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  1. We pay over the odds for road tax, and let's be honest the DOI are top heavy with administration leaving no money to employ staff able to carry out proper maintenance, if the money generated from car tax was properly spent on a planned maintenance schedule you wouldsoon see an immense improvement on our roads.
  2. I had covid on the 8 November confirmed by a PCR test my wife also had the virus, unfortunately she is in the vulnerable class and really never suffered more than a sore throat for a couple of days, I had a cough and a splitting headache for over a week no taste or smell (try cooking without both) although it overall was no worse than a bad cold. We both have had both jab's and awaiting booster although that has been put back until 22 Dec but thankfully we have come out alright.
  3. I am beginning to warm to TC he has grown a pair of balls and not afraid to speak up about past failures however, how he deals with the said issue's will be the real "proof of the pudding" in my eyes. I sincerely hope he comes good and gets to grips with the management at DOI he has made a start with Black now he needs to go down the chain of command and get rid of the other wasters in the Department, then we may see a change in attitude towards public spending and might even restore a little faith in the DOI.
  4. Three quarters way built? I was at the site 4 weeks ago and there was fuck all on site apart from rusting diggers and brew hut's, if they say they have spent £40million on that site someone wants strung up by the bollocks and displayed in Clayton Sq to prevent further squandering of public funds.
  5. You can not die from "passive drinking" or inhale alcohol as far as I know.
  6. There in lies the problem, if no one has responsibilty nothing gets done, they need "heads" to ensure that they are accountable. I cannot understand why ie Minister Crookall cannot ask Jeff Robinson why the Road markings around the TT course have yet to be completed 3 months after removal, JR walks into the Sea Terminal every morning along with all the other higher executives and not one of them can see that the site is a mess, they could easily make a phone call and arrange that a couple of staff get to site and tidy the place up ffs commonsense should prevail and if Robinson cannot see that there is a major problem, and if the excuse is its not under my watch it is he is a public servant responsible to the tax paying public. ps the Airport is a shithole also, been through a couple of times this last while and you would need an iron lung to get through the smokecloud at the entrance just an idea move it across the road to the ugly grassed plantless area and place a few shrubs and plants around to try and disguise it from the public eye.
  7. It would be very interesting to know how much is spent on actual maintenance ie staff on the ground filling potholes/patching existing roads and doing a permanent fix? how much does the Road marking team cost annually as they are clearly losing a fighting battle trying to keep up with the current backlog (which I had mentioned over 3 months ago) there does not seem to be any rush in completing outstanding work of all descriptions associated with Highway maintenance. DOI management must have blinkers on everytime they leave the Sea terminal as they are not reporting any defects and if they are, they clearly are not acted upon. DOI not fit for purpose is being very generous. I would be a lot less courteous and say the DOI is a complete shambles and should be brought to book with immediate effect. I would have all management around the table and find out who is not doing what they are getting paid for. Come on TC start earning your keep and get this show back on the road. "pardon the pun"
  8. Keeps a few people in work, other than that it is an unnecessary kerfuffle!
  9. The problem is, they had a clean sheet to play with, all the services could have been renewed and laid accordingly, and the cannot use the excuse that the services had to be kept alive as they could have been by-passed as they have done on Pulrose bridge, due to lack of proper planning and managing the whole job has been big one almighty fuck up from start to finish and heads should roll, they have started the ball rolling with NB now it should be JR closely followed by IL.
  10. Mr IL the Viv Nicholson of the Isle of Man transport world "spend spend spend" the gift that keeps on giving is his only skill of note, apart from being an "obnoxious twat" that is.
  11. No it would not have been wise, hence the reason for the test, although if I had not done the LTF I would have thought I had a cold and carried on as normal and spread the virus throughout the rest of the clan. as regards charging for LFTs I would gladly pay £1 a go for them, but there are folk out there struggling to put food on the table and paying for LFTs would be down their priority list, sometimes in life we have to look after people who are less fortunate than ourselves and if that means passing out free LFTs to protect the less able in our community that is fine by me.
  12. I was feeling a bit rough over the weekend and was due to visit my father who is 89 so decided to do an LFT, glad I did, both my wife and I were tested both positive with the virus, I feel ok today although the missus is feeling a bit sick but no coughing etc. I am all in favour of LFTs they do have a place.
  13. I have had a run around the TT course and the roads are in a terrible state, there will need to be a lot of work commencing early in the New Year if the TT is to go ahead, the road marking alone will take up a lot of the DOI resources nevermind the surface defects,. I have noticed in lots of areas the surface has started to break up, therefore requiring major works, this is usually a plane and overlay and there is a lot of that needed all Island, not just on the TT course. I think that a little part of £400million loan will be required to get the Infrastructure up to an acceptable level before any racing will be fit take place, mind you I am no expert, but I know a little bit about the Island's roads.
  14. Maybe the designer is colour blind!
  15. By the time TT2022 comes round he will need a tractor to get around the course in one piece.
  16. Another more suitable quote is "you can put lipstick on a pig, it is still a pig"
  17. Can't see it if you are not looking!
  18. You would think that a multi millionaire would have more dress sense! he looks like an advertisement for travelodge with that gear on.
  19. NB should not have been given the position in the first place, he was not capable of running the bus company yet they made him CEO of the whole of Infrastructure, only the IOM CS could failure be rewarded with the top job.
  20. There is a lot of banging going on most evenings in Amsterdam!
  21. Yes! Casper the friendly ghost.
  22. Crookall knew exactly what he was letting himself in for, he was there before, so none of this will come as a shock to him, he and NB/JR are as close as the hairs on a horses ass, not sure about the other fella IL but we can rest assured this is not over and we will be paying a lot more to get it in fit for purpose. I will say it again the CS will walk all over TC I would love to be proved wrong although I am doubtful.
  23. Meanwhile in Liverpool someone is rubbing their hands and saying thank goodness the Douglas prom works are late again and the good folk of the IOM have forgot about us scallies!
  24. We had reason to visit Onchan yesterday afternoon and had a couple of hours to kill and decided we would take a look around the village walk area go for something to eat and have a coffee etc. what a letdown everywhere you look it advertises Eat in big letters, nowhere open even for a coffee so we decided it's half term Onchan park will have a cafe open? parked up went to the cafe closed, loads of people about nowhere opened. I could not believe that Onchan was closed for business apart from a few pub's which I would not visit anyway, at least Peel has a choice of cafe's to visit or a few pubs that sell decent fair priced food.
  25. The Marine in Peel, far superior to any H&B offerings and at a fair price.
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