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  1. This should be interesting! Former MHK David Quirk wants to make a political comeback. He is to stand for in Onchan Commissioners in a by-election next month. Mr Quirk became an MHK for the area in 2006 but lost his seat in the 2016 general election. He had been a commissioner before that. There is one vacancy for the board of Onchan Commissioners and a by-election will be held there on October 22 if anybody challenges Mr Quirk. The deadline for candidates to declare they intend to stand is September 24. Nomination forms are available at the commissioners’ offices. Two seats also need to be filled on Douglas Council. They are both for Derby Ward and follow the resignation of Colin Cain last year, and the death of former Mayor, Debbie Pitts, in January. Voters will head to the polls on Thursday, October 15, if there are more than two candidates. Boundary changes approved by Tynwald mean the Derby Ward area will cease to exist at the end of this term, which is May 1. It’s part of wider plans to reduce the size of the local authority, which will see the number of councillors cut from 18 to 12. Last month, council leader David Christian criticised the decision to hold a by-election for the area, calling it ’ludicrous’ and a ’complete waste of ratepayers’ money’. Andrew Bentley - currently the sole representative of Derby Ward - said he could manage the constituency himself, before adding any newly-elected councillors would ’only have enough time to find the light switches’. Candidates are now able to collect nomination papers from Douglas town hall until Monday, September 21. i can see a lot of skullduggery, backstabbing, nitpicking coming out of this, and perhaps more comedy gold from Onchans finest.
  2. Adding my two pennerth to this subject, there are some faiths which object to organ donation and the desecration of the body after death. Namely the Jewish and the Muslim faiths, but some of those faiths do carry an organ donor card. There may be other faiths or cultures which may object to opt in.
  3. 2112

    TT 2021 ??

    People need to really think hard. At present we have little/spare hotel accommodation geared up for visiting motorcycle fans, unlike in previous years. Today and like previous years, the trend has been for motorcycle fans to stay homestay, camp or snoozebox type accommodation. If a fan came over with potentially infection, if they are staying in a house, there is a potential of infecting the household. Yes it’s sad and possibly catastrophic for the tourist industry should it be cancelled next year. Perhaps a suggestion of the races going ahead, after a period of quarantine by the race teams, the racing taking place without the presence of TT fans. Perhaps the Starship Enterprise could negotiate the races being shown on television
  4. 2112

    Ready Steady Cook

    Yes just what we need inept politicians pretending to show the population their culinary prowess. It will be pure comedy gold, and I think it will keep this thread alive for a while.
  5. I saw this little amusing piece in the local oily rag about 3 of our most publicity hungry MHKs willing to make total tits of themselves all in aid of votes or to publicise Manx meat and food? One of the highlights of the forthcoming Food and Drink Festival this year will be the Ready Steady Cook contest with Dot Tilbury as presenter. This year’s will be a political battle with DEFA Minister Geoffrey Boot cooking against fellow MHKs Rob Callister and Martyn Perkins. The dish they will be preparing will be a Manx Baked Alaska. The Food and Farming page has been talking to the contenders and asking them whether they like to cook at home and what their signature dish would be. Rob Callister ‘My signature dish at home is a Manx fillet of steak, chips, onion rings, mushrooms and veg. ‘On the BBQ my signature dish is a salmon parcel cooked slowly with corn on the cob and fresh salad.’ Geoffrey Boot ‘My home signature dish is Manx lamb cutlets or chops with potatoes, spinach, broccoli, green peas, runner beans or cabbage harvested from our garden.’ Martyn Perkins ‘I often cook chicken breast filled with asparagus and wrapped in bacon with roast vegetables. ‘Followed by panna cotta with summer fruit coulis. ‘My signature dish is prawn cocktail with my special Marie Rose sauce followed by pancake filled with queenies in garlic butter with bacon and white wine sauce. ‘And for dessert oranges thinly sliced in Grand Marnier liquor topped with cream.’ l The Food and Drink Festival takes place at the Villa Marina Gardens on September 19 and 20.
  6. I’ll bet that if your example happened in real life, it would provoke the usual shit storm on IOMNP Facebook site. I could also foresee a political storm, backed by the newspapers.
  7. The point I’m trying to make is, the Minister is trying to dream up school rules. Have the schools had these problems when the schools reopened in June? If not, then I’m sure they will have once pupils get to know. Cough, Cough, Cough!
  8. I saw this little gem on the Nations Propoganda Mouthpiece - Students to head back to school for new academic year The education minister says the Island's schools will take tough action against pupils for "malicious coughing" or inappropriate comments about Covid-19. It's as thousands of Island pupils are to head back to classes next week for the new academic year. Dr Alex Allinson says good hygiene and discipline will be top of the agenda when students return. He's warning strict measures are in place should people step out-of-line: School attendance is once again mandatory for Manx students, following the coronavirus pandemic and disruption to education. The Department of Education, Sport and Culture has sent out the message that attendance is compulsory after it had been voluntary over the lockdown, due to the risk of infection. However now the DESC Minister Dr Alex Allinson says current evidence shows "infections and outbreaks are uncommon across all educational settings". He add it's not only important for young people's learning to return to school, but for their mental wellbeing too. Schools will once again be able to issue sanctions or even fines when children don't attend school without a valid reason. It’s rather daft and will be predictable that one or two will start ‘coughing’. What are the schools going to do? Punish the offenders? Expel them? Take them to court and give them a criminal record? I really can’t understand what this article hopes to achieve and also what Allinson is thinking?
  9. Steam Packet Cruises. The Ben has cabins, first class lounge, a bar and cafeteria/restaurant, along with a shop. All the facilities that cruise ships have. I’m sure the Steam Packet could also replicate the cost factor as well, down market cruises at over inflated prices.
  10. It must have cost them quite a bit to advertise on the front page and wrap around of the Courier. I’m betting this little venture will be endorsed by HRH The Chief Minister and Skelly as the answer to all our prayers!
  11. Firstly let me say that I have no issue with individuals in their own vehicles and in their own time conducting a parade lap, paying their own tribute. I do take issue with the Police, Fire, Ambulance and Emmergency Services using vehicles operated and maintained at taxpayers expenses - and now justified and approved by HRH The Chief Minister and the Boy David. The use of buses and DOI vehicles is reprehensible, no doubt us taxpayers are paying for this, again in overtime and associated costs. I would like to know how much this parade has cost the Manx Taxpayer - especially in light of the video footage of IOM Toytown Police pretending to control the flow of the traffic of the parade. I’m sure there were many volunteers for that job - nice overtime at the taxpayers expense.
  12. That’s not a nice way to describe our HM The Chief Minister as a buffoon .......LOL.
  13. Bad news folks - Christian and Quine elected Clare Christian the establishments and Chamber of Commerce choice
  14. Another partial recount i can’t imagine Stu Peters picking Jason Derulo records you play. Is this the worst by election in history?
  15. If the island is closed to visitors and we can’t get off the island and return without quarantining by December, then I can foresee next year being tortuous and possible TT cancellation. You would need monthly Super Manx Holidays to encourage people to part with cash. The only successful people in existence will be professional types - doctors, lawyers and accountants along with members of IOMG civil service and public sector - JOB for LIFE!
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