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  1. JessTickle

    Parish Walk

    Well done Bees. Damn good effort.
  2. The drains were blocked with leaves
  3. Have to say I totally agree, he is always outside smoking and he looks dirty. When it first opened i went a few times - wouldn't eat there now if you paid me
  4. Why did I think he said he worked there helping the FSC sort it out? ETA "My role was to help unpick the investment structures, manage the property portfolios going forward and to help the directors report back to the FSC monthly / quarterly / annually. "
  5. I read that post as saying "not sure" rather than stating it's closed. In any event, I fail to see why I can't pass comment on the place if I so wish
  6. Waterside Bistro was rank when I went a year ago. I wouldn't bother myself. There are much better places to go
  7. Neigh - dichromatic vision
  8. Absolutely this. I used to use it regularly but the days into Dublin now are just useless. The weekend boats ie friday morning and Sunday night were always packed - even more so when they did a bank holiday Monday return
  9. Hard feed that is available will cost more due to reduced crop yeild. Stock will decrease next year as breeding will be reduced if there is nothing to feed. Remember it will be a year from now before crops become available. It's not a money making exercise there will be real issues Not every farmer is in the same position as HQ some do struggle and that's a fact
  10. The problem is that no matter how much money you have there will be no straw and hay available to buy so there will be less stock able to be kept I only make haylage for the horses and my yeild was a third of what I would get any other year.
  11. Hear a rumour that this is exactly what is being proposed....
  12. Bloody hell thats no good, half a story boy
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