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  1. I like the idea but how does it work in practice? Lots of people need a car for their job (I do) but have no off-street parking at my house as it's an older property. I could have bought a property with a driveway but that's usually newer houses. So you'll end up with even more older properties being unoccupied as people will want cars so go for the more modern housing with driveways etc. What would happen to inner Douglas, where there's lots of town houses with no parking but people who need a vehicle? I guess the permit system goes some way to helping that. The good thing about new flat developments is they have to have enough off street parking to get planning. But any new builds now should surely have EV charging points built in to the parking space, linked to their meter.
  2. Turboprop is much more fuel efficient than turbofan. Hence why regional carriers like flybe, Qantas link and a lot of other commuter flights operate using turboprops.
  3. Not as bad as the ATR72 used by Stobart/AerLingus. The Q400 has a wide wheelbase (track) to help make crosswind landings easier/safer/more comfortable. That's often why the ATR will not be able to land on windy days and the Dash will, as the Dash can operate at a higher crosswind component. They do have pretty shite suspension though!
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