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  1. I love Stu, long may he continue.. Just thought I would post that as we are close to page 600 of this thread.
  2. Fuckity fuck mcfuck face?
  3. Nice van, a bit big for my taste though.
  4. I met the other 2 known owners at the Point of Ayre a couple of weeks ago. TBF on has a Malibu.
  5. I am in a very similar situation. I want to do an 8 week trip to remote bits of France in my super new motorhome. Waiting for level 4 to be announded.
  6. Quilp. The point of you argument exactly? This virus is not going away. For every x 000 a case will be positive. Once we open our borders, which we will have to do, cases will pop up here. We will need to be vigilant and have a good test and trace system with properly controlled isolation.
  7. How do you like the look of our sandcastles? We are going to do some more that direction.
  8. If there was a god then there wouldn't be Manx Radio
  9. There are a lot of words in that letter. Unfortunately they don't seem to have any substance. Can these people highlight actual discrimination against the black community on the Island? When they do I will enthusiastically support them in opposing that discrimination.
  10. Listening to Mr Baker on mannin line. Am I alone in thinking he sounds totally out of his depth. He seemed to have problems actually stringing words together to make a sentence. I finished off feeling sorry for him.
  11. Thank you for this. Your last sentence is the important part. We know a lot more about the virus now, including some good treatment. Our hospital is ready and prepared. When the virus does reappear we should be in a very good position to deal with it. Thanks to you and your colleagues. Society has to get back to normal in the meantime.
  12. Brooklyn Funk Essentials
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