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    Don’t forget Skellys virtual 6 Chinese Banks!
  2. Can I for one thank Lightbulb for a well thought out thread, perfect subject matter and relevant, and a witty thread title. I must admit it made me chuckle. Howard Quayle was democratically elected to Tynpotwald albeit by a few votes (squeaky bum time). His elevation to Chief Plonker was another matter, but in his defence, quality of other MHKs was equally poor. Ashford - NO, Callister - NO, Allinson - Good God NOOOOOOO. I doubt Alfie Cannan could do the job either - though in his defence, he is approachable and not a pompous oaf. You can only work with the quality and calibre out there, which is poor. Even the MLCs are piss poor.
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    He will be too busy writing his daily/weekly blog than to worry about little matters like this. It’s piss poor really,customer service, no wonder people won’t want to come here!
  4. Well observed. Sadly some of our current HOK crop, have come from Douglas Council. Some have for years yearned the hallowed chains (before it disappeared), whilst some seek and try multiple times to get elected to be a National Politician and opposed to a Parish Pump operative. For the next General Election if any of these current and wannabe Politicos, I would like them to justify why they are standing for office, and give examples of where they have changed the corporate behaviour and promoted new ideas - eg, voted to introduce new working practices etc or cut waste within the organisation. Perhaps as well if councillors who object to planning applications frivolously, merely anti change and progress, perhaps their records could be studied?
  5. I saw this today, Douglas turning blue as a tribute to the emergency services etc. In normal circumstances I would say it is worthwhile and a nice gesture to make. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=54894&headline=Douglas to turn blue in tribute to key workers&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2020 What does concern me is why turn on lights along Duke Street, Strand and Castle Streets when most of the shops aren’t open due to a state of emergency, Those permitted to open are restricted in their opening hours. So Douglas Corpy are going to waste (yet again) resources on streets which will have no footfall. The intention is good but it’s execution is lousy and shows a disdain for the long suffering rate payers.
  6. Don’t know wtf is going on, but there is no fair, no military presence etc. But they are going to promulgate the Acts and swear in all the Coroners/Lockmen and other associated yes men and gravy train passengers. Whatever these Tynpotwald clowns do it’s going to cost money. Do they seriously think that cancelling the fair and the tented village opposite supposedly to prevent Coronavirus, but at the same time all the supine pathetic idiots on the hill playing dressing up, and Fantasy Politics is going to make a difference? Maybe the virus will make an exception and aim itself at our wonderful politicos - if there’s any justice! If it’s safe, and virus free, let the people have a fair. After what’s gone recently the population needs to have some frivolity and jollity. Unless our Tynpotwald idiots are seriously threatened by Mec Vannin, Positive Action Group, WI and associated charity stalls, which encompass an aura of tat and gaudy image of second hand goods. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/tynwald-day-celebrations-cut-back/ I take it that other waste of time and money - Tynpotwald Garden Fete is going ahead? What about the Tynpotwald Banquet at the Villa Marina - the slap up piss up to end all piss ups - that’s if our lot know how to organise a piss up?
  7. I wonder if that great former worthie, good egg, repeated serial HOK bye election candidate and former DBC member David Ashford has opened his mouth, and put David Christian MBE back in his box? Ann Corbett that silent comedical invisible politician needs to open her mouth in defence of shop keepers. Two refugees from the Council, would be interesting to hear their views?
  8. It’s been taken down by our Nations Propoganda Mouthpiece I’m afraid, we are now in a National Emergency so no doubt Howard’s Heroes will be in action, monitoring the airwaves, newsfeeds and social media for signs of reputational concern. I wonder what Rob Callister’s view will be when he publishes his weekly blog? It seems to me that many establishments, wish to have their cake,!and also eat it. I never realised how much money people are prepared to pay to come to quite frankly a Fantasy Island, akin to Fraggle Rock, run by Muppets. Prepared to pay way over the odds for hotel accommodation and being fleeced by our ‘arms length’ sorry IOMG Treasury run ferry company, Embarrassing, another IOM Production- where you can ........., expect!
