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  1. I wonder what Jason Moorehouse MHK view on this is, considering he was a teacher. Also perhaps the DESC can give a breakdown of schools where children identify themselves as an animal? I wonder if Jason Moorehouse had an animals which he taught? Did he take them out for walkies? The island is sinking deeper and deeper, yet the powers that be come out with this nonsense. It proves how little other areas affecting islanders are being looked at.
  2. CM Cannan has been on the NPM bemoaning the planning committee. He says, we need to safeguard the islands past but also protect its future. Unfortunately whilst we can disagree with decisions made by the planning committee, the other choices will be to allow an automatic planning permission to be granted to whatever a developer wishes to build. Then you can expect the Victorian Lobby, the Heritage Lobby, the MLCs, the ex Union ‘Leaders’ and social media to be in uproar. They will complain of lack of democracy, destroying our heritage and some will whinge if apartments are being built of the prices and they are not FTB.
  3. That’s if those sailing the boat don’t crash, hit or sink anything on the way.
  4. I’ve heard that the Manannan is having works done on her over the winter - internal works. That’s unlikely. Already on social media, the call is to use the Arrow to transport bikes and rally cars and crews to the island. Add in the politicos adding their two pennerth,
  5. Why are we criticising the OP? Let’s face it, some contributors on here have set up some terrible discussions. It may not be wholly Manx but it’s something which affects everyone.
  6. Some buy to let landlords are selling up as by the time they have cleared their overheads and debts for the property, they can clear their debts and make a good profit, without the aggravating factors of rules and regulations from IOMG in letting a property. You are right in what you are saying, it’s going to get harder and more expensive.
  7. So they have influence, that CM Cannan is prepared to go overseas. Are they paying? Is CM Cannan doing their work? If he can work for a selected coterie of local businesses, perhaps IOMG pet suppliers/contractors, perhaps he will address the concerns of hundreds of local businesses which may struggle to survive over the winter.
  8. 2112

    Christmas 2022

    The economic outlook is bleak so they are trying to bring the Christmas period in earlier, or at least advertise earlier so people spend earlier whilst they have money, before interest rates and utilities go up even more.
  9. She can’t even save Laxey, let alone Garff.
  10. Attention seeking and quite prepared to throw tantrums if not successful blaming others. Probably given the position, as it shifts the problem and gives her an opportunity, should the problem not get resolved, monies spent is spent negligently, then the finger can quite rightly be pointed at her.
  11. Sadly the IOM has an underbelly in society, those with social issues, addictions, those who quite frankly out of control criminal types and those who do not want to be helped and have refused to engage. These types are often in the court reports of the newspaper, either bailed or remanded. Either way it’s the taxpayers left to pick up the pieces, as in some cases, a certain section of society due to their inability to conform to societal norms or conduct themselves in a orderly fashion, are unable to find suitable accommodation. This is due to that persons reputation, no landlord is prepared to take a chance, both for a flat, house or a room within a HMO. That is a reality I’m afraid.
  12. Bacon and Sausage Baps - a Manx culinary feast.
  13. CM Cannan isn’t interested. He won’t be interested in South African human rights abuses, or the fact that like the IOM is corrupt.
  14. Maybe CM Cannan can tout Ronaldsway Airport to the Bahrainis to use for their military air force training. Maybe they could have some of their fighter jets hangered here, will create some engineering jobs.
  15. A shitstorm already brewing on social media over this, particularly the idea of visiting Bahrain, which is really riling people up, especially Bahrains human rights record. Mind you at times, the IOM human rights record wasn’t brilliant. Perhaps Isle of Pride and its 3 MHK Trustees, Poole Wilson, Barber and Corlett can start issuing their instructions and training to CM Cannan in how to do business.
  16. Yes but he was made a Minister by a bigger prick.
  17. Whatever the rights and wrongs and arguments over this project, the loser is North Quay. I do find it strange that the chair of Cowley Groves is adding his two pennerth. Is he upset that he gets a derelict site to sell, or the loss of lots of lively new individual apartment buildings to sell, and the commission gained? Either way they gain. Whatever became of the petition?
  18. You will be lucky. Now the taxpayer and it’s an offshoot of IOMG, it will fleece the travelling public. EU regulations - IOM never been part, regulations were implemented when it suited IOMG.
  19. 😂 no. There have been newspaper reports from the courts, and shoplifting from Dealz and its clothing department downstairs. Though I’m sure there are many stores hit by shoplifting, but I’m sure only a certain amount actually proceeds to court.
  20. Haven’t the magistrates said something about this? I’m sure lots of shoplifting around Central Douglas, particularly Dealz.
  21. I thought he was an expert working in a finance company?
  22. Did you notice how he said he applied for the job? What the interview? How many other applicants? Rob Callister and Jason Moorehouse on the shortlist?
  23. The affluent will spend it in the bistros, the coffee shops eg - Noa and Cycle 360………….. which is probably what IOMG want. Some poor will spend it in Spar on drink and cigarettes, whilst some will use it to put electric credit on their prepayment meter or use it to pay their gas bill, or use it towards to buy the kids some new shoes for school.
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