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  1. I respect your post and you've clearly done a lot of research on the topic. Our views mat differ slightly but one thing I do agree on was the way some people were either made to feel like outcasts or made to have the vaccine to go about their daily lives unhindered or even keep their job. One point you made, which I've quoted, I wanted to pick up on though. Is this not because we know more about autism now? (As well as other neurodivergent conditions). Years ago little Johnny or Juliet was just naughty or disruptive and put in the 'hut' on the school field as they were too much trouble to deal with (I've seen it) and that was long before a lot of vaccines came into existence.
  2. Or just aviation, and maybe the job market in general?
  3. Ben didn't do so well, 10 hours at sea. Unable to dock in Heysham despite entering the harbour. Must have been pretty wild the other side of the sea too.
  4. Just had a look out of interest. For next week it's about 330 a week from Liverpool Airport. Must have been because I was looking in school holidays (and a bank holiday weekend). Even at 330 a week though, I'd still take my car 1. For convenience and 2. By the time you've paid for 4 flights with bags it wouldn't work out much cheaper
  5. Have you seen car hire prices? Cheapest I could find recently for a family car was around £800 a week. Always used to work out the same or cheaper.
  6. Yep but she usually sits outside of Victoria Pier overnight and moves to Edward VIII Pier once Ben is in and unloaded. Must have fancied a little potter about at night 😉
  7. Oh yeah I know that, it usually just moves once Ben is done unloading and they switch over. Manxman was out at sea for about 8 hours oveenight which was what threw me.
  8. Sorry yes just seen her come in a short while ago. Why did Manxman not stay on her usual overnight berth outside the Victoria Pier though?
  9. What's up with Manxman this morning? Been pottering round at 7kts for the past few hours, now departing late for operational reasons...
  10. Wind South to southwest 5 or 6 increasing 7 at times Wednesday evening State of sea Moderate locally rough for a time
  11. So did this one not have a covenant in place to stop it becoming a pub again, or have the brewery just leased it out?
  12. Peel on Saturday was bouncing. Fenella beach packed. Main beach busy. Pubs rammed, black dog heaving with a queue out the gates when we left. Great to see. Another busy week on the cards this week too, boats booked up with people coming over for the festival of motoring.
  13. Yes, I'm sure you can get hold of them here near Christmas time. One of the specialist food places.
  14. Quick example: Titanic 46,329GT, 52,310 Tons Displacement Mauretania 31,938GT, 44,610 Tons Displacement So whilst Titanic was 45% more in terms of Gross Tonnage, she was only 17% heavier.
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