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  1. Don't most disc zones state "Monday to Saturday "? If so I guess these people were perhaps parking in loading bays or bus stops maybe? You wouldn't expect to be getting a ticket on a Sunday though. I wonder if it is a revenue raising exercise, it wouldn't surprise me.
  2. Loving the way she feels she needs to translate the French for us 😉
  3. Speak to Volvo UK, alright 2007 is pushing it a bit but it's up to them to offer you at least some option for service, and given the current situation that should be on the island. Ofcourse their route maybe prohibitively expensive but just occasionally manufacturers surprise you and do the right thing.
  4. Which presumably could only be done with records or memories? Which presumably would have to differ from those used in 1986 assuming they were applied correctly?
  5. Thanks for the history lesson, it is interesting how things developed and the complications it has caused. I still think that law in general is needlessly complex. You say 1986 definitive highways map is based on sketchy records and memories - where does this leave it in the eyes of the law? Is it definitive in that respect?
  6. The law is intentionally convoluted, it keeps lawyers in a job and gives advantage to people like TH who can afford a fancy lawyer. They don't want the hoi polloi knowing all the ins and outs. You'd think as the law (in theory) applies to everyone, it would be written in a way that everyone could easily access and interpret it.
  7. You do seem very passionate and "well informed " about TH's motives and reputation. Are you just a wannabe or is your obsession something more perverse after all?
  8. No I'm still inside
  9. I'm surprised you have time, when you're not stalking TH and knocking one out over his bank balance 😉
  10. Yes I'm kind of getting that impression of you.
  11. It needn't be. And speed limiters will be the same or longer, just look at how many 10-20 year old cars are still in use on the island, especially with our relatively low mileage. Driver training and regular assessment would be the most effective way to reduce accidents.
  12. The hotel in Ramsey is bland and uninspired and expensive for what it is. He employs a lot of people? What do you call a lot and where? I've nothing against the fella, I don't know him, he may well be good for the island (although I think many people view the mega rich with rose tinted spectacles for some reason). The point is that none of this should matter is what appears to be a fairly clear cut legal dispute.
  13. There you go then....
  14. Ah OK, pretty sure he owns it tho.
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