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  1. Agreed. And you are charged a service charge for this. I used to really like the place, now I choose not to go
  2. Prospect Hill on the Victory House side is still free all day though ...................
  3. Agreed. Presumably the 60 people (13 immediately) made redundant are irrelevant.
  4. Yes There is also Cafe Bar 26 if you are in that area, though not sure what it is like these days.
  5. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get accurate information on what EJ are responsible for if they cancel your flight please? I'm utterly confused as to who is responsible for what. Particularly interested in what expenses they have to cover for example if the Gatwick flight is cancelled and you need to get to London for an ongoing flight the next day Thanks so much ETA - Also 🙂 how do I track the plane so I can see if it is likely to be significantly delayed for the last flight? I can see my little holiday being destroyed by these EJ feckers 🥵
  6. Can I join if I bring a vat of Laughing Gas from Bushys?
  7. JessTickle


    Exactly. These horses are hardly over worked. They have regular open days where you can see them all, how they live, how they are cared for and ask questions regarding their work. If there was no job for them, these breeds would die out, heavy breeds are already rare and endangered
  8. And pronounce it Scard rather than Scurd
  9. He owned GGH - Gilbey Grianagh Horses which was out near the Braid. Great Meadow is owned by the Riggall family, but WG might have been involved with the racing at Great Meadow - was he the commentator??
  10. Isn't this the first year that the organisation of the event is not with the S100 ?
  11. I was on the delayed IOM - MAN EasyJet flight on Friday evening. We were told that the flight would be taking off 80 minutes late only once we had been transferred to the passenger holding pen down stairs. This obviously caused carnage as people weren't prepared to be stuck down there for over an hour with no access to any refreshment and with only one toilet so the vast majority just went back upstairs. This resulted in everyone needing to be scanned to board for a second time. What I assume was a Menzies rep absolved themselves and EJ of any responsibility and firmly passed the buck to ATC. This continued on boarding and again mid flight and landing with the Captain providing the same information that it all the fault of ATC. One little snippet he told the full flight was that the issue with the IOM ATC was that they only had one controller that was working and that there had been two but this other controller had been suspended from work. No idea if this is true or not but that is what EJ are telling people. Interestingly when we arrived in the departures lounge the flight was showing it was delayed by 30 minutes. This was subsequently removed and changed to it being on time. We tracked the plane coming in and it was definitely already late - it didn't land on the IOM until the time it was due to take off. It then missed the ATC open slot to take off so was delayed further. Its a bloody shambles down there - but Menzies / EJ are not giving factual information.
  12. Here you go 🙂 https://www.tynwald.org.im/business/listen
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