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  1. Has anyone heard the rumour circulating, that the TT Scoreboards opposite the Grandstand is going to be dismantled next work? Apparently Manx National Heritage have already been carrying out work in salvaging bits. This work is being carried out now, whilst there is little opposition. At the same time, I’ve heard that the MGP element in the Festival of Motorcycling is being scrapped. I don’t know if there is an intention to run these races as a stand alone or scrap them altogether. It will be interesting to hear people’s views and opinions
  2. I think it’s a case, that conditions being imposed like this as there is a great deal of scepticism about the plans and the likelihood of anything actually getting off the ground.
  3. It’s drugs being sent here by post which is causing problems, and being caught out. As I have said previously this statement is Gary Roberts having yet another hissy fit or tantrum, to try and change policy.
  4. This article in the oily rag is basically Gary Roberts via Creggeen, angling yet again for changes to the Common Travel Area of which the island belongs. Plod wants us to carry passports and be subjected to endless security checks both here and at Liverpool and Heysham. This originally arose during the burglary spree 3/4 years agu, with Gary Roberts then pleading for endless checks. In the meantime none of those burgularies were solved, and there were no convictions.
  5. Not a good start for the new improved, bigger, better, bolder, stronger Manx Labour Party - their candidate for Douglas South, Marc Clarke, according to the Nations Propoganda Mouthpiece has withdrawn from the bye- election. Now there are 10
  6. Have we scrapped the bottom of the barrel yet?
  7. I agree with you. However, there are many who will view the developers in the most positive light, without caring to ask questions, even the most cursory ones. Also if you look at the developers history, past developments and involvement in the islands retail sector, there will be many that will regard these developers in such regard, irrespective of what you or I may think. There are some MF posters who sadly are a bit blinkered, have IOMG rose tinted glasses, perhaps like Gef the Mongoose, they are given a £10k Skelly Grant to promote only positive spin on things?
  8. I think the only amenity is going to be a car park for office workers. I can’t see it ever getting off the ground, if it does it will be 10-20 years away.
  9. Would like to know how much the site was sold for? What’s in it for the taxpayers? If the site sale was completed in May 2020, surely the developer would have had the funding still in place? Or are things now that bad it would be disastrous to invest in the IOM?
  10. That sounds about right.
  11. The developers obtained this land, of which in all honesty we will never know, the price paid - for all, it may have been given away for £1 by our dear civil servants. I’m sure that Government would have given sweeteners to get things off the ground. It’s time now for Government to grow a set and tell the developers either they start the development within a few months, or they can forget permission. If they don’t like it, tough, but I think that now playing hard ball is the only thing that they may understand. I would certainly say that I doubt they are very patriotic to the Island, as much as they make out. They only care about how much money they can make - either out of taxpayers, car parking fees or Government largesse. What have they actually brought to the table?
  12. You couldn’t really. Not only do they want their cake, they want to eat it and for the taxpayers to pay and subsidise as well, whilst they make profits. Im surprised at long last, that the DOI have made a play from the H&B songbook where conditions, caveats and covenants are used to stop anyone from establishing themselves again. I did find it amusing that Kane Limited are in discussion with DOI in the hope that terms and conditions are lifted. Do they think that whispering sweet nothings are going to do the trick? I can’t see anything being built, except a tower of bullshit, of which Manx Companies are experts at creating. Shit has happened but we all have to pay for this, not just one developer!
  13. Or other such methods such as Let to Buy, Help to Buy, Shared Ownership or Shared Equity Ownership. There are now a multitude of ways of home ownership, and promoted by Housing Associations. Sadly this is far to technical and way over the heads of our idiotic elected and unelected politicos, and they couldn’t grasp the concept. Adding in the other element, eg, costs and the developers willing to cooperate, without holding others to ransom ............. it’s debatable whether anything would be done.
  14. Douglas get ready for continued dereliction. I can’t see Douglas Council or IOMG getting tough with the developers of these sites. It’s pitiful really, sadly Douglas has been left to rot for a while, and the Council are naive in its dealings with prospective developers. IOMG are not transparent either. Perhaps there should be clauses written into the contract, ensuring development commenced within a certain timescale, and the land can’t be turned back into a car park
  15. 2112

    Rob Callister

    What is he, MHK for Onchan or Work Experience Boy. I accept that Management Trainees or Graduate Trainees may have a ‘stint’ within departments. Can he be sure that he give his roles with DfE, DEFA, and now DOI his full attention, without falling asleep at the wheel. Granted the DOI role will be a political hot potato, how will he represent the interests of the hardworking taxpayer, and hard pressed motorists?
  16. A curious question - are there many countryside persuits which include shooting - game and target - which could be classed as tourism, and do they attract off island tourists? I know there is a drag hunt group and a polo group.
  17. To be fair, whilst with some people working for delivery companies which deliver for such companies as Amazon, some people work because they need to work. Some like working and the job and maybe the hours as well. We do not know why people do the jobs they do? Perhaps they don’t want to sign on?
  18. I think you will find that anyone taken on working for Hermes, or even working as a delivery driver for a restaurant or takeaway, will be required to produce insurance details ( which includes insured for business use). I wonder if IOMG civil servants who use their own vehicles in the course of IOMG business are adequately insured? I would be interested if their vehicle is fit for the road, or is mechanically up to say MOT standards.
  19. I really hope that the Post Office don’t get the exclusive rights to deliver parcels. I subscribe to a particular weekly newspaper, it’s sent out first class. So far I am getting some editions 2 weeks later. If this is the best of the Isle of Man Post Office .............. I regularly purchase goods from Amazon, using their prime service. It always comes on time, left in a safe place, by Hermes. Sometimes IOM Post parcels come torn or taped up.
  20. Does he work for the Department of Incompetence?
  21. You are spot on. i would also say that Douglas South has for 30+ years has had DJ Cretney and Kate as MHKs interspersed with Malarkey and others. I’m surprised that both MLP and LibLabVan haven’t got candidates quick off the blocks ready. Like the suggestion that family connections/nepotism is popular within Manx Politics or keep it in the family, some see Douglas South like a fiefdom, a seat for the long term.
  22. Well said Sid. I have heard that Ms Beecroft/Costain has been off island for a while, having medical treatment. Apparently she doesn’t trust the Manx Health Service or Nobles. Hardly a ringing endorsement is it. She is entitled to do what she pleases and pay for medical treatment. Unfortunately some of her constituents can’t get good medical treatment or dental treatment, whilst she is in a position to do so.
  23. I sympathise as well, but I would say if it’s true, i would it’s deceitful if she has gone across for treatment, especially keeping quiet. A lot of the Manx population have gone without hospital consultant consultationsü, myself included. If this were true, she may have had private health insurance, a luxury her constituents could ill afford. Above all else she should have stood down next year prior to the general election. Perhaps there is more to this story and more to come out?
  24. Can he be any worse than the current lot of loons we have already voted in? Let’s face it he may be an improvement, I do hope so. I’ve a feeling that the Manx Labour Party will throw everything at this, to make this constituency their fiefdom. Granny Farming like you have never seen before.
  25. A waste of complete time reporting anything like what to the Police. Yes, I would be annoyed, and it posed a risk and upset to a child. Sadly our Chief Constable is more interested in anything than protecting the public. His Constabulary couldn’t win a game of cluedo!
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