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  1. Chris C

    End to End

    Nobody has mentioned legitimising anything - just pointed out a yet another glaring hypocrisy in the bollocks you spout on here, which is why you're acting like a cornered rat.
  2. Chris C

    End to End

    When has respect for anyone ever been of concern to you? You don't want to discuss it because it doesn't fit with your agenda. Simples.
  3. Chris C

    End to End

    Who's scoring points? Just pointing out another glaring hypocrisy in your frothy mouthed rhetoric.
  4. Chris C

    End to End

    But nowhere near the number or disruption of the TT/MGP ones. You've got to have at least two weeks of road clousures before the life of a competitor is of any concern, apparently.
  5. Chris C

    End to End

    Very sad, thoughts with the poor gentleman's family. One small consolation is that his tragic accident, not being accompanied by two weeks of sporadic road closures, won't be the subject of several pages of tasteless faux outrage from the usual protagonist(s) on here.
  6. Yeah, pretty much anywhere the world over. I've been to places in the ass end of nowhere and had significantly better broadband than I get in central Douglas and at a fraction of the price. The only thing they are world class at is taking the piss out of their customers.
  7. Yes that's the whole point I am - as a customer.
  8. Yeah, I guess it's nothing to do with them not having a license to do so and them not having a snow ball's chance in hell of ever getting one. MT and Sure make plenty of money from the IOM, much of it from government, and provide very little in the way of quality service in return.
  9. Both, especially MT, make plenty of profit from the Manx population. The off island thing is driven by greed not necessity.
  10. Is that why you have so many aliases? So it looks like they are pissing of more people than they actually are. Or is it just your mental problems that cause you to do it?
  11. Your posts are like London busses, apart from the wait.
  12. But that's not what I'm doing is it. I'm simply questioning your claim that the death rate of the TT/MGP not reducing in the last 40 years being unacceptable in modern society. I'm just trying to establish why you consider that other untimely, tragic and tax payer funded deaths are acceptable to modern society and in much greater numbers than the TT/MGP? If it's such a ridiculous suggestion then it should be easy to logically argue against but you have spent the last several pages avoiding doing so in favour of ad hominem abuse and the continued use of "whataboutery ". Is that even a word? Regardless it adds little to the debate ( or wouldn't do if you were confident enough to have one).
  13. Well you never answered any of these questions did you?
  14. As I said ad hominem is a poor substitute for logic. You don't want a debate because you know your position doesn't bear scrutiny. I'm ready and waiting if you want to pack in the name calling and use reason instead.
  15. Come on Bobbie, be honest with yourself, you know your argument doesn't hold up to logical scrutiny don't you, that's why you don't want a debate?
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