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  1. Cometh the hour cometh Phil Gawne? Doesn't sound quite right.
  2. All sensible questions. Simply go to the coronovirusometer for most of the answers https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries . During the first bubonic plague its thought that we had 50% mortality. That's bad. Here we are looking at 1 or 2% and they are the old and frail.
  3. NoTail

    TT 2021 ??

    A good example of a controversial issue where positive, strong leadership would be appreciated. Of course its easier to avoid making the decision.
  4. I listened to an interesting podcast about the bubonic plague which first hit Italy in 14th century. Killed 50% of the population of Europe eventually. Of course they had no idea what it was, how it was spread or how to treat it. In a few short years it disappeared. This pestilence we have is really a pussy cat in comparison. In a year or two all will be back to normal.
  5. NoTail

    TT 2021 ??

    I've read the posts above with interest. As usual the thread has lost the original plot. The reason I started it was not so much the pros and cons of the TT, but the leadership or lack of. An MHK is facing a difficult position where there is an opportunity to lead, not to follow/react to the situation. This could apply equally to the promenade debacle, coronovirus or many other issues. We need, in my opinion to have decisive leaders able to make difficult decisions which they can stand by. Unfortunately I don't see leaders and decision makers in our political elite.
  6. Interesting post. As I see it we are suffering from a lack of clear communication and statistics. Judging from posts above positions are being established and the people are looking for numbers to support their case, rather like the climate change dispute. I expect to go to the UK soon in my motorhome and will tour around for a number of weeks. Being of a certain age I will avoid large towns and closed areas like pubs and restaurants. Most of the time will be spent outdoors. This is a personal risk assessment and based on information known I am likely to be OK. I certainly feel I need a break from our environment after being cooped up for so long.
  7. That's still money laundering, just legal.
  8. All banks are inherently insolvent. That's the nature of the business they are in.
  9. NoTail

    TT 2021 ??

    Why would you believe anything he says? Same for Boris.
  10. Being alive means we are polluting. I think if we all do our bit then its a start. Personally I hope my next car will be electric, hanging on to my aging Berlingo until an electric version is released. As for electricity generation we have loads of wind, sun (yes, really), waves and tides. Battery storage can be used as backup. I recon the Island could literally go green with the necessary investment.
  11. Since when did street lights become lighting columns? Maybe you pay more for a lighting column
  12. NoTail

    TT 2021 ??

    With developments accross this last 24 hours I would personally rate the chances of TT happening at less than 50%. The senior medical guy is talking about vaccine coming on stream next spring at earliest. Bojo is cancelling Christmas etc. This got me thinking, when does the decision to cancel have to realistically made? Bike teams and riders need preparation time Marshals need training and organising Airlines need to be fully operational as do hotels The hospital together with specialist medical staff needs to be prepared Fans need some kind of guarantee that the event will actually take place I'm sure there are many othe other logistical issues. Its going to be very interesting watching how the government prepares for next year. If it is cancelled the loss of income will be huge. If on the other hand it does go ahead but no one comes the financial hit could be even worse.
  13. They took the recycling bins away from near me (Port Jack and Sea Cliff Road) shortly after shut down so everything has gone in the bin since then.
  14. So we aren't well placed to lead the world in internet services.
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