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  1. The DOI need to hold their hands up and start again. All it takes is for someone in the centre lane turning left to not look in their mirror just long enough to it see a cyclist exiting the end of the cycle lane and it’s A & E here we come. The cyclist may be be doing nothing wrong but that won’t help fix a broken wrist. I can’t see any safe place for someone going down Bray hill from the cycle lane to wait for the lights to change and filtering comes with its own risks. It would be better if cyclists traveling past the grandstand into central Douglas would be encouraged to divert past Pol
  2. So if I’ve got this right the DOI formally headed by a keen cyclist proposes an amendment to potentially force vulnerable road users (horse , quad riders etc) to wear an approved helmet. Yet cyclists who constantly remind everyone that they are vulnerable road users too won’t be required to wear one. It comes across as a double standard pure and simple.
  3. Sorry to disappoint you but the coast road is currently passage with care. With all the extra traffic on the roads very busy Sunday would be a better description.
  4. Looks like the grapevine does get it right from time to time. http://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/manx-arm-of-2e2-sold/
  5. It would be nice if there was a definitive statement from them but there must be a good reason (legal?) why nothing has been said so far. I’ve heard from the several sources that the Manx bit of 2e2 has been brought by a local private investor as a going concern. Also that its only ‘provisional’ liquidation which according to my accountant mate sounds a lot worse than it is. He told me that they could continue operating normally while the liquidator was finding a buyer. I keep seeing their vans everywhere so they must be still working normally. My mate said that the provisional liquidation ca
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