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  1. NoTail

    TT 2018

    There is so much talk, smoke and mirrors. Surely this all boils down to who is prepared to shoulder the liabilities when they arise and who is prepared or able to pay for it.
  2. NoTail

    TT 2018

    Ultimately it is the cost that will stop the TT. We don't know who precisely will pick up the tab in this case or how much. Most likely an insurance company, but if the premium becomes prohibitive then the ACU will have to stop their participation.
  3. My impression is that he doesn't know what's going on above the surface either
  4. NoTail

    TT 2018

    Interesting, is the ACU a well funded organisation? If not they may not feel able to continue with the TT as the costs of such injuries can be prohibitive.
  5. Not wanting to labour the point but I would appreciate an actual member of DOI or similar to confirm or deny this rumour that the rails have to be taken up again.
  6. The source for this was a reliable one, but it is "Third Hand" I do hope an official can either confirm or deny this .....
  7. Heard today that the rails all need to be taken up because putting them on concrete is too noisy, cracking the concrete and a very uncomfortable ride. Some kind of rubber has to be put down as a sort of substitute for sleepers.
  8. Are we still waiting for a report from HMRC on this? All seems very quiet.
  9. I think this job is fine as long as he/she is paid by results. Stop or reverse climate change, £1m bonus. Basic salary say £5,000.
  10. There is dog shit on the pavement by our house again!
  11. I think God is very lazy, in the old days he smited bad people, made them do horrible things even sent plaques etc. He never does any of this stuff anymore.
  12. Andrew Thomas Kaneen Corlett, First Deemster is very Manx.
  13. Liverpool has bulldozed whole areas of old crap and built some really interesting new stuff with green spaces.
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