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  1. And like I mentioned earlier, probably have a number of staff off or isolating due to shielding requirements. So closing a branch that's less than 5 mins away from another doesn't seem too unreasonable. Might be automated but still needs people there to man it, empty machines behind the scenes etc., ensure social distancing.
  2. Having a van driving round the island when we are all being asked to stay at home is hardly essential. I'm sure it will be back when lockdown 2.0 is over. You do also realise that some front line workers have now got to shield so any of their staff in that situation will be off work. And for 21 days, tell me what is urgent that you actually NEED to go to a bank for (yes some people with no card will need to access cash but that is a tiny number these days I would imagine). And businesses paying in cash, but that will be minimal too as most will be closed. I honestly can't remember when I
  3. Just to reiterate the WHO facts on masks & exercise: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public/myth-busters (scroll down). I have my masks for shops, general public etc. but when running I will have one in case I need it - but will be trying to go places where I am unlikely to meet people, or can easily keep my distance. It's just a bit of common sense that's needed.
  4. https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public/myth-busters I will be following this advice re masks and exercise (scroll down the page a bit). I will also deliberately go somewhere quiet, and if I do happen to see anyone, I will keep my distance. I will absolutely be wearing one in any crowded setting/shops etc.
  5. Regulatory requirements . Which is why you occasionally get those letters asking for you to re-send all your DD. What annoys me is that we are being asked to do everything paperless but banks don't accept online bills, statements etc. Bonkers. And that's regulators dictating that not the bank I believe?
  6. On deposit or just in a money transmission account? If it's not fixed/term deposit then it's generally not worth anything to a bank as it can't be lent against. Plus it's probably costing the bank to provide a service like this with no charges to a club for no fee.
  7. +1 They're not happy with how it has been handled at all. And like you say it has now gone tits up. A colleague is now on their 3rd lot of 2 week isolation since Oct. Another has had 24 days due to school outbreak. It has been awful. There's now a lot of very, very angry people and the hospitality trade is facing a nightmare month.
  8. Do people really believe that a highly contagious virus with little to no herd immunity would really be circulating without serious issues? You only have to look at Jersey to see how, with community spread AND restrictions, things have snowballed in less than 2 weeks. Think of the number of events here, packed pubs and restaurants (list goes on), no social distancing or restrictions on care home visits for example, and then think about what you are saying. Guernsey tested thousands of people and found no cases whatsoever. Based purely on science of virus transmission, especially at t
  9. They did - just check the gov.gg Covid-19 page https://covid19.gov.gg/test-results Cluster cases update section.
  10. Like I said above, I've been speaking to a few very angry colleagues about what's happening down there at the moment. Test and trace overwhelmed at the end of last week, whole school years and their families now in isolation. And people think they had a better plan? I can tell you the feeling down there at the moment is that is very much not the case. It's messy.
  11. Speaking to colleagues today, they fear imminently, unless the new restrictions start to work. Looking like 2m social distancing coming back, masks are now mandatory, there'll be rules for Christmas etc. Lots of unhappy, angry people. Lots of children also missing yet more school. All down to a combination of a relaxed border situation, complacency and selfishness.
  12. I did a break down Ramsey in the summer - had a great time. Felt like a real community. So much so, heading back there for a few days leading up to Christmas.
  13. Yes that's what I understand. Ex-courthouse, 1886, but now setting up his own place in Rhumsaa.
  14. Not the same owner I don't believe...
  15. Ah, yes, some unconscious bias there. And that's where the legislation is flawed. A lot of problem drinkers are middle aged with high level jobs if you believe the NHS statistics. Can't imagine minimum unit pricing will affect them. Are they expected to be more responsible? Or is that bias creeping in again... The more you think about it the more it seems very one sided and I'll conceived really. I'd never thought about it in as much depth as this. Still not too bothered either way, but surely you also need to invest in proper support networks as well as these sort of measures?
  16. I think there was some study that said the people it was aimed at had reduced consumption because they had limited money to spend. There's the negative side of that in that for some it might increase petty crime/theft in order to get what they want. Like I say though, this is aimed at the white lighting cider/buckfast type cheap booze. Nothing that will make a difference to most people, apart from maybe the odd special offer needing to be tweaked to stay on the right side of the pricing.
  17. It will make bugger all difference to 95% or more of the population but might do some good for chronic alcoholics. It has seen some benefit in Scotland I believe. For instance there, the min price for a bottle of wine is around 4.50 to 5, can of cooking lager just under a quid and a 70cl standard bottle of spirits 14.
  18. That's incorrect. I know people that work there and they are now back in.
  19. Why did they? It's not for saving money as they are still paying out the usual prize money of 3k to 5 local charities.
  20. Best cover version in your opinion?
  21. Carly Rae Jepsen. Originally by Joni Mitchell. Great song covered many many times.
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