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  1. https://www.iombank.com/content/dam/iom/documents/personal/iomb-annual-report-and-accounts-2018.pdf And historic ones on here: https://www.iombank.com/global/financial-performance.html
  2. Don't know enough, I think that should be.
  3. If they looked at the annual reports & accounts, they'd see that RBS International have always made a profit, right through the financial crisis and in recent years - in fact it has been one of the best performing parts of NWG.
  4. Totally incorrect. Trading name of RBS International.
  5. You clearly do not. RBS International is still the name of the non ring fenced, Jersey based company. RBS Group became NWG on 22 July. Nothing changed with the non ring fenced RBS International. Get your facts right.
  6. Is it not 40? 64km/h is 40mph... Hell of a lot of difference in energy between 30 and 40mph.
  7. Just classic gutter press. The 'loving' is a snide journo tactic. It wouldn't matter if the person involved wasn't. Someone has died and that's what is important here. And it may have been in very tragic circumstances. If the two incidents are related then I hope something is done. Too much going on at the moment involving feral youths who are not being held to account. And the lowlife parents who don't give a shit. Time the parents were made to pay the price for not looking after their offspring properly.
  8. Capt_Mainwaring


    The inland diversions I hate - it's a coastal path. It's probably now lost forever where the right of way has been given up. Oh, the bit from Peel south to Glen Maye was fine back in May. Yes there are bits around the whole route that need some work to ensure it's secure for future use, but it's in fantastic condition compared to some of the island's other footpaths. I have emailed my MHK as some are either impassable or frankly downright dangerous.
  9. Capt_Mainwaring


    Which parts? I've done everything other than the northern beach section this summer and not had any problems at all.
  10. I did notice that too... I see Gary Thompson is involved.
  11. https://onthewight.com/isle-of-wight-tt-the-diamond-races-are-coming-circuit-map-and-photos/ Be interesting to see what IOMG make of this, from a trademark perspective??
  12. No it was the hard working guy with a family who tried to keep his business going during a very tough time for small business.
  13. Fair enough but give him another go - his beers are all online now so you can choose what you like and they deliver island wide...
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