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  1. I've yet to see you be correct about anything you grovelling little bastard.
  2. How can you see that from so far up his ass?
  3. At a much lower rate than most, even though he could easily afford to pay the same rate or even more.
  4. Do they though?
  5. Or to put it another way, imagine how much he'd be paying if he was taxed at the same rate as the vast majority of other people here. It's not as if he needs the much lowered rate he receives, he could afford to pay his fair share much better than most.
  6. Although your link shows it predominantly was until recently and predominantly is owned by John Whittaker still. I can't see any of this makes much difference to the moral point of the OP.
  7. How and why does CL compare against most profitable parts of the Peel Group paying 0% UK corporation tax?
  8. But nobody is suggesting otherwise, try reading the opening post, it's all there.
  9. What's any of that got to do with the amount of corporation tax they (don't) pay?
  10. At least they pay Manx Corporation Tax - Oh no wait, they don't. Oh well at least Whittaker pays full income tax on his earnings here - Oh no wait, he doesn't does he. Oh well at least the IOM is rolling in money from being a "low tax jurisdiction" - Oh no wait, we're skint aren't we.
  11. That's nothing! Our Government spend hundreds of millions with companies that pay 0% IOM corporation tax all the time. They even give them a few million more when the job takes a bit longer than they thought.
  12. And in a couple of months they'll be appealing for witnesses.
  13. I've seen they're using concrete sleepers now too. I guess they last pretty much forever? What was the life of the wooden ones?
  14. Fair enough. I guess it has to be done correctly in the first place though, which presumably it hasn't been if it's failing already?
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