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  1. According to my calculations it wont drop off, it will completely disappear overnight after x days if we have obeyed the rules. If the virus can't transmit it is dead. Once we have something like 5 days of no cases we can be sure it's not on the island. That's where the problem really starts. How can you open the doors again?
  2. Saturday morning record review is also worth a mention
  3. Totally agree! The morning classics are well worth a mention, Vivaldi this week. (Not the 4 seasons)
  4. There is always a funny side to everything. A DUP councillor is blaming God for the virus. He is visiting it on NI because of the abortion laws.
  5. NoTail

    Life & Living

    In 2016 I faced the final curtain. Very scary! Surgeons in Liverpool sorted me out, but I do enjoy every day now.
  6. I got one from UK govt yesterday and manx government today. Dual sim phone.
  7. NoTail

    Future Mann

    I would be in favour of ripping up the tramlines and finishing off the prom with a quick coat of tarmac. There certainly aren't any holes big enough to swallow a bus like we were told.
  8. Who the fuck is Alice?
  9. They bloody don't on the prom. Also sweaty, heavy breathing joggers seem to think it's fine to almost push you out of the way as they exercise their right to ignore the rules the rest of us observe.
  10. Unlike Derek think we could have a very bullish view for the future. Being a self governing island close to the UK we are able to demonstrate that we can control and defeat the virus. Remember the virus will simply die if it can't infect new hosts. That's why we have the measures we have. The numbers are looking good right now, only 2 new cases in 2 days. Imagine being a seriously rich family living in London, at the end of this you may well look across the water with envy. I can see a possible, large migration to the island after this. If we can introduce a lot of new, rich blood, filling the new housing estates and couple that with a very much reduced government. We may have a good future ahead. Of course my rose tinted view fundamentally depends on a strong, quality, visionary leadership.
  11. I take it we have abandoned the cruise terminal idea ....
  12. I might not be quite up to date, but the latest proposals seem about right. If we can isolate the island and control the outbreak we have, then many lives might be saved. It's a long shot, but worth a try.
  13. Exactly. The horse trams are not only a drain but they are a considerable inconvenience. The prom development is probably costing an extra £5m or so just because of the trams which offer no economic benefit. Libraries, buses etc are quite different. I would be in favour of relocating the horse trams to say Peel or Ramsey as long as the losses can be kept to low 1,000s.
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