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  1. Don’t be giving IOMG big ideas otherwise instead of a mayor, there will be a Metro Mayor - complete with a new team of civil servants.
  2. Moorehouse is asking questions in the HOK whether CURA could investigate internet providers on the island. He particularly wishes providers introduce a social tariff, so those on low incomes are able to get broadband provision. He is using the UK providers as an example, as some have a cheaper rate for low income families. Whether it would work here or whether our ISPs will play ball is another matter. I bet they would introduce this social tariff, but regular contract customers will pay extra to subsidise the minority. Perhaps when MT were subsidised to roll out fibre, a requirement to introduce a special rate for benefit claimants and low income households should have been agreed, even if IOMG had extra subsidies as an inducement.
  3. Committed to change, saying and doing it are too separate things. It’s when it’s actually done and fully implemented that we can believe. In usual IOMG style, it will be a quarter job, and will be bodged at best.
  4. 2112

    Quality of MHKs

    For a public school and University/Military educated person, CM Cannan sadly lacks the morals needed for the islands representative on the world stage. The old school politicians had charm and also the deference, along with in some cases the silver spoon. Whilst it is good, that politicos are coming from diverse backgrounds, and have many strings to their bow, some are following in a family dynasty (and it leads to accusations of cronyism and nepotism). Some politicians are merely buffoons and boorish oafs, and some egotistical wrapped up in their sense of worth.
  5. I personally think that CM Cannan has difficulties recruiting the right person into DfE. I don’t think that Chris Thomas will be back in, as I believe he will possibly be a loose cannon as opposed to someone who is pliable and does as he is told. Rob Callister could be gaffe prone.
  6. They don’t have to cost millions but they will. They need not take too long but they will take years to complete. Don’t forget that consultants will need to be employed and DBCs and IOMG pet contractors, will need to be given the job. It’s almost like a what’s in it for us attitude, or why should we be bothered? Conferring City Status won’t make the promenade or the shitty parts of the capital any cleaner, least of all any quicker. It will boost the egos of DBC councillors, and the 6 Douglas MHKs who will be hoping for for nice few receptions, or possible trip to Buck House at the taxpayers/ratepayers expense.
  7. Costly and pointless. Rob Callister and Allinson will milk this for years thinking it will help bring in the 500,000 tourists a year. The 6 Douglas MHKs will be cock a hoop with joy waiting for the ceremony to confer city centre, along with the council. Still David Ashford will be overjoyed …………….. as it’s created better headlines, and taken the focus away from his antics.
  8. Stamps? I guess a whole schedule of jollies will now be planned by councillors and MHKs, specifically aimed at wasting ratepayers and taxpayers cash, all in the name of promotion. The first waste of money will probably be the rebranding of the Council, it’s stationery and corporate identity. No money to fix things but there will be money to celebrate.
  9. It spoils other nice and beautiful areas of the island. First impressions definitely count.
  10. Pure neglect, laziness and bullshit all round. No civic pride. Whilst funding is hard to come by, some issues could have been dealt with for minimal spending. I’ve got relatives coming over, with their friends in July ………… their friends have friends here, and have been here a few times. It’s embarrassing when people see the state of things. Yes ………. It isn’t always greener across the water, but the IOM and it’s dick waving politicos (Ashford and others) forever boast at how successful the island is, but yet there is signs of urban squalor visible to see.
  11. 2112

    TT 2022 ??

    Common sense doesn’t apply to IOMG, and least of all Rob Callister, who like the Coop is good with money …………….. spending taxpayers money …………. and not very wisely either.
  12. 2112

    TT 2022 ??

    They are still being involved, old scoreboard and new scoreboard. They love tradition for traditions sake, but weren’t into H&S in the first place, that’s an excuse to hide behind.
  13. 2112

    TT 2022 ??

    I’m sure Rob Callister will be on IOMTV for another cosy chat with Paul Moulton, spinning the IOMG bullshit line. Unless there are millions of subscribers/pay per viewers @ £14.99? So far IOMG haven’t got a good track record at commercial ventures, and above all else, it’s underwritten by the GMT!
  14. 2112

    TT 2022 ??

    Rob Callister has been interviewed by Paul Moulton, bigging up the TT, talking about how the scoreboard was taken down due to Health and Safety issues. Apparently, former Minister Skelly prior to Covid had big plans for the grandstand, with plans to spend £40-50 million on a new grandstand and associated facilities. Covid spoilt the plans. If we can spend £70million and rising on a ferry terminal in Liverpool, by the time Rob Callister and others have pleaded and wished for a new grandstand, I could see a £100 million white elephant, with a scoreboard that won’t work.
  15. The island is up shit creek, negative headline abound and it’s politicians are fighting for their political lives. What does it do, it spins spins and spins, and this is definitely spin. Tell the MHKs what they want to hear, and hey presto, all COMINS problems are forgotten.
  16. I think a lot of the politicos, and not just Ashford (who has failed miserably) like the prestige, vestige and trappings of their positions, along with the adulation, respect and deference that the Titles of MHK or Honourable brings with being elected. Some can’t accept that if you have been found wanting, criticised, or possibly censured, their is a likelihood that you should do the honourable thing and resign. Unlike with UK politics there is a chance after a couple of years of backbench activity, you could be reappointed a Minister, given another chance. Ashford sadly wants it all but like a spoilt child he can’t take criticism nor can he be honourable, in doing the right thing, and especially galling is his hiding behind his colleagues. The video clips of MHKs asking CM Cannan questions following his statement, speaks volumes, especially Ashford body language and demeanour.
  17. If there are whistleblower claims, or more salacious juicy titbits to emerge, do you think the islands media to play ball, and be supportive? I think they will want to go in for the kill.
  18. The look on Ashfords face when MHKs are asking CM Cannan is an absolute picture. Unfortunately no matter how many questions are asked, he isn’t bothered, there is no shame. CM Cannan witters on about getting on with the job ……….. hard working families ………… the cost of living. Nothing mentioned about the great Manx public and how he intends to address the cost of living either.
  19. Eventually he may be a world leading expert on judicial matters, if he fingered for all the shenanigans going on recently.
  20. At least you can speak to her, she has published her contact details. I can speak to @Stu Petersas his contact details are published, and on the Tynwald website. JPW has her contact details as c/o the Clerk of Tynwald. Not approachable, I am not playing snail mail or email to contact my elected representative within an issue. Democracy and Accountability- forget it, I am afraid Tynwald has gone beyond laughingstock, it would give the banana republics a good run. To think the UK Government are taking action against the BVI. We deserve the likes of the Guardian asking questions and bringing this area of concern to an outside audience.
  21. I think the only time CM Cannan will actually have the balls to wield the axe is if there is a widespread rebellion. The petition regarding the St Marks elms was a good example - if a petition calling for Ashfords removal was raised and it’s signed by a large amount, I think that CM Cannan wouldn’t be able to ride out the storm.
  22. A proper leader would listen to all sides, the pros and the cons, not siding with one party. Whether someone had a music degree is irrelevant, Magson who had faults must have been experienced to apply for the job/secondment.
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