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  1. Today’s little comical offering from the Nations Propaganda Mouthpiece and it’s quite something. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/manx-authorities-monitoring-corona-developments/ Are they monitoring the throngs of people planning to locate.im here as part of Skellys fabled 6 Chinese Banks? Sadly if anyone is ill, don’t expect any help from Nobles, not very well qualified, and the GPs here will be scratching their heads - perhaps Dr. Doolittle Allinson has some of the answers? Euthanasia?
  2. 100% correct analysis. I would go as far to say that the IOM has far more complex issues to concern itself with. Healthcare - Nobles Hospital and Poor standard of competence in GP practices - I’m afraid some are absolutely useless! Mental Health Provisiom Dental Health Provision Podiatry Provision and many other topics such as Unemployment, The Promenade, Waste of Taxpayers cash, Liverpool Landing Stage, Heysham Ferry Terminal, New Steam Packet Boat, IOM Cruise Liner Berths. Not forgetting TT and Tourism in general. Perhaps he is expert on these topics too. If Dr Spock seems to think assisted suicide is going to be election winner/issue, crack on - he is obviously a know it all. He may as well go back to being a full time quack.
  3. This supposed politico is clearly using the Nations Propaganda Mouthpiece for his own ends. He didn’t like it when his motion wasn’t adopted so has taken to the airwaves in a fit of pique. Personally speaking I’m not bothered either way, it’s to with choice and the right to die as well as a woman’s right to have an abortion should they decide. I don’t think at this present time it’s something that’s essential, unless your in cahoots with the Starship Enterprise, and you wish to open a ‘assisted suicide’ clinic based upon an industrial estate in Jurby. Like the Hotel California you will never check out. Also at this present time we certainly can’t run our own health service efficiently and can’t recruit for the long term. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/assisted-dying-could-become-a-2021-election-issue/
  4. Very good point. However, in the U.K. many Credit Unions allow people/account holders to get their benefits paid into their credit union account. If the Manx Credit Union is not allowed to do provide this service, then perhaps we are backwards, small minded and totally out of touch. It would also speak volumes of the legislation drafting skills within Government/AG’s Chambers/ Treasury. One of the reasons particularly in the U.K. for the growth of credit unions, was it provided many services to customers, for example providing bank account type facilities to customers unable to get a bank account (for one reason or another). Some people are unable to obtain even a basic bank account, due to lack of sufficient identification- no passport etc.
  5. Cutbacks, Budget Reductions and Pain to come, but still time for jollies, all in aid of the CPA. Not forgetting the horrendous increase waiting list, at Noble Hospital. Someone somewhere is taking the piss? Carbon Footprint spewing out, verbal diarrhoea constantly spewing out of these two wasters. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=53343&headline=Baker and Shimmins off to Malta for Commonwealth workshop&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2020
  6. Bob Monkhouse knows one of the answers to this question. If he doesn’t then I’m afraid he is even more useless than he is. Is he competing as to who can ask most questions and most pointless questions? The answer is the Manx Credit Union based at Nadine House on North Quay, Douglas. Benefit Claimants should be able to get their benefits paid into their accounts, where they can withdraw. It’s hardly rocket science.
  7. Are we providing taxpayers assistance to businesses as they are based in the North? If I am not mistaken the Royal Hall holds 1500 or more paying people, which in turn is owned by taxpayers/islanders. Are we subsidising journalists and riders etc, upon their arrival and laying on chauffeured limo’s and taxis to Ramsey and return? If it wasn’t broke, why are we trying to fix it? Or are we running things to suit other interests? Or is it the case that it’s cheaper in Ramsey than the Villa Marina - hire of the facility’s and labour?
  8. I’m still trying to get my head around this. If we can’t fill the Royal Hall, could we fill the Promenade Suite? Did Starship Enterprise and the TT motorsports team, put an expression of interest venue out to tender? Has this new venue got an alcohol licence? Or is it a given? If we can’t fill places up for launch night of what is supposed to be the biggest road races of the world, then it seems the taxpayer is subsiding other people’s hobbies and interests, and some sectors of society are doing rather nicely, at the taxpayers expense.
  9. Woo-Hoo, all on board the gravy train! https://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/farmers-part-of-solution-not-the-problem-over-climate-change/ Kerching, Kerching, Kerching £££££££
  10. In all fairness and honesty, drugs are drugs and to most extent varying degrees classes of illegality. Drugs are causing problems both for the police in terms of crime and also the effects of drugs upon the end user, as regards Mental Health. The sad thing is we have a prominent and supposed medical expert - rather a know it all! - who is obsessed with introducing the right to die debate/legislation to the island. I’m quite convinced that come the General Election, this ‘expert’ will view himself as the next Chief Minister. Perhaps he could get off his lofty perch or his over pampered arse, and look at the Mental Health crisis which is sadly affecting this island, sadly causing people take their own lives.
  11. A lot of coverage of this on the Nations Propaganda Mouthpiece - https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/assisted-dying-sparks-five-hour-tynwald-debate/ A lot of hot air, bull shit and time wasted on one person glorified vanity project. Is Allinson wishing to team up with the Starship Enterprise and market the island as an alternative to Dignitas in Switzerland? Death Tourism, your forever an arrival statistic and not a departure figure. As an MHK who likes to think himself, far more superior and intellectually strides ahead of his peers, this motion is hardly the ideal time to discuss or debate. This island has many many important issues to discuss and legislation could be enacted, but no, one mans pet project and thoughts are deemed so important to devote the time. Incidentally I am for euthanasia, subject to strict conditions, but now isn’t the time to discuss or introduce legislation.
  12. Can the Starship Enterprise not fill the Villa Marina, or it is cheaper the hire a venue near Ramsey?
  13. I see our local dimwits have voted the Climate Change Report by Currant Bun. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/tynwald-unanimously-approves-currans-climate-change-report/ Year upon Year of squandering waste of taxpayers cash will now ensue, as each competing dogooder will fight for cash for their constituents. Perhaps Onchans Sheltered Housing Scheme will get a windmill or two? With all the shite and hot air coming out of that Tynpotwald ‘chamber’, which incidentally pollutes our atmosphere. What is ironic is the Manx Media Development Fund inquiry by Tynpotwald. With £25m awarded each year, Tynpotwald members will absolutely waste this money, and will no doubt be sucked into some fraudulent activity by criminals who are obviously brighter than they are. HRH The Chief Minister says Tynpotwald should stop bickering, they have got what they wanted. No HRH! This lot of pathetic individuals I am afraid will demand more and more. HRH needs to grow a set, and show leadership rather than bleat.
  14. 2112

    Chester st incident

    You are correct, I’ve heard similar rumours.
  15. I dread to think what Manx Taxpayers will have to pay on this. I’m going to estimate in excess of £3m. I am sure it’s mostly decorative and cosmetic, as opposed to structural.
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