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  1. I thought that you liked a challenge? that job would be just that.
  2. Derek, I doubt very much that you would last long doing this job, the last 3 or 4 certainly did not last long, you have to remember with whom you will be under, who is a certain gentleman with a penchant for a certain german brand of vehicle, and believe me he is a complete and utter gobshite! ps good luck to the candidates for the post as they will need it.
  3. They already done that back in March when they closed the borders to everyone manx or otherwise, so they have already lost it. remember the Comis /Police escorts /Guards patroling the grounds/ Searching peoples baggage, Yes they lost it all right.
  4. What he stated about the budget was partially correct as the end of the year was fast approaching although the real reason behind getting the Sloc overlayed was more to do with the then DFE as the were trying to promote hillclimbing etc also the sloc was real easy to complete as the lazy buggers at DOI knew there was little preparations to carry out ie no drainage to deal with, no services and most of all no properties along the route which allowed easy access to the crew doing the job, sounds like a typical JR job as he wanted to put tarmac down at every opportunity and the quicker the better.
  5. Speaking of "fuckwits" how are the the local plod getting on with the Jersey case? not heard much about apprehending the culprits. I may have to email Mr Cregeen to get an answer.
  6. On Andrew Marr this morning he tore Hancock apart with questions he was unable to answer, and If that would have been me I would hide away from the public for a year, totally out of hios depth.
  7. Beelzebub3

    TT 2021 ??

    And I bet you still received your annual pay rise without any quamls.
  8. Are you on drugs? there are people on this Island who have never left these shore's, do you think that all of a sudden there is going to be a mass exodus when the borders re-open? not a chance, the only people who are likely to travel will be due essential trip's eg Hospital/Business not shopping. Not sure you are aware but shopping can be done via the internet no need for travel to spend your money, I have been doing it successfully for year's you will have to try it, very relaxing.
  9. You clearly don't live on the west of the Island.
  10. Let's just say for instance, they let relatives from England return to home to see family 2 parents 2 kids, who benefits? IOMSP £400 return (not sure about your family my lot eat out and like a drink) 14 days @ £100 per day at least, gifts to take back kippers /queenies etc £100, always a trip to Tynwald mills shirts? trousers etc £300 now how many families would visit if the borders were relaxed? I know in my circles there are quite a few waiting for the drawbridge to be lowered! mind you we are family orientated so perhaps a bit biased and selfish for some folk on here!
  11. Perhaps it does not fit their agenda!
  12. Beelzebub3

    Manx Care

    If it anything controversial and likely to lose him any votes, he would not be toeing the current line.
  13. If Bozo pissed himself he would be out of his depth!
  14. Now that the Jersey border's are a bit more relaxed perhap's our local plod can get themselve's over and nail the "Isolation breaker's" who visited our Island's shore with no regard's to the Island's safety a few month's back! Let's hope they are pursued in the same way as other individual's on our Island and treated accordingly.
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