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  1. This is a disabled toilet as apposed to a toilet for the disabled!
  2. Having just read through this post I feel a need to post this Whether is a conjunction meaning if. Wether is a neutered goat or sheep. Weather is the state of the atmosphere. Tin hat at the ready!
  3. Some seriously odd fancy dress going on there, when will this period of madness end?
  4. Just reread the whole post, sorry, now unoffended!
  5. He has two children, pretty sure Sarah Maltby is not one of them. More sarcasm?
  6. Possibly, but I’m not sure children do understand sarcasm, perhaps you could make your point without using “sarcasm” towards a child.
  7. Disgraceful post, the boy Brindley is bringing the end to Manx Radio with the schedule he brought in last year, but to make a comment like that about his daughter is, as I said, disgraceful!
  8. Lockdown over for today so can go out tomorrow. I hope the spectators enjoyed the few bikes that went round over almost 8 hours of closed roads!
  9. I think he said “I fully support it” twice!
  10. Did the two bikes that crashed have steering dampers fitted?
  11. Ok here we go, where we live we get fireworks around November 5th for a few nights and on New Year’s Eve but we get dogs kicking off most days and nights, I know which I prefer! SOME dog owners are twats. Tin hat on!
  12. I don’t wish to get into an argument with anyone but I’m pretty certain there is no other road race as dangerous, and even if there is it is not supported and funded by IOM Government.
  13. Isle of Man Government, this is wrong and it’s about time it was stopped.
  14. I think people who smoke are as mad as people who refuse to be vaccinated!
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