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  1. So.....having read all the above comments.....and having paid by debit card it appears I have weaker options compared to if I had used a credit card...yes? So... if both the bank and ABTA continue passing my claim between each other do I have the option to commence action against Freedom through small claims court? many thanks
  2. Did you get refunded Doc? I’m only asking as Freedom Travel advised claiming through ABTA which I did several weeks ago. Heard nothing and then an email a couple of days ago basically fobbing me off and stating I should claim via the bank as a chargeback as I paid in full by debit card!! They seem to have sent me a generic email and nothing specific to my personal claim. Have been to my bank this afternoon who spoke to Visa Disputes while I was there who basically said that they needed correspondence from ABTA that was ‘personalised’ As to why they are not dealing with it, however said that a ‘chargeback’ was extremely unlikely to be successful!! As such I am at a bit of a loss as to next steps. It pisses me off that Freedom can carry on touting their business as if nothing happened, and the really annoying part is that their website did, and still does, state that money is safe and protected. All suggestions are welcomed. Would I be as well going down the small claims route? many thanks
  3. Our package through Freedom Travel was an entire direct package holiday. Direct flights to and from IOM, transfers to hotel and hotel itself in Majorca. From looking at paperwork, it looks like ABTA is included but not ATOL protected so not sure where this leaves things...
  4. I’m in the same boat as you doc.....due to fly direct to Majorca in a couple of weeks. No contact as yet, no one on the end of the phone either. Hopefully refunds will be forthcoming in the near future. Very sad for all the employees though who are out on their arse with very little warning.
  5. Hi. Are you looking at a 'long term' car parking space? I have one available next to the Noa Bakehouse. Let me know if this is any good. Thanks
  6. Matt, Woolley. I too was subject to watching my parents fall out and subsequent divorce (messy to say the least) and the last thing I will do is see my boy put through the same. That said - I don't think they have invented a microscope powerful enough to find my ex's 'reasonable, logical and better nature' yet!! We are due to have a face to face discussion in the next couple of days and many comments on here have echoed my own thoughts regarding his schooling/friendships etc. so all I can do just now is see how this meeting goes and then work from there. thanks again everyone (well....nearly everyone)
  7. Wow, that escalated rapidly!!! Thanks to everyone, John especially, for all the constructive advice given. I am trying my best to resolve this amicably, and more importantly, trying to do this so as to minimise the effect this could have on him. Thanks again. On a side note, since when should a persons sexual orientation (or beliefs/race etc.) have anything to do with giving good advice? That was all I originally asked for and that's what I have been given, for which I am extremely grateful.
  8. John...Thank you so much for that. I feel mighty relieved knowing she will need my consent or a Court Order. I will PM you too. Thanks everyone for the sensible replies.
  9. Again, thanks for all your help. I fully understand that only the Advocates would win if this were to go to Court, and I would be left short financially so its not an option I would like to have to take. having read some of the above Court matters, regardless of individual circumstances, it appears that they tend to favour the mother. Albert. Thanks again - I am trying my best to resolve this amicably so my son does not get involved in a way to upset him more than he will be. Bottom line is that I want my son with me, growing up with his current friends, at a school he loves, with the quality of life the IOM offers, and being in a happy home when he is with me. thanks
  10. thanks for that Albert- My boy is 8. Parental responsibility was mutually agreed between his mum and myself and the Court simply approved it. I am married now but was not married to his mother. I am a bit confused as to where Juan Turner MLC could help GD4ELI...can you explain please? thank you all.
  11. thanks for the replies folks - Matt - I have tactfully mentioned this to him- he wants to remain here. Neveragain - she is moving to the North of England- fairly big city. Its all well and good him being financially better here but weigh up travel costs/accommodation/time off work is not really an ideal option. Craggy- reason for moving is to go with her partner to look after his parents who are elderly. she doesn't work and has no family away from the IOM. I agree that seeing a lawyer needs to be done. Woody - thanks - I will do that Woolley - some people do not appear to have a 'better nature' to appeal to!! thanks for all the help.
  12. Hi Spook. Financially and stability wise, that would be me. I appreciate people will say 'you would say that' but his upbringing is of paramount importance to me and I do have concerns over that point. thanks
  13. hi, I am looking for a little advice if any one can help. My ex partner has announced that she is moving to the UK and taking our 8 year old son (manx born) with her. I have parental responsibility and although he lives with her he stays with me at weekends and one night during the week, and we share school holidays 50/50. He is settled in school and is a happy boy with many friends. I have said that I do not want him to leave the island as he will have a far better quality upbringing here and it would break me to see him go. My wife is fully supportive and understanding of my concerns. Has any one had this issue in the past and can give me a pointer as to what I need to do to keep my son here with me? many thanks in advance
  14. Hi again To clarify, when he started employment with IOM Gov 18 years ago he was initially a member of the pension scheme and assures me he had the 'normal' death in service and sick pay benefits. Some 6 months into his employment he was told that he was no longer eligible to remain in the scheme (which he states was due to weight and mild diabetes). He was subsequently (several years later) told that he would benefit from sick pay benefits (having had no time off work ill and also apparently having a new manager) and this part of his contract was reinstated (although he has no supporting paperwork) As mentioned above, he is going to take advice from the Union rep after getting copies of all contracts etc from Human Resources/Personnel. Thanks for all the replies folks. Initial post was to see if anyone had experienced anything similar and to get advice. Thanks again for your help
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