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  1. I'm sure you're right but no idea what relevance there is to the topic
  2. Now, there you're wrong, a couple of weeks ago I saw a girl in there looking at some shoes.
  3. If the trams were abandoned, and a full fresh surface job done, I reckon a big contractor would be finished early in new year. I have see a big bypass of a French town started and finished in a long weekend. The tramlines could be retrofitted, I am fairly sure that's what happened in the first place.
  4. Health and safety will stop it.
  5. That's an interesting comment as I agree. Unfortunately when I got back to the IOM a few weeks ago after the revamp I heard less talk and more music which made me look elsewhere. Are you really sure it is more interesting talk? Like say radio 4? I just heard more pop songs of no interest to me.
  6. Can't really say, I gave up listening a few weeks ago
  7. If those reports by Numbnuts are correct, and I can confirm at least some bits agree with my sources, what should CM do? If it was me, I would pull DOI off the job and ensure heads rolled. I would bring in a big, professional contractor like Costains, Kier or similar to take charge of finishing the job, probably ripping up the tram tracks and abandoning any future trams on the prom, this seems to be the biggest and most expensive aspect of the project.
  8. On a slight tangent. I understand that post Brexit, among other things it will be a legal requirement to have your MOT certificate if driving in Europe. Without one there is a risk your car could be impounded.
  9. I think this question is more important than you might think at first. To whom is his elegance? The Manx nation or the imperial overlords? When it suits us we are a small independent nation and at other times we are subject to the UK dominance. These dilemmas are perpetuated through the ages.
  10. Is that walking down the middle, seaside or landslide?
  11. People with money can buy the necessary papers. A EU passport can be bought from Malta for a few €100,000 for instance.
  12. I don't have a Visa, I've lived here for over 50 years.
  13. I am still looking for the big hole which is going to swallow a bus and kill 1,000s of passengers. A quick resurface like Hamer did at the beginning but covering the whole width would have been good.
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