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  1. Looking at those photos it would be easy to put a stop to spending more money. Just grass over and put a b&q shed on it.
  2. Who actually owns this site? Not been following things closely but I think it is iom government which has taken a 99 year lease. Presumably on the grounds that the iomspc will pay whatever rent is necessary to cover the costs. If that is the case, if I were the Steamy I would be telling government that I will only pay a max of £x if they want more I will stop using Liverpool. Why spend so much money on a shed?
  3. The Richmond Hill project seems to have started about 6 years ago and is still being worked on
  4. Waste of time, there is no god.
  5. Its a road! Not complicated, a big job maybe, but not complicated!
  6. I love this line ... "A pragmatic and constructive dialogue continues with the company on finishing as soon as possible but we will not allow the quality of the finished product to be compromised at this stage" As far as I can see quality has not been a feature of the project from the start.
  7. In fact he does. Every bank has to submit details of interest paid for all clients to the tax office. They do also cross check them amounts (on larger sums)
  8. Nothing wrong with Stanley Terrace, I used to have a flat there, after me it was taken on by one our current Deemsters
  9. I really can't see a reason for a sh1t storm. Most over 20 have been vaccinated. Sure, the virus is coming and will spread, but few will really suffer.
  10. My fuss for what its worth is not the concept. It's the shoddy ugliness of the result.
  11. Good point. Well said
  12. If you make the wrong changes no one will be happy.
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