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  1. That swell will ease when she gets clear of the land and into deeper water, this boat is more than capable of dealing with this weather.
  2. No, we the people are not that gullible, Hyacinth Bucket is an excellent example of the mindset our esteemed leaders have, and will be taken in by anyone who is capable of pumping up their ego's and telling them how important they are, works everytime.
  3. Every consultant we get see us coming, the minute the Government are involved the cost just doubles. The Island is classed as the land of milk and honey and the powers that be want to implant that impression so the rest of the world think we are big players. This is of course is only in their own minds and really we are like little fish in a very large sea.
  4. Thanks for that Roger, but I have heard there is another firm called Matchtech who seem to have a lot of input into the DOI supplying them with the “ expertise “ they require to manage the prom and other projects If this I information is correct they have not got of to a very good start. I wonder how much money has left this Island on consultants without any Taxes or NI contributions.I would bet that they contribute nothing to the economy and take all they can get,
  5. But they have, there are “consultants”from the UK running the prom works on behalf of the DOI costing a fortune by all accounts. They must have everything in the UK running that smooth that they can afford to lose these experts! The firm they work for must be rubbing there hands with glee thinking, to quote the old Irish Eurovision winner “ what’s another year” FFS DOI get a grip.
  6. My information has it there are currently no less than 4 consultants at DOI Ellerslie telling the men on the coalface how to fill potholes, I am led to believe that they are costing over £10.000 per week if this is correct someone in the DOI needs to get a kick up the ass, they paid a fortune out not so long ago to get rid of the men on the roads and now we have 4 very well paid UK office dwellers telling them where they have gone wrong ffs get some subbies in to fix the roads and get rid of these other fortune hunters.
  7. Maybe there is an in house 'expert' giving his advice think he used to have something to do with the Bus company
  8. What must top Doctor's and Consultant's think when they introduce that as the Minister of Health.
  9. Bangor Uni have got it wrong, the so called "queenie beds" are near extinction only on the areas they have tested, although what they think is a bed may not be this year as they move . There are scallop beds all over the Irish Sea that produce shellfish at different times, different tides throughout the year., also what type of gear were they using? some queenie beds can only be fished with a net when the shellfish are "jumping" some can only be caught with dredges. The survey seem's to have been carried out very early in the year as most boats only start out fishing for queenies around the end of June and sometimes the fisheries are late to start. More information is required from Bangor Uni regards type of gear net/dredge used? where specifically were they fishing? what were the tides like? there are so many unanswered questions and BTW Stan was right WTF does Geoffrey Boot know about Scallops.
  10. Took him long enough to kick off, is he a bit slow?
  11. Have things changed that much?
  12. Yes I can see it now, 1000s of tourist's queuing up to get booked into a hotel that's look's into a car park on a back street in Douglas, ffs is LS of his head.
  13. Beelzebub3

    Parish Walk

    Well done to you both, takes a bit of doing to get past Peel.
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