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  1. True, another multiple world and British champion.
  2. If we give Cav the same treatment as our other multiple world champion, we should be publicising a noisy minority trying to ban his sport and discourage visiting participants from using our facilities.
  3. But that's exactly my point. A majority of people do not buy a new car be it ICB or EV, it is beyond the reach of most people, new EV's especially so. Therefore most people do not get to avail themselves of the subsidised fuel and road tax etc. that is available. Don't get me wrong, any form of incentive to be more environmentally friendly from the government are welcome - but surely it makes more sense to offer incentives that are achievable to everyone, not just a well heeled few. Free public transport for example, heavily subsidised home insulation (for tenants as well as owners) - road tax evenly distributed on all vehicle fuel instead of by vehicle age/type etc. EV fuel and tax subsidies are just a nonsense at the moment. Imaging a successful business man, owns an electric vehicle , commutes to work every day from Ramsey to Douglas and running the kids around on evenings and weekends, keeps his car three years and then replaces it, uses his reduced electricity tariff overnight to use his washing machine, dishwasher and tumble dryer for his family of six, every night. He gets extremely generous subsidies on road tax and fuel despite the fact that almost all the fuel he uses comes from burning fossil fuels and the large carbon and environmental footprint of manufacturing his new EV every few years. Then you have a little old lady scraping by on a state pension in one of the several out of town areas in which regular bus services have been reduced to almost nothing in the last few years by Government. She owns a 20 year old car which she uses to drive 2 miles to the supermarket once a week. She pays full price for her fuel, road tax and electricity, all of which have seen substantial price hikes in recent years, in order to subsidise the EV of the far more polluting gentleman above. If this is about the environment, it would be far more effective to incentivise everybody to become more environmentally friendly, rather than the nonsense we have at the moment.
  4. And if you can't afford £200 per month or the transport costs from the UK? Not to mention the limited economical lifespan of an EV.
  5. You're right, the Government have chosen ICB vehicles mainly because they are not in the business of manufacturing or selling vehicles - it's someone else's problem. Despite the fact that it's the most ill thought out and non inclusive form of environmental action they could have chosen.
  6. Easily and cheaply available via wind and solar to name but two. However, despite declaring a climate "emergency" the Manx Government seems happy to continue to produce well over 90% of the electricity for our new "green" future from burning fossil fuels rather than renewables (how well over depends on whether you consider burning rubbish as "renewable").
  7. Good point, but when have EV's ever been accessible anyway? The are well beyond the means of the majority of people on the island, and even if you can afford one you would be unable to charge it unless you had some off street parking. Why do you think the fuel and tax subsidies are so generous? The same reason that all generous tax subsidies are - because most people can't avail themselves of them.
  8. And the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process and transportation of the units will be conveniently overlooked.
  9. Shame, let me know if you reconsider 😉
  10. Just my usual £80k float, will be a lot more once I do my collections this evening.
  11. Yes a one man band trader should be expected to cater for any eventuality. Whereas a multimillion pound "world class " telecoms company could easily be caught out by a mass gathering that's only taken place for a few centuries. Perhaps the traders should email them to complain....... is manxnet mail working again yet? Or they could phone and complain if they've got a couple of hours spare to spend on hold, being told how important their call is every 20 seconds 😂
  12. Raise the personal allowance.
  13. You can only imagine the bowing and scraping that went on at that meeting and the concessions that were made to get here. What are the chances of the revised planning permission being refused do you think?
  14. Agreed, I wondered what was happening with that, it seemed to have gone quiet.
  15. You may well be right about most of that, not that it changes the basis of the opposition in any case. I hear you about the planning consent though, it's been granted and if the owner had wanted to they could presumably have levelled the trees already. The interesting part about all this is; 1. The government's recent declaration of a climate emergency, and the biosphere bollocks that they are so proud of. 2. The people have spoken, and in numbers. 3. We have a general election in a couple of months time. It'll be interesting to see how some of our politicians deal with this, as you say probably the best they can hope for is the owner to back down. The start of the ass covering in Tynwald yesterday was amusing to hear.
  16. Are you sure about that? We have an awful lot of tree lined roads. Is it not just that that's where trees are allowed to grow? They wouldn't get the chance to become established on the road or in the fields either side.
  17. Think they take a little while to grow
  18. Yes, after all, what the fuck does mother nature know about what tress should be grown where. Far better that important decisions like this be left to a halfwit like Boot.
  19. Nah, I'm not into paying for it. Not that she would command much of a premium I imagine.
  20. And you think banning trail bikes would cause the massive stones to disappear?
  21. Surely the whole point of riding a mountain bike is that you ride it on rough terrain?
  22. And if anyone would know about small willy's, it's your wife.
  23. I have no idea why, have you tried asking them?
  24. Like the many overgrown footpaths that bikes aren't allowed on?
  25. I think you're beginning to let the chip on your shoulder persuade you that your arguments are logical and reasoned. They are neither. Live and let live fella! Cyclists are a fucking nuisance and often very disrespectful to other road users and arrogant, cycling is more often than not a leisure activity. Does that mean they should be banned? Ofcourse not, I would never dream of suggesting that. I think you just need to be more tolerant of people who choose to do different things than you.
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