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  1. Yeah I know, £200?! I wouldn't be paying that eider.
  2. Correct - but again I'm guessing hard to predict given the impact vaccine is having plus people's personal choices i.e. vulnerable possibly keeping themselves safer. Could maybe use the UK data as a good indicator?
  3. It has been mentioned that modelling is hard for a population such as ours. Any coincidence that the other 'top of the table' countries (for infections per 100k) are also island nations? Besides, the UK were predicting 100k plus a day around now and yet it has gone the opposite way. Obsession with cases is just not healthy any longer. It's just the bloody media who love it.
  4. Eh? Coutts, NW and RBS are all still here?
  5. Regent St closed until further notice due to 'staff availability'. On their FB page.
  6. IOM Bank Athol Street branch and NW closed for deep clean today, Penny off the road too. Regent St is self serve only so counter service is Ramsey or Port Erin.
  7. Because they are historically significant. People actually go to Ireland to see something similar. Same goes for a stretch of beech tree hedge near Perth in Scotland. Just because some wealthy knob wants to build a new driveway they should be cut down? They are going absolutely no harm to the road or the ability for vehicles to travel along it. It's simply not necessary and you are as usual looking to create an argument for no reason.
  8. Not sure. Maybe unfit to hold a licence due to the recent ramblings? Not quite sure it's crossed into any form of hate crime it's just the equality issues, random PDA policy etc. Although there are some pretty vile posts on there from the owner. Deserves it in my book.
  9. Closed by the police tonight apparently. According to Facey.
  10. Haha, it has been fact checked and proven to be absolute bollocks as one would expect.
  11. Was it not the Victorians who planted them in the national glens? For decorative purposes?
  12. What really got me is the arrogance of Christian. He used the words 'my councillors'. No, David, they're not your councillors, they're elected by the people and represent the MLP. He might be the leader but they're not his councillors. Self serving, pompous, arrogant arse.
  13. You do realise that Jersey Reds play in the Championship, a division below the Rugby Union Premiership? In all fairness, I doubt the Lions really considered coming here for a warm up game.
  14. Wonder why, as the letter I've seen posted online seems to be pushing this as the way to go? Why could you not get it?
  15. You are confusing investment banking (who do get paid ridiculous salaries) with high street retail banks. Ring fencing was brought in after the crisis to keep that arm of banking well apart from day to day retail. The salaries and bonuses referred to in that article are not in any way similar to what IOM based banking staff will be on.
  16. https://www.insider.co.uk/appointments/rbs-confirms-alison-rose-new-20126381 That's the CEO. I think you're confusing these people with the people who actually make the kind of decisions like this charity one. Who I'd hazard a guess are on a fraction on that.
  17. I'm not quite sure you know what you're talking about here.
  18. No. But you haven't answered my question.
  19. And what would you class obscene salaries? Banks pay considerably less than e.g. gaming, insurance.
  20. Yep I think the payments infrastructure, risk frameworks, regulatory and legal requirements plus any tech/app dev is vastly underestimated by those suggesting a Gov/IOMPO run bank. It would be a very basic bank with very little digital capability, which is the way the world is heading. Sadly the IOM is still living in a bubble of nostalgia about the days of bank managers with bowler hats. That's never coming back. Any young person is probably already using a digital challenger e.g. Revolut. The days of the High St bank are numbered I dare to suggest, so maybe in a way pushing towards digital is a way of IOMB et al keeping up with trends? NatWest UK investors page strapline is 'A relationship bank for a digital world' Not so sure about the relationship bit, but definitely see the digital side of it being pushed forward....
  21. NatWest are doing it here and in the channel islands - same letter
  22. By 2 June though you could have people in your garden, in your house I think up to 2 people as well as going for exercise with others provided you were socially distanced. That all started around 20 May. So it wasn't like it is today. Would be interesting to see how it would be approached now if it was organised for say tomorrow.
  23. There were protests going on all over the world. The police took that into account, and set out guidelines. The organisers engaged with police and got their agreement. Plus there were almost zero cases at the time and we were partially out of lockdown if I remember as it was 2 June? So I'm not sure you can compare the two?
  24. Which is where this would lead if not policed... because give people an inch they take a mile.
  25. It's making me feel so conflicted. It's horrible. The bit I really hate is the people with the phones taking videos. If he is all about what he says he's about then I'm pretty sure he'd not like the way they've acted. Those others that are there are purely there for a political agenda. As for the covid in the workplace, is there a law against that? That's the confusing and rather strange part of this. I have friends who openly go in to work because they just don't like working at home. Their employer doesn't care. Whereas mine has basically said everyone out (quite rightly) unless there are compelling reasons why they can't work at home. The other thing we have to remember is we've had it easy. My family in the UK live 40 miles apart but apart from Christmas day for a few hours, they've virtually not seen them for a year. These people might feel they're making things better but it's creating a bigger divide.
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