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  1. I was wondering about old Sid, has he been re-incarnated? or just to busy getting ready for the GE.
  2. Before 2016, there was a couple of guy's over from the UK think they worked for Hyder (favoured consultants) that were carrying out design work for the prom around 2014 and one chap was on it for 4 years and to be fair everytime he had drafted a plan it was threw back , a few more came over and soon realised they were wasting their time as the hierarchy changed their mind constantly, I suspect that is still happening with the 3 amigos NB/JR/IL. The full cost of the promenade will be well hidden and will be booked out to allsort's of project's.
  3. I think the MF advisory board are just sharing thoughts among other like minded folk, it would be a poor forum if you were only allowed to follow the Gov line, I always thought we are allowed to have an opinion, just show's we clearly know FA and should not take part in any subject unless we run it past the Gov shill's first.
  4. Nah, no need to worry about rail size, by the time the tunnels are built we will have one worldwide monorail system designed by our own DOI design team, looking forward to it already.
  5. Between Dr Hetty and Professor Ashford and Sir Howard we have the world's best COVID experts, I am surprised the WHO have not headhunted our Island's own Virusbuster's to get the world back on track! Where is Piers Morgan? is he having a follow-up interview?
  6. Hopefully without the current comin nodding donkeys, they are abysmal and will not challenge anything HRH says or does it is embarrassing. As for DA becoming the CM, the people that think that are fucking cracker's, he is a good actor who reads his script well before any performance, I cringe when he and HRH are at the lectern, they make a school play seem professional. CM material my ass.
  7. We don't need UK expert's,we have our own COVID expert on Island called Ashie, he seems to know everything related to the Disease! He may have got the "Lancet" by mistake when he picked up his dandy and beano.
  8. Beelzebub3

    Next CM

    A monkey would outperform Howie!
  9. They have done fuck all for the west, if anything they have made the place worse, ie Peel marina / Fisheries policy and if I was not so mad I could probably name guite a few fuck up's on their watch. Tim Crookall for all his faults done no harm while appointed, not like this pair of twats, and I'm sure the drunk would have been a better choice than we got.
  10. While I applaud all the hard working folk at the DHSC I think that many have never had it so good as far as recompense was concerned I have family members who have earned more since last march than they ever dreamed of, both here on the Island and in the UK. Yes they worked hard for it but ,in return they were well paid and this is across the board including civil service staff who racked up more overtime than ever before. I will not mince my word's but, they have had enough throughout the last year, remember that load's of working folk were living on £240 a week and a lot getting zero wages,
  11. Its a bit difficult to pull a 30 round semi automatic rifle out of your pocket when someone is creeping up behind with a blanket, but a 8mm browning is easily pulled and is a deterrent to any would be offender, sort of protection if you like and it worked as the assailants fled empty handed.
  12. My family all were permit holders for firearms from when they were old enough, my SIL is also an avid gun collector and has several very expensive shotguns which he has invested in. It is a bit difficult to shoot wildlife ie duck's geese pheasant woodcock etc in a club it is a sport same as any outdoor activity while I myself have bothered to keep up with shooting my brothers are still keen.
  13. In fact the man in question was a gentleman to those that knew him, he was also awarded the BEM from ER so he was certainly no arsehole and I never really took much notice of his genitalia so cannot confirm, it was not really cricket! The firearms and certificate were legit as he was a Salmon fisherman and he could legally shoot seal's, mind you if you seen the damage the bastards do to salmon in a net you would shoot the things yourself.
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