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  1. You are wrong that to say it is fine to fly over Douglas, from my research the regs that apply for 'hobby' flying of drones are the same as model aircraft, http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/33/CAP658%204%20Edition%20Amend%201%20June%202013.pdf this seems the most relevant article. 4.2.3 Article 167 – Small unmanned surveillance aircraft (1) The person in charge of a small unmanned surveillance aircraft must not fly the aircraft in any of the circumstances described in paragraph (2) except in accordance with a permission issued by the CAA. (2) The circumstances referred to in paragraph
  2. Does the IOM Bank have an equivalent credit card offer?
  3. The drone FPV racing would be a bit boring as the aircraft would have to be fairly small to do it legally (Source: "https://bmfa.org/Info/Model-Flying-Types/First-Person-View-FPV"). The regulation seems to be focused solely on the commercial aspects of drone flying ("aerial work"): http://www.caa.co.uk/default.aspx?catid=1995. You're fine to fly over Douglas, it seems, as long as you're not making money from it without permission from the CAA and proof of competency by going on an expensive course.
  4. You can block all the avatars, whilst maintaining the poster name by right clicking the avatar box and selecting "block this element". Done
  6. I don't think so, how many thousands of women did he shame/hurt and blackmail? you divide 28 years by thousands of victims and its probably only a couple of days jail time for each victim. Revenge porn is just plain nasty. From the DM: "Judge said the sentence reflected the amount of victims". So that's just 8 months each for the 27 counts of "identity theft and extortion".
  7. I can highly recommend The Snug in Ramsey to you. Our fireplace had been previously used as an open fire, but it was unlined and we wanted to install a nice new multi fuel stove in it. A chap from The Snug visited and gave us lots of options - it took a few weeks for the stove itself to be delivered from the UK (we chose a Chesney multi fuel) - and it was fitted with a flu-linerand a new chimney pot. They also do surrounds, hearths and probably back boilers too. You can see some samples in their shop. And their prices are spot on. I'd say on par or probably a bit better than the eq
  8. When the conditions on the Mountain Road get back enough for summer tyres, it's closed. Ergo, Winter Tyres for commuting over the Mountain Road are a waste of money?
  9. It's great being able to just go somewhere - despite being at the very bottom of Cornwall I'm inside the M25 in less than 5 hours (includes a pit stop for the dog), Wales is just 4 hours away. I moved to the island in 2013 and I'm inside the M25 in under 3 hours, although it does require a flight...
  10. IMO the whole pensions industry is a huge con. Someone has to pay for all of those fancy offices and salesmen and chiefs on six figure salaries with big motors - and nice pensions of their own to match. Guess who it is. So he has £325k. When is he considering retirement? 60? If he had saved this sum outside a pension scheme, even now with the crappy interest rates he could earn at least £6k a year on it. He could draw around £20k a year from that for around the next 20 years. I know it doesn't take account of inflation but neither do many flat annuities and the older you get, the less you
  11. This looks like a tremendously good idea.
  12. News just in. Property tax will be based upon the number of windows the property has. Residents block up windows in protest.
  13. Looks good. We installed kingspan in the floor and roof lining of our previous property's extension and it make a massive difference to the temperature of the room for the better in both the winter and summer.
  14. Like Chinese above their restaurants? Or Poles above KFC, lol? Like the Germans: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/may/02/germany-multigeneration-house-solve-problems-britain
  15. Yet another case of Downie Syndrome unfortunately. Another entirely fictitious industry skulks off into the sunset: this time appropriately masked by a canvas sheet on the back of a flatbed truck. A big steel casket being shipped out that will be mourned by nobody. I bet the Jurby Transport Museum mourned it. I wonder why it never went there; it's an excellent exhibit.
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