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  1. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=49770&headline=DoI loses appeal over quayside bid legal claim&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2019 In all fairness there’s more of a chance of the DOI doing a ‘fcuk up’ free Prom Refurb’ that actually comes in under budget, and its highly likely the Duke Street new Building will commence before any sign of activity on the Old Bus Station Site. There will be only one winner - Athol Streets Finest! The taxpayer and the general population will be promised the earth but little will be delivered. Welcome to DreamWorld!.
  2. Today’s nonsense from the Nations Mouthpiece Propaganda unit - https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/mlc-resigns-from-departmental-role/ 2 gone now for the rest - some are nearing the end of their gravy train journey. If they want to devote their time to scrutinising the proposed legislation, wonderful - and hopefully they are doing their bit towards reducing the PS/CS wage and pension bill.
  3. Hmmmnnmmmnm, Peel has two inept MHKs Harmer n Boot and as well as being inept, are COMIN members so spend all day bowing before HRH The Chief Minister. Ramsey has Lawrie Hooper who thinks he has a divine right and hides behind LibLabWhiteVan and it’s leader, Allinson I’m afraid I find him sinister and creepy. Hardly go getting types itching to get jobs done for their community. I think they see themselves as National Politicians.
  4. 2112

    #Were in the Money#

    I can see why a certain ex politico was castigated and slaughtered for claiming the IOM wasn’t adverse towards corruption, nepotism and behaving akin to a third world banana republic. Thing is he was correct. Government make up rules to suit themselves or their paymasters. Corrupt Corrupt from the bottom to the top and they’ll tell you it’s the law.
  5. 2112

    #Were in the Money#

    Yet again another IOMG post where the Role is given to Family or Friends of COMIN members, Talk about Nepotism and banana republic. Why wasnt the job at least advertised? Or was it? The Guardian - HRH The Chief Minister needs you! Havent we on this island got enough do-gooders or experts on climate change - I would say so. All I can foresee is many years of pain, not to benefit islanders but to please some sectors of society, whilst come next years Budget, Shouty Alf will hit people with stealth taxes galore, all in aid of charidee and the environment.
  6. He does absolutely sweet FA in his current constituency, except measure up the Finch Hill Sports and Tennis Club for the land - valuable land for building houses on!
  7. I’m assuming Tynpotwald have their tame Chief Police Officer on the case, PC Plod, and their tame Lawyers to process the cases through the courts on trumped up charges.
  8. Number One https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/hopes-protests-wont-disrupt-ceremony/ Number Two https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/tynwald-protestor-moved-on/ So much for healthy debate and Rodent encouraging protest.
  9. The Nations Propaganda Mouthpiece is at it again. This time according to Shouty Alf, the Isle of Man has found £30 million extra, mo doubt found down the back of the sofa. IOMNP Facebookers have been lauding Alf as some financial genius - like Eddie Teare was regarded as a financial guru. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/government-finances-reveal-a-30m-surplus/ My Theory is the IOM has been given this money by HMRC under the guise of additional VAT revenue sharing. Also I’m sure additional amount will be given if we comply with the new Public Beneficial Registers, along with Jetsey and Guernsey. No doubt this additional £30 million will be spent by the time Tynpotwald Church is over. Over 75s TV licences Green Capital Infrastructures Projects More Civil Servants Civil Servants Pensions
  10. True. i would say that if those people are such a moralistic and such an individual with such a idealistic and pre defined outlook on life etc, then perhaps it would be better if they came from behind their keyboards and stood for elected office. Even standing as the village idiot may give those people a bit of kudos and gain some respect. As I said before this is becoming the site for the world and his wife and every Politico on the island. From Shouty and not so bright Alf Cannon through to the most social media ‘user’ Rob Callister. Rob Callister posts his blog through the page, and most of the Tynpotwald idiots seem to treat the page and their administrators as ‘messiah’ like. It’s almost the go to reference point for the views of the great unwashed on the island, sadly. The saddest thing is when it suited the Politicos - especially the likes of Chris Thomas (nice man but useless politician - talks too much academic nonsense and total shite), who always post/foist their views on to the masses, but have ignored this site now - it’s served its purpose and got him elected, now the real granny farming begins. Finally some time ago one of our elected idiots wished to legislate against sites like this. Sure most of the posters and contributors use pseudonyms. However IOMNP members are vetted before acceptance, and some of the nastiness and bile spewed by some of the contributors and posters is genuinely appalling behaviour, along with the behaviour of some of the administrators is not what I would term is normal societal norms and values. Sadly our Politicos seem to have signed up to this standard of behaviour.
  11. Well observed. What I would say from my observations is that certain Politicos are lauded and treated like Godlike figures, untouchable, Teflon coated and protected. The ones lauded, at one point launched their granny farming careers on this site, one or two of them hover anonymously in the background, coming on here to defend themselves as and when needed. The new intake of MLCs use IOMNP Facebook page religiously, and you can see that, along with most of the MHKs and COMIN.
  12. Perhaps, no doubt led or abeitted by one or two of our freewheelin and grandstanding Politicos. What’s the current invogue protest - Climate Change? Food Banks? Plastic Bottles in the Sea? Abortion? in realty the list and protests are endless. How about one of our useful idiots (MHKs/Politicos) organise a protest about how our once great finance sector has been allowed to wallow and decay and job losses permitted without a howl of protest from either our Politicos or Trade Unions. They seem to be almost tolerant of job losses and think like Mr Mcwaber, something will turn up.
  13. His Majesty, El Presidente has been on the Nations Propaganda Mouthpiece extolling the virtues of protesting on Tynpotwald Day. He is predicting Climate Change protestors demonstrating. Good idea, perhaps El Presidente may wish to contribute towards the cost of Policing, after all he appears to be giving the green light to all and sundry, great and good and assorted idiots to gather on the Hill, make arses of themselves! https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/president-welcomes-tynwald-day-protests/
  14. It’s not just skateboarders causing problems but also children on BMX bikes cycling at speed on Strand Street near TKMAXX - observed on Saturday last. If any accidents occur you can count on one - the usual Politicos will be spouting the usual shit, doing nothing and handwringing, like they do with most things.
  15. It’s really quite ironic that well meaning people get involved and try to develop the island culturally, along with the other such bodies like the VMCC who put in such hard work for little reward, organising against the odds Jurby Day, whilst fighting Government bureaucrats. As opposed to another TT film being shot around TT time, around the course and around the S100 course. This was an all singing all dancing Bollywood production number. I hope it doesn’t descend into a song and dance, as It ignores the triumphs and the tragedy the races give. I’ll be very surprised if we (taxpayers) haven’t funded this production. It’s hard to say if this new film will be successful or not.
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