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  1. Freedom means people have the right to think what they want; and say what they want as long as they don't incite violence or harm to others. In the case of French cartoonists versus Muslim terrorists, it was Muslim hate preachers and not the cartoonists who incited violence. To suggest it was the cartoonists who caused the violence is to suggest a woman wearing a short skirt causes herself to be raped. It's blaming the victim. If we censor anything because some Muslim in the world might get upset, we might as well just stop speaking or writing anything at all and declare a victory for Jihad.
  2. I've worked under him and I did not find that at all. I found him polite, courteous, down to earth, and reasonable. D.C.
  3. Did they delete their Facebook group? I can't find it anymore.
  4. Why would she retract? This thread gives a bit of the impression that you, he and Chinahand are quite possibly the same people arguing amongst yourselves. I also get the feeling we may be related. Have we similar characteristics do you think? Do you know a Dee Cee? STALKER, It has now been around a month since I began reporting your posts because you have been impersonating me on here (D.C. are my real initials, as you well know), making snidy and unkind comments about my father and I, my private Facebook statuses, various things about my life, and my health, as well as trying to link me to TJ. All while pretending to be me. Just look at his replies to TJ, saying: "I also get the feeling we may be related. Have we similar characteristics do you think? Do you know a Dee Cee?" How more obvious can you get? This can't be read any other way than as a veiled, mocking insinuation that TJ is a "DeeCee" (DC) and therefore me. Maybe I do have similar characteristics to TJ but not to you. I would never cyber-stalk someone or make fun of someone because his father won't speak to him or any of his other kids or grandkids (or even his own siblings) through no fault of their own. You must be a really quite sick individual to make fun of things like that and actually think you're being witty or funny. D.C. - the real one.
  5. I always eat something substantial before driving through the Onchan traffic lights. Thanks for the tips.
  6. And miss out on sharing a plane with coughing and sneezing people with germs and obnoxious kids? These rich people don't know what they're missing.
  7. This is the final straw. Not content with terrorising our cat every day and night for the past few weeks by sneaking through the cat flap and stealing his food, I entered the kitchen this morning to find a fresh loaf of bread on the floor (it was high on the work surfance) and clawed into. I was really looking forward to a beef and mustard sandwich and had to make do with a breakfast bar. This same cat clawed his way into a cat biscuit bag a couple of weeks ago and got them all over the kitchen floor. This cat it isn't thin either, so it's not as if it's not being fed at home. It's just being greedy. I've tried chasing the cat but it keeps coming back. It's too quick to throw water at. I'm thinking a high-powered water gun which could be fired from a distance. Does anybody have any advice on how to deal with this cat?
  8. If it was up to me, I'd have the low life passenger done for child abuse and causing grievous bodily harm.
  9. What a shame. I thought he was brilliant in Good Will Hunting. Some had speculated he had manic depression (bipolar) throughout his life which is different to ordinary depression in that it alternates beteen extremes of mania (happiness, creativity, productivity) and severe depression. I think a lot of talented people have that - a blessing and a curse.
  10. Not necessarily. Two people doing the same job just as well as each other...yes. Agreed. That's how it should be but as Jefferson said the quality or quantity of work isn't always the reason why people are paid differently or less. Just ask our MHKs!
  11. Someone who believes two people doing the same job should be paid the same salary is not a nut but a sensible and rational person.
  12. By "politics" I wasn't talking about extreme right-wing views, John Wright, I was in fact alluding to views on labour equality rights or, rather, a lack thereof in certain organisations. What I had in mind was discrimination against a person for expressing such views. Why is a religious nut protected, but a believer in worker equality is not?
  13. Why does our legislation forbid discrimination on the grounds of religion but not politics?
  14. I think Rob has been a good commissioner. I like how he engages with his constituents rather than hiding in an ivory tower like some of our MHKs.
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