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  1. In all fairness, the ex owner of Pokerstars is a HNWI. This company was sold again since he sold his stake in the business. This particular HNWI uses local services and craftsman and I understand he actually pays people the agreed price and on time, unlike other HNWIs who argue the toss and tell people to ‘sue me’, Incidentally our poor excuse for a supposed state Propaganda Mouthpiece has said sweet FA on its news website - perhaps Starship Enterprise are colluding to bury this bad news, Pathetic really. In the past, The Job Centre hit squad would be sent into the workplace to try and get those being given the boot, first pickings of any jobs that may come into the market. Not really sympathetic to newly redundant or laid off staff. Would also be nice if HRH The Chief Minister could have acknowledged job losses and given his citizens some reassurance.
  2. I’ve often thought of that. It’s a good puzzling question.
  3. Non- Believer is correct on this, the VMMC are throughly pissed off with Starship Enterprise and IOMG as a whole with lack of support. I heard this from a reputable source. This is not a ‘on the hoof’ decision but it’s been building up over the years. Elf n Safety and rules, regulations and government diktats haven’t helped either. I’m sure next year the bikers can gather around and watch some Skellyvision instead. Still it’s the Isle of Man where you can ........
  4. Well he’s nearly a member of the club now, and once in the club, you can be sure he won’t ask embarrassing questions.
  5. This little beauty on the ‘lips’ and website of 3fm. https://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/dhsc-disciplinary-case-numbers-revealed/ More than 60 managerial disciplinary cases since 2014. On the Fiddle? Gross Misconduct offences? General Incompetence? It would be interesting to see how many of these disciplinary cases result in dismissal or promotions all round?
  6. 2112

    Rob Callister

    I hope Mr Callister and his wife enjoyed his holiday, for which I do not begrudge, as he is entitled to it. What I am concerned about and thought it was Ill advised, the two weekly blogs detailing his intermary and account of the holiday so far. In some respects this holiday comes across as luxurious and decadent (whilst he may have paid bargain basement prices), and I’m sure there are many residents in Onchan living on the breadline - if you read the Facebook page of Isle of Man News and Politics, you would be under the impression of widespread hunger, famine and destitution in some parts of the island including Onchan. Some people may be asking or thinking could Mr Callister as Member of Starship Enterprise with responsibility for Motorsports, Tourism and Cruise Liners - could he have obtained a cheaper rate, for a cruise if it had visited the island previously? I’m sure Mr Callister paid top dollar, but to some there will be a perception. Lastly whilst talking to people, particularly some involved with Marshalling etc, Mr Callister’s abs emcee was noticed, but not necessarily missed.
  7. Latest piece of bullshit from the states Propaganda Mouthpiece- https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/government-will-be-flexible-following-brexit/ To think Civil Servants have spent months or years to copy what the UK has already said is risible if not laughable. I know a civil servant taken off his current duties and switched to Brexit work. Of course a lot of the article says costs will rise, including electric and food. If this happens, I can see the members of IOMNP Facebook page, rising up with pitchforks chasing the likes of Chris Thomas and Rob Callister.
  8. Yes, our (citizens) pension fund. A shite future awaits us normal people - a rosy and bright future for Chris Thomas, HRH The Chief Minister and other Tynpotwalders awaits.
  9. I have some questions which I would appreciate if anyone can seriously answer 1. Why has the current Grandstand certainly within the last 10 years and after the release of Closer to the Edge, hasn’t both Department of Economic Development or Starship Enterprise embarked on a naming rights exercise for the Grandstand? Why hasn’t it got a current named sponsor which is relatable to Motorsports - and I don’t mean IOMG mates and cronies either! 2. Does the current Grandstand and surrounding area, such as Paddock, create any revenue outside the TT and Festival of Motorcycling? I say this as we don’t receive any monies for any TV exposure or documentary, and in some cases, the Grandstand if often gaining exposure. 3. Do we know what the going rates are for using the Grandstand, outside the peak Motorsports events? We know through general here say what ice cream vans and burger vans pay for TT/FOM. I’m sure these factors will be factored into a business case/plan 4. Do any other areas outside on the TT course produce a reliable income stream - aside from the Seating areas outside of the Creg ny Baa and other areas. It would be quite interesting to see solid and reliable figures. It’s no good bleating commercial confidentiality either!
