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  1. Mr Bear

    Fun Fair

    Yes, but enough about the Catholic church. What about the fairground?
  2. Mr Bear

    Fun Fair

    It's an important part of the TT experience by adding character to the promenade. I've heard there's going to be a new ride there this year called The Inseminator. It claims to make 1000 fairground babies a day.
  3. And once again this interesting thread degenerates into the usual cesspit. Shame. I didn't realise that there was at least one ride in Mooragh Park and found it quite interesting that a small ride had been made out of full size gallopers. I wonder if they came from a damaged or scrapped ride and if they were static on the carousel or had a lifting mechanism.
  4. Few smashed bus windows, a bit of acting and fake blood. You can't buy front page advertising in this league. This is how the fight industry works. Eat your heart out Saatchi and Saatchi.
  5. A Ramsey branch of "The Pie Maker". Now there's an idea. (Famous Edinburgh pie shop) Or it could be a branch of BRGR (Edinburgh burger bar) Or even a Subway sandwich shop so people could get better value than a limp Costa toastie with a thin scraping of generic sandwich filling.
  6. It appears to be a female member of their staff who has flipped and wounded three people before killing herself. One has to wonder what was going on in her life to do that and if the people she shot were bullying her at work or just unfortunate targets of random fire.
  7. As an actual Ramsey ratepayer I'm fine with that. It strikes me that most of the people complaining aren't even from Ramsey. Indeed, some may not even be based on the Isle of Man. It's hard to say when they don't reveal their location.
  8. I was looking at one of his posters on the Gaiety front doors and really staring at it trying to work out what made his face so distinctive. He came up behind me and said "Handsome fellow, isn't he."
  9. Some of my technically inclined friends have been involved in the control systems of cannabis farms in places where they are legal. It's very clear that it's a very competitive market where the established drug importers have been undercutting the new local growers to push them out of business. There are a lot of costs involved in growing the stuff. If the IOM does ever legalise it then it might be worth establishing protection for on-island growers to avoid the island being flooded with imported material of unknown standards and from organisations that might also ship in their other more undesirable drug products.
  10. I've noticed an increasing anti-Russia content in the media. The megalomaniac club must be very keen to get the public in the mood to renew Trident so that all the contractors they have significant financial interests in can do the work badly with the cheapest labour possible for as long as possible with a ridiculous budget that then ends up costing ten times as much. Then of course there's the lucrative ongoing maintenance contract which involves cheap labour walking around in white lab coats looking busy.
  11. Mr Bear


    Not sure about here, but HMRC in the UK taxes waiting staff on an estimated tip income.
  12. They did the 5p bag thing in Scotland years ago. You'll soon get used to taking a bag that will probably be stronger and nicer to hold than the flimsy carrier bags were anyway.
  13. DC transmission is not uncommon. Much lower losses due to capacitive coupling. The conversions are dine electronically use very expensive mofo IGBTs with fibre-optic gate inputs. I bet they're really loud when they fail.
  14. Neither compared to some UK networks, but for such a small customer base they're both doing fine. And I'm even being nice after having slight technical issues with both of them.
  15. I like the style of the stamps. It gives them a very 3D look.
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