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  1. As far as IOMG as concerned they wouldn’t truly know, but for certain purposes to push through their own agendas, it’s likekly that the Sefton Group as was, would have been amongst the largest organisations on the island.
  2. 2112

    Blacksmith gets boot

    From what I have read so far, I am assuming the Blacksmiths building in Laxey is owned by us hardworking taxpayers? I also assume that a tender or expression of interest exercise took place? Was the tender for a blacksmiths service or merely the premises being hived off? I’m also struggling to see where Laxey and Lonan Heritage Trust fit in? Cut and thrust of IOMG playing at business. Sad really.
  3. 2112

    MT - Being bought?

    The Politicos will be rubbing their hands with glee. Some will boast how wonderful this is for Fantasy Island, whilst coping with any potential price rises out of their ‘expenses’.
  4. 2112

    Man (Child?) to face rape charges!

    Let’s not have a go at Derek, in all fairness this case has been a farce from start to finish. In my humble opinion (lowly, inexperienced and inexpensive) this farce eminents from the powers that be that draw up the charges. What’s the explanation from the AGs office - some highly experienced, professional and finest brains in the island work there! ALEGEDLLY!!. As you can imagine this case has been to court a couple of times and no doubt will cost some money - and to think Alfie Cannon wants to do away with Legal Aid and create one big Public Defendant Unit. If you look at the facts of the case which were reproduced on the Nations Mouthpiece quite clearly, its blatantly obvious that it shouldn’t have got as far as it’s gone - highly professional people incapable of using thought processes and disseminating facts, checking over facts before coming to logical conclusions.
  5. 2112

    Keith Flint

    Sadly one of the few bands I haven’t seen before. A genuine great live band. A great shame that nothing was ever organised for the Prodigy to play here - what a great act for TT. RIP Keith Flint
  6. 2112

    Man spied on woman having sex

    Isle of Man Newspapers are certainly not purveyors of ‘news’, and quality news or in depth analysis behind the news. There will be no criticism of HRH The Chief Minister, by the Newspapers or their reporters - think of the advertising that IOMG hand out.
  7. 2112

    Wasting money, IOMs National Pastime

    In the good old days, we had snooker and pool and professional boxing which was shown live on TV. In today’s environment I feel that ‘us’ taxpayers will end up shouldering the expenses and any losses, especially as the Starship Enterprise are bound to get involved, but not for the right reasons. Tonight on Freesports there is IPA Champions Cup Pool, 2.5 hours coverage from a Manchester Pool Hall. If we were to hold a big tournament at the Villa Marina, the Royal Hall being full of tables, where do the spectators sit? I can’t see it working sadly, it will operate at a loss to the taxpayers.
  8. Today’s offering from the IOMG Mouthpiece regarding Rob Callister attempt to bring over an IPA 8 Ball event. This was flagged up in his weekly blog at least 2 weeks ago. All the tournaments are held in small hotels, so if IOM were to get involved it will descend into an all singing all dancing hoedown, which will cost the island funds we can I’ll afford and will hardly bring the mega amounts of tourists. Also by the time Starship Enterprise and every Tom, Dick and Harry adds their pennerth the event will be prohibitively expensive to run. On Robs weekly blog, he mentioned that the events are streamed online. Freesports show it regularly and it can be found on Sky, Freesat, Virgin and Freeview (in other areas of the island). https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-sport/pool-circuit-event-in-mhks-sights/
  9. 2112

    Rob Callister

    Couldn’t agree more, and have said this previously. Unfortunately it’s unlikely that any action for plagiarism will be taken by IOMG DHSC. Any recommendations by any select committees will be likely be ignored. The words you use Lazy, Dishonest and unable to fulfil the requirements of the job - are what I would term fairly accurate. Years ago, IOM civil Servants cared about the job and the their ‘clients’. Today most couldn’t care less - they aren’t interested in the job or whom they serve. Yes they want the salary, some like the prestige and the power, the adulation with the knowledge that no matter how much of a screw up one makes, the civil service machinery will pull rank and protect its interests. The Politicos will not challenge either - impotent!
  10. Sadly I don’t and I only came to this site within the last 6 years. I think that most people on here are sensible and wouldn’t put unfounded allegations without being sure or confident of facts, and would certainly not mention or allude to names, so as leave themselves open to legal action by the great and the good, and possible threats by useless Tynpotwalders.
  11. In all fairness, this site has its fair share of ‘loony tunes’, ‘sock puppets’ and general malcontents intent on stirring the pot. However, not all of those 3 types I have mentioned, are totally wrong. Even people spouting rubbish and wild ideas, there is usually ‘something in it’, no matter how wacky, wild or outlandish. There are elements of truth in what they say. It’s not always ‘the man in the pub’ scenario. There are some very knowledgeable people posting on here, some good and some talk rubbish, but nevertheless they add to the mix. If Hooper does get his way, and I’m pretty sure the other Tynpotwalders, who will be delighted - will be able to hide behind the cloak of this new law. Yes, we could challenge and make various comments based upon stories we have been told from various sources. Are we or anyone who comes under Hoopers Law to face a LibVan Hooperman witch-hunt and show trial? I read IOMNP regularly and sadly if you upset one or two prominent individuals, you may pay the price. Satire and debate is encouraged but whilst giving useful and constructive criticism, MHKs frequent the site, and I the words lip service and all talk come to mind. I prefer this site, it’s quite refreshing.
  12. The seeds of this this little issue we’re sowed years ago by Geoff Corkish the then MLC (who called for social media and Manx Forums to be banned) and a few other MHKs who in realty hated ‘keyboard warriors’. These ‘saintly’ politicos who despise criticism of their actions either satiricalły or factually. They hate Manx Forums and it’s predecessor especially if it shows them to be the idiot that they truly were. The most pathetic thing is Politicos like to use this site when it suits them to bore their constituents to death with non stop diatribe defending IOMG. As for that Facebook site IOMNP, Politicos swarm to that site like flies around shit and bees around honey. Granted you can’t hide behind pen names. The Politicos like it as they won’t face any real arguments or nasty comments about their latest comments or actions. The administration clamp down on descent and any real ‘nasty’ comments left.
  13. 2112

    The budget

    Don’t know if this is a separate scheme but here’s Cregeen giving it large and bullshiting like the rest of them. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/bid-to-attract-students-home-to-work/ would like to know how this will work, as with most schemes IOMG propose, has potential to aid the usual vested interests rather than the ex student themselves. In fact what’s to say an employer takes a Manx Graduate on, and after their subsidy ends, makes them surplus to requirements? Sorry to sound cynical.
  14. 2112

    Pubs closing

    In all fairness the pub/building is owned by a large Manx owned and Manx run organisation, who in all honesty, have the ability and resources to ‘manipulate’ the market to suit their own interests. This will include getting lawyers to include covenants on any building they wish to dispose of. You are right in what you say. I wonder if it could be turned into a larger convenience store, along the lines of a SPAR? Just an idea!
  15. 2112

    The budget

    Budget? Motorcycle Factory in Jurby? Both are pie in the sky!