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  1. Alibaba's observation is far to narrow. All of us is much nearer the mark.
  2. Manx culture. Is that an oxymoron, a play on words or a mythical claim?
  3. What creatures we are! eight pages on a topic popular only because it involves sex. Apparently sex ranks third in humanities heirarchy of needs....Some bloke named Maslow say's this is so. What he doesn't say is how we prefer it. Do we prefer it, is it missionary, quietly, noisily, from behind, privately, in public, in a group, outdoors, do we video ourselves (Perhaps not on the isle of man). Do we like an amount of violence to be involved or are we passive, or can we remember?
  4. What a confrontational soul Look, Duck and Vanish is. Should he/she ever consider a career in cage fighting I'd feel privileged to manage him/her. Anyway. We are an inquisitive and easily led species....Few will argue that they are inquisitive, many will argue that they are easily led. To those who'd champion argument I ask, when did you last have an opinion that wasn't influenced by the opinion of others? Practically every decision we make is fashioned from what we are told, what we have read or what we have been led to believe. Tony B'liar and his weapons of mass destruction. Gordumb Brown and his assurances on mass immigration. Lady thatcher and the retention of the Falklands, the nonsense of global warming, Uncle Bens claims for his rice products, etc, etc, etc. So choose any newspaper you wish and follow the path they suggest.....They all lead nowhere.
  5. I was once told that the narrower the persons mind, the broader are their statements. I was young at the time and gave that information scant notice. Nowadays that knowledge is always in the back of my mind for I am reminded of it constantly.
  6. Let us lay aside this foolishness 2thumbs. Accept the olive branch I offer for I have always valued kind hearts beyond coronets and simple faith to Norman blood. Heed your own advice and Just keep fucking calm. Not a maxim I would apply to myself for I have long considered 'bad language' the last resort of the F88king inarticulate.
  7. After you've finished laying out my blue suit and brigade tie.
  8. 2thumbs has just described class distinction to a 'T'. He also illustrates his class with great eloquence.
  9. Class distinction like racism is alive and thriving in every society of the civilized world. Those who deny class distinction have been slighted and made aware of their station just as often as those who accept it's existence. Those, in this world, who deny any racism may do so because circumstances may not, as yet, have conspired to convinced them. No amount of legislation, media condemnation or appeals to reason will make any difference for we are humans and that's the way we are. Even those who pretend otherwise.
  10. Is fornication practiced on the island? I thought you were all the result of insect pollination.
  11. Why is this post not littered with gratuitous replies to woody2 ? He tells you of a programme that will tour the entire coastline of Manxdom. Surely you realize that the shortest distances to places of civilization will be mentioned and escape routes can be planned.
  12. Is it Island life that robs it's inhabitants of all humour and turns the most innocuous query into a world wide conflict? How does a dairy free snack for a child escalate into North Korea's naughty attitude to America?.......Well.
  13. Quoting from the Simpsons and expecting to be taken seriously is the epitome of optimism.
  14. Give Whitmore Reans in Wolverhampton some consideration. Sunniest place in Blighty according to the complexions of those already there.
  15. And the trouble I went to so's not to write manuel labour. Still, such a trifle should not go unconsidered but should be snapped up, recycled and offered in lieu of anything sensible. How are you Bonzo? I hope you are well.
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