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  1. Nothing wrong with your thread. Sadly it is one particular FB site administered by a well known person that attracts, all the oddballs and local politicos and granny farmers. Very Unhealthy. Secondly the sentencing was quite frankly very lenient to say the least. Perhaps some kind, informative and judicial knowledgeable people, could look to get this case referred to the AGs office as unduly leinient. Whilst the offender referred to was also given a restraining order and ordered to stop publicising names and false allegations, what’s to say that this won’t be broken, or perhaps
  2. Unless I am mistaken doesn’t this have overtones of the last alcohol/gambling/drug addiction charity Motiv8? If this one is neglected, another Government pet project will appear, with instant Government favouritism and then allocated funding. However later down the line the perpetual circle of underfunding and neglect will affect this one, hence an ongoing circle.
  3. I have little faith in Tynpotwald members, each as useless as one another, all to eager to take HRHs shilling and suck up to IOMNP Facebook readers, and constantly loooing over their shoulder so as no to upset their core base - grannies, single mothers and job seekers etc. It’s even laughable the rants of Barmy Bernie the Celtic League dinosaur and his followers. As if Boris and Co in Westminster are going to take a blind bit of notice of the Offshores. We are all talk! Waffle and Hot Air! We have been shafted on the beneficial ownership register so taking away terrortorial fishing
  4. He was a decent person and better Chief Minister, hence the knighthood. Unfortunately the last few CMs including the current will be lucky to get beyond a CBE (which Allan Bell received). Even El Presidente received a OBE but he isn’t in the same league.
  5. Yes, they are potty. The DOI are potty, it’s upper eschelons of management and above all else are certainly, could be described as somewhat lost the plot. I would love to know how far ahead are these clowns, any actual plans drawn up? Forestry assessments? Environmental impact assessments? Doesn’t fit very well with the islands beloved UNESCO Biosphere BubblE Status - chopping down trees etc. If this is the best ideas that the DOI can come with, which is clearly as a result of a management ‘brainstorming’ exercise, then God help this island, when it’s really affected by a financial
  6. If a flyover gets built, you can bet your bottom dollar that this piece of engineering will break the record for the most over budget and time taken to construct. If it’s an underpants, I would say that knowing the DOI and the islands dearth of quality workmanship, I would suggest that drivers pack their swimming trunks and goggles. I’ve come to the conclusion that Timba is not a patch on Harmer - and he was damaged goods, and a joke, but I’m convinced that Timba fancies himself as a stand up comic!
  7. Are civil servants allowed to send personal emails?
  8. Well observed. I would like to add, and it’s ignored that all the islanders, medics, nurses and hospital staff have worked together. Many islanders have gone over and above, raising funds, providing help and support etc, and some have been ignored. We as islanders have foregone many ‘rights’ and things we normally take for granted, seeing family and holidays being one of many. I’m not overkeen, but like many, have accepted things with good grace. Sadly Mr Ashford is the last person who should have been publicly rewarded. I think that there has been government interference in this episode,
  9. In H&Bs Spar Shops beer and alcoholic drinks are generally expensive. Very little promotions or specials. The Coop is better value but depending where you shop, it’s limited stock. Personally I would rather these idiots would concentrate on the menace of cannabis, cocaine and heroin. The islands population does have an alcohol and drug dependency issue, but doesn’t want to invest in a team to counteract this. So they will ape the Scots and punish those people who do like a bottle of wine - or two - or a couple of cans in the comfort of their own home. Still Alfie will be happy, because the
  10. Nanny State now looking to interfere. Between Cregeen and no doubt Ashford, how many lives can they save! However Skelly wants the island full of wacky baccy farms. One gives, the other takes. Its out to consultation and legislation being introduced to the Keys in January 2021. More pub closures? Less Off- Licences ?
  11. 2112

    Auditor general

    That sounds like another Empire, which will breed another Empire. The concept of an Auditor General sounds good, but the role and person would need to be truly independent, as opposed to the usually Manx Establishment figure, filling their pre retirement time on a comfortable salary. Again the role and the person would need to have real and adequate powers, and teeth.
  12. HaHaHa. Quirky for his faults and like most of the MHKs has many, he does care about his constituency. Unfortunately there are many people being seduced by Facebook warriors and agitators, stirring malcontent.
  13. It’s good to see another organisation takeover the sponsorship of the Santa Dash. Daft thing is it is the same route, which goes along the promenade. Embarrassing I would say for both IOM Bank for dropping the event, and the Department of incompetence, who would no doubt have encouraged people to stay at home. From the Nations Propoganda Mouthpiece- Santa Dash through Douglas will be taking place this year, courtesy of Nedgroup Investments. The company will host the occasion on Wednesday, December 16, which will follow a similar route taking in the promenade and finishing on Finch
  14. Douglas Corpy Councillor John Skinner says that the ratepayers won’t pay for the lamppost on Douglas Promenade to be removed and resited in a position which won’t cause harm. From the Nations Propoganda Mouthpiece- Douglas Council insists a lighting column in the middle of a narrow pavement on the promenade is being replaced. The pole, which was installed on King Edward Road, was criticised for reducing access for wheelchair users and parents with pushchairs. A statement issued by the local authority said it was an "error on the part of the Department of Infrastructure's ground
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