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  1. NoTail

    State of the place 2018

  2. If these plane owners are asked to repay the VAT I wonder who they will sue. They were using a scheme which had been sold to them. They won't like it if it's all bollocks.
  3. Evasion is a naughty word. Tax efficient avoidance scheme is the correct type of phrase.
  4. NoTail

    Plans for lord street

    Citroen is with Ocean Village.
  5. NoTail

    Plans for lord street

    It can carry on indefinitely if it's some kind of tax scam. Then indefinitely providing a shit service.
  6. NoTail

    Things you couldn't make up

    I do hope you are joking
  7. NoTail

    TV Licensing

    Don't really watch much telly. But am happy to pay the fee just for radio 4
  8. NoTail

    Manx Radio

    Who needs a doctor when we have MF?
  9. NoTail

    Manx Radio

    I like Manx Radio but am begging to wonder if we can afford it.
  10. NoTail

    Surprise surprise !

    Hang on a minute, ur esteemed leader is one of those!
  11. NoTail

    TT Grandstand

    I heard about this plan over a year ago. The source is fairly reliable.
  12. NoTail

    £1M of Taxpayers money to the Syrian Refugees

    I rarely agree with you, but I think this post is excellent!