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  1. I have seen first hand the care Hospcie IOM give. I know what they do. There are other charities that do not get the same level of attention, who deserve it.
  2. Hospice won community initiative. Or something like that. Whilst I applaud what Hospice do, there's many more deserving charities or groups out there.
  3. Given that when it changes from a dark to light colour it's rather like a camera flash going off, I doubt the above is being met. ETA: it may just be the starkness of contrast between dark and light that makes it appear that way, so perhaps the changeover needs to be less abrupt between ads.
  4. It's horrendous. Didn't quite realise how bright it would be. How anyone was allowed to put something like that there is beyond me. It's an unnecessary distraction at a busy junction.
  5. Don't think the lights were ever on in that pair's heads.
  6. Another day where 21 would be useful? Things seem OK at the moment but winds increasing SSW gale later.
  7. You presume wrong. I don't. Walk or drive and pay to park. Others do have spaces, fair enough. Just think there's other things to be bothered about at work than someone having a free parking space.
  8. I don't disagree with anything you say. I just don't think it's a big issue. Where I work, free parking spaces is the never ending bone of contention: why does X have one and not me etc. The criteria for who has one is set by, more than likely, someone who has one themselves. Some employers are lucky and have a full car park with free spaces for everyone. Some are based in town and only certain people get a space. As someone said elsewhere, life isn't always fair.
  9. It's not BiK where I work, just part of the employment package at certain levels or for the role. 1,200 to me is not significant in the scheme of things. Potentially 1% or less than the person's overall remuneration.
  10. Some companies who care about their employees do provide free or subsidised lunches. Still don't see the issue. It's just pointless government bashing. Bash them for other stuff, yes. Just not something so insignificant that happens in many other workplaces.
  11. A private sector worker who has free parking has this paid for from business income, which comes from those who make the money for said business, likely to be their customers. Is it not similar? Why should public sector not decide that certain people can have free parking, just like a private sector company can? I don't work in the public sector and don't get free parking, I just don't really see an issue.
  12. You are absolutely correct. Some cards allow 'offline' transactions and some don't. Some of the more recent card readers will decline a card that doesn't do offline. This is usually because the bank won't allow the cardholder to go into an overdraft because e.g. they're under 18.
  13. How many private sector bods use their free parking spaces for non work trips? Don't see your point.
  14. Must be a very sad existence.
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