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  1. It is a pity to see the damage. The planners probably did not know our promenade can get windy
  2. I've been to Noas 3 times and not yet had a good espresso. Think I will stick with Oasis.
  3. Sounds like a very sensible idea to me
  4. NoTail

    Christmas 2022

    I see M&S have Christmas tat upstairs if your interested
  5. NoTail

    Christmas 2022

    I'm not doing Christmas this year
  6. It's not an easy job to single handedly save the world.
  7. Everything has a value. I would pay £25
  8. Not really followed this thread but at least Stu is supporting the gas extraction. He would still get my vote.
  9. I was 1 on Tuesday. My guess would be that there were a max of 200 whilst I was there. Wednesday must have looked much busier
  10. NoTail

    Firm closing

    The bureaucracy for bureaucracy sake is our really strong point. True story ..... I look after a company for a friend and fill in his Annual Return for him. Last year I sent it to him and said please check and sign where appropriate. The return was rejected even though I couldn't see how. It turns out he signed it by printing his name Joe Bloggs and signing. Rejected because he did not write his full name Joe Peter Bloggs
  11. Yesterday she clearly stated that her job was to do nothing. Indeed she has no power to do anything. The idea is that her department is to set targets etc for other departments to do something. So far, as far as I can tell, they haven't done anything either, yet.
  12. FWIW I think Daphne has a fairly good handle on the reality and she is very keen to get started. I doubt that anyone who has given the subject proper consideration would disagree. I do think she made an error yesterday in spending the first 5-10 minutes showing scary graphs and quoting stuff we are all aware of. She should merely have said 'We have an emergency, proposals have been made and Tynwald is expected to approve those'. Now lets discuss how we can "green" our economy. Unfortunately we effectively got nowhere as time ran out.
  13. Well at least 3 of us were there
  14. A good argument to up the price then
  15. I was there this morning. The first bit, the economy and plan to spend £1bn to get more people to live here was largely boring and uninformative. Lots of Motherhood and Apple Pie stuff. As stated above Alf does not give an impression of being in control but he can certainly speak for a while without saying anything. After coffee the second session about the Climate Change and how we will save the world was, to me more interesting and engaging. Unfortunately Daphne opened it with a presentation designed to scare us about the impending destruction of the planet and how there is no alternative but that we must act, and act now, to save the human race. This presentation took so much time that there was little time for any questions from the audience. The consensus was that we must start going green and in a big way. It was emphasized that the Island is graced with a lot of wind and so we could generate up to 20Gw of energy quite easily. Never was it explicitly stated that we will build offshore windmills but certainly that was implied. At no stage was the implication/practicality of cost of this explored. I suppose us, the great unwashed, are too ignorant to understand these aspects. Personally I quite like the windmills and would have no problem with looking at them outside my window. In fact I already look at the UK ones in the distance. I appreciate I am likely in the minority so I could only imagine the uproar when we decide to build our own windfarm. The planning problems and objections will delay everything by years. I left with the impression that we are doomed. Not going tomorrow.
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