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  1. I think that after the presentation he could do with a pick-me-up
  2. NoTail


    If we introduce a bear tax I wonder how many bears fewer we would eat?
  3. NoTail


    Because we have a lot of wind and a lot of tidal water we should become a testbed for these technologies.
  4. Crookall Halt has a certain ring to it
  5. NoTail

    TT 2022 ??

    I looked into honestay a few years ago. Although I live in (I think) a nice house with a good garden, garage 2 spare rooms and walking distance into Douglas. There is no way I would qualify as suitable as the rules are plain ridiculous.
  6. NoTail


    I was thinking about this green bollocks yesterday. If our masters truly want us to get to net zero by 2050 they better get a move on. All new building developments should have, by law, solar panels, highest rating insulation, heat pumps and charging facility for the electric vehicle. The TT would have to be cancelled. All unnecessary use of burning carbon abandoned such as firework displays. The new steamy boat will have to run on burning unicorns or something. Of course non of this will happen.
  7. I like Carnaby Street
  8. David Ashtray in Treasury? Should be fun.
  9. Got off the boat this evening after a 5 week trip. The promenade do not seem to have progressed much in 5 weeks. What is the problem?
  10. I suspect there are very few google, apple, Facebook on the Island
  11. A no tax for some jurisdiction
  12. Anyone here remember Chris Kingston? A real wild west character. Good squash player too. They were the days.
  13. I am considering having a picnic on the roundel at the bottom of Broadway. It is a shared space after all.
  14. I don't care. Never put anything in the post anymore. All done electronically. At those prices I'm surprised there still is a post office.
  15. I am in France right now with a GBM sticker. Went to the vehicle registration place to ask last month and they did not know for sure as our people were still talking to the UK people. The current advice is to stick with GBM
  16. Stu doesn't do religion, so thats points in his favour
  17. Perhaps Stu could ask in Tynwald Is the promenade a shared space where the highway code no longer applies and cars, pedestrians, cyclists have equal rights to behave as they feel fit? Or Is the promenade a public highway where the highway code does apply?
  18. Point taken, I also know Bergerac. Douglas prom is so very different. Already we have at least 1 formal pedestrian crossing down near Jaks. That makes no sense in a shared space. More to the point the Prom is a main arterial route. Trucks, buses delivery vans using it continuously commuters every week day. Even shoppers used to use it. Now there are few shops and little parking that is less of an issue.
  19. If you are correct and it is "supposed" to be a shared space with no rules. The there should not be pedestrian crossings etc as the public can wander aimlessly where they like with cars driving on whatever side of the road they like, giving way, or not, as they like.
  20. Think big, think boĺd!! We could invade, say, Belgium. Force all Belgians to holiday in the IOM, job done.
  21. I remember many a late drinking session at Ken Whipp's place.
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