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  1. Almost as many as your list of pseudonyms.
  2. Death is an absolute quantity.
  3. No, the death count due to drugs and alcohol is much higher than the TT/MGP.
  4. Although yours does, in the most unhealthy of ways.
  5. Apart from the death count being much higher.
  6. I'd always assumed it was panic, but having spoken to a couple of people who have been in just that situation with uncertain outcome (who obviously survived), they speak of a kind of serene acceptance of their fate. Let's hope we never have to find out.
  7. So you'd rather laugh off anyone who disagrees with you rather than subject your point of view to any logical scrutiny. It always surprises me how many road racing haters refuse to engage in any meaningful debate.
  8. Well they say that no two snowflakes are the same - around here I'm not so sure.
  9. Ad hominem is always a poor substitute for logic.
  10. Is it? Why so? Is war the wrong kind of death for modern society to be outraged by? Are the lives of its casualties not as important as a motorbike racer? Is it cheaper for the tax payer than the TT/MGP? Or is it that it doesn't close the roads here and inconvenience you?
  11. Just pointing out a glaring hypocrisy and putting a little perspective on things. Do you want these Damsons or not, they've all defrosted and won't keep for long in this heat.
  12. Why don't we call it a war? Then it would be more than acceptable and the death rate could multiply by long thousands and include unwilling innocents and modern society would continue to pay for it and accept it, and you wouldn't whinge about it.
  13. Otherwise known as a quiet week in Afghan, Iraq, Syria the list goes on. If you're really bothered about death stop worrying about publicity and do something about it!
  14. What, like the numerous innocent and unwilling casualties of the wars we pay for? Perhaps you could pay them yourself then.
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