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  1. They were awaiting result from PCR, which came back positive. They also were allegedly untruthful on the Covid questionnaire. Many people were caught up and punished. Some quite rightly but some were very spurious and quite frankly could have been dealt with a word of advice. Even if someone were double vaccinated I don’t whether the regulations regarding non visitation of a healthcare setting (unless an emergency)for 10 days still applies, as it’s unclear?
  2. A story appeared on the Nations Propaganda Mouthpiece yesterday about a person who visited a healthcare facility on the island (presumably had been off island and returned), and was awaiting results of a PCR test. The person subsequently was diagnosed with COVID, naturally that person has been accused of putting lives at risk. If this was the case, why hasn’t the Police started to take action - at least isolation in Jurby? Or is this a fictional press release to scare, emote and keep this issue in the public mind?
  3. Do they bring anymore money to the island than events like the Festival of Motoring?
  4. Do they bring anymore money to the island than events like the Festival of Motoring?
  5. I think this is aimed at events towards Christmas and will be used by Douglas Corpy - Street Market etc.
  6. We will need lots of these events, through the year to make up for the loss of any motorcycling revenue. Lots of Howard and Hilda’s, and their motor vehicles. It will be interesting if the DOI start a major program of disruption, and start repairing the sorry state of the islands roads. It’s fine to inconvenience the locals, but these type of events need a tip top road - hence the use of the Sloc.
  7. Wasn’t the overhaul and ‘terms of reference’ proposed in the comprehensive Lord Lisvane Report, which was kicked into the long grass by our politicos? My gripe was both KLB and JPW saw themselves as seeking a mandate, they thought you can’t do much as an MLC. Fair enough, but if you are so confident in your abilities to change, and you think that your definitely going to be elected, then they should have the courage to resign their seats at the point that they announce their candidature. By keeping their seats until they are elected, it’s as though they have harboured doubts that the electorate will vote them in. That is treating the voter as idiots. Voters will vote for candidates with policies that appeal to them, and some will vote based on the Manx elite establishment. Kieran Hanafin has said that he is donating some of his salary to charity if elected (gesture politics but his choice and I do respect), KLB and JPW have hoovered up a nice sum in salary since the last sitting of Tynpotwald and dissolution. Standing for public service is a costly business, and shouldn’t be the preserve of the landed gentry. Whilst others are making sacrifices perhaps it should be level playing field - I understand that current defending MHKs are still receiving a salary as well as those in Ministerial and Departmental positions. Maybe the rules should be changed?
  8. She is a Solicitor by Profession, not a Manx Advocate or even been a partner with an establishment firm. Being a Minister is a figurehead and if appointed she will tow the civil service line. It’s a pity that JPW principles aren’t stretched to standing down from her unelected seat. Perhaps she may care to donate the thousands earned since July to a charity. I doubt she would. Incidentally if she was made Home Affairs Minister then the Police, Prison and Judiciary will become even more Woke and politically correct. Also by JPWs own admission whilst she has 4 years as an MLC, she hasn’t experience as a MHK. I’m sorry but we are told that there is a difference between being an MLC and MHK - or perhaps they are same? One thing remains the same, the Gravy Trains depart from the same platform.
  9. The HA that I quoted before is a Northwest of England based organisation. However there a few large ones based in Merseyside which may have an affinity with the island. With a large organisation, you would have economies of scales, especially with buying power.
  10. Perhaps a leading not for profit housing group - example Great Places Housing Group - would be ideal to redevelop the derelict Park Road Site into FTB, SE and SO or even Market Rent properties. Or are the Manx Development Corporation keeping these sites for their friends or other vested interest groups?
  11. If a Housing Association model was set up here to manage all local authority and government owned housing it would mean less outgoings for the taxpayers/ratepayers. A Housing Association would be free to approach banks for finance to fund refurbishment works and also build houses such as FTB, SO and SE ( First Time Buyer, Shared Ownership and Shared Equity). Many Housing Associations are leading developers and competing against For Profit Developers.
  12. I don’t know if anyone has watched the Super League Triathlon, the ladies and men’s race coming from Jersey. Very slick, well attended and showing the centre of St Helier off. Top notch competitors like the Brownlee Brothers and foreign competitors. The Olympic Gold Medalist also taking part. Jersey can attract decent sporting competition whilst the Isle of Man is struggling to attract even the bottom and lowest sporting events. This race was on BT Sports and no doubt would be broadcast worldwide. What happened to the Pool Tournament which was over in 2019 at the Palace Hotel and broadcast on FreeSports? Whilst I appreciate there was an intervening pandemic, I thought there may be a return this year considering we are supposed to be welcoming tourists/visitors? Or is that only our friends in the Channel Islands?
  13. When I said ‘joking aside’ I wasn’t making any digs at people. I for one am delighted that Quayle isn’t contesting his seat. I don’t like him as a politician and his actions haven’t earned him my respect. However I won’t wish him or anyone, even some of the loonies on here any harm. We can disagree, joke and be satirical without resorting to nastiness, sexist or racist comments.
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