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  1. Until there is official advice not to travel though, cancelling won't have any affect as people who have paid money will still come as they won't get it back through insurance. Cancelled events will not be sufficient enough to claim on insurance if there's no travel restrictions.
  2. Where in London, John? Have a look at Point A, used them for work trips a few times (specifically the one near Liverpool Street station/Spitalfields). Rooms clean but small, good continental breakfast, price usually good if booked in advance. Pretty sure they do accessible rooms.
  3. Always the same when a company goes into administration Roger, those who were responsible either end up living the life of Riley or starting up under a new name. Never seems fair.
  4. Well that's quite some shithousery from flybe then if that's the case. Presumably dodging a regulated UK scheme for some cost savings.
  5. Will it be regulated or protected in any way by the IOMFSA? The previous reg. bodies were the FSC and the Insurance and Pensions Authority... Just hope so.
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