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  1. Who does the "fat controller " refer to? Quayle or Rodan?
  2. Or the next generation, as they are also known old fella
  3. Well apparently not according to our friend Bernie, copied from the Celtic League Facebook page. Perhaps our constitutional agreement on defense is a little more two sided than you would have use believe? THOSE BLOODY SAUDI’S AGAIN! So this was the Isle of Man - UK constitutional agreement on Defence determined back in 1969 and it seems quite clear that Saudis or indeed military personnel from anywhere else around the globe cannot use the Isle of Man or its air space ‘except with the prior agreement of the Isle of Man government’. Obviously if things have changed Chief Minister Howard Quayle MHK will be able to produce a document that contradicts this…. “PART V “SUMMARY OF RECOMMENDATIONS “Matters on which agreement has been reached... “It is recommended that there should be the fullest consultation between the two governments before defence decisions directly affecting the Isle of Man are made;that the United Kingdom government should not use the Isle of Man for training activities or place defence equipment or installations on the island or station armed forces there except with the prior agreement of the isle of man government ; but there should be special provisions for emergency action in peace or war and for the procedure to be followed where agreement cannot be reached between the two governments “REPORT of the JOINT WORKING PARTY on the CONSTITUTIONAL RELATIONSHIP between the ISLE OF MAN and the UNITED KINGDOM” Bernard Moffatt Celtic League
  4. Moved house, renovating- didn't have TV, got endless threatening letters. Bought TV and licence, still got endless threatening letters, phoned them multiple times and eventually wrote to them, still lots of very threatening letters, didn't bother renewing licence.
  5. You don't, and we've had enough pompous buffoons in Manx politics without looking for examples elsewhere.
  6. Chris C

    Car Leasing

    Good point. Perhaps Max could say whether cars are as good as they used to be?
  7. Chris C

    Car Leasing

    Why should that be? Surely the mechanical (moving) parts should be wearing out quicker? Granted the alternator has moving parts, the CO2 sensor are they in the exhaust? So perhaps heat plays a part, and I suppose the coil is HT so we'll let that off, but generally electrics should be more reliable surely?
  8. Chris C

    Car Leasing

    Now that's interesting. I'd always considered leasing to be for the ill informed. Is it just a new car you wouldn't buy? What arrangement do you have with your current wheels? ETA. The only circumstances in which I would buy a new car would be if I could afford it outright and if I intended to keep it for 10 years plus. I wouldn't consider leasing atm.
  9. I agree, I can't see it's a problem either way. Living in Onchan but being part of a rural constituency, or the alternative of being in Onchan constituency and being less represented per head in the House of Keys. Surely neither makes much difference. You've got to put this into the perspective of the the representatives you'll get in either case and what they've achieved for their people - and use this as a benchmark for how much you care about the "problem" ie very little.
  10. An acolyte? No I'm not religious. The PO strike thread - you have a long memory for people with a different opinion to your own. Take a chill pill and stop hurling abuse at anyone with a different point of view to your own.
  11. You could easily block him on either. Not to mention not reading what he writes. I think you just need to calm down a bit. Whatever you think of the man, he seems to have winding you up off to a fine art.
  12. So why take any notice? Stop getting yourself all angry about it and go and do something else. Bernard Moffatt is not in a position of power over you, as far as I can see all he does is write a column on Facebook that you have to opt into, and gives the occasional soundbite on MR when asked to. I don't think he was even present at the protest that you're getting yourself all worked up about. Such is the decency of our species that there will always be someone not too happy with the needless slaughter of innocent civilians, just accept the fact, for your own sanity.
  13. But the bombing of innocent civilians is a very negative thing. All they're doing is peacefully protesting about it. They're not getting in anyone's way, they're not causing any trouble. If you don't like what they're protesting about, or who's involved then you're perfectly at liberty to ignore them, take no notice of their protest. But no, here you and others are, anonymously throwing personal insults and belittling their cause. I would suggest you are the negative one.
  14. No you're missing the point. They are still represented by the Keys, they may not be entitled to stand and many of them aren't entitled to vote, but nonetheless, they are still represented by our elected representatives.
  15. It may well be less than that. Just had a skeet at the 2016 census report. It has the population at about 83K with about 41K in employment, 66% of which is around 27K, 13.7% of which gives about 3.75 thousand people, or around 4.5% of the population. Seems Finlo was on the money with his less than 5% estimate.
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