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  1. Have you been busy for the last few weeks Sid?
  2. MHKs are only the puppets for the CS, they are the "go between" the public and CS/PS and can and will try and make changes, but only if the CS/PS want it to happen. They are only advisors with no real expertise on what they are responsible over, the CS/PS are supposed to have the "know how" and knowledge to carry out their respectful roles, although not sure whether NB and JR have any knowledge of large infrastructure projects such as Douglas Promenade which is clearly evident.
  3. Management do not accept questioning as a part of the role of a labourer, they are there to do what they are told whether right or wrong, if you do ask any ackward questions your days are numbered and they will drive you out. I know plenty who have been sent to the naughty corner for questioning the management and are kept away in case they speak out, and not only in the CS but manual workers also.
  4. I dont know about closing it, as I walked through a few years ago and it was almost impassable and needed thigh boots to get through the water at the Bernahara end by rose cottage and there is a small plantation that end that would need major work.
  5. Has anyone looked at Tasmania? they appear to have got act together and kept covid at bay, around 515K population and only 230 cases 217 recovered and 13 deaths. Now that is an achievement by my measure!
  6. Beelzebub3

    Manx Care

    Perhap's Ms Cope has a Kawasaki and leather trouser's!
  7. Met TH several times and cannot fault the guy, he actually listens to you and is willing to discuss any issue's and if you can explain your reason's for doing something he will agree.
  8. A very wet piece of his land, I hope the walkers have wellies during the winter, because they will need them.
  9. I never suggested a single entity handpicked him, however he has got into a position which imo he is not fit for purpose and will bring the UK to it's knee's before he has finished he needs to be removed from his role pronto. If you think I am wrong, look across the Atlantic and see what that other lunatic Trump is up to and they are both as bad as each other.
  10. Everyone is entitled to an opinion you have yours I have mine. btw what outstanding qualities does Boris possess to think that he should be PM because from the start he has been fucking useless and that is being polite!
  11. Facebook for all it's fault's has highlighted a lot of issue's that would have been hidden in the long grass if it were possible, I truly believe that Boris Johnston was handpicked for the PM role as he is a complete fool, with no control or handle on anything he touches he has well and truly fucked up Brexit/Covid The UK Government will have a job on their hands getting back control and respect a lot of respectable MPs are realising that things are not what they seem and are going to be heading into a shitstorm.
  12. The problem is if they do not pay the going rate there will be no uptake in positions and to be fair the amount of civil engineering projects ooccuring at present is soaking up all the local labour and there is not many transient workers on Island as there is a lot more lucrative jobs going in the UK M6 HST etc.
  13. Replacing the traffic lights on the 4 junctions, they have allowed plenty of time as most of the civils I believe have been done during the past closure.
  14. To be fair to the teachers, who require a degree nowadays A MUA manual worker starts on £24,111 without any qualifications apart from the ability to dig a hole.
  15. Maybe it is because she gives undisclosed funds to various charities etc without needing to advertise and also the enjoyment she brings to the millions of viewers who tune onto her TV without any Covid narrative etc. Yes I do wonder why she should be awarded a Damehood.
  16. I sincerely hope Mr Ashford share's the glory with all the Healthworkers that helped him win such an accolade, as clearly when David was asked any ackward question he always referred his answer back as coming from the "Clinicians"
  17. So if I understand this correctly we have the most modern and up to date "heritage" railway network in the whole of Europe? surely there should be a special stamp printed and dedicated to IL for his innovation on such a worthy cause!
  18. My wife and I visited the drop in at Peel on Saturday morning at 9.45, Surgery empty only the staff and we got both the flu and pneumonia jabs at the same time.
  19. HAUC regulations NRSWA put that in google and you will get all the information required for reconstructing a highway.
  20. I believe the "key workers" were involved with the Railways, now there is only one person within the DOI who rules the Railways and can you imagine him taking responsibility for the staff involved, not a chance in hell! by the way why the f""k are we doing anything in these hardened times with an antiquated railway (toys) when we have a war zone on the prom? If I was in charge first thing I would do is stop all but emergency works on the Islands roads including toytown railways and get that promenade mess sorted out, it is an embarrassment or put bluntly a complete f^^k up of monumental porpor
  21. The Syrian refugees would think they were back home if the were put up in Douglas with the state of the prom, mind you come 31 March 2021 they would see a Manx miracle, with all the prom works completed.
  22. I can assure you I have never had any law infringement in my lifetime and do not intend to, in fact my only court appearance's were to carry out jury service a number of years ago, however you must admit that there are flaws in the system when sentencing is concerned and I have only highlighted the facts.
  23. While some from Jersey are not worth chasing up by the plod at the height of the pandemic restrictions, while other key workers who went to several pubs got fined, while a few locals get sent to Jurby for similiar breaches, it would appear that the judicial system on our Island is far from fair for all.
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