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  1. I know him IRL. He says he's not returning to the forum as there is a clique of people including moderators who are yuppie snobs who don't like anyone who's poor or working class posting here and who use sock puppets to harass him. And he says he's sick of one-sided bullying where people who claim to know him IRL post abuse at him while refusing to disclose their own identities or have the balls to say any of it to his face. I agree with him. It's a waste of time posting here. You're a bunch of whiney, spineless helmets. Every time I visit this site it's moan moan f-ing moan!!!
  2. Do you think they'd be interested in photos of chemtrails?
  3. That explains the strange gollum creature that's been seen lurking about outside our home.
  4. You've been reading too much George Orwell. No, I've been reading too much UN Agenda 21. It's all in there.
  5. They are ripping people off. I only had £1.50 in my pocket so I took my custom elsewhere. P.S. I'm not TJ and I don't take meds.
  6. Update: £1.59 !!!!!!! for a 500 ml bottle of Coke from the Co-Op.
  7. I think one day everyone will be living in a handful of very large cities. Everyone will be forced to use public transportation within the cities. We won't be allowed out of the cities except on public transportation systems which link the cities. Only the elite will be allowed to live outside the cities.
  8. Thanks for broadcasting this info to the entire world, Barrie. Now we can all live in fear of thieves or perverts breaking into our homes.
  9. The vote results are decided well in advance of anybody voting.
  10. Napoleon


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNQlRseW2NA "Is everybody alright?" Classic.
  11. True. Only the Isle of Man Government are that paranoid about their population.
  12. Napoleon

    Body Found

    That IS 99% of what the media does, Stu; the other 1% is spent prying into people's personal life, rummaging through their waste bin and reading this forum and facefook.
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