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  1. I suppose I might concede that I am 28% satisfied with the roads.
  2. What is this? Whatever it is I bet its going to be expensive.
  3. I think I we get another 4 or 5 cases next week then we can assume its in the community now. If that were to happen the Government response will be very interesting to watch. I still think we could do better tracing.
  4. Do you think it will be finished in 20/30 years time?
  5. looking at the fancy new pedestrian crossing today. The strange idea of having the curb stones too high at the sides seems like an invitation to sue the government when people with impaired vision trip over.
  6. Calm down. We don't have bodies on the streets, hospital in total overload etc. 2 people have tested positive. If the tracing people are good there should be no problem
  7. I see this as an opportunity. We are a small community, with good communication we can identify quickly all contacts, trace and test, and eradicate the outbreak. To do this would mean support from all, and I think that would be willingly given if the opportunity was available.
  8. In the interest of sanity and saving a fortune could we not just stop all the nonsense and tarmac over everything. Could be done by Thursday.
  9. I come out of isolation at 12pm today. Can't wait to walk along the prom and see the progress. Must be nearly finished now.
  10. I don't see how you can assess our system as impaired when there are no actual cases to track and trace.
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