  10. There is no legislation but there is TYNPOTWALD! 32 of the Islands greatest and the good who come together every month, led by a man who loves to dress up. They are supposed to debate legislation and approve or reject Government requests for money. i can see this lot approving Skellys request for Squillions with zero debate or scutiny. They will be brainwashed by COMIN that this scheme is in the national interest.
  11. 100% spot on. They could always crowd-fund/source etc. They could also approach the private sector, which really will be comical if a delegation led by Skelly and the Motorsports Supremo ..................... Rob Callister (bet you thought I meant Bernie Ecclestone!), approached egaming and other businesses with a begging bowl. After all the TT has lost sponsors and Government is filling in for the second year, with its Locate.Im. Doesn’t this ring alarm bells? When a Government wishes to compete with the private sector and squanders taxpayers on quite frankly ‘pet projects’, you know they have lost its moral compass,
  12. Tell that to the likes of the Mannin Hotel who’s owner has put his millions into the business, which incidentally relies on weddings and other functions. The same can be said for the Claremont and Rutland, Sefton Group, Empress and even the smaller Ascot and Wellbeck Hotels which cater for weddings. Im afraid any wedding will tread on toes. Government has registry offices in Peel, Ramsey, Douglas and Castletown - look in the local rags there are many pictures of TT weddings. If they wish to bring over family and friends great, but I for one will not be funding Skellys wishes. Max - if you seriously think it’s a wonderful idea, then perhaps you can compete with the Hotels and other establishments- put your money where your mouth is. Its got to the stage where there are too many vested interests in this new Grandstand suggestion. The all powerful TT lobby, MGP and FOM and the Cycling Lobby. Perhaps each of them should put their considerable resources into this. After all so they keep boasting how many £££££££££a it makes, without mentioning the never ending amount it costs to put the event on. If there are a few fatalities, I’m sure the costs will increase even more. We are told this new improved, expanded building will be used for rallies and cycling. Is this the same rally that we have lost due to Government incompetence and infighting? How many rallies will it take before the new building costs are paid off. Cycling is the same - let’s face, they aren’t in the same league as the TT, but TT fans haven’t got infinite cash reserves. Two ferries trips to get here costs money. Being ripped off royally whilst being here is the new IOMG TT experience. We have just funded the new TT Hospitality tent. Has this paid for itself? Will we get a straight answer? From capital or major infrastructure projects, we haven’t the experience of getting the job done to time or budget. As for quality don’t get me started.
  13. I bet once the Starship Enterprise starts putting its business case together, I reckon the words cruise liner, passengers and guided tours will be trotted out. As with most of the tours for cruise passengers, they are for IOMG tourist attractions owned by local taxpayers, like the Manx Museum, House of Mannanan, Peel Castle and Castle Rushen. Any other private attractions sadly have to take a back seat. I can see this new Grandstand offering tours, which culminates in refreshments, at the Grandstand cafe. It could deprive a business like Tynwald Mills of a slice of the tourist market.
  14. In other words, it’s Government riding roughshod over many hard working and reputable businesses. Whether it’s Holiday Inn or Travelodge is immaterial, we already have Hotels in situ. If the Starship Enterprise let either their ‘Mates’ run a so called hotel within the Grandstand, either in a Government gift or a ‘rigged’ tender exercise, it’s going to show utter contempt to all the Hotels and Restaurants etc some of whom are currently in receipt of Starship Enterprise funding. The whole thing is nonsense and doesn’t make sense. To some people it would ‘stink’.
  15. Speaks volumes. I bet Ashford will be making a statement to IOMNP Facebook page, then there will be the obligatory tame interview with MTTV. I find the persuant of other opportunities a meaning that there are a lack of opportunities for interim high flying Civil Servants - unless he has upset people within the department?
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