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  1. I don’t know that she is eminently qualified, she has no medical training and all her publications are to do with plant viruses!
  2. Only testing inpatients with symptoms as per UK Gov guidelines. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/wuhan-novel-coronavirus-initial-investigation-of-possible-cases/investigation-and-initial-clinical-management-of-possible-cases-of-wuhan-novel-coronavirus-wn-cov-infection Announcement says that community testing will now be implemented.
  3. Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2 today pointed out that two weeks ago Italy had the same number of cases as the Uk has today and look where they now!
  4. I believe he is still employed by MNH and has just been suspended until the outcome of the trial. Hopefully he will now be able to return to work.
  5. Does anyone know why the DOI have put the temporary traffic lights at the bottom of Summerhill If they then never bother to turn them on when the course is closed? They did this in TT as well.
  6. Hmm.... so keeping up appearances is paramount then.......Safe and effective care can go take a hike.... +1
  7. I find this attitude very insulting and having worked at Noble's for 30 odd years, Hermes you do not speak for the majority of staff and your rhetoric sounds very much like the crap we hear every week from the 'Halton Mafia'.
  8. Again from the executive summary of the Francis report: "Negative culture 1.6 While it is clear that, in spite of the warning signs, the wider system did not react to the constant flow of information signalling cause for concern, those with the most clear and close responsibility for ensuring that a safe and good standard care was provided to patients in Stafford, namely the Board and other leaders within the Trust, failed to appreciate the enormity of what was happening, reacted too slowly, if at all, to some matters of concern of which they were aware, and downplayed the significance of others. In the first report, this was attributed in a large part to an engrained culture of tolerance of poor standards, a focus on finance and targets, denial of concerns, and an isolation from practice elsewhere. Nothing I have heard in this Inquiry suggests that this analysis was wrong. Indeed the evidence has only reinforced it. 1.7 The Trust’s culture was one of self promotion rather than critical analysis and openness. This can be seen from the way the Trust approached its FT application, its approach to high Hospital Standardised Mortality Ratios (HSMRs) and its inaccurate self declaration of its own performance. It took false assurance from good news, and yet tolerated or sought to explain away bad news." The similarities to Noble's are beyond belief yet management and he DoH still deny any culpability.
  9. Having started to wade through the Francis report the most telling and strikingly familiar statement is this : "Warning signs 1.1 During the course of both the first inquiry and the present there has been a constant refrain from those charged with managing, leading, overseeing or regulating the Trust’s provision of services that no cause for concern was drawn to their attention, or that no one spoke up about concerns."
  10. This may be one of the reasons why hospital staff should be very careful when challenging the system. The modifications to the Rules of Isle of Man Government Unified Scheme 2011 are as follows: 1 Forfeiture In Rule 71.3 of the Isle of Man Government Unified Scheme (1) For sub paragraph (b) substitute – “(b) Treason; or” (2) After sub paragraph (b) insert – © of an offence in connection with any employment to which this scheme applies, being an offence which is certified by a Minister or Chairman of a Department or Board of Government either to have been gravely injurious to the Isle of Man or to be liable to lead to a serious loss of confidence in the public service.
  11. I saw Alan Bell with his boyfriend in M&S on Saturday, and they actually served him!! Whatever next?
  12. From Vinnie k: There is a PGCE for Primary teachers provided on Island, but I'm not sure how successful it is since the DES refuses to supply a bursary or maintenance grant to those studying it (compare with the UK, where bursaries from £5,000 to £20,000 are available to those training via the PGCE) The sad fact is that the DEC have now scrapped the on island primary PGCE. My daughter was in the last cohort which finished last June and so far she has not been able to get a permanent position and is having to rely upon supply work which is very hit and miss. She wrote to the Primary adviser at the DEC to ask why they had just spent a lot of money in training her only to be told that they had not planned on actually employing her cohort but if any vacancies came up she was welcome to apply! I seem to remember towards the end of last year that the DEC announced that they would need to have five extra reception classes in September due to an increase in children starting school. Hopefully this will generate some new posts for these newly qualified teachers.
  13. It should be noted that the IOM College has been offering degrees for a number of years now. The BSc in Health Science originally allowed students to study the first two years on island with the final year at Chester. This degree has now evolved into the BSc in Public Health which is studied wholly on island over three years. I believe that from September this degree will be offered as a foundation degree over two years followed by a final year to gain the BSc for successful students. I can personally vouch for the quality of these graduates as I employed two of them.
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