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  1. Maybe there is an in house 'expert' giving his advice think he used to have something to do with the Bus company
  2. What must top Doctor's and Consultant's think when they introduce that as the Minister of Health.
  3. Bangor Uni have got it wrong, the so called "queenie beds" are near extinction only on the areas they have tested, although what they think is a bed may not be this year as they move . There are scallop beds all over the Irish Sea that produce shellfish at different times, different tides throughout the year., also what type of gear were they using? some queenie beds can only be fished with a net when the shellfish are "jumping" some can only be caught with dredges. The survey seem's to have been carried out very early in the year as most boats only start out fishing for queenies around the end of June and sometimes the fisheries are late to start. More information is required from Bangor Uni regards type of gear net/dredge used? where specifically were they fishing? what were the tides like? there are so many unanswered questions and BTW Stan was right WTF does Geoffrey Boot know about Scallops.
  4. Took him long enough to kick off, is he a bit slow?
  5. Have things changed that much?
  6. Yes I can see it now, 1000s of tourist's queuing up to get booked into a hotel that's look's into a car park on a back street in Douglas, ffs is LS of his head.
  7. Beelzebub3

    Parish Walk

    Well done to you both, takes a bit of doing to get past Peel.
  8. This should be stopped in it's track (pardon the pun) enough money is being spent on heritage. I am informed that the DOI has got a budget of £800k to spend on the heritage trail from Peel to Union Mills, that money could be spent far more wisely in my opinion. I loved to walk from Douglas to Peel along the old line before they done all the unnecessary work. ffs do they not understand heritage, why don't we renovate Peel castle and bring it back to it's former glory after all it is heritage! We need to stop this needless spend, I hope treasury are keeping their eye on this misuse of taxpayer's money.
  9. Beelzebub3

    TT 2018

    Could anyone tell me if a Police presence was required at the scene why were they in a Course Inspection car and not in a Constabulary vehicle?
  10. Let's face it, they were not that hard to fool!!!
  11. His father was not Manx, he came from the Emerald Isle.
  12. He is as useless as a cardboard cut-out.
  13. A bully will always meet his match and IL will be no different.
  14. I am beginning to think IL has got the minister by the bollocks, whatever he wants, he gets without question. I would like to know what "business case" was put in place to take money away from the Taxi trade with Bus Vannin's new dial a ride service surely Government can not compete against the private sector. I heard the "transport expert" Moorhouse down south saying how good the trial of new buses was going, he certainly is becoming an expert very quickly. Seagulls /Bus service what next for this diamond?
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