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  1. Why are people so surprised when the internet goes dead? Third Rate Infrastructure!
  2. What image? We are a grubby little tax haven - if you look at supposed television programmes which are supposedly going to enhance our ‘image’, an example of which Best little Prison, in its introduction mentioned the IOM as a tax haven and the TT. What other image can we rely on - Manx Cats and Manx Knobs? HRH The Chief Minister keeps spouting climate emergency and is looking at the environment at the forefront of any Government legislation. How can the TT, Festival of Motorcycling and now proposed Festival of Motoring be reconciled when we are facing such a national environmental emergency. Think of the pollution and spewing exhaust fumes polluting the Sloc. The fumes could also affect MHKs brains and interrupt their thinking.
  3. The Festival of Jurby was a good event which was eventually fcuked up by Government. It didn’t require road closures and could handle large amounts of motorcycles. I can see the Starship Enterprise are involved in this event, so it may be alright to begin with, but it will go downhill after that, with political interference, civil service ‘we know best’ interference and followed up by elf n safety. In some respects, I can see the Starship Enterprise politicos and civil servants tongues hanging out of their mouths and salivating at the mere mention of the word motorsports or motoring. They seem to roll out the red carpet for this type of tourism and ignore anyone else that comes to the island on a regular basis / after all they are still regarded as tourists/visitors. Still the Ben my Chree and the Manannan could give us all a laugh, if the ceiling collapses on top of ‘super cars’ or something isn’t quite strapped down enough on a rough crossing, as happened this September.
  4. This is a new Government led iniative coming into the Autumn of next year. It seems very vague and wishy washy and seems to be piggy backing past ideas by other people. https://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/hundreds-signed-up-to-inaugural-motor-festival/ is it motor racing? Static Displays? Prestige Marques? Road Closures? Hill Climbs? And above all, what about the all important insurance issue which caused the Festival of Jurby organisers to throw in the towel? There is a classic/historic car rally held every year before TT, is this still going ahead?
  5. 2112


    Spot on! Many of the MF posters must be a whizz with a Manx Crystal Ball. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/new-tt-gallery-set-to-open-in-2020/ it doesn’t matter what the views of the public are, petitions and negative publicity. What goes is the thoughts of Skelly, Callister and the Starship Enterprise. I really love this paragraph ‘The display is to focus on the people involved with the event over the years, and the impact it's had on the Island's culture, identity and community’. Does this mean Manx National Hemorage are focusing the display on the Marshalls? Starship Enterprise Motorsports Team? TT Police? Clerk of the Course? Are we going to have some artefacts from years gone by TT Fcukups? Thank goodness the Manx Museum is free, judging by that press statement, if I had to pay for that ...........................
  6. 2112

    Rob Callister

    It will be interesting to know the number of bed nights etc, so beloved by politicos to trot out as a reasoning for and against. Yes, it’s wonderful seeing sport from the island being live streamed, sadly nothing really showed the island off in terms of touristic value, unlike the Prison Documentary shown earlier this year. Tourists Spending - I would suggest low, maybe some in the local restaurants. The biggest winner was the Palace Hotell which held the competition and no doubt the entrants stayed there too
  7. 2112

    Royal Visit

    Roger, I think you have been spot on with this. Nothing from the Nations Propaganda Mouthpiece today regarding the visit. No pictures of our illustrious leader HRH The Chief Minister or the Peoples Princes Chris Thomas - a very muted Royal Visit. Plenty of Government bullshit of the new building next to Palatine Health Centre. The building has a cafe so I’m sure the Tynpotwalders would have had their noses in the trough, like third rate Billy Bunters.
  8. 2112

    Royal Visit

    I have just watched Paul Moultons MTTV report in Youtube, it comes to something when the ‘leader’ of Manx Cycling was asked to bring people to the Market Hall, Peter Kennaugh and other and various young cyclists. Are the kids being time off school? What about their education? Some primary schools from Henry Bloom Noble were there hoping to interview Royalty? Again what about their education and staff accompanying the pupils? A good free advertising/government endorsement for a couple of private businesses at the former Market Hall?
  9. 2112

    Royal Visit

    Did you see the Great and the Good? Hope the Corpy cleaned the Dog Shit n Chewing Gum, often found in the vicinity?
  10. 2112

