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  1. Just watched a program about quantum entanglement, could not get my head round it, but it does seem easier to understand than what the fuck is going on with the promenade.
  2. We are talking about f****ing horse trams here, not inter-city Express trains. £800,000-1m WTF!?? Surely a simple flag system, cost approx £150 would do.
  3. They could use the horse trams as part of the therapy.
  4. The hole by Sam Webb has got halfway across the road. There was a worried looking guy on his phone looking into the hole. All machinery stopped. Maybe another month's delay...
  5. I have stopped listening to it.
  6. I agree, they were OK. Certainly better than Oxford Street which I walked down just before Christmas. That bit of London was really depressing.
  7. Well. Christmas is at the same time every year. There has been a panto at the Gaiety every year since at least the 1970s. You could have guessed.
  8. In that case he should be locked up for a long time. I am sorry, I misread it.
  9. I'm sure JW will have a view on this. Essentially he has to be tried because he beat up another man. We all have the right in law to do this in defence of ourselves or our property, but only to the extent that it is "reasonable". The court is the place to decide whether his action was excessive or not.
  10. If I knew someone who was supplying drugs I would most certainly tell the police. As I would about any perceived criminal activity.
  11. I personally worry more about why a modern mini is called a mini. Its bloody huge! Compared to the original mini.
  12. This is a serious question, I admit to being rather naive about the drug scene as I simply know nobody who takes drugs and have never seen any evidence of drug abuse on the Island. Do we really have a drug problem on the Island?
  13. How do they know it will be under €50m?
  14. I do hope you are making this up.
  15. My memory might be wrong but I think we sentenced the Golden Egg murderer to death. The UK would not allow that so he was put in prison for life, in the UK. My understanding was that in that case life meant life and we had to pay. Does anyone here know if that happened?
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