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  1. I have recently moved from the IOM to England and have brought my car with me. It is currently registered and taxed on the IOM. Has anyone done this befor and does anyone know what the procedure is for re-registering in the UK? Thanks.
  2. I'd love to know how much they actually expect this to raise. I can't imagine it being more than a few thousand £ a year. I'd also like to know what other money saving schemes they thought of. I can imagine a 'brainstorming' meeting. "OK lets see how we can save some money within our operations" "Lets charge pensioners" Is that really the best they could do?
  3. Ok - glad its not just me! When did it start? I received a text on Friday morning - nothing has come through since.
  4. Anyone having issues receiving text messages from Virgin mobile or Vodafone users? I have friends across on these networks and since Friday morning have not received and of the messages they have sent. Text sent to other Manx Telecom (don't know about Sure) mobiles are not being received either. She has checked with Virgin and they said that there was not problem with their system and the texts had been sent, just not received. Phones MT this morning and they didn't know anything, and suggested Virgin should phone them to sort it out. Anyone else has similar issues?
  5. I may be wrong but it appears to me that the stronger competition in the UK results in increasingly better value offers for customers: cheaper broadband, more inclusive calls, texts and data etc, whereas over here it gradually gets less value for money for the customer and there is little they can do. MT top ups used to last 30 days now they last 15 unused allowances used to roll over, now they don't You used to get a discount for direct debit, then they scrapped that. They have also removed the 'double your data' offer when you top up online. Furthermore they are advertising 'unlimited' data with £20 top up which is subject to a 5GB fair usage policy! In what way is that unlimited!? It all adds up to the increased cost of living over here. I know Ed Milliband goes on about a 'cost of living' crisis - but some of our MHK's should start going on about it as well.
  6. Does this have a sim card for mobile internet connection?
  7. Does anyone have problems using this over here? I have a windows 8 computer with the xbox music app but when I try to use it I get the message that "you can use this for 2 weeks away from home, make sure you're using an account that matches your region" Any one got any reason why this happens or solutions for this? Cheers.
  8. No it's not though. Most of these charges are paid by the householder, not the individual and they are disporportionately punished. Just increase income tax ffs and cut costs elsewhere. I agree that people are being disproportionally penallised. Government cuts the budgets of departments and rather than trying to economise the costs are passed on to the people. Its the same with local rate rises such as Onchan, central government cuts, then the commissioners just press the people for more money. The Government deceives itself that it is saving money. If this expenditure is needed then income tax should be raised. Imposing these kind of charges is penalising those on fixed incomes such as pensioners and it takes up a high proportion of less well off people's income. £100 per year can easilly be absorbed by these 'hight net worth' people, but may be a struggle for someone on a minimum wage. I suggest a boycot!!
  9. Does anyone have a link to this with more information and details?
  10. Water meters would be a good idea. Why don't we have them over here?
  11. Did I hear on Manx Radio that the Government is to introduce a £50 charge for every household to cover the cost of sewerage management? What will they think of next?
  12. I am also trying to cancel a contract with o2 and they have been completely obstructive and refuse to terminate without me having to pay off the rest of the contract. They have quoted all sorts of obscure terms such as that IOM numbers were always classed as internationl and as an Additional Extra. Did you just cancel your direct debit? If so has there been any come back from o2?
  13. If there were no property investors buying up all the houses then perhaps house prices would be at a more affordable level so people who actually need a home to live in could afford one. If there were no houses to rent, there would be houses to buy, do you think they would stand empty? Property investors inflate prices so local people can't afford to buy a home of their own and are then compelled to pay high rents as landlords want to make a profit, renters are then not able to save for a deposit as a large proportion of their income is going on rent. I would like to see some restrictions on the number of properties people can own and would like to know what proportion of houses are owned by landlords.
  14. Akai midi hi-fi system. Excellent condition - full working order. 3 cd changer system, bass boost, MW,FM radio with presets, twin tape decks with Dolby noise reduction Full remote control including tapes and motorised volume control. Good sound. £60 or ono
  15. It just seems to me sometimes that we, as customers, are unfairly penalised, whilst companies profit, simply by virtue of our location. There are obvious benefits to living on the Isle of Man, but it is becoming increasingly hard to live here financially unless you are very wealthy.
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