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  1. I tend to agree with Rog on this one. Except the MOT bit.
  2. We are paying €30 a night in France at the moment.
  3. The big problem would be getting through customs barriers at Liverpool/Heysham. Could be a real pain.
  4. I think you are wrong here, not wishing to put words into your mouth I suspect your view of christianity is a sort of be good to your neighbour, love your fellow man as yourself, turn the other cheek... etc. All good sentiments, if you asked almost any Muslim or Jew they would say their religion is the same. It's when you take religion seriously that problems begin. A "proper" Christian is obliged to prophletise, spread the word, save souls and convert the non-believers. They need to study the bible (the word of god) for guidance etc, not a good idea. Once you go down this route the religion becomes very dangerous and undesirable.
  5. If your source of wealth is God then you cant really get better.
  6. My wife says I'm one in a million so I should be ok.
  7. Will we be given subsidies for solar panels and or wind turbines? That would be nice.
  8. Agreed as long as the organisation does not have influence on public policy.
  9. Agreed! If we could become a 21st century success story with a healthy, well educated and happy population then imagine the international interest we would get. Doctors, politicians, economists and all sorts of professionals will be queuing to come over and find out our secret. First thing to do is stop wasting money on 19th century rubbish.
  10. Surely the ones who were framed did not re-offend?
  11. NoTail

    Sefton Group

    The beauty of us being a tax haven with a secret beneficial owner register is that we will never know unless the owners make themselves known which is unlikely.
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