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  1. It was noticeable the day it was done that some had not "stuck" down. Another week and it will be back to how it was
  2. Dork. 🤣🤣🤣 That is all ..........
  3. Bloody lightweight. Man up and wear 4.25 inch stilettos like the rest of us........
  4. I heard grumblings last week about her abandoning the constituancy prior to lock down. Allegedly she left the Island before the borders closed so that she could have access to medical treatment if needed and has not returned. Don't know if it is true, and sympathise if requires specialist treatment, but so did other people.
  5. Tesco and M & S have them. They are really nice roasted in the oven on their own with a bit of butter too
  6. He started doing it because the Government website did not update with the new information immediately. Additionally, some of his constitutents may not be in a position to view the news conference at 1600. You don't have to read it - you can ignore it. Block him if it offends you that much. Is it impossible for you to stop bashing someone who is trying to help just to try and make yourself look superior.
  7. I have been thinking about this quite a bit over the last week or so. I had it at the start of February and it was awful
  8. Bloody Douglas Council need to do something about the fecking sea gulls. I was attacked by one last week by M & S and the fecker drew blood. Bastards
  9. 19th Dec 2020 - 2 Jan 2021. Snow White Tickets are on sale now - details on the Villa Gaiety website. Just so you don't think details are a secret or found only on facebook !
  10. I love Christmas. It's ace. Leave it alone you miserable buggers. I don't put the tree up till second week in December though.
  11. Fantastic photos Neil. Can anyone tell me what the chimney is for in photo 6 and what the lovely building with the arched windows is in photo 7?
  12. They were only open for a few hours each week so not that surprising
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