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  1. No doubt about it, Mr Baker is commiting politic suicide if he allows this to go ahead, ffs they have had all last year to fix any issues on the Mountain road, I am perhaps wondering are the heads of the DOI are either on drugs or another planet from the rest of us as they appear to go ground for month's then as if by magic they want to close the Island down for roadworks. If they open up the border's in late June I would expect a lot of bike enthusiasts are preparing to visit the Island during this period, although they probably did not think about any other business making a few quid after a
  2. Maire, There is a person already employed getting a not unreasonable salary for doing all of the above, he is Nick Black the CEO of DOI, he should be the person to whom the minister and all other interested parties should be demanding answers for the Promenade and all other projects carried out by the Department which seem to be without any accountability or even a final price, if I had a builder enter my property to do work I am sure I would expect a quote and also a timescale and a schedule of works, now granted the Promenade is a big scheme, but never the less, it should not be that big tha
  3. Braddan school road is falling to bits, it was reconstructed 20 years ago with shite stone from Stoney mountain which should have stayed at Stoney, it is pure crap and I know it meets all the criteria as a type 1 stone it IMO is inferior to Billown/Poortown stone which is a harder, less flexible and more suited to Road reconstruction, although it is probably cheaper to quarry at Stoney hence it's use by the DOI.
  4. Looks a lot like Douglas prom! Lots of machinery on site, I wonder who is managing these sites? I bet they will be expensive, mind you it is only us fool's paying so it doesn't matter. In the word's of the Abba song "money money money it's a rich man's world" well it is for one man in particular who is doing very nicely!
  5. You can rely on us, 4 less votes from this household and less another 10 from family.
  6. Oh Yes, she is special ,very special only here a month and got mentioned on MF.
  7. 😀😀Yes Teapot, she has certainly broke the ice on MF and is already the talk of the forum, perhaps she should join and we all could let her know how we acknowledge HRH and Ashie as men of integrity.
  8. D Ashford is not worthy of praise for his actions associated with the covid response, he clearly need's to be led, and HQ was well aware and took advantage imo, he was HQs "bitch" if you watched any of the briefing's it was clear DA would ask CM if he could speak that does not in my eyes give the impression of someone in charge or even capable of making a decision, if the people of N Douglas are easily fooled by DA he will voted back in, although look at the MHK he replaced and he was in the keys for 20+ years and he really done wonders for the GMP although mainly for himself, in fact he was s
  9. Ffs that is all we need another "boarder warrior" why doesn't she piss off back to Ireland with this attitude, on the Island 5 minutes and wants us all to close to everyone to suit her own agenda, we have enough of our own idiot's without importing any more.
  10. I listened to DA's evidence yesterday and I am sure he is after the Nobel peace prize for his expertiise on Genomic's. I do not know why Dr Glover did not just ask DA rather than the do all those years studying as clearly he has learned all there is to know about Genomic's in 15 month's reading paper's on the sublect. I was always told answer a question with as few word's as possible and only answer what is relevant to the question, it would appear the same advice was not given to DA.
  11. Taking 40mm of the top will not solve the proplem if the concrete is cracking it will be in its entire depth, they will be basically hiding the surface and on the Promenade the environment will wash 40 mm of tarmac out in the first winter storm ffs who come's up with these shit idea's? sound's like a JR solution, just like himself f~~king brainless.
  12. DOI management should be removed from this project, it is clear they are incapable of providing a structured schedule of work's and this has been the problem from the outset, if they had provided this schedule they would have been able to update on progress or lack of, instead they done their usual and hid or denied there were any problem's before it was too late. Harmer seen the writing on the wall with this project and jumped ship, Baker thought he would have a opportunity to shine by committing to have it completed by March this year without knowing and blissfully ignorant of what he was c
  13. Beelzebub3

    Manx Care

    Here is an idea, get rid of the top 3 layers of management and replace them with staff who actually work to provide care and deliver at the coal face where it's needed, if you think that Manx care is going to change anything, all it will change is the amount of money wasted on more non medical staff.
  14. Is it just me or is it total apathy that overspending on every project this Government commit to is commonplace? I am now following everything Baker is involved in seem's to have the Viv Nicholson approach "spend spend spend" he is like a child in a sweetshop! but the worse thing for me is we are allowing it to happen and take it on the chin. I have promised myself that come this GE I will grill each potential candidate on how they are going to tackle this issue. I have noticed that DOI have an apparent open cheque when it comes to spending which includes numerous IMHO not very important proje
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