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  1. NoTail

    Mountain Watch

    Best to introduce an all over 20mph speed limit?
  2. I'm not sure, Liverpool could be paying us say £1m pa to come them.
  3. NoTail


    I'm afraid that's bollocks. Key workers have very strict rules to follow.
  4. NoTail


    The are ignorant or arrogant or both. This behaviour is as antisocial and reckless as I can imagine.
  5. You have inside information?
  6. He paid good money to get a halo
  7. Good isn't it! Taken years of hard work to achieve!
  8. Kipper mc kipper face. I quite like that.
  9. I think the have already stolen half the promenade.
  10. Agreed. Unlike in those days the deciders should take responsibility not the advisors.
  11. Exactly right. We are in the realms of politics here not science. The politician with balls needs to weigh up the loss due to the desease against the loss in economic and other health problems. Not easy.
  12. I have really become pissed off with the quality of our local news people. On the Thursday briefing, typically Howard would say testing is pointless on arrival because of the delay in incubation. Then each great reporter will ask why we can't just test on arrival. GRR!,
  13. NoTail

    Budget today

    One possible solution? Bring in the coronavirus?
  14. Can you give me a list of good restaurants?
  15. NoTail

    Budget today

    Just listened to Alfs speech. Maybe I missed the essential points but I see it as a budfet which said very little. To summarise, shit this is expensive! We need to reign back support asap. Just support the businesses that can demonstrate they are on their knees or dead. Wd will borrow from the banks to see us through. In the meantime we will accelerate paying for things like the promenade. Also accelerate going green and getting digital. As for going green and digital, the government does not seem to realise how expensive electricity and phone charges are. I for one have abandoned MT and have a contract with a UK supplier which gives far superior mobile data etc at a fraction of the cost of MT.
  16. Your friend will probably be ok. Prostate cancer is usually very slow growing, sometimes it is not treated at all. Good luck to your friend.
  17. All under 40 probably so not in danger.
  18. Walked down there this afternoon. I noticed that the groins in the beach have all been grubbed up. Anyone know what this is all about? They were in a very poor state but nevertheless not doing any harm by being left to rot. This must have cost a good few thousand of pounds so someone somewhere must have thought this was a good idea.
  19. Only went once. We were disappointed.
  20. How many promenades would it build?
  21. As said some time last year, a minister with balls and power should contract a big player from across, like Costain, bring them in a finish the job in a month. The current management should be removed before any more mess is created.
  22. Footfall has been falling for years. To compensate the various interested parties should be doing what they can to encourage shoppers back. Reducing ease of access and at the same time charging more for parking does not seem like a good idea.
  23. IMO that is exactly what Stu was trying to do. Look where that got him.
  24. I love Stu, long may he continue.. Just thought I would post that as we are close to page 600 of this thread.
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