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  1. Chris C

    IOM camping

    OK, and the evidence for this?
  2. With the notable exeption of yourself and your many alias'.
  3. Chris C

    IOM camping

    But then there is no evidence to substantiate it not being true either. Perhaps negativity is a default position with yourself? It is certainly common land, that is well documented. I was told by an elderly gentleman who'd lived in the area all his life that it was left as such by an even older gentleman when he died, to be used as a recreation area by the people. I have no reason to disbelieve him, and, as far as I know, he had no reason to lie. Perhaps if you think it is "bollocks" you could provide an alternative history?
  4. Chris C

    IOM camping

    I have no idea who he was it was before I was born. Why do you suspect the story is bollocks?
  5. Chris C

    IOM camping

    It still is, why they've seen the need to over regulate it I have no idea. You can't camp on anywhere near as much of it as you used to be able to, and even the bits you can are only open certain times of the year. You have to apply for a permit in advance, which you have to pay for - it really isn't worth going there anymore. God knows what the old fella who left it to the people as common land for recreation would think of it all, he's probably spinning in his grave. We're too accepting of this sort of bollocks.
  6. Our number one priority is to save lives - until Dandara tell us something different.
  7. 24 flights weekly at the moment! Seems a bit over the top?
  8. To paraphrase MT's announcement "we're going to rip our customers off slightly less than usual." No doubt to be followed by a ramping up of the ripping off to before Coronavirus levels once things are back to normal.
  9. And despite a vaccine being readily and cheaply available a vast majority of people don't even bother being immunised. As for stopping the TT, you only have to look as far back as 2001 to see how effective that was - loads of people came anyway. The chances are the virus will have peaked long before then anyway, or at least mutated into something less likely to kill you, not that it is particularly likely to kill you now, even if you are unfortunate enough to catch it.
  10. Indeed you did - the wrong one.
  11. You're putting words in my mouth. I implied that most accidents are caused by driver error and suggested 5 yearly tests as a possible way of reducing them.
  12. Thank God for that, I was begininng to wonder where bears actually do shit and how the Pope had managed to hide his Protestant secret from the Vatican for so long.
  13. Will it make the world a better place for others though? Or is it just another erosion of personal freedom? Does our lack of national speed limit really make the roads any less safe? Does our lack of MOT? I do an average around 12K miles on the island every year and have done for most of the last 35 years. Does it feel less safe on the road here than else where? I don't think it does. I personally think it is an unecessary move. If you want to make the roads safer then I'd be all for tackling the main cause of accidents - by having yearly or 5 yearly driving tests, perhaps proceeded by a course. We're in real danger of sleepwalking into a smaller but similarly over regulated version of the UK in the assumption they are typical in world terms and somewhere to be aspired to - in many, many cases they are neither. Perhaps we need to start casting the net wider when recruiting senior civil service and other government positions if importing experts is really necessary in the first place. In the case of emissions - there are more effective ways to cut vehicle emissions than a national speed limit. Sort out the shitstorm that our public transport system has become in the last ten years (ironically enough due to a similar attempt to Anglophi it). Or perhaps increase fuel tax?/ tax vehicles on performance rather than the half arsed system at the moment?
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