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  1. A few years ago the great thing was the IT lobby on the island, wanting an IT university ( Nunnery) or training centre. I’m led to understand that most of the IT workers are from foreign climes, as with egaming staff.
  2. Still there, though the BLM lobby have remained very quiet. The only IOM Creamery product I buy is semi skimmed milk, though I do buy Cravendale. Manx Creamery products aren’t good value and expensive, as well as their inability to adapt to modern dietary needs - low sugar, salt and fat, reduced fat cheeses etc. They do a spreadable butter using Manx milk (allegedly), which goes off island to be processed, therefore creating many food miles and environmental issues - I’m sure this will be approved by Nurse Clare and Daffy!
  3. Whilst you make a good point, does what you say, particularly with employment recruitment practices actually happen on the Isle of Man? If so, then perhaps legislation is needed, and quotas to ensure that IOMG CS employ LGBTQIA+Community members, Disabled, Members of Religious Communities, Different Nationalities etc. Equal Opportunities. Sadly this definitely doesn’t apply to the Isle of Man.
  4. Good cause - Preventing Cancer, The Isle of Man Hospice, Dementia, Altzheimers ………. If the Creamery wanted to support Manx Residents and Consumers, then perhaps it would run a promotion reducing the prices of its products. Cheaper cheese, butter etc helps all consumers, whatever sexual persuasion.
  5. I’m very sceptical of anything that comes out of Gary Roberts mouth. Like others have said, a lot of crime is unreported, because the chances of catching anyone is slim, and any punishment by the courts is extremely limited.
  6. The Annual Crime Figures for 2021-22 have been released in the Chief Constables report, which will be going in front of Tynwald. According to the NPM, there was a 6% drop in crime, which included, a 14% drop in drug offences. Gary Roberts is parroting a new IOMG strapline/slogan - ‘the island is safer than anywhere else in the UK’. Im glad that crime is falling, perhaps Gary Roberts will scrap his egotistical ambitions to pursue new legislation at the drop of a hat, and his desire for border controls.
  7. Unfortunately whilst some of the people at the top have gone, there are still plenty working within the system, with horrible intentions and the type which typifies the outdated culture pervasive within the Manx Civil Service. It’s going to take years to change the system.
  8. Some will want a specially designed bus for Manx Roads, capable of carrying lots of mobility scooters, wheelchairs, and buggy’s.
  9. Yes talk, but nothing will come of it. There are genuine people suffering, have lots of increased costs, bills and other inflationary obligations. They are quietly getting on with survival. There are plenty of wealthy households who have done well with increased house prices and have well paid jobs, even some well off retired folk, and whilst they are supposedly suffering, there standard of living is hardly bad. Cheap Loans isn’t an answer, fuel’s inflation and creates another layer of haves and haves not, and who you know to process the loan application. To apply for a loan to pay for the next holiday or down payment on a new car or camper van? Some sectors of society need to experience a bit of hardship, a drop in living standards.
  10. Rob Callisters big idea was a question he asked in the HOK, asking whether the Treasury has thought of introducing interest free loans for people, to help counter the cost of living. I am sorry and whilst I am sympathetic to peoples plight at this difficult time, there are many people who struggle financially, but live within their means, but their cloth accordingly, make sacrifices to get by. Government handouts, bailouts and loans won’t solve the issue, are open to financial fraud, and certain people or vested interests will probably hoover up the allocated loans.
  11. Unfortunately whilst these mobility scooters seem ideal, you will find some Erics and Ericas who won’t be happy, will have huge mobility scooters, and will deliberately set out to cause ructions, as whatever is done, they won’t be happy unless they win, to the detriment of a compromise. Tim Glover MHK says there is a budget to convert another 15 bus shelters for those with mobility issues. What’s the betting that certain constituency’s on the island will get an improved bus station at the expense of disabled travellers, in areas of greater disabled concentration.
  12. What a load of bullshit. People I talk to, the general consensus is the island is heading down a very dark path, no disaposable income, and business confidence is very hard to comeby.
  13. It’s possible, if there are buses wide enough and big enough to cater for every disablity and every special interest group on the island. It would cost the taxpayers a fortune and after a few years, an MHK would pipe up they aren’t up to standards so will need replacing. Sadly life isn’t always fair.
  14. Joker. Part of the Establishment, never a cross word with other politicos or civil servants, suddenly he has a reforming zeal.
  15. Now isn’t the time be banging on about fossil fuels, and nice to haves (up to date medical grade and hospital standard) toilet facilities. It’s worth noting that there are disabled toilets at the sea terminal, which must satisfy the criteria and modern standards. I would expect a hoist if there were changing/showering facilities for the disabled.
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