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  1. Roy Wilson has always prided in getting quality.
  2. So we have an advantage on the island. We have M&S, Tesco and the CooP all here as well as b&q and other big sellers.
  3. Oh dear! Simon, I thought you would be M&S or Waitrose
  4. The Financial advantages are very simple. No capital taxes and a possible tax cap. So, for example, let's say you have net assets of £10m then the whole of that sum can/will be passed on to your kids without inheritance tax. Similarly if you sell a long term investment in a big company making a capital gain of £1m then you will not pay any tax on the gain. Better off people who have an annual income exceeding about £1m can cap their income tax at a maximum.
  5. Quite vibrant enough for me
  6. NoTail

    Firm closing

    Me too. But my 22 year old granddaughter has hardly set foot in a bank. Times are a changing as Bob said
  7. Yes but the Morecombe biosphere does not have te Manx legs on it
  8. Last week they were going to announce the new Merchandise arrangement within a few days. Not seen or heard anything 😕
  9. Any normal country would have done that in a weekend
  10. Great idea. Dig up the prom again. How many years and millions £ do you think we have?
  11. You can do that now. In fact some do. As long as your t-shirt does not have the official TT logo
  12. Absolutely agree. For that reason I see no good reason to add unnecessary challenges. In this case the provision of merchandise. To my mind this should be very simple and lucrative for the government. They own the TT logo and can license its use. Put out the tender, in good time, and let the best bidder win. The underlying contract should be one page. Essentially ensuring that the government has the right to veto any unsuitable design. Instead the tender is issued too late to organise the design, production, carriage and distribution to the TT. In addition huge, onerous restrictions are demanded whereby the government is trying to muscle in on the commercial side. Hey ho. No doubt some TT T-shirts will be produced by someone somehow.
  13. Numbnuts. You are right about this. In the heads of those running the show none of this really matters as they ars running a bike race not a merchandise operation. In the heads of a few others is "how difficult can it be to get some t shirts printed, we can do that" All the while a very well oiled and lucrative business which has been good for the TT and the Manx business community had disappeared.
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