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  1. Perhaps a social media policy needs to be devised, for civil servants, and politicians alike.
  2. A bit? That’s an understatement, CM Cannan needs to be involved now, showing leadership. Rob Callister has been punished, many times over. Michelle Haywood has been mildly rebuked and is now shown as incompetent, and arrogant to boot, yet is intent to continue to put the boot in, launching verbal attack after attack …………… in working time, paid for by the GMT! She is paid to work, not to sit on Facebook all day. The same can be said for Rob Callister, except in all fairness, he really reposts IOMG propaganda nonsense or stuff relating to Onchan. Perhaps CM Cannan should make it a condition of serving even as a Department member of the DHSC that she can’t post on social media, even in her own time unless she is posting press releases. She should issue a personal apology in the next Tynpotwald sitting for her behaviour, both to the court, and to those affected.
  3. I would say that if she has the need to swear at people, and also use inappropriate language, it says a lot about her as an individual. She has now gone on record and apologised for her inappropriate language etc in the Tynpotwald debate. She may come across be perceived as a victim, but by apologising, she was illustrated herself as someone unfit for public office, especially when like others portraying themselves as professional, competent and ‘whiter than white’.
  4. Hooperman says releasing evidence would be fundamentally different wrong, and also civil servants are living in fear of repercussions, (from whom, other eschelons of the civil service and politicos?). in another summary of yesterdays tedious debate in Tynpotwald by the NPM. It’s rather telling though that if civil servants are still supposedly ‘living in fear’, especially when the supposed perpetrator has been sacked, it is apparent that IOMG, and especially the DHSC/Manx Care still have deep seated behavioural and cultural issues. Hooperman obviously doesn’t give a toss, judged by his conduct running to the courts during the Ranson Tribunal, appealing at many aspects of the decisions. Perhaps Civil Servants are living in fear from repercussions from Minister Hooperman? Maybe they also fear Professor Ashford, remember he presided over a Department which was involved in a dispute which ultimately has cost the island financially and reputationally. Perhaps Rob Callister was the politico from hell, and a real tyrant, and ogre, who relentlessly tormented civil servants, hectored, lectured and bullied them? As Minister Julie Edge commented, civil servants are aware of the complaints procedures in place, and no complaints were raised.
  5. It has cost the taxpayers £3,000 for this episode in navel gazing and self indulgence. Rob Callister has made a complete mess of things, but I’m afraid Michelle Haywood who also apologised for her inappropriate language in the workplace, hasn’t done herself any favours. She has come across as self pitying and someone who will use a situation to her advantage. Self-Serving Victim?
  6. The island has that many problems and issues, lots stemming from Covid, and yet lots of time and media exposure has been devoted to this issue, which of the islands making. Religion, Sex Education and other Social Issues being taught at schools should be taught by qualified teachers. God Botherers shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near schools. Outside teaching or presentation on Sex Education should be banned, with teaching of the curriculum being conducted by Teachers.
  7. The NPM has Michelle Haywood saying she felt isolated from her Tynwald colleagues, and was accused of having behavioural problems. Listening to the interview I would say she is sounding somewhat emotional. I dread to think how she would react to a really demanding MHK or Minister?
  8. From what I can understand or make of what’s going on, it’s a case of demonising children to the extent that they can’t be believed in what they actually say. Something obviously happened to the extent that a ‘report’ has to be commissioned, and the ensuing negative publicity which followed. It’s very convenient to blame others, especially parents.
  9. I got delivered with the post yesterday a glossy colour 8 page A4 sized brochure from Dandara, advertising their homes for sale in Ramsey and Ballasalla. I really thought the island was booming so much that developers wouldn’t have the need for extra advertising, other than digital marketing and newspaper adverts. Perhaps it’s desperate, and developers need to shift these properties, hence the extra advertising.
  10. I wonder if Rob Callister is practicing his speech for tomorrows Tynpotwald?
  11. Sadly the standard of politics has got worse and the standard of politico has reached a point where voters despair. In the past, the national political establishment, whilst they were mocked and ridiculed at times, on the whole they were relatively competent. Over the last two administrations, and the likes of Moorehouse, Glover, and Callister being elected, the political gene pool has really scrapped the bottom of the barrel. There are other MHKs who are either obsessed with their own agendas, furthering their own careers, creating their own little fiefdoms and creating their own little empires. It’s reaching a point where they aren’t acting in the islands interest but their own perceived interests.
  12. As well as Corpy impersonating calls, we have MHKs impersonating MHKs, pretending to be politicians.
  13. They could have done a small article tucked away in the newspaper, without going into details. Furthermore, surely the DHA and DHSC/ManxCare could have arranged for him to receive end of life care in a UK Hospice, thereby sparing the islands hospice of dealing with an odious individual. He would have been anonymous at a UK Hospice.
  14. They may as well name a studio at the NPM the Minister Thomas Suite, as he will be back there being interviewed regarding the airport, sea terminal, the islands roads, housing, Liverpool ferry terminal………………
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