parent who was scamming the system (£13k overpayment), it wouldn't be hard to keep a close eye on anyone trying to scam the pension tax.
  8. So the liability for the government pension lies with all of us, and we all know that due to the sheer numbers of government staff either working or on the pension this wouldn't ever be seen to actually be taken into account! How about making a tax on the government pensions to cover part the cost of the pensions. I'm not talking about the nurses, Dr's, police or firemen (as I class these as essential government services), but anyone else who is in receipt of a government pension above say £15,000 (a guideline) and has the nhi pension should have an extra tax on their income. Obviously we cannot afford to pay for these pensions, so why not tax them* as that's an easy way to make the deficit less *I'm not saying that front line services, for example health care workers or the pot hole fillers pay the extra (they're just as productive to our island). I'm saying that anyone who receives a pension above a certain amount should pay an extra tax.
  9. I was speaking to a couple (whilst at an airport this week) who *were* interested in coming over here as teachers, one primary school and the other high school. They told me that the only reason they decided on not coming over was because of the news coverage which this subject of tax avoidance had created. When I explained a few basic truths about the facts, they actually wanted to come here! Unfortunately, I explained this government is terminally incompetent so they were better of staying where they are.
  10. Not at all, they deserve a much higher standard of care than the average Joe. Dangerous enough to be considered a danger to other patients and staff. IMO, there didn't seem to be any structure in place when a patient with mental health issues decides to create merry hell for hours on end. The front line services just weren't in place, therefore everyone else's health care came second. (not that I begrudge the time spent by the medical staff on the person, they needed help, but what about the other 16-18 patients?!)
  11. I voted Collister and what a total waste of space he's become! If he decides to run again I think I'll stand outside the post office in Onchan with a leaflet (book) of his failures!
  12. Good luck in the new job, you'll need it! After spending a week up there as a patient myself and seeing some inefficiencies and most concerning what I would call dangerous practices*, I can only hope that you succeed in your new role. * regarding mental health patients on a ward
  13. IMO, as I work closely with someone who spent 20 years in the armed forces, some do come out fully functional. They have a job, family and confidence in themselves. (I'm deliberately not mentioning if this is a he/she) I also have another friend who left - he was in the armed forces. When he came out he was then denied a job as a prison warden! Know why... Because they were looking for women to fill the quota! I'm a woman, but I'd rather have someone with some credentials regarding discipline than fulfilling a 'quota'! So yes, it's tough for people coming out but where I work they're more than welcome.
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