  9. I’ll be surprised if a post-mortem is done. Coronavirus is a nasty and evil virus. I would imagine that there would be strict guidelines in place or burial/cremation and quickly.
  10. Wholeheartedly agree 100%. Nobody, whether they are nurses, doctors and healthcare assistants should go down with this virus. But at the same time, every effort should be made to protect the populace. The question is whether we actually have the resources to do anything? I’m getting the impression that the Manx NHS is basically a basket case, successive Tynpotwald administrations and Ministers have tried sticking plasters over the wound, but it’s not going to heal. I doubt that this public consultation regarding the proposal to create ‘Manx Care’ will achieve anything especially in the light of this national emergency. These tinkering should be done once this Coronavirus outbreak has ceased, normal servicing resuming on the Island. As is likely in the UK, a form of inquiry into the Coronavirus outbreak and the NHS will be carried out - possibly a Royal Commission. It would be nice if an inquiry could be carried out here, chaired by a independent, impartial and non Manx Establishment figure, as opposed to the usual lessons will be learned, or a report compiled by IOM Government favoured Athol Street Suit.
  11. I’m sure we will have some form of April Fools Joke once our politicos open their mouths. RC And a Skelly have remained quiet so far.......
  12. A fair few Manx residents trapped overseas, including European Union Countries and other countries like India. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/islanders-stuck-abroad-say-they-feel-abandoned/ Bill Shimmins asked HRH The Chief MInister a question in Tynpotwald, in which HRH came out with another hissy fit. Yes I’m sure Shimmins asked the question on behalf of a constituient, but it was the manner that it’s being handled. It is an emotive subjective, and yes some residents are thick, stupid, ignorant, idiotic, pathetic and really should have known better and returned to the island ASAP etc. Listening to one of the interviews, one interviewee caught up went away early March. Make up your own judgement! The issue needs addressing, rather like the lockdown should have been done much earlier, mistakes have been made.
  13. On the face of it I agree with you. Sadly this virus and associated actions imposed by our elected idiots have have not brought out the best in some people, or even logical common sense. Some have sought to their advantage to take the piss of the rules in their actions. Vets are important and I would argue are a key worker, and in some respects would not be stupid as not self isolate if they had symptoms of the virus. Whilst I am not a great fan of some sectors of the farming community - too much power, influence and vested interest, I would concede that should tourism, finance and e-commerce fail, which is likely, then without farming and agriculture/food sector, what would the island have to fall back upon?
  14. Couldn’t agree more. He isn’t covering himself with glory or showing leadership qualities. Still only 18 months or so to put up with HRH The Chief Minister. I can’t see the voters of Middle voting him back in. Still he can take comfort that he and his wife can take a trip to Buckingham Palace for his honour, services for screwing up the Isle of Man. If Allan Bell was Chief Minister you would have gravitas, solemnity and genuine policies, not policies on the hoof or dictated to by events. Incidentally I’m not impressed with Boy David Ashford who today described the first Coronavirus victims symptoms as ‘mild’ https://www.three.fm/news/coronavirus/first-case-of-coronavirus-on-island-is-mild/ Its a Vírus, it can cause death or further illness in time. It’s as though Ashford is trying to sweep it under the carpet, whilst Others are rightly concerned, and possibly scared. Or would Ashford only show concern, handwringing and describe symptoms as life threatening if it involved a Douglas North elderly constituient?
  15. Today’s MHKs and certainly some are trying to be SuperMHKs, instead of a simple letter, phone calls and a press campaign will happen. Local initiatives become National matters raised on the Tynpotwald floor. And some certainly like to support initiatives or challenging proposals the island can’t afford - Douglas Cruise Jetty and Currant Buns Climate Change report. I think Dereks view is sadly simplistic and yes that’s how it should be, sadly some of our elected politicos have distorted reality
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