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  1. Yeah, sub it out, but keep all the management.
  2. Are you suggesting parents who don't send their kids to public school are lazy and could do so if they could "be arsed "?
  3. There are many many, much more expensive, areas of government expenditure which personally I wouldn't support. I don't get a say in them either.
  4. Surely in a modern "civilised " society, such an education shouldn't be the preserve of those who can afford it. I should probably say that I don't believe the students this thread is about have done anything wrong and that it was not unreasonable to allow them to return.
  5. Morals shouldn't be up for sale. Although I accept the same can be said for the finance sector, e-gambling etc.
  6. The police themselves were on Facebook a few days before boasting about how they are towing cars off the streets for having no road tax. Essential journey?
  7. Chris C

    5G mast

    Underground cabling is also very much more reliable and aesthetically pleasing, and considering the long millions the taxpayer is paying to install the infrastructure, shouldn't affect the cost of the service at all.
  8. Thanks, do you think they do it just to make it look better - a way of crow baring in how many tests they've done etc. to make themselves look better while delivering bad news?
  9. So are the three new today from community transmission or what? Why do they insist on quoting a load of meaningless statistics when all anybody want to know is how many cases since yesterday and the context of these cases?
  10. Will this be the first thread to reach 1000 pages?
  11. You're missing the point though. Government do support local charities, but even that is beside the point. The IoM makes a substantial proportion of it's income on the back of economic activity elsewhere. Do you really think offshore bank accounts only contain the savings of little old ladies from Willaston, or that the ships on the IoM ship registry tie up in Peel harbour for the Christmas holidays? You appear to be perfectly comfortable with us making money on the world stage. In all likelihood this money making disadvantages other countries, some of whom are considerably l
  12. Who's suggesting paying for overseas public services? Where do pot holes come into it? I'm talking about the basic human needs of food and shelter. There's a certain irony that your "taxes raised from IOM taxpayers " that should "only be used on IOM services " are very often raised as a result of economic activity overseas, the IOM only benefits due to its targeted (cheap) tax policy, thereby depriving other, often poorer, nations of the tax due on genuine economic activity in their country. If you're expecting us to ever get to the point where there's no homeless or hungry o
  13. Says someone who believes the poor and the needy should be helped, but only if they live in the same country as you do .
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