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  1. I thought so, I thought the previous CM Allan Bell was awarded his CBE after he left office, whilst HRH The Chief Minister was awarded his whilst in office. Why now and not later? Did people nominate him before he made his decision not to seek re-election in the hope the gong would advance that decision?
  2. 2112


    In all fairness this island wants its cake and to eat it. It’s update it’s laws on both Equalities and LGBTQ+ etc. Islanders are being lectured by some of these groups LGBTQ community and last summer the Black Lives Matter protest on the island. Are we saying that in terms of employment they don’t count? Some organisations have jumped on the bandwagon big style, it would be interesting if they are holier than holier in their HR practicing, in terms as to whether they are a Equal Opportunities Employer. Yes the best person for the job is fine, but nowadays things have moved on.
  3. 2112


    Unfortunately life doesn’t work like that. If a person gets the job and afterwards it turns out they hold various beliefs and may practice religiously (go to the mosque to pray - some religious Jews will want Friday afternoon off and wont work Saturday)
  4. 2112


    We live in a changing society. Are you saying that we shouldn’t employ LGBTQ+ people, BAME people, or various religions - say a practicing Jew or a practicing Muslim?
  5. 2112


    Poor you. So I take it you would do away with positive discrimination? Employing under represented groups especially on the island, like LGBTQAI+ community, BAME, Various Religious groups and disabled applicants (in most normal societies they are guaranteed an interview!). Or would you employed a Mate, or someone who is good at golf?
  6. 2112

    Isle of Pride

    Curious question - why wasn’t the Villa Marina Bars not utilised?
  7. Spot on. A case in point is the Coop store and Costa in Crosby are awaiting end of border restrictions so the shop fitters can get over and fit out. I can assume that’s also the same reason why the KFC and Starbucks site hasn’t been touched.
  8. 2112


    Ettyl have been in the Nations Propaganda Mouthpiece today apologising for the deal to buy Stobart Air, falling through. Why? They didn’t have the funding and their funding partners may not have had the required funding. Maybe the funders decided that Ettyl weren’t a good risk both to lend money to, or to invest in. Like Dragons Den ……… For that reason im not investing ….. Im out! In a way perhaps it’s a relief and good thing that the deal failed, IOMG would have thrown money at them, the business may have failed, and the taxpayer owed £0000s in landing fee charges.
  9. It may have put a stop to the antics of some of the little vandals running riot on the island, setting fire to vehicles, smashing toilets etc. CP might have been a deterrent to some of the idiots which habitual show up week after week for varieties of offences in court, are sentenced to prison, released and back to the same cycle of offending.
  10. I and others are highlighting his achievements. Perhaps we should look at failures? It’s a critique of 5 years of a dying regime, and his record (which was shite - makes Kate Beecroft look brilliant) as Health Minister. Douglas Promenade Liverpool Ferry Terminal etc etc etc
  11. Liverpool Ferry Terminal IOM Civil Service Expansion And Im sure there are loads of other ‘achievements’ for example the total demolition of the Manx National Health Service - Record Waiting Lists, Squandered Funds, Too many Managers and not enough front line staff ………… I could go on. No NHS Dentistry, Over subscribed Podiatry services, provision only provided to over 65s, and benefit recipients.
  12. Can only get worse not better. Can’t see Alf Cannan pulling things around either. This island will continue to spend spend and spend, dig dig and dig and build needlessly for the sake of building. It will carry on building its civil service empires, creating regulatory bodies to regulate its regulatory body. More gongs to be awarded. Alfs a nice chap, like Chris Thomas but won’t get a grip of things. Unless someone prepared to cull the civil service, stop this pointless spending, we will can on a downwards spiral.
  13. Covid - things were relatively fine from the initial lockdown until after the first wave, but the second wave from January 2021 was the real killer. Stop Start Stop Start, uncertainty dithering and indecision. There may have been less criticism if the promenade was finished, on time to budget, Liverpool Ferry Terminal wasn’t being a constant drain on the islands resources. The list is endless as is the government waste and largesse, the hangers on and the pet government favoured companies, who get preferential treatment or contracts. Yes, It could have been a lot worse. We co
  14. If it helps to get rid of some of our most incompetent civil servants, part of a pay off, I’d be delighted. For services to the construction of Douglas Promenade……. Theres a few comments on the Isle of Man Newspapers website. Surprisingly you can make comments and observation, usually their comments facilities do not allow comments.
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