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  1. The commuter service they run now and then is well used, is pretty much the same duration as the bus from a number of places (if not quicker when traffic is busy). Leaves PE 7.45am arrives 8.45am. Plus you can get food and drink on the return which is fantastic and much more pleasant than the bus.
  2. I'm guessing some of the issues are around the flow coming in has dried up but they still have to let water out in to the rivers below the reservoir as well as supply water to houses. After the last hot spell the river in to Clypse was virtually dry with no water going in to the reservoir. The ground is so dry even modest amounts of rain will do very little to fill reservoirs up. It'd take a few days of constant heavy rain to saturate the ground and get rivers back to usual levels for this time of year. All that said, unless we had an extremely unusual late autumn and winter, there's not likely to be much of a problem.
  3. Yesterday's wasn't the train apparently, it was a hay bale that ignited. Does happen from time to time.
  4. Another in the same place this morning, 11am ish.
  5. Saved me some time there HD... had some complete knob heads tearing past me walking on Groudle Road within hours of the chippings being done last week, showering me in the process. What surprised me more was how many people had parked outside their houses on a newly chipped road.......
  6. Yep. It does look very dark for a chippings resurfacing, if you use the roads round Lakeside Gardens/Groudle road as an example of classic loose chippings... almost is like a top layer of something else has been applied.
  7. Wasn't the train apparently. Hay bale fire.
  8. Get the point on the hedges.... what is it about the fire trains? (or is it lack of?)
  9. Apart from the fact there'll be loose chippings spread on the road after being dropped from tyres after the roadworks, which can still spray up and hit cars/pedestrians? And less than quarter of a mile at 20 instead of 50 will not ruin anyone's day.
  10. The trains have been around for 150 years. Has there ever been a 'real issue'? Is there one now?
  11. It's being done at the cost of the contractor so probably the cheapest, shittest, quickest job. Did they not cite it being done when it was warm as causing the issue previously? Or was it too cold, can't remember. Either way it was something to do with extremes, and surely laying tar and chippings when it's going to be 20+ all this week and maybe beyond isn't a clever idea?
  12. The overtaking Lane has been coned off for days. No cars have been on it as far as I know (could be wrong). In any case, bare patches on the 'racing line' so to speak.
  13. Build up of chippings pushed to the sides that have now bound together with the tar left on the chippings? Be interesting with the forecast hot weather this week... I surface dressing not reliant on cars driving on the surface, so why have some lanes been coned off?
  14. Has anyone noticed that the chippings are already disappearing where the tyre tracks are? Almost looking like back to bare tar again...
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