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  1. Yes it’s quite a team. Whilst it’s plausible that Digital Isle of Man may or not have done some work getting Starlink to the island, the results will be if there are jobs created. If it’s a remote facility then all the filing fees and other fees will go towards paying salaries at the Starship Enterprise. Sadly modern technology gives with one hand and takes with another.
  2. The usual suspects that post on IOMNP Facebook page 24/7. The same ones who complain eternally about developers etc, climate change, politicos and Tynpotwald.
  3. I doubt that will happen. With Liverpool losing its UNESCO status, I would think that IOMG would be obsessing about its BIOSPHERE Status.
  4. Like SES site at Carnane. There may be no real jobs created, but in the future the island may get some crumbs off the table. Remember the island does have a track record in this type of thing, and it’s connections in the Space Communications/Satellites industry. What is worrying though is what Ramseyboi has commented, look at the Nations Propaganda Mouthpiece FB page - it’s mostly negative bolshy Socialist Manxies who think that Elon Musk is moving to the island. He wants to set up a satellite station and he has 2 others in the UK already. He wouldn’t come or want to live here, if anything even if he has a super yacht, I doubt he would still come here.
  5. It is great news but hopefully let’s not get too carried away, let’s get planning out the way and see what permanent jobs are created. SES satellite base is still here but it’s operated remotely. I do hope our politicos are kept away, someone is bound to screw things up or act all parish pump. I hope that the 5G service can be rolled out here, hopefully affecting Manx Telecom and its woeful service.
  6. Yes you have a point. However, it is 100% funded by donations, not receiving Government funding.
  7. Sadly he is there pulling the strings, remembering the good old days, when he was the Minister of Fun. I would if he remembers all the screw ups, which cost the taxpayers when he was a Minister? Would Joney Faragher get a newspaper column as leader of the Manx Labour Party? I doubt it, the main draw is Cret.
  8. I usually donate clothing or something which can be sold in the MSPCA shop. I give to small charity collections, who do need the funding, eg, Lifeboats
  9. They own half and Port Erin Commissioners own half. In reality it’s nit picking. Is it worth splitting hairs and asking someone doing a charitable deed to move on? Let’s face it, I doubt they would have been there all day!
  10. That’s easy ………………… HRH The Chief Minister.
  11. Lovely article on IOMNP Facebook page about the Community Meals organisation setting up a stand in the car park at Port Erin Shoprite, and belong told by Management to seek permission from Head Office. Needless to say, lots of negative headlines and publicity for Shoprite. In the meantime the Manx Coop and Tesco have offered car parking facilities and permission etc. Would Shoprite have refused if they had a deal with Government for free food vouchers for poorer members of society?
  12. I only thought was due to Covid-19. I suppose all those MHKs who jumped up and down howling in protest at the current relaxation of regulations, are waving their Government passes for a freebie, and attending?
  13. ? WTF. Sorry Ben I am a simple man, whilst I am University Educated and hold a degree, I like simple information, rather than being blinded by bullshit (even if it’s true, it’s unintelligible to people who are not scientifically minded) Good post but would rather short precis.
  14. On a separate note, has anyone been to the Southern Agricultural Show today. I was talking to someone who normally attends and needless to say they aren’t going. Low key coverage on Manx Radio. Though I could be wrong and it’s packed out.
  15. If you make certain comments known on IOMNP Facebook page you run the risk of being shouted down or trolled. At worst you could be banned. On here there are a couple of ‘contributors’ who like to cause trouble, troll and bully their views and opinions. However it is a very small minority.
  16. Why haven’t Onchans MHKs raised their heads and not got involved? Or do matters regarding their constituents and governance not matter?
  17. At a risk of creating howls of protests, there are some charities on the Island that have created mini empires, and are run akin to a business, with the top hierarchy getting a salary.
  18. Very good and valid points raised. From a personal perspective if I contribute a donation to a charity I want my donation to actually get to the people affected and supposedly requiring the charities assistance. I don’t want my donation to be eaten away paying salaries to professional in house fundraisers, and chief executives of said charities. Some are becoming appendages of Government, the funding coming from Government but paying for staff - creating mini empires.
  19. Whilst for some people benefits shouldn’t be there to pay for Sky TV, the benefits could be permitted for broadband which could be classed as a necessity, along with a mobile phone and pay as you go SIM card.
  20. Or tie in with the Manx Labour Party Manifesto, the Greens, and LibLabVan Agendas?
  21. Winter works scheme - footpaths, hedgerows etc. I don’t know what green jobs training? Unless there are loads of jobs in Windfarms, tidal power or solar? Incinerator?
  22. Great positive post. The benefits system is outdated, not fit for purpose, and administered by in some cases ‘uncaring and automated’ civil servants. Real reform is needed. Another issue that needs addressing is unemployment skills training - the Government closed the training skills centre at Hills Meadow, to reopen it as a engineering training centre. Perhaps a centre for the training of unemployed people be set up - with unemployed given training opportunities and an additional benefit top up as a bonus. If they refuse to adapt, more use of sanctions may be required as a stick to the carrot.
  23. On the IOM there are too many do-gooders, busybodies and politicos all interfering, so sometimes the messages are getting lost in the fog, or being drowned out by competing identities. It’s not helping people, a co-ordinated plan is needed. A co-ordinated plan to get people off benefits into work is needed. Fuel Poverty needs to be addressed. Robertshaw tried to reform long term sickness and encourage those able to do some work, to get back to work. Perhaps this could be revisited with incentivised enducements given?
  24. I think Government have been aware of certain sectors in society falling behind, but as usual bury their heads in the sand. Throwing money at the issue isn’t an answer, as unfortunately its prone to fraud. Giving people practical assistance is helpful.
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