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  1. If you play this game on Apple device and want a rank 70+ ally send me a request. Player Id 659-257-279
  2. An engineer from cummins has had their 'insite' diagnostic software on the engine and the findings are 'there is something wrong with it'. It's going to have to come out and be returned for examination/repair. In the mean time the warranty will give us a new engine and the labour to fit it.
  3. Any overheating engine will lose oil as it's viscosity is lowered making it difficult to contain. But the engine may have blown its head gasket or warped the cylinder head. Either way open engine surgery will be the result. Also an engine overheating in this climate at this time of year is a joke.
  4. It has been altered to mate with our rolling stock but the power unit problems remain. The cummins Q series engine is believed industry wide to be a 'dog'.
  5. Well you've got to laugh. I've seen the problems first hand and it is funny. It even came with the wrong connections for our rolling stock.
  6. Waiting for the arctic blast to arrive now. Frozen flood water might be interesting.
  7. Both on the road and in parking spaces.
  8. I like to walk round tesco with a cucumber down the front if my trousers to see if I attract any female attention. If I don't I slip it back on the shelf before leaving.
  9. To be honest it looks feckin awful. It's about 8ft wide and had the gauge altered to 3ft 6. Looks like it might fall over on the first corner.
  10. It won't fit on the rails. We were working in inches and they were working in cm. fits under all the Bridges though so there's a plus.
  11. I've been away on school trips at tax payers expense and blatantly refused to learn anything.
  12. I hope their work permits are in order.
  13. Hang on not so fast. It was shunted into the engine shed to be unwrapped and as far as I know has not been fired up yet. They'll have to read to owners handbook first!
  14. Well the engine has arrived but before you all charge down to see it there are bodies on the gate stopping 'the public' entering the premises. There is so much cling wrap covering the engine it looks like a turkey could be under there. It'll take them a week to unwrap it.
  15. Summerland used to do a family orientated New Year's Eve. We attended a few times. But if course that's gone by the board now. No where I know off does anything similar.
  16. It is an overtake lane but the max speed limit is 50mph so yes if the vehicle in front is doing 49.9 you cannot pass it. There are two overtaking lanes on motorways but the max speed is still 70mph. You cannot use in your defence 'oh I was overtaking a slightly slower vehicle officer so that's why is was doing 60 in a 50 zone'
  17. You will always get racy knobs on any road but that road is a favourite. The uphill bit past the cat sanctuary is 50mph but because there is an overtaking lane some wazzock will always pass you doing way more than that.
  18. Almost brand new? It must be at least 12 years old.
  19. Bus VANNIN winter mini buses nearly ready for delivery.
  20. Vorta, just for the record...would the Bendies fit into the garage? TBT. Not all of it. If they were driven in the garage door would come down over the third axle. The garage is around 20 meters long so you'd need to remove some items to get the buses right inside but then they would cover the pits and there would be no underbody access.
  21. The operator/owners of the trialed artic buses were so keen to be rid of them they left them here for a month or more after we'd finished our trial. They did not want them back. I suppose they were being stored rent free for them here. Plus they went back in slightly better condition than they arrived.
  22. Go upstairs then. The head rests are not tan up there.
  23. FFS we had the chance to get rid of bikeists with the bendy buses. How many could have been gotten rid off if we'd only introduced them? But no. We sent them packing.
  24. Oh I've seen this one. It's the one where spocks body comes back to life and the Klingons kill kirks son.
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