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  1. I was looking forward to a mannin line without wint, after listening to the songs on manx radio I have decided it best if I turn off, although deepy sorry for the loss to the Royal family there is only so much morbid music one can listen to.
  2. Well let's be honest they have had their share of chancer's, I suppose another one will not be noticed.
  3. Especially to the CS, all the overtime done this year will be worthy of note, unless of course they are doing it free for the good of the Island.
  4. This clown is supposed to have his finger on the pulse and be up to speed on all things associated with DBC, either he is wearing blinkers or been asleep for a month!
  5. I am glad of that winnie, we need to put more pressure on the Government to come up with a solution that is suitable for all, we are paying £millions annually for experts to give us some good advice it is high time they earned it and come up with the goods they are paid to deliver, if not get rid!
  6. We are not in Guernsey, can we not come up with some fresh ideas without having this draconian nonsense threatening folk before they even review the restrictions, Quayle & co have you people scared shitless, there is a light at the end of the tunnel 50% have had a vaccine all vulnerable done by July, let's have some positivity for a change and look forward to a to some freedom for us all to visit family both for here and the adjacent Island's.
  7. Beelzebub3

    Manx Care

    Are all the Manx care management team new people to the Island or are they just re-cycled CS from here? If the latter is the case nothing will change as they were most probably the cause of the problems at the DHSC. If they were from Off Island did they have to quarantine prior to this meeting? I am a bit concerned looking at the closeness of the participants and social distancing clearly does not apply, just asking as a simple pleb!
  8. This is another job creation scheme for the favoured contractors (Baker's Bucanneer's) for DOI, instead of concentrating on getting the Promenade completed, which I believe is beyond them. I have a feeling that an outside contractor may have to come over and finish this debacle as we seem unable to organise a team of men with enough knowledge and ability to complete. I hope I am wrong on this prediction , but I fear I will be right.
  9. Don't be so sure, Manx folk are not as stupid as you would like to think, the proof of the pudding will be in the results of the GE. Manx folk do care about their reputation and if a little prick of a minister is disrepectful and trying to mislead the general public he will know at the ballot box, he can do all the granny farming he wants, look what happened his predessor.
  10. This is not just a DHSC problem it exist's throughout every Government Department at all levels, if you question the hierarchy you will have a bumpy ride and put out to grass somewhere away from public glare and will eventually be forced out, I know several good people who have had this done and eventually they either toed the line or moved on.
  11. You can have all the best equipment you want, you have to know what to do with it and how to operate it to get it to do the work. I was told by a ship's skipper many moons ago that the best ship in the world is only as good as the man at the helm. I rest my case.
  12. Should have been employed as a cleaner, would have been better value for us.
  13. Yes, I remember the "african queen" she lay in Jurby hangar along with the £000's worth of slurry pipes that were bought with it to pump silt from Peel harbour to the end of the breakwater. Was anybody sacked over that large waste of taxpayers money? no thought not.
  14. If you like fatty lamb! I prefer welsh myself.
  15. Two faced gutless bastard's.
  16. Its amazing who will put their hand up for £120k a year, look at the top, we have a failed director who could not handle the bus driver's debacle who in turn was promoted during the fiasco to run the entire Department, that in itself should speak volumes.
  17. Good question? I only know what occurred on tuesday was factual.
  18. Thanks Zarley, day procedure, and doing well thanks.
  19. My wife had a small procedure on Tuesday and was in for a couple of hours in radiology and was not tested.
  20. Beamans must be making a fortune out of this review, they started this review 4+ years ago I know there are a lot of staff, but this is taking the piss. I assume Mr Callister is on the phone as we speak to Mr Black demanding to know how much this is costing the taxpayer's of this Island and how much will we save as a result of this review? I can tell you free of charge we will save fuck all! and we will probably pay Beamans long £000s to tell us that.
  21. Just had one myself 01510805707 HMRC just politely to him to fuck off.
  22. Good idea if you happen to own a business that rents out isolation cottages!
  23. Yes, I went out and bought a printer especially so I could print out and fill in my consent form and my wife who will require her consent form for Monday after that I can throw the printer and paper etc. in the bin as I have everything else I require downloaded on my phone. FFS it takes a minute to fill in the consent form and if you read the invitation it states consent forms are available at each vaccination hub.
  24. No mention of last year's hero, Dr Rachel Glover.
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