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  1. Like HRH The Chief Minister, Beecroft is equally culpable and spent ages in the post doing nothing, presumably accepting this behaviour as standard, certainly unwilling to challenge. As for David Ashford, HRHs The Chief Ministers bag carrier, will hardly be likely to stick his head over the parapet, or squeak his disapproval of any civil service bullying - I’m sure he intends to have a 30 year plus unblemished COMIN career. Why upset people now?
  2. Makes you want to vomit! Mind you the other 50% of COMIN are hardly founding members of the Manx Brains Trust.. HRH The Chief Minister needs to shut his mouth permanently. Every time he opens his trap, he succeeds in making the IOM look idiots. His verbal diarrhoea pollutes the environment even more than his farts after a Chamber of Commerce dinner. After all HRHs bullshit and environmental mantra especially banning gas and oil boilers - I’m sure he and the other wasters will receive a warm welcome st the Manx Gas TT Tent? Incidentally it’s going to be fun watching 1 TT class on zero emissions race for 1 lap. We can’t be hypocrites can we, banning petrol/diesels vehicles and yet accepting fossil fuelled vehicles?
  3. 2112

    TT 2018

    The local rag did say that SM was trying to get any legal action proceedings heard in the UK courts. Quite frankly it’s a sad situation, either way, he isn’t a winner but will be punished with suffering due to his injuries. Those perceived as causing the injuries and the calamitous fiasco surrounding the event will be seen by some to have escaped criticism, been protected by the establishment, whilst some are thrown to the wolves. It could be argued that if any legal proceedings are heard in the UK courts, there may be more transparency and openness, and certain members of society or within the hierarchy of the Motorsports, may be forced into back into the witness box and could have a harder time fending harsher questions from descent QCs and Barristers.
  4. Rob Callister and Martyn Perkins have gone on a CPA jolly to Guernsey. Apparently one of the topics to be discussed is Fake News. Quite appropriate really considering the shite that our Politicos talk on the whole. Still TT starts next Saturday night (25th May 2019) subject to enough Marshall’s being available.
  5. What you mean is Skelly and the Starship Enterprise will boldly go where no man has gone before ................ and tell us that 6 Banks are setting up here!
  6. Not looking good for our Manxie HNWI according to Sky News. His bail terms have been revised along with the bail sum. Coca Cola heir granted $300,000 bail after St Kitts drugs arrest http://news.sky.com/story/coca-cola-heir-granted-300000-bail-after-st-kitts-drugs-arrest-11720609 Apparently he had talks with the St Kitts Prime Minister and they broke down, and he was subsequently arrested. I thought our Starship Enterprise headed by Skelly were interested in this medicinal cannabis. Perhaps the island could have been the centre of cannabis world?
  7. HRH The Chief Minister is taking piss by presiding over this mess. His assorted cabal have shown themselves to be inept both at local level and even more useless at village pump level. le.
  8. Another worldwide report which does reference the Isle of Man. https://vancouversun.com/cannabis-news/coca-cola-billionaire-arrested-after-search-of-private-jet-reveals-5000-alleged-cannabis-plants/wcm/41c1e0d3-b021-4234-9812-23c64299f401 such wonderful publicity for the island. The Starship Enterprise will be over joyed at all this wonderful coverage, of its resident in a glowing light.
  9. Another interesting article and dated 2/5/19. https://www.thenationalherald.com/242309/11-million-sexual-harassment-verdict-against-billionaire-alki-david/ Again it seems he is based in the USA. If he is based elsewhere what’s his Manx residency - a glorified ‘brass’ plate? What does the island get out of these HNWIs? I’d love to hear our Politicos that post on here come up with a coherent answer.
  10. Here’s 3fm take on the story - https://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/manx-based-billionaire-arrested-over-drugs-allegations/ it’s worth noting the Facebook comments by the St Kitts police and also Mr David’s place of residence - California. He also has a medicinal cannabis business. For a moment I thought he was a Manx resident, and I’m seriously surprised that if he is such a big player on the medicinal cannabis scene, has he a presence on the island?
  11. You mean St Kitts could give the IOM a run for its money. I’m afraid the IOM isn’t squeaky clean or whiter than white - in terms of transparency. There are certainly many allegations of corruption on this island, or behaviour that leaves a lot to be desired.
  12. This little gem from our Propaganda Mouthpiece. I’m surprised it’s on really, seeing as IOMG/Starship Enterprise seems to love anyone with money as they ‘do no wrong’ and they supposedly pump all this money into the economy........... blah blah blah. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/resident-billionaire-arrested-in-caribbean-cannabis-find/
  13. In years gone by, people would leave keys in their vehicles, but one of the main selling points to living on this island was its lack of crime and old world charm. Unfortunately drugs have now hold of society. Well observed. It could be said that years ago if a car was ‘stolen’ it was someone using the car as a mode of transport to get home from the pub, and in some cases, the vehicle left in a clean and tidy state with no damage.
  14. The more and more people post their experiences on here, it seems it’s another face saving IOMG fcuk up, to protect them and others from criticism. It should be noted that some Marshall’s don’t have the sort of internet access to do an online course - some Marshall’s can’t read or write (some can’t and it’s true), and some may not be brilliant with modern technology. But hey IOMG lets chuck the baby out with the bath water. As I have said before I believe there should be a more professional Motorsports Marshall - perhaps receiving a remuneration?’
  15. 2112

    Beer Tent

    If Bushys want the Bottleneck, let them bid for it in a formal tender. Nobody owes Bushys, we live in a free market capitalist society. If another firm, pub, restaurant or event management team want the site, they can bid for it. DBC were right putting it to tender, however as with most things screw ups and management of screw ups leaves a lot to be desired. Plus the rumour mill was active 24/7 with non stop theorises regarding HR and it’s owners being circulated.
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