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  1. I've had enough of this place, whingeing whining twats the lot of you
  2. Go round the back, and park where? If I were a tradesman which I may be, where do I stop in the event of a callout...I know let's double park on the prom then you can whinge about that instead
  3. If they're looking for a driver, who's he/she going to share the shifts with, or is it a 24 hour shift?
  4. STOP SPENDING IT LIKE IT'S MONOPOLY MONEY FFS!!! ...like we need 80 weeks worth of road 'improvements' to get petrol and a big mac ...like we need years worth of more road 'improvements' to follow a horse tram ...like we need...you get the picture
  5. How do you go straight to the front of the queue to get a free house and maximum benefits? (free interpreter available)
  6. So how can you 'understand or forgive' a child abuser? ...chop his/her fricken hands off for starters
  7. I agree with XIM, it's to slow down the stupid twats who still treat the Lancy like it was derestricted dual carriageway in the 80's or earlier ...mountain rd next please
  8. ...and still denser than air so still no cloud...and will fall to the lowest point i.e. the harbour
  9. So pub crawl is the definition of nightlife is it, then Peel is welcome to it
  10. You won't get an LPG cloud - it's denser than air, more of an LPG carpet
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