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  1. Very true, what with VAT NI etc etc it's never ending
  2. Good on ya. Just don't let the bastards tell ya you're paying little in tax, it's not true. It's the ones who can most afford it that the tax breaks are for.
  3. It isn't though, unless you are earning loads. See my previous example. The modest savings which are all that are available to all but a few here are soon offset and more by other costs of living here. We may be a low tax jurisdiction, but not for the likes of you and me fella.
  4. Don't get me wrong, there are savings made here in comparison, in the 10% band for example and greater personal allowance. But these are fairly modest and are soon offset elsewhere. So to say we pay next to nothing in tax is just not true. Unless you're loaded that is.
  5. Yes. Take England, Wales and NI for example. To be paying more than 20% tax you would have to be earning (as a single person) £12.5K personal allowance plus £37.5K (£50K in total) and even then you would only pay over 20% on your earnings over £50K. I and a vast majority of people on the island don't make that sort of money so make no savings at all from the higher tax rate.
  6. It is. However I and a vast majority of other people don't earn enough to be paying the higher rate in other countries anyway. So the saving is modest.
  7. We don't pay next to nothing in tax, or at least most of us don't.
  8. The pension liability of a handful of relatively low paid workers moves you mean. The taxpayer will still be paying 100% of the employers contribution, just not directly. The employee will still have to be supported by the state in retirement if there's any short fall. The saving if any will be very modest, it's just creative accounting. Meanwhile the army of management positions will remain in place, despite the reduction in workforce, and their gold plated pension liability will go nowhere.
  9. I don't fly. Have you noticed any reduction in cost with baggage handlers?
  10. Well said. The talk up privatisation as "saving ", but in reality, as someone pointed out on the airport security thread, the service ends up costing the tax payer at least as much, often more, and the person doing the job gets paid a lot less. The difference either goes into the pocket of a 0% tax rated Manx company, or, as in this case, a company from across. Invariably the quality of the service plummets as costs rise. Are we really unimaginative and lazy enough to just follow what the UK do, even if they've demonstrably made a complete bollocks of it.
  11. Good on you for recycling. You can't just write off a whole generation as having no idea what they're protesting about and being populist though! It's very condescending to assume that they don't have a greater understanding of the problem than you give them credit for. I admire your ideas and practice many of them myself, but you can't dismiss an entire global movement because they are a different generation who may have been brought up without the skills and resourfulness to live as you do. Many of them are a lot more clued up than you give them credit for. I really think that using China and Russia as a reason for ignoring climate change is a defeatist approach and although you maybe right about these children's lack of old school recycling know how, and although your view may well have been formed by an understandable cynicism which comes with age, you can't knock these kids attempts at doing something about it. This is to be nurtured and encouraged, not made fun of. By the sound of things you aren't too far apart, perhaps working together and complementing each other would be a more positive approach than trying to get one up on each other. Apologies for my earlier reply.
  12. Well if they're good enough for our environment minister...........
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