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  1. This is the kind of rhetoric you'd expect from a man who believes it is illegal to take your car to the UK, and that he is the only one that has noticed.
  2. So if it's "much better to send money" to help "the many". Then why are we sending considerably less than a tenth of the UN recommended abount as a percentage of GNI? Surely if we sent our fair share we could help many more then at present?
  3. You either haven't lived here very long or are a lot younger than your avatar looks if the best Manx ship you can remember is the King Horrible
  4. According to Manx Government figures for 2017/18, our GNI was £4,945,723,000 and our contribution to international aid is £2.4 million, giving a percentage of less than 0.05. Not that many then.........
  5. It's the very epitomy of social advancement. What's the point of a society in a world of plenty if we are happy to stand by and watch people needlessly suffer? One and a half million pounds!? Do you have any idea what the UN recommended contribution to international aid as a percentage of GDP is? Do you have any idea what ours is?
  6. If we can create a legal framework and suitable support services to offer tax breaks to millionaires then we can do the same for people in desparate need.
  7. Is there any individual or group of people that you have a nice word to say about? Apart from yourself ofcoure.
  8. In many respects it is, and it is not typical in many more. The point being that if the Isle of Man should aspire to being more like anywhere (and I'm not suggesting it necessari;y should), there are other places that should be considered other than the UK. I've met several comeovers who seem to consider themselves more worldly wise than the local yokels, while at the same time believing you fall off the edge of the world if you pass the White Cliffs of Dover. Grace and humility will get you a long way towards winning over Manxies, as it will in many, many other places in the world.
  9. Late entry for most ironic post of the year.
  10. I think there is a certain irony in that statement. I think it's often used in response to that kind of attitude. A minority of people from the UK over here assume that a Manx person is automatically unworldly, and that they are superior as they have also lived in the UK. Infact many Manx people are well travelled and broad minded, as are many comeovers. A minority of comeovers though think that the UK is much more important than the insignificant odd ball that it invariably is when considered in world terms - they have "a complete ignorance of how things are elsewhere and what is worse, a complete lack of interest of finding out." I can't think I've ever heard the phrase said to anyone from outside the UK.
  11. I'm sure allowing people with such low intelligence to drive is a much more dangerous than not having an MOT.
  12. You really are a sad bastard.
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