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  1. Myself, if they charge £50 for a certificate I will pay, even though it would be wrong and immoral. I bet HRH The Chief Minister, Ashie and Onchans Brains Trust will be rubbing their hands, as cruise liners with passengers will probably end up here.
  2. Better than nothing, and an effort being made. Our pathetic politicos will whinge about the cost involved.
  3. I’ve asked various MHKs about vaccine certification and received no feedback. I won’t cost a fortune for a IOMG letter headed certificate to be given after second vaccine. Alf says it costs £420,000 pa to test travellers returning to the island. The island can’t afford that,
  4. This will be classed as essential work, by Ashie and HRH The Chief Minister, as the the old Shopshite is being turned into a vaccination hub. Personally I would like the DOI to pull their fingers out and try and let the building, bringing jobs and money to the exchequer, and rates to the Corpy.
  5. He shows contempt for Manx People every time he opens his mouth.
  6. I don’t give it long - Starship Enterprise latest blue riband policy, rubber stamped by Tynpotwald. When something goes wrong - missing crop of cannabis or the crop that is supposed to be exported, goes astray, I can see fraught tempers and lots of handwringing. Biotech, Cleansweep, Low Carbon industries have fallen by the wayside. Manufacturing is a dead duck along with engineering. Have we now reached rock bottom? It’s worth noting that all the experts were all screaming ‘cruise liner jetty’ and its the latest saviour to the island. The British Virgin Islands are being i
  7. Manx Telecom internet issues? or IOMG IT bods screw up? What a performance! New Year Pantomime
  8. I thought we were going to set up a rocket launching facility at Jurby .
  9. Mojo, Lets face it, is it really so hard to entrance our local politicos? You are dealing with the likes of Skelly and Callister - hardly the brains trust? The rest I’m afraid are seduced by money. Whilst the Channel Islands and other jurisdictions are selective as to who can live there, the IOM is content to take any old Tom, Dick or Harrietta.
  10. If HRH The Chief Minister is coming out with these comments then I’m afraid he is undermining part of his and previous administrations policies as regards to creating jobs, new companies and new growth and opportunities. Starship Enterprise and its forerunners were encouraging, Cleansweep and Biotech businesses to relocate here, and also medical companies. Some were based at the Freeport - very high tech and cutting work involved with DNA testing etc. Any new medical companies would wish to relocate here now with the likes of HRH The Chief Minister and ‘I know best’ Ashy, would soon decide to
  11. Sounds like the CoC have been lobbying HRH The Chief Minister and Ashy. The clinicians will be most unhappy.
  12. 2112

    Next CM

    Fcuking hope not. With these 4 clowns, will the last person leaving the island please turn off the lights!
  13. Not so much common sense, which should play a part, but how much red tape and needless bureaucracy there is in island life. Rules is Rules mentality, wo betide anyone breaking those rules and you will have the full machinations of the state on your back, followed by a show trial. If you are found guilty, you will have politicos urging the judiciary to make an example of you - a la ‘the eyes of the world are focused on the island’. Red tape and rules and regulations killed the Festival of Jurby, will probably kill off the TT and other motorcycling racing meets planned. Some will argue
  14. Sadly the case has somewhat sullied the island’s reputation, all because the likes of Skelly and HRH The Chief Minister is in thrall of wealthy people. It’s entice these HNWIs over, grant them their wishes, wipe their arses, and in some cases not pay local suppliers for services rendered! This case regarding VAT fraud is especially galling, as the IOM relies heavily on VAT receipts and its share of the VAT revenue sharing agreement, thereby depriving your hosts of much needed income. Someone mentioned due dilligance, that’s a joke as Eddie Teare the former Treasury Minister rode roughshod
  15. Things haven’t changed a bit, They would still persecute the whistleblower than the identity committing the abuse. Well written article without it being rambling.
  16. Aren’t there a load of them on the promenade site?
  17. The Keys/Tynpotwald are useless and are hardly going to hold HRH The Chief Ministers and David Ashford feet to the fire. The calibre of MHK at present is Rob Callister, Dafnee, Hooperman and Jason Monkhouse in terms of asking questions. Asking the right questions are another matter. Some won’t want to ask questions or rock the boat, they may lose what privileges they have.
  18. Those that can remember back last year, in the early part April/May and Government imposing the National speed limit, to prevent chaos at Nobles. What caused it - a car going over Marine Drive. Guess what’s happened on Sunday (10/1/21) a car went over Marine Drive, causing a huge turnout in the emergency services, fire, ambulance, police, coastguards and other parties. Essential journey? Selfish action by a member of the public, and so far Government are quiet.
  19. Are IOM newspapers in the interests of fairness going to be doing features of other prominent members of the Manx Aristocracy - perhaps HRH The Chief Minister? Chris Thomas? Nurse Claire? Or Dafneee? I doubt it somehow. So perhaps it could be assumed that despite all the troubles that this island is having - no TT, no tourists, no travel allowed, COVID-19 restrictions etc, etc, etc, there must have been a serious lack of news content, which Richard Butt could have reported. On the other hand perhaps the article was one of those paid for lavatorial, which paints the recipient in such a go
  20. I noticed how she seems to think that because MLP has two ‘councillors’ elected that it makes them a viable party. Why didn’t Sarah Maltby stand for council if she really believes so passionately about the MLP, and her father, the exalted and saintly David Cretney. Or is it a case that the MLP think that words MLP and the figure of David Cretney on the campaign trail, offering pearls of wisdom and the opportunity to buy cheap tat, will get them out into the voting booth, propelling his daughter to potential years of government reliance, and a ‘family seat’ at the table, to be gifted to the nex
  21. It’s also covering the police and the fire service. It’s worth noting that the recent Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable resigned as a direct result of a HMIC inspection, which severely criticised, the force for sweeping unsolved crimes under the carpet and a reluctance to even record crime. Has the IOM Constabulary got any skeletons? Lumpy Carpets? Definitelyl
  22. Is that on the menu at the canteen of Government Offices?
  23. The politicos and HRH The Chief Minister like use the expression of the IOM punching over and above its weight. I do agree with your point. Nearly all of the nominees were well deserved and people putting something back into the community, and or charitable fundraising. I wasn’t impressed with the Chief Constable being awarded a Queens Police Medal. I wholeheartedly disagree with the state of law and order, particularly as the current Chief Constable has left law and order, in a rather perilous state. He is nothing but a political lapdog.
  24. Very good article, informative too. The IOM always tries to portray itself as ‘punching over and above its weight’ and its a ‘leader’. In this instance, cages have been rattled, toes trod on and the establishment don’t like it, never mind about intentionality. If any of this research had resulted in positive publicity for the island, you could be guaranteed that our civil servants and politicos would be showered with praise. Shame that Dr Glover was treated so poorly by certain individuals. I’m sure before long, when the COVID-19 dust has settled, the real recriminations will start (
  25. Janet and Juan books more like. Do you seriously expect the UK to listen to the IOMs concerns? It may be dealt a crap hand, but how it’s politicos actually deal with it will either define it or sink it.
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