    Royal Visit

    Much trumpeting from the Nations Propaganda Mouthpiece about the Princess Anne’s visit today. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/princess-royal-visits-isle-of-man-today/ Will be interesting to see which Tynpotwalder makes a complete tit of themselves when being presented. I don’t know whether Peel Bridge was a local government effort or a private company? Either there will be-much back slapping and self congratulations amongst themselves and politicos - that is until something screws up, unless I’m being cynical? Im looking forward to the picture of HRH The Chief Minister in his best Rupert Bear suit, presenting his cabinet. I’m sure the Peoples Prince Chris Thomas will be on hand to bore her to death with statistics about the island ........ I have seen on the news of 3fm The Manchild/Boy Ashcroft is opening the new £5m Adult Centre up at Nobles. Interestingly the area is called Greenfield Park. There won’t be much greenery by the time Government and Braddan Commissioners have chopped it up for development. https://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/5million-adult-day-care-facility-to-be-unveiled/ What sort of an idiot decides to officially open a new expensive building on the day of a Royal Visit? Must be civil servants making the arrangements! I’m sure HRH The Chief Minister will be good at multi tasking, especially eating at all those buffets and teas and coffees and cakes!
  11. I can see your reasoning. I think one of the major drawbacks these contracted and interim management are going to find, is dealing with all the Politicos all sticking their oar in. Ashford will have his instructions from his electoral base and others will interfere or grandstand. It’s hardly gives you confidence and says to the person filling that role, can’t wait till I get to the airport!
  12. There is a big Government job being advertised, Director of Social Security I think. In the blurb which like a Rob Callister advertorial, emphasising locate.im. If even for a two year fixed posting (for anther healthcare role) the applicant decides to commute weekly, doesn’t it show in some respects a) a lack of commitments to the role, and b) in some ways a lack in their ability, a very experienced and confident person would make plans to relocate here, rent somewhere and would be pushing hard to be a success in that role, so it’s made permanent. it would be interestin g to see how many people have relocated to the island as a result of locate.im?
  13. The Nations Propaganda Mouthpiece speaks - https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/tt-zero-race-dropped-from-schedule/ A couple of things concern me is Starship Enterprise talking to teams and manufacturers to see how they can expand the class? In 2 years? In all fairness and being realistic technology has evolved at such a pace, it may overtake current petrol based motorcycle technology. Secondly IOMG or rather we the taxpayer stumps up £10,000 prize money for this race? Is the race sponsored and don’t the sponsors stump up the prize money? Starship Enterprise talk about a Moratorium on this race for 2020 and 2021. Does that mean that the FIM eMoto GP won’t be raced next year or the year after? What does this mean for IOMG and it’s Cleantech industries that it is ramming down our throats and Stsrship Enterprise are chucking money at like there’s no tomorrow? Is it viable or is it still the case of suck it and see? Have we replaced the high stakes gamble of film production with untried and untested trendy new wave and natural clean resources? This TT Zero race was supposed to be a way to develop or is this the usual Starship Enterprise bollocks? Overall I’m not surprised, disappointed that money is being frittered away with nothing whatsoever to show. HRH The Chief Minister has encouraged people to get off their fat arses and cycle to work and his brain dead administration has emphasised on a non stop basis that there is a climate emergency in this island. They conflicting messages and another Manx Muddle as usual.
  14. So? This was the case with Indy Cars Series in the US, with UK made chassis, Lola I think made them. But I am quite sure that Motorcycle manufacturers are involved in the eMotoGP series. I am sorry but the IOM has been a busted flush as regard eMotos and new technology. If the entries have dropped either Starship Enterprise have screwed up, offering poor rewards and shite exposure. As it is it won’t be easy getting sponsors for the TT once current sponsorship deals expire - still locate.im can sponsor every race and the Steam Packet can sponsor the blue riband event Senior TT, followed by increasing fares the following year - till the pips squeak! https://www.motogp.com/en/news/2019/03/26/new-motoe-calendar-announced/287184 I am sorry but I would be worried, the TT golden goose has been slaughtered.
  15. No. actually there is a all electric class in Moro GP series, with some of the big manufacturers taking part. My guess is this has a greater pull and no headaches, and certainly easier promoters than having to deal with Skelly and Callister and the Starship Enterprise
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