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  1. This man had worked for the Corpy for 36 years doing a shitty job for a modest wage. Regardless of the Tribunal's decision and whether DBC agree with it or not, common decency says he deserved to have be treated better, especially as his employer is publicly funded.
  2. 1000 UK senior bankers paid over £1m per annum. I've not the slightest interest in who actually makes these decisions or what they get paid. You can't expect to be paid that much and yet wash your hands of responsibility for decisions of people under you.
  3. Many top bankers in the UK are paid in excess of £1million pa. I would consider that obscene, especially given this recent decision regarding charities.
  4. Would gaming or insurance receive billions in public funded bailouts if things started going wrong for them though?
  5. Obsessed? More amused that you really seem to believe that anyone who doesn't agree with you simply doesn't understand the industry. I thought we'd already established that I'm a hypocrite in your world, because I don't live under a railway bridge and barter for a living.
  6. Yet another reason why the public service which is banking shouldn't be left to greedy private companies. Thieves in suit is basically what they are.
  7. Especially when that bottom line (even after the obscene salaries and bonuses have been paid) is so substantial. Perhaps government should up the 10% corporation tax that banks pay and give it to charities.
  8. Yes good on him, he talks a lot of sense in that interview and makes some very good points. Terry will be along shortly to say he doesn't understand banking:)
  9. What a load of condescending shite. The reason your employer and others like them is so hated has nothing to do with what they do being misunderstood. They provide a simple function to most customers which is well within the understanding of customers. You need to look a bit closer to home than that
  10. To pay billions back in dividends you, a) have to have received many more billions in the form of a taxpayer bailout. b) be making billion in profits. How either of these provide a compelling reason to be charging charities for your services is beyond me and beyond greedy.
  11. No the government couldn't possibly run our massively lucrative industry, that would never work! Just because...... well it just wouldn't. They should stick to feeding billions into it every time we fuck it up, that is a much better arrangement, especially for our lovely customers- did you know we don't even charge them for our services? #fullofshite
  12. I agree, and accept that the services you describe are at no charge to me. The idea that these services are provided free by banks because they're nice to us is ridiculous though. Somebody pays for each of the services you mentioned, and it's not the banks. Considering all this free work they do they are remarkably profitable! Strange that. I agree with you that the role banks play in our economic infrastructure even at a personal level is vital. The question is should that role be left to some of the greediest private businesses in existence who have already demonstrated incompete
  13. No I get you, I understand that, and don't get me wrong I understand banks need to make money and have to adapt to changing times. Also as you point out, they're not the only business that rips people off, I accept that. I just think that banks remain far too full of their own importance, especially in light of the bailouts. As Declan says, you would expect them to be more public spirited under the circumstances, free banking for charities from the community from which they make their money would be a start. Some industries become far too focussed on making millions and los
  14. What choice do I have? I am employed and my employer requires me to have a bank account . I'm required to have one for the mortgage ( bless their hearts for giving me one) and for other reasons. If I wasn't required to have one I wouldn't. Actually I know a very good garage that I always use and receive good service at a reasonable price, can't recommend them enough. It's not the consumer that's the problem, it's your "industries' " attitude to them that's the problem. Public opinion of banks is formed for a reason- you needn't look further than this thread to see what that p
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