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  1. In all walks of life, they were useless, hence they stand for election as professional politicians.
  2. Granted Ashford did resign, but he should have resigned instantly or been dismissed by CM Cannan. He had to resign kicking and screaming.
  3. Im afraid that CM Cannan record as Treasury Minister and his involvement within previous COMIN leaderships of ex CM Bell and Quayle, haven’t been successful or any really successful policies. He isn’t the solution but the problem. I’m no fan of Tim Glover or some of the other lower rank MHKs but they are entitled to opinions, to query and probe when they want unhindered. It’s Democracy. Whether the questioning, questions or comments are useful or playing to a certain sector is another area of debate.
  4. A shit storm in Tynpotwald to Tim Glovers question about stability, the COMIN changes etc. CM Cannan hit out at Tim Glover and told him to stop moaning. He also says to make an omelette you need to crack eggs. Humpty Dumpty Numpties more like. Clare Christian Douglas South MHK remind CM Cannan that MHKs have the right to ask questions and challenge, of which it seems he doesn’t like. By the time the next election comes around, there won’t be an omelette, plenty of scrambled and fried eggs though, and it’s likely that CM Cannan will run out of eggs.
  5. Which house? CM Cannan is spinning to many plates, has too many commitments and if you believe the rumours, has other issues.
  6. I totally get and agree with your analysis, however it now seems the whole DHSC is now run by cliques, backstabbing running supreme. The rights and wrongs and the ability of Rob Callister can be debated till the Manx Cows come home, and unfortunately Rob Callister elicits such divided opinion as to his capabilities, abilities, experience and competence. There now seems to be questions as to Joney Faraghers MHK, Michelle Haywood and Tanya MLCs involvement in the whole sorry saga. Is there an audit trail of correspondence (official on the record), or meeting notes voicing displeasure and concerns into Rob Callisters competence? There must be set policy and procedures in place, like employment - perhaps meeting with the Minister, the Chief Minister, and the CEOs of DHSC and Manx Care. Manx Care are denying they had concerns with Rob Callister. This whole sorry saga is rather like the Ranson Affair, it’s highlighted the failings of the health system and the department, the poisonous vipers nest and political skullduggery. The optics and way this sacking was done was completely messed up. If you were to get rid of a minister then why not get rid after he had served in the role for at least 6 months, possibly next end March. Rob Callister was correct when he said he didnt get an opportunity, and he had one hand tied behind his back. A question I would ask is has Rob Callisters actual incompetence cost the taxpayers, due to negligence? I mean look at past Ministers of IOMG departments, previous DHSC, DOI, Starship Enterprise and past debacles such as Signature. Some Ministers have presided over chaos, an orgy of waste, assisted by useless and interfering department members.
  7. A Manx remake of Back to the Future. A time travelling politico travels back in time to when the island had money, tourists and decent infrastructure. Sadly there isn’t a DeLorean car involved as it’s been banned by the eco loons, so the electric railway will have to do. Will it get to 88 mph and who drives it, does it stay on the track without derailing?
  8. Perhaps some Manx Gameshows - Deal or no Deal The Weakest Link
  9. Sounds like Manx politics and the political elite really. Instead of working as a member of a team, singing from the same hymn sheet, reading from the same page, rowing in the same direction…………….they are more interested in undermining, backstabbing and showboating. Clash of Egos? We all knew Rob Callister and his faults, his foibles, his quirks and idiosyncrasies. When he got appointed many posted on here about the length of time he would serve. Many predicted he would flounce, a fall out with other COMIN members. I don’t know whether the CEO of DHSC or Manx Care expressed concerns about competence or incompetence? In all honesty I wouldn’t say an of the COMIN lot are competent. They have political patronage, and if the rumours are believed to be correct, will have their position protected, and beyond criticism. Rob Callister has lost his dream job, possibly as a result of machavellian conspiracy? The questions will now fall on Joney Faragher MHK, Michelle Haywood MHK and Tanya August September MLC. Their possible actions, their decision making will be scrutinised.
  10. I wonder, before long there will be lots of whistleblowers sites, one for politicos to report incompetence.
  11. Will they be paying the car parking fee or will the taxpayer pay?
  12. The NPM has an article on the news resulting from a NPM freedom of information request as to the cost of this conference. It was reported that the conference cost the taxpayers £38,000. Im sure it was well worth the expense especially when some people in society are suffering cuts and hardship.
  13. I think there was a lot of internal political power battles going on, and backstabbing within the department. Enemies were probably made, scores to be settled and political ambitions to be achieved. Like I have said Rob Callister was useless, but most MHKs are useless, and I’m thinking there is more going on, and more to come out.
  14. CM Cannan off on the next leg of his travels, attending the British Irish Council Meeting. Rishi Sunak attending, so at least CM Cannan will be able to sit down and compare political calamities and political numpties of which Tynpotwald has in abundance. I’m sure lots of showboating, grandstanding and bullshitting will follow by the Cabinet Office spin doctors, most noticeable on social media. I wonder how big the Manx delegation is?
  15. As much as I think that Rob Callister is the author of his own misfortune, and comes across as a arse licking Political sycophant more eager to please his master, but sadly didn’t have the abilities of the intellect for the role. I would say that this could be applied to the political department members of the DHSC, political busibodies. Perhaps Joney Faragher should be the Minister? I doubt she would do it better. Maybe she should be the Minister of the Department of Incompetence, and she could receive instruction from it previous Minister, that great political colossus David Cretney? As for Michelle Haywood and Tanya, I don’t think these two could run a bath.
  16. On Rob Callisters next Commonwealth Parliamentary Association jolly to Westminster, he will be able to seek solace and swap notes with ex UK Prime Minister Liz Truss.
  17. Onchan Mafia - all he needs is the shades.
  18. Tongue in cheek, but not offensive. It’s not sexist, misogynistic, homophobic or racist. It pokes fun at someone’s size, but that is obvious. He won’t be the first or last to come out with satirical comments, even if others think it to be of poor taste.
  19. Manx Bard winning poetry.
  20. Typical avaricious and jealous of anyone successful. She has worked hard, and taken the risks, so can expect the rewards.
  21. Joney Faragher, Michelle Haywood and Tanya August Hanson have released a statement on the NPM denying any role in Rob Callisters sacking. They don’t do the hiring or firing, and they continue to work positively and productively with the current’ minister. Does the current Minister refer to Hooperman or Rob Callister?
  22. I think the bugs would pack their bags if Rob Callister entered the jungle - after all even they have standards.
  23. The NPM whilst giving this story plenty of airtime, has a story saying Rob Callister is broken. Rob Callister first act upon dismissal was to write a Facebook post to his Onchan Constituents. He should have apologised to the GMP. I am sure the Chief Minister had his reasons for dismissing Mr Callister, and I am sure he was given plenty of opportunities to correct any perceived faults, especially within his working relationship with his colleagues, both within the DHSC, Manx Care and Tynpotwald. If what other MHKs and MLCs say that he is incompetent, then it’s either true or it’s false. In all fairness the TT and MGP have been screwed up, especially as Rob Callister was the Department member of the Starship Enterprise, with responsibility for tourism, motorsports and cruise ships.
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