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  1. You just don't like Howard Quayle do you Snowflake? What has or, or what hasn't done for you that makes him so bad?
  2. it is surprising to hear you saying this, being one of the biggest c**ks on the Island! Irony is the humour of life anyway can never trust a man who says he doesn't like Dominos. There are a lot of w**kers as you put it in the commercial sector, they know that the Island is slowly moving into a long-recession and without the same benefits available as there were ten years ago, these executives are finding their money (which is a part of their identity) threatened. I feel sorry for them, maybe time to pull the finger out and do some work for a change? Either that or fade into the background, retire and enjoy what you have. Most executives on their death-bed wish they would have spent more time with family and friends anyway, why not do it now?
  3. eBay it mate, if you need to use a good account; let me know.
  4. Two things I would like to sell on Island rather than UK. Proper copy of Windows 8 Pro bought from Waltons and a 2TB hard drive. £50 for drive and £40 for the o/s.
  5. I have this case, all boxed up and ready to go. Very new with no marks. £40 - no offers!
  6. Obviously this isn't a Head n Shoulders two in one jobby, I wouldn't expect to find one person to do both jobs. Any recommendations of people who would like to earn a bit of money teaching a young man some language basics. Preferrably French/German but also some Spanish if possible. Engine compartment - needs a good clean inside and out as well as a thorough inspection for any leaks/drips.
  7. did you follow the link ? now seem to be part of IAG Tempus Fugit, I mean this with the greatest respect. I have already followed this path as Castle went insolvent a while ago. There is now only ONE chap in the UK who can service the speakers or, you have to look to the States for help. It's nice having these luxury products but there's no contingency when they go belly up.
  8. Thank you Stu, very much appreciated. Castle don't exist anymore so it is specialist repair only!
  9. Haha cheesypeas - what a question! If it were illegal to drive a UK car over here with UK plates and tax then how would all the visitors get to see all the deviants and your collection of liver and onions? It is a bit unfair to UK cars too, especially how we get other car nationalities too. Why single out English cars? Doesn't matter, it was a pointless thread anyway. Thank you for making the Isle of Man just that extra bit boring!
  10. Are there any good local people who can fix a driver for my Castle Conway Stage 3. There is a chap in the UK who has said he would do it, but was wondering if there were any local specialists to try first?
  11. The PC will be broken down on Monday and my usual factor is to get everything on eBay (bar those items already SOLD). Then, I will post the eBay links here so those who feel they can still get a bargain, can have a go
  12. thats nice, where about are you? Douglas, close to railway. I have not had the time to break the machine yet so, if you are interested; I will not sell to anyone until I have had the time to do it. I am away tomorrow morning so we're looking the earliest Monday
  13. Yes Majin, it has the original box too! Not a scratch or mark - £50
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