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  1. I think I explained that was the problem, however, I would say that what you were told was untrue and the subbies would only be in contact with lower management and I cannot believe that they would encourage anyone to slow down, although a lot of subbies that are employed by Government are not in any rush to carry out a task and who would blame them if there is a unwillingness by management to let them do little or as much as they please. The DOI have a culture of not doing things very quickly, although I would imagine that will be about to change in the near future.
  2. That is absolute bollocks! The lower management at Ellerslie have been crying out to get subbies in to help with the backlog, The higher managers at DOI were paying £10,000 a week for consultants to tell them where they were going wrong! they already knew what was wrong, no fucking staff at the coalface was the problem, but a certain manager would not entertain that and said repeatedly that there was enough resource to carry out the maintenance, bearing in mind that the workforce has dropped from 290 to 62 and most of the staff were employed were given new roles to carry out without them havi
  3. The 40mph speed limit on King Edward road was put in as the MER runs alongside the road and it would be very difficult to navigate the 2 junctions along the route if it was de-restricted.
  4. While the Channel Islands may not be the best of solutions, they are trying different methods of testing at the borders, which in reality may be fruitless, at least they are doing something as opposed to us doing nothing and hoping someone else will come up with a feasible resolution to the current virus, I feel we have buried our heads in the sand and will try and sit it out. We could be waiting a long time!
  5. Not a very good news reader either, he has trouble getting his teeth around some words!
  6. Good luck for the future Derek and enjoy you retirement.
  7. Just heard on the Mannin line that the 4 Jersey executives who broke the covid rules will not face charges, now that is clearly a two tier justice system, Yorkshire welders,get them jailed. Jersey executives let the dust settle and the plebs will not remember and we can let it be known that its not in the public interest to pursue this offence, the court's fucking stink.
  8. Don’t we all✌️
  9. After the Promenade fiasco I would not let the DOI dig a fucking hole, firstly they would dig it in the wrong place and secondly they would dig it the wrong depth and thirdly give the contract to their mates and have to dig the hole six times before it is right. I am more and more convinced Baker is smoking one of Teapots Moroccan woodbines with the crap he is coming out with! Where is all this money coming from? We could be bust next April the way things are going.
  10. No testing No covid, now I have got rid of that busybody Dr where is my knighthood?
  11. It is very important to have an open policy on whistleblowing and also support for those that feel the need to "out" certain issue's. IMO every report into any issue's should be investigated thoroughly by an independant body not within the department where the issue has been reported. This should be encouraged and if there is no issue's found/proven, at least you have the evidence to show that an investigation has been carried out and action can be taken or not as the case may be. This should be commonplace especially within Government.
  12. I was not refering to Dr Glover in this case, I was refering to Dr Grumpy in his response that the floodgates would open if there was not a penalty involved, if there are wrongdoing's covered up by silence, this in my opinion is not acceptable.
  13. This Government sound's very dictatorial if you are silenced for being honest and forthright with how you express an opinion, I would be very concerned to allow this to continue in the future. Are we heading for a dictatorship where your opinion only count's if it fit's with the agenda? I would recommend anyone to come out if there are wrongdoing's and mistake's being covered up.
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