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  1. the picture is your typical bushy's drinker
  2. What micro brewery are you referring to Hooded ram or Dog house ?
  3. But if bushy's took over they would need a bigger brewery to meet demand and there bills would go up also so they would not be able to keep prices the same. I mean think of the amount of vehicle's that TDL have they all need taxed and insured plus the fuel costs to. A wagon gets around 9mpg on island and is £800 ish a year to tax the list of bills could go on and on but that's just on example.
  4. But think what it would do to manx economy if they where to shut all establishments and leave the island all together. could you imagine all the shops and pubs that would be empty B&Q would have no stock plus a lot of other establishments would have no stock because TDL bring it all to the island.
  5. Okells still is very highly recommended. I find the people that have bad things to say about it just don't like Heron and Brearley in general there seems to be a big dislike of them but to be honest I think the island would be a bit screwed without them.
  6. It may not be the oldest pub but I believe the bowling green was Dr okells first pub that he built in 1873 shame its such a rubbish pub now.
  7. Yes ok I made a spelling mistake but everyone knows what I mean. currants could make an interesting beer though its not all about the malt hops yeast and water
  8. I believe they haven't found a new head brewer yet because there is no one appropriate for the position. also currant head brewer has no desire to retire yet.
  9. silantbob you are labeling people you dont know i agree we shouldnt give our taxes to the people that dont want to work but to be honest most people do want to work there is just a lack of jobs and oppertunity for people without qualifications. I am luck that i have a job but have not one qualifications atall anyway the point is people should not be labeled if you dont know them
  10. You know S(O)B some of these people are those who really do need 'state help'. Comedy is a professional art form....you don't have it...simple. There are a disproportionate number of chavs on state help as opposed to otherwise, so statistically it's a fair shout. There is also alot of elderly and disabled on state help that mean they all sit around doing nothing and burning furniture ? dont judge people before you know them that flat could have been someones family home with kids etc would you be making a comment like that if something had happend to them.
  11. A landlord would have a job getting carling back into the keg as its under alot of pressure and if the keg where opend the beer would be bloody awful
  12. i can assure that the beer from the drip trays dont go back into the cask for one it would be very hard to do when the cask is taped and vented if you dont know about traditonal beer you wouldnt understand
  13. I dont think this company will be a problem for H&B as they own 95% ish of the islands pubs and the pubs have to buy there stock form H&B so cant see it having to much impact
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