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  1. Viewing some comments this evening on facey, I would suggest that the steam packet might need to come up with some form of social media policy.
  2. A weak link...? One that should have been tight from day one.
  3. He's the absolute definition of cockwomble
  4. My family could only see other members of their family in the UK for one day at Christmas. Several people I am aware of went swanning off the island and stayed with family in the UK - that IS breaking the law (UK law). So if my UK based family have to abide by the rules, what makes it OK for someone from the island to go across to stay with or visit family?
  5. And what if not? Not very good risk management. They were 100% clear on this from the start.
  6. You do know knocking on 10,000 of those are allocated for 2nd doses in the next 21 days yes?
  7. Which is precisely what they have done, and explained several times. Still waiting for a reply to my question earlier by the way.
  8. 1. Explain, with logic, why it is stupid. 2. Some are also earmarked for 1st vaccinations booked in.
  9. Jesus Christ. Someone else who can't listen or understand the figures, despite it being explained umpteen times to people who clearly don't pay attention.
  10. https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/smallbusiness/article-8078953/Growing-number-Britons-working-home-office.html This suggests possibly a quarter of the UK work force work flexibly i.e. from home part or all of the time. (8m out of 32m). But I'd say there are more than that in reality who could. Majority of my neighbours were working from home during lockdown as were 90% of my friends. It's not a new thing either. I've been able to for over 10 years, the option has been there. Having had a taste of it I am now a permanent home worker. It's far better for my health, I get more done t
  11. That was not IOM only, it was across the whole of RBSI. Also, the difference there was they were all voluntary. Voluntary redundancies are actually a positive for employment, as for a number of the people it takes them out of the job market. i.e. They are near retirement anyway, but will be getting a pay-out, and therefore not needing future employment. Or if they are, it is not in the same sector or level. It opens up opportunities for others within the company and the wider job market. I can say that having recruited in the FS sector here pretty recently, finding people locally is very
  12. You're all sat here behind your keyboards judging someone who you probably don't know, doing something they would have never expected to be facing. David was an exceptionally clever, astute person at school and as far as I am concerned is handling things very well. Before anyone asks, no I don't know him personally, he's not my MHK, I'm just saying what I see. He's honest and appears to care. Looking back over the years we could be in a much worse situation.
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