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  1. The reason many Portuguese, Latvians, Lithuanian, Estonians, Hungarian, Polish, Russian and Brazilian want to work for the Racket, both permanently and seasonally is the - a) Good pay as compared to other ferry companies b) Good terms and conditions as compared to ferry companies c) Varied working hours and opportunities for extra shifts d) Accomodation allowance if it’s permanent, the week on week off rota appeals to people. Don’t forget that some of the wages are spent in the local economy - some Latvians live here all year round and have integrated into local societ
  2. whatever your views, it should be pointed out that all the IOMSPC crew on Manannan or the Ben are experienced, well trained and have the necessary qualifications, and certification, otherwise they wouldn’t be employed. There are some Manx crew, UK crew, Eastern European and others (Baltic) and Portuguese. Sadly I can’t see some Manx working as seafarers, as it involves unsocial hours (sorry to say some Manx are lazy and won’t get out of bed unless they are gifted money for nothing) and some would moan about the pay, and above all else they would baulk at the cost of taking a course required (s
  3. Come on .............. what did you really expect? I know it’s completely OTT - but mirroring DBC who are OTT and completely useless anyway. There are loads of these yellow metal railings, perhaps IOMG have shares in the company making them.
  4. Cracking tune - been lucky to see them live few times, sounds much better!
  5. Actually I do have an idea of how this island operates. Yes I originally had a view like yours but my view has somewhat shifted. I used to think some of the Facebook crowd had strange views but some have made a compelling argument against importing key workers until the pandemic eases. For the meantime we can make do. For the record regarding Terry Fuckwitt - that’s clearly your opinion!
  6. A bit optimistic. I reckon our politicos will ape the UK and introduce travel permits for us to go abroad and the UK. You have to state purpose of visit and is designed to stop people going on holidays.
  7. Because unlike some I have responsibilities and obligations here! In all fairness and a result of HRH The Chief Ministers complete intransigence, it could be said that the Ben either be totally freight, or perhaps the Arrow should just do the freight. We should swallow our pride and not admit incoming key workers. After all we have such all round expert know it all’s in Terry Fuckwit!
  8. I really like HRH The Chief Minister ‘policy of eradication’ ‘we won’t be beaten’ comments. More comedy gold, except this ‘dick waving’ comes at a price. Taxpayers are paying a PR money to spin the IOM as some sort of paradise, like a utopia’. Free from COVID, land of milk and honey, except we are the land of dog shit and chewing gum. I’m surprised he didn’t burst into a song from the Laurence Skelly Song Book. in the meantime, IOMG put its citizens at risk by its inept buffoonery with the Steam Packet. Stupidity and Idiocy ........ yes! Incompetence definitely! If the islands authorities
  9. Unfortunately it is very easy to criticise both major UK political parties. I wouldn’t want to make the type of decisions that are being made. Nobody can win sadly. Here (IOM)I’m afraid the decision making in some cases has been driven by political expediency, the usual vested interests and lobbying grups as well as Karen and the Pitchforks. Would the decisions have been different if the pandemic wasn’t 18 months to a year away from a general election? They may have been - for the good or worse, but what’s happened has happened, and we should concentrate on now.
  10. I wonder if and when HRH The Chief Minister has finished with his and his family’s birthday celebrations, at the glorious nightspots and high end hotels that the island has to offer, does he have plans to tour around the UKs newsrooms boasting of the IOMs ability to get in top of problems and Our world class healthcare system and our world beating infrastructure projects? How true these rumours are (Manx Rumour Mill) I don’t know, but they come from somewhere? Social Media? I thought HRH The Chief Minister, Ashie and The People’s Prince were the darlings of Social Media?
  11. Yes you have a point. However, would Labour have done things any differently? I doubt it. It’s the first major pandemic to hit the UK for 102 years (last Spanish Flu 1918-1919, and that pandemic was also worldwide). Pandemic and virus planning will be upgraded and lessons will be learned I’m sure.
  12. Loads of people have lots of qualifications and skills but zero common sense - usually high up in IOMG!
  13. I think you will find that this thinking and observation will not go unnoticed by the UK. As I mentioned before, I don’t know how much the IOMs PR agency, so beloved by our useless Government, haven’t done such a wonderful job after all, especially when their political paymasters have created the dog’s breakfast to end all dogs breakfast. As HRH The Chief Minister likes to boast endlessly and needlessly about how great the island is, and it’s constant one upmanship against Guernsey and Jersey, Im sure he will have the opportunity at the Newspapers awards in April ..................... sor
  14. Is HRH The Chief Minister now taking requests for Songs from the Musicals ............#We’re reviewing the situation#. Still with all these unexplained cases, perhaps it’s a case for #Mulder and Scully#.
  15. What’s the prize for a full house .............. a dope or a good dose!
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