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  1. Bastard! I had to ring him after seeing that! He hadn't read it because he isn't even bothering to 'lurk' here much anymore. Haha - if you were going to lurk at all, I'm sure you'd lurk a thread about you.
  2. Tame Elf, your updated videos and sound recordings are even more incoherent than your original post. I am interested to learn more but would rather read or listen to something which actually makes sense.
  3. I heard Lonan3 has become a born again Christian. Can anyone confirm this?
  4. JFK

    Staff ID cards

    Here's a new assignment for you instead of trolling Isle of Man residents. Go find out if the rumours are true about Angela Merkel's six incher.
  5. JFK


    "Regard" = concern, affection. e.g. I have a high regard for Lana Del Rey. Regards = I wish nice things (affect = results) for you. A secular way of saying blessed be. Kind regards is just more personable and nice, e.g. I have affectionate concern for your well-being.
  6. JFK

    Staff ID cards

    You're making fun of someone for having no friends? Is that what you're doing, Roxanne?
  7. JFK

    Staff ID cards

    No, but we're friends offline.
  8. People who have them around their necks in town during their lunch break do realise nobody cares who they are or where they work?
  9. JFK


    F off and hand over your lunch money. Thank you for your assistance.
  10. JFK


    I'm not TJ , and it's YOU'RE A, not YOUR A.
  11. CT the people's friend? I know he's on my friend list but I didn't know he was a friend. Will have to send a Christmas card.
  12. JFK


    I just put KIND REGARDS on everything. People who just put REGARDS are dicks.
  13. JFK


    Save that kind of gutter talk for love letters.
  14. JFK


    Isn't that sociopathic behaviour? Basing your manners on what you need?
  15. JFK


    Up yours, JFK
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