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  1. There was a lady from North of England last year who recovered from Covid. She was over 100, I think there was a Manx connection.
  2. Just wondering. Is there 1 thing on the whole project which has been, started then completed and not been subsequently ripped up, dug up knocked about or otherwise gone wrong?
  3. Can anyone here remember when work started on the Prom? We were trying to remember last night but could not get the answer.
  4. Hi Numbnuts We walk the prom most days. About a week ago we were watching them take up the stones. When I spoke to the guys putting them back down today that's what they said. In fact I only spoke to them to see if they thought the prom would get finished by end of July. That did make them laugh.
  5. Just talking this morning to the guys relaying the stones at the bottom of Broadway. They say that at first they were laid onto concrete and sand. 'They' changed their minds and insisted that they must be changed to just sand. I am no road engineer but that sounds a bit odd. More likely to subside if laid on sand imo. Perhaps Numbnuts has better information.
  6. I suppose its like Trump wanting to buy Greenland
  7. If ever there was an argument to accelerate the roll out of the vaccine this is it. I see we have started to show a degree of importance, I would suggest we put a rocket into the program now. We should be planning on opening our borders with confidence. Not talking about another lock down. At some stage the government will have to open everything and essentially tell us all to just get on with it. Those who have chosen to increase their risk of death or serious issues because they dont like the vaccine will simply have to live with their choice.
  8. I personally don't blame the steamy worker. He/she can't be locked in isolation for a year or more, it would not be human. Probably not legal either.
  9. Oasis Cafe in Strand Street do a good breakfast too.
  10. The song won't scan with it not turning
  11. As this project has not started it will be a good test for this new capital projects group. They could oversee a replacement bridge at half the cost in half the time.
  12. It will surely decrease if there are no doctors to treat the sick.
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