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  1. Was this the guy who had the windows blacked out at arrivals on grounds of security? T*sser!
  2. Having lived on the Island since 1978 I have listened to Manx Radio on and off for over 40 years. I have liked some of the output, tolerated some of the output and hated some of the output, so listened to what I liked and switched off when I had had a listen and not liked the content. I am afraid I have to say that there is so little that I like now that I have totally given up on it and I can’t believe that I am alone in this. RIP Manx Radio!
  3. In certain places in the village the pavement is not wide enough for a standard size wheelchair and at one point there is no pavement at all.
  4. The widening of the pavements is to enable disabled people to use their wheelchairs, as for the rest the Department of Incompetence has thrown in just about every road calming measure known to man for a none existing speed problem, as conceded in their presentation.
  5. Are you sure Roy didn’t just say “and certainly that is the case”!
  6. Those annoying adverts were paid for by the Dept. Of Incompetence or some other Dept. as a way of increasing Manx Radio’s funding. Not needed now as they have been paid upfront! Oh and by the way “That certainly is the case, certainly!”
  7. Just 5 posts in, no wonder I don’t look at this very often!
  8. Repairing washing machines, although apparently he was shit at that as well.
  9. Just watched the Paul Moulton interview with Harmer and Jeff? and listened to the rally guy this morning, hard to work out who is the most incompetent!
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