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  1. Just fuck off the pair of you!
  2. Just 5 posts in, no wonder I don’t look at this very often!
  3. Repairing washing machines, although apparently he was shit at that as well.
  4. Just watched the Paul Moulton interview with Harmer and Jeff? and listened to the rally guy this morning, hard to work out who is the most incompetent!
  5. Didn’t know a goat could be “darkly ironic”.
  6. And “certainly that is the case”, nearly as irritating as “would owners of domestic animals and livestock......
  7. So the “big fat hairy one” is departing, wonder if she is taking that opinionated twat of a father with her?
  8. Very sad news and my thoughts are with his partner, daughter, family and friends, perhaps it’s time to consider the ending of this heartbreaking sport?
  9. Here’s a challenge to Roy Moore for tomorrow when commentating at Ramsey Hairpin. Can you do at least one session without using the word certainly before handing back to the Grandstand.
  10. Billy the Kid

    TT 2018

    And “that certainly is the case”. Fucking drives me mad, does no one fron Manx Radio actually listen to any of its output? Surely someone should tell him how annoyingly repetitive he is!
  11. Billy the Kid

    TT 2018

    Just announced on Manx Radio, RIP Dan.
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