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  1. If you want to know what goes on at the DOI speak to the men on the ground and they will be happy to spill the beans on any shenanigans as they are treated worse that the public/taxpayers.
  2. Have they still got six men at the DOI? I know they have loads of managers, but have they got anyone to break down the door?
  3. General knowledge to anyone who cares about how taxpayers money is wasted, the Manx CIA is probably run by the CS so have little to worry about.
  4. You only have to look at the top of the tree at DOI, NB who was Director of Transport and he who dodged the Bus drivers crisis and was given promotion right in the middle of the trouble, he should have been told sort out this mess then can be promoted, then on the back of that we have IL who thought he won the lottery when he was made Director of Transport, BH retired and then RP was appointed Director of Highways that pissed of the Director of Works JR who soon got his little empire built with RP leaving after a short time , no wonder IT had it on his toes and got the fuck out, what Minister in the right mind would want to manage that bunch
  5. Beelzebub3


    I know the guys doing the Road Lines and they do not care about the job anymore, management have shafted them that many times they basically do not give a fxxk if its wrong its wrong, the same could be said for all the crews at DOI they are treated like shite by management and worst of all by the Director.
  6. Ask Simon Caldicott if its a signal for a meltdown!
  7. Not disputing the Island is not a nice place to live, but there are plenty of places to match its beauty and provide the opportunities younger folk prefer eg one is a paediatric nurse almost every city/town in the UK has a need for such a profession, she worked here after leaving Uni and unfortunately there were no specialist treatments etc. She has had ample opportunities in the UK to progress and also enjoy the lifestyle the UK can provide eg great eateries/ shopping/ gyms the list is endless. The other is in IT and she has the same opinion and will not return anytime soon.
  8. I think that if chances of employment here are restricted, as at present your argument will not stand and also how many young people can afford to pay or want to pay £250+k for a house and have limited activities, not every young person wants to go to the pictures or go to a glen for a walk, there is a big world beyond Douglas and as soon as the young get that taste they will not be rushing to Heysham with the removal truck, how do I know? I have 2 currently living across both Uni educated and have good positions both home owners and they would not be moving here anytime soon.
  9. Or perhaps the lifestyle of the Island does not suit younger and the more adventurous who are not prepared to live life like it was still in the 70s.
  10. If the information I heard is correct they arrived Wednesday flew out again Friday, no doubt Howie or Ashy will explain how important they were for the "great manx public" and will be wanting to spend £millions to help out!
  11. Surely you mean DOI executives!
  12. But it's no problem as they are key workers, nothing to see here move along!
  13. If this is correct he should be reported as anyone else who returns to the Island has to quarantine for 2 weeks whether or not he is a high flyer makes no difference. That is why all the RRs kicked off as there were double standards for them and the key workers. Fucking disgrace if you ask me and We had to quarantine for a fortnight which I had no problem with as long as everyone done the same.
  14. No short words just pictures.
  15. The only paperwork we signed was that we would self isolate as required by the DHSC no mention of randoms Police visits, mind you they had trouble finding our house and went to the wrong address, I knew the guys who called, as I worked closely with them for a number of years. They were very polite and certainly were not threatening and simply stated they were carrying out a welfare check and did we require any assistance which I duly thanked them for looking after our wellbeing.
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