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    Next CM

    David Ashford will never make a leader as long as his arse looks down! He can not even answer a question at the press briefing without checking with Howie if he can proceed. We require someone who can react without looking over their shoulder for support. I am not sure that AC would be up to the job, he is another one who mumbles his way through, he may sound clever to some although I am not convinced, although I thought that the good Dr Allinson may be a contender again not convinced he has got the leadership skill's, I am afraid that we wil have to see what comes out in the GE. I sincerely h
  2. I would like to do a skid test on it while wet, it certainly feels slippy when crossing in the damp, although that is only my opinion I am sure the DOI bods would have carried out a skid test before re-opening the road to traffic.
  3. Guaranteed that only vetted questions will be asked, and "bint" will not rock the boat, he is hopeless on the Mannin line, bring back Stu! I know he was not to everyone's taste but he had balls!
  4. Consequences? are you joking? any words with more than 2 syllables confuse the current bunch of muppets, skim reading oh yeah!
  5. They clearly did not give it further urgent consideration towards testing, as it did not happen, they may as well have voted against it.
  6. Pongo, you are at it again, the majority of folk are not anti-government,they are opposed to some of the stupid decisions made by the CM and his cohorts ie voting against more testing/getting rid of DR Glover/ reading out private letters at briefings etc that to me is constructive criticism not anti-goverment rhetoric.
  7. Pongo, they have had month's to organise the roll out of the vaccine, do not be apologising for incompetence within the Government, they have had plenty of time, more people should be complaining rather than excepting bullshit excuse's it is a reluctance to pull their finger out, if indeed there are 6000 dose's sat in freezer's it is a disgrace and the journo's should be asking at every briefing have you re-assessed the output of the vaccine and not be put off by mardy answer's the media need to grow a pair of ball's here and start upsetting the "time enough" attitude. BTW this is not stirrin
  8. During the big snow farmers were employed and well paid Island wide to help with the snow clear up, they repaid the taxpayer by putting in bills for £thousands for damaged fences along most roads that were damaged by the snow clearance operations. Nothing is for free!
  9. More importantly who are paying this crowd if they are not working? Are he DOI covering the costs of off island contractors? I asked this question last March and am stilli waiting for an answer
  10. It is a pity we cannot hear the dissenting voices, it may help with our election choices later this year!
  11. You clearly do not live in Peel yessir! potholes everywhere. Unless you work for the DOI? then you will see them regularly.
  12. That must be a Manx miracle you have witnessed, not many see the shy pot hole fillers out in daylight, they usually are unseen and you do not know they have been and done the repairs, yes very rare sight indeed, perhaps you live in Mr Bakers constituency.
  13. Director or above will get that salary at the DOI ,the Cabinet office will be slightly higher again at Director level, although I find it extraordinary why we need half of these posts in such a small community? it beggars belief.
  14. The borders have been closed from March 2019 allegedly so our "powers that be" have been telling us and everyone entering has been vetted and only carrying out the most important tasks as required. If only that was true.
  15. Harmer is beyond damaged he is a right-off and that other gobshite the same, if the Moddey dhoo could stand in Peel it would get elected before those pair.
  16. Who is in to supervise the new starters as the "boss" will be on a privilege day, so may as well let them have the day off as nothing workwise will be done!
  17. Th only reason it is the heart of Port Erin for many folks it was where they had their first knee trembler with the young ladies who would have been working on the Island during it's tourism heyday in the 60/70s.
  18. Ashford will need someone to hold his hand, as he has all the way through this virus, if anyone thinks he has done a wonderful job, it is only because he was able to read a script unlike Quayle. He shouild be telling the nation why he is unable to deliver the "silver bullet" Quayle promised would be an early Xmas present. Useless pair of gobshites.
  19. I would never enter an establishment with door staff/security purely on the basis that you will be paying for them through the pump, I like to have a pint in the less well used establishments and enjoy a conversation without all the loud music and people shouting over each other. The Whitehouse is Peel is such a great little pub without the need to have a couple of steroid enhanced muscle types at the door.
  20. The "planters" have now got a wheel on each corner and are removable at all times of the night/day, and also act as a natural traffic calming mechanism, quite a coup for the DOI to come up with and let the residents sort out their own traffic calming by parking on the highway.
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