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  1. Professor Ashford on the panel?
  2. Perhaps we can throw rotten fruit and vegetables at them? I would imagine a good turn out and they will get serious shit from ratepayers. It will also be interesting which Douglas MHKs turn up. I can’t imagine Minister Thomas attending, as he has grown far too arrogant, and he hasn’t the time for such village pump matters.
  3. That nice taxi driver, Mr Moore has been fined £960 and £150, according to the IOM Newspaper website. What was even more costly, it has cost him £6500 in taxes and release fees. He is paying his fine at £50 per week.
  4. No doubt water and bog tax will rise heavily. Tynpotwalders will glad vote for eye watering rises, and then promote cost of living IOMG measures.
  5. Braddan Commissioners new HQ and multi purpose building which is taking forever to be completed, is a classic example. A testament to egos, both national and local, and an eco loons wet dream, but will cost Braddan ratepayers dearly, on a facility which wasn’t an essential and in part duplicates other facilities.
  6. That’s if IOMG wanted to pay out any money in the first place.
  7. I bet nothing will be done if any rules or laws broken. Piss taking at its best, aided by IOMG, and its civil servants. What’s the view of the Climate Change Transformation Board, lead by Chairwoman Daffy?
  8. We pay politicos over £70,000 a year to do virtually nothing, and create havoc for islanders.
  9. Also additional land with the Bowling Green Pub closing. The Park Road site would make great inroads towards the housing shortage. Still we need more new schools for a falling school roll, and population.
  10. There’s more action in Bernie Moffatts Wig.
  11. It’s very convenient for Sarah Maltby Douglas South MHK to be away to Guernsey on a jolly, I wonder if her colleague Joney Faragher Douglas East MHK will be on the picket line? I think some of those protesting are attention seeking. It’s likely the union will come to an agreement, but Manx teachers see others striking, and wish to ape their opposing colleagues, so they have something to boast about.
  12. They could easily sort out a homeless shelter, sadly it will cost £millions as it will need to be up to standards, regulations and in X years time, will need to be rebuilt to accommodate new standards. Instead of keeping things simple, providing decent emergency facilities and support, IOMG will no doubt go overboard, without solving the problem, but creating a new problem. ETA - could this jolly not have been arranged during the recess, and perhaps a direct flight to Guernsey bringing over tourists to the island? There have been Aurigney Flights here at various times, something could have been arranged.
  13. It’s not just the cost, but more importantly the carbon footprint. Those spouting shite and imposing their views on the populace, are the first to take advantage without thinking of their own consequences. It’s also about the optics of jollies whilst many islanders can’t afford to travel off island due to rising costs. No doubt whilst they are in Guernsey they will dick wave constantly, they will get to marvel at a decent airport, clean and tidy infrastructure, and certainly no messed up facilities.
  14. Maybe they will practice the IOMG mantra of keeping it local, spending it in the local economy. Who knows, maybe a nice gas guzzling emissions polluting vehicle, to pollute Peel and Garff respectively.
  15. You have a point. I would say that IOMG and others love rules and regulations, and tribunals when it suits them. When it comes back to bite them on the arse big style, they hate them, and drag their feet implementing new legislation. If there are votes in it, or it pleases special interest groups, then either legislation is amended, repealed or created to suit, whether it’s right or wrong is debatable.
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