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    Manx Care

    They are not starved of funds they are starved of staff at the coalface, to many sitting on their fat asses doing fuck all to help with the backlog, they "the upper management" are the problem costing an absolute fortune annually and producing nothing to show for the money spent and Ashford is as much to blame as any of the rest because he agreed with introducing Manx care and sold the idea to Tynwald who took the bait hook line and sinker. We do not need another level of bureaucracy.
  2. No David Ashford should be given DOI, with all his knowledge of everything, he would make the perfect candidate. He will get in for Douglas north, the voters up that way think he has singlehandedly saved the Island from Covid and is the font of all knowledge, do you remember his predecessor, he reigned for 20 years until he forgot to pay for his pension!
  3. In other word's he is a know all who knows f**k all but thinks he knows it all.
  4. I do not think it is the skill involved it is more to do with the machinery to lay it, the DOI have a shit track record with trying to carry out tried and tested methods of road maintenance, the have spent a fortune on machinery to carry out tasks such as rhinopatch/jetpatch and have failed, whether this is due to the wrong operator's or lack of training I am not sure.
  5. Ralumac has been used for many years, several places have used it including the TT course Ballahutchin/Kirk Micheal among other places had a coating of ralumac.
  6. The wind turbines of Barrow require a lot of maintenance, if you go on AIS and have look at the amount of supply/maintenance ship's there are in the area, I have counted at least 20 today so I am not so sure they are that good for the planet as everyone of them ships will have at least one diesel engine for propulsion and many will have additional engines for auxillery services etc. I think the cost of the turbines/ maintenance will offset any ecological savings and getting rid when the are unserviceable plus the mess they leave on the seabed after relocating.
  7. They can and will use surface dressing on the TT course, although I would have thought they are leaving it a bit late in the year to be laying surface dressing late september is not ideal as the temperate drops quite rapidly and rainfall is quite common and this sometimes leads to problems (Richmond hill/Airport roundabout) another problem is getting the roadmarkings back before the weather turns, but no doubt the DOI will have factored in all these issues and will be well prepared.
  8. Maybe the big property investors have heard about the gas "klondike" and are getting ready for the roughnecks and roustabouts that will be required to extract the gas, be like a modern Isle of Man hillbilly type of thing Jed "Quayle" Clampet richest man in the world sitting on £800bn.
  9. The problem I see with BTL is that there has to be a demand, at the moment there appears to be a massive profit to be made short-term for BTL, question is how long will it last? I had a look at some of the asking prices for property recently and could not help but wonder who in their right mind would be willing to pay 30% more than a property is worth in the current climate? A few examples of existing issues, No GPs /no Dentists /Schools unable to get teaching staff /Hospital unable to cope with current waiting lists/Travel to and from the Island at best mediocre and at worse terrible/ Infrastructure unable to get even the main roads up to a reasonable standard and that is the tip of the iceberg, I may be missing something or asleep for the last 18 months I do not know, but my own family members are upping sticks and moving further afield as apart from myself and the missus they have nothing to stay for both have decent jobs but they feel like they are missing out on life as they are not pub goers and like to go out as a family and visit cinema and leisure parks etc which sadly are lacking and we totally agree with them as there is nothing for young familys on this Island if you don't drink or like motorbikes/cycling. I do wonder how the youth of the Island are going to manage looking to the future and beyond. Is it just me or can others see a brighter future for our youth.
  10. Only this morning seen a young fellow with a hoe clearing weeds out of the paving in Peel and thought to myself I have not seen that for years since the DOI done away with the street cleaners, I hope that this will be part of the cyclic maintenance around Peel as it is crying out for a little bit of TLC, Douglas on the other hand needs a miracle to get back to anything like it used to be. To be fair it is a sh*thole in every since of th word.
  11. There will be someone on site acting as a supervisor, not really that difficult to manage from another site, set out daily targets for the crew on site, site visit following day daily targets not met? supervisor what has happened? blah blah blah. Is there a problem that can be resolved on site? more staff required? not the right machinery? are you capable of managing this job? if the answer to any of the questions are no the next next question should be who the fuck started this job without prior planning? and you do not have to be NB to understand the above.
  12. The CM was lording it up at the HoC today according to MR, although I would have thought that out of respect the head of IOM Government would have attended an ex President of Tynwald's funeral.
  13. or who's kissing the bosses ass, that goes a long towards promotion.
  14. Yes, it is a bit like all the manifestos currently being delivered through letter box's etc from the current Comin, some will think that is some sort of legitimate publication when in reality it is a piece of fiction and may actually be enfluenced by it.
  15. Probably an upgrade in attire for him, and for reference they would need to pay me a lot more £65,000 a year to dress like a tool! Ffs failure in Government is rewarded by getting the high chair for 5 years. Could anyone please tell me what this gobshite has achieved during his time in Government? just one thing that he can be applauded for.
  16. The DOI can manufacture and supply red tarmac at Poortown Quarry as they have done previously, although if they were to rip up the concrete which they should have done at the start rather than continuing to lay an inferior product NB JR and RH would have to swallow their pride and admit they got it wrong, we can blame the designers/contractors as much as we like but they are only following orders from the 3 people mentioned above as they were the overall chiefs who agreed to every that has occurred throughout the project.
  17. I hope it is better than the red concrete on the prom, tarmac sounds more promising than paint, although what would be the legalities of a red crossing? would it meet the Highways standards if there was an accident? it will be interesting to see how all these unconventional crossings/roundabouts will pan out.
  18. I would have thought that a new product is available and the DOI will trial it at KM as it will be on the straight part of the road/course and should not cause any major issues for the bikes.
  19. There is different Line paint on the TT course and S100, they use low reflective/ high skid resistance Prismo lifeline 100 and high reflective/low skid resistance Prismo lifeline 200 with ballotinion (glass beads) on the rest of the roads. If you travel from Peel to Douglas the centre lines are barely visible in the dark, and if you go down to Ballamodha until you get to crossfour ways they change to dull for the S100 and from Fishers hill to Gansey the lines are really bright.
  20. That is correct, I believe TCQ are doing some patching also.
  21. They have one Patching crew for all Island and 4x2man Parish wardens, I know as my mate is in the Parish wardens.
  22. The DOI have 4 teams to fill in potholes and other small defects such as damaged kerbs/signs etc. they are called Parish wardens, they were Ian Thompson's ex CEO idea, he got the idea from Plymouth council kitted them out with new vans new equipment and special uniforms the idea was good at the time but unfortunately they were given all the jobs that were too big for a 2 man team to manage and therein created a backlog and instead of stopping other tasks and putting more resource the management buried their heads in the sand and things have got a lot worse since, another problem was lack of funding, the higher management spent a fortune on outside consultants who were useless and only told them what their own management team had been saying all along,which was more staff were required at the coalface, as usual they were ignored and we now have a major issue with maintenance or lack of it.
  23. Baker truly appears to be a nasty little twat, I would imagine that Robertshaw could hold his own against him, not a fan of Robertshaw but he is correct on this matter.
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