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  1. A coal mine wanted to reopen and mine high quality coal for export to Australia and worldwide. The coal was very high grade suitable for certain types of steel manufacturing. Then came Cop26 and looks like it’s been knocked on the head, along with the investment and jobs. Biofuels such as wood pellets are being discouraged as it’s claimed they aren’t environmentally friendly. For the island - coal will be outlawed, and even other fuels will probably be outlawed. It’s rather hypocritical though to keep coal for the trains but potentially ban the public from having coal fires at home.
  2. I saw today IOMG advertising a new app called Everbridge, and they are encouraging people to sign up. It’s designed for emergency alerts for hurricanes, pestilence, plagues of locusts and any other convenient national state of emergency which suits IOMG. Will it text you when the roads close and reopen for TT practice or races, or when the roads close due to RTA? I have my doubts, I am wary about my personal information being held and used by Government. Guernsey in 2020 texted people advising of Covid restrictions rules, and I’m sure Jersey did similar. Could have IOMG not have made use of mob numbers (from Sure and MT) and their own records to sent a text message notification to people. How much has this system cost and could our world beating world class Manx IT experts been allowed to tender to develop and implement?
  3. I doubt Manx Utilities will incentivise investment in home insulation with a green electric tariff, I think they will rather hit the end user where it hurts ……… in the pocket - remember MUA still have debts to service.
  4. Are the these surveys run by qualified and licensed companies? Or we going to get to a position where a company endorsed by IOMG hoovers up the market, and the consumer has no choice?
  5. 2112


    Allinson claims most of the new jobs created were in finance and egaming. Tourism, Hospitality and Retail is on its arse and it’s doubtful that Allinson cares anyway. It’s likely those connected to friends in high places will get support and advice, the little guy will have to jump through more hoops than a tin of spaghetti hoops.
  6. 2112


    They were the ones scribbled in crayon by Skelly.
  7. I can’t see open coal fires or solid fuel burners or log burners being allowed under Daffy and Currant Bun. You are right, eventually people will tire of the rules, and regulations constantly churned out - in our ‘supposed best interests’. I only hope that our politicos that shout climate change from the rooftops and their civil servant flunkies adopt the rules, regulations and the lifestyle that they are going to force on the island. If they don’t and are hypocritical and adopt a do as I say, not what I do mentality, the pitchforks will be held aloft and the knives will be sharpened.
  8. 2112

    Roundel Live

    Quality broadcasting. Perhaps they could do a series, Flumes Live, Promenade Live and DOI Live.
  9. Fuck all will be done in 5 years time. Chris Thomas had 4 and a bit years as Minister of Policy and Reform, and didn’t exactly set things alight. Park Road site and it’s plans were devised nearly 10 years ago, if Government were concerned about housing and brownfield site redevelopment, this site would be full of FTB, Mixed Tenure, Shared Ownership and Shared Equity Housing. I am avoiding pub/club venues and crowds due to risk of possible Covid spreading.
  10. I think these point needs to be hammered into some MHKs who have so many things on their wish list, and unfortunately will use the islands media to get across what they want. On top of that you have other MHKs with wish lists and dreamy dreams - TT scoreboards, and Cruise Ships (which will morph into a mega deeper water cruise liner berth). Dream Dream Dream Drrrrrream ……………. When the finances hits the buffers and someone with the gumption to tackle the issues, perhaps they can put a stop to MHKs pensions, and reduce civil servants pension rights.
  11. 2112


    That would take over 10 years to complete and probably cost as much as Liverpool Landing Stage costing now.
  12. 2112


    I don’t know how bad a Minister and it’s Civil Servants have to be, or how poor their performance is, before they are given the boot, or promoted to a greater department?
  13. It’s a dressed up subsidy pure and simple. State aid used to prop up an ailing enterprise, but an enterprise wholly owned by the taxpayers.
  14. 2112


    The Minister and it’s Civil Servants don’t want to know bad news, so they pretend it doesn’t exist, and it’s mates in the media will help to change the narrative. It’s funny, if the Minister was a mere backbencher as prior to September 2021, in this case she and others would be leading the pitchfork masses, and gunning for the ministers head. There are no excuses, and Cregeen can’t be blamed.
  15. They like the ignore the problems or kick the can down the road. Or give it plenty of waffle, spin and bullshit. The brownfield urban sites in central Douglas will still be empty at the next General Election, and sadly I can’t see the new Housing and Communities Board, chaired by Chris Thomas actually getting anything off the ground, plenty of talk but little action.
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