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  1. I think you will find that’s the cost of running the office, and the cost of the Manx ‘Ferrerro Roche, you are spoiling us’ Ambassador is another salary we are paying. Coupled with the Civil Services External Affairs team, an expensive amount, hope it brings in a good return?
  2. Be careful now, she may have to eat some humble pie at some point.
  3. Funnily enough I sent an email through to Online Travel Group run by Brian Kelly, as want to see flight prices and times etc as interested in a short break ....... escape the rock. Needless to say I’m still waiting for a reply. Still at least there are other travel agents who are open, and do get back to you, KEEP IT LOCAL - HaHa!
  4. I see according to the Nations Propoganda Mouthpiece that HRH The Chief Minister has given an answer to Jason Moorhouse regarding the visitors from Jersey. They were visiting the island and a local care home. They were only alllowed to venture from the hotel to another place. It’s alleged that they had a meal out, of which they weren’t permitted. The police are investigating - horse, gate and bolted comes to mind! I doubt our local fuzz are going to insist on extradition should offences have been found to have been committed. One rule for visitors and another for Island Residents.
  5. 2112

    Manx Radio

    I totally agree, unfortunately there is one person who is causing all the trouble on here.
  6. 2112

    Manx Radio

    Why did you bring his boyfriend into the equation? You could have made your comment and left that element out. I’m sure others will perceive your comments in the same way I have. As you seem so keen on correcting me all time, I will end with the saying ‘don’t be an idiot all your life, take the day off’.
  7. 2112

    Manx Radio

    Too much sun?
  8. 2112

    Manx Radio

    Your not the brightest tool in the box! Think on - your posts could be construed by some as coming across as both racist and homophobic. It’s perception. Still your an expert on everything!
  9. I said it would be interesting to see how the old Griddles site pans out. You can’t help but notice it’s demolition. However, after the demolition it may lay idle for a while, it may become another car park. It may get put on the market as a redevelopment opportunity. That’s not to say that groundwork’s one the site may commence straight after demolition. Who knows, this development may get off without with any trouble - it will be interesting to see.
  10. I can’t see many wasting their time on this. To have to isolate again, and have the states jackboots threatening you for the slightest ‘alleged’ violation. As for the ‘air corridor’ again, hardly exciting, unless you are wealthy, whereby you can visit another island, and perhaps maybe relocate there. It could prove to be a master stroke for Guernsey, courtesy of the Isle of Man Government Personally I would prefer it if IOMG gets its arse in gear and permits the few travel agents doing summer direct flights to Majorca, from Reynoldsway now there is a air corridor - UK to Spain, without quarantine. Are the medics controlling the politicos brave enough to permit this? The way things are going we may as well right off this year. Still it’s alright for those Politicos who will find a way of getting off the rock, without having to self isolate on their return.
  11. I’m sure with all your common sense, you could stand in the House of Keys General Election next year - or if you qualify - why not Douglas South? You could sit in Tynpotwald spout shite, Ride the HRH The Chief Ministers coattails, and come up with endless IOMG press releases, published by the Nations Propoganda Mouthpiece. Full House!
  12. No Teapot, it’s a usual Manx Muddle or Manxification Scheme. Though generally you have the right idea. The site will probably be sold on again in a few years. I can’t see any real development schemes coming into fruition for a long time. It will be interesting to see how the Duke Street Griddles Flats development pans out.
  13. Can we add marine engineer to your never ending talents?
  14. What a belter, the Rackets Arrow.
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