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  1. Hang on Non-believer, it's not a fact sheet, it's a guess as to what might happen. All we can be sure of is that things will get worse, we don't know how much or specifically where
  2. It's a statement of the bleeding obvious. Trouble is no one can predict the precise issues
  3. I recently met a French lady who suddenly realised where the Isle of Man was "Ah yes my sister who works in London bought an apartment there for tax reasons .... she has not been there though" No doubt this is an occupied building.
  4. Do people still read these papers?
  5. Do you therefore agree that we have a very good surplus in housing stock and that we do not need more?
  6. I really don't get this hatred or Douglas thing. Not the prettiest or most interesting town in the UK granted but not bad either. Derby square, Hutchinson square, York road, Little Switzerland and many other interesting areas, not forgetting (most) of the Prom. Lots have been neglected or run down but still worth preserving. Now, Onchan, that's another story.
  7. In this figure of unoccupied houses. How are those houses/properties which are supposedly occupied for tax purposes but in reality not occupied treated? IMO there are a good few thousand of these.
  8. I think we can all agree the Manx housing market is skewed, probably corrupt in some sense and not working. Many seem to have theories why, no one seems to have solutions.
  9. I used to know Phyllis Christian, a lovely lady who live in Bride. Admittedly she did die a while ago.
  10. Looks like the best response will be to dig up some more green fields then ....
  11. Trouble is that some conspiracy theorists assume it is another rich pisshead, junkie or similar getting away with it.
  12. If you have unlimited data then you could ring using WhatsApp, sound quality probably not as good but good enough
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