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  1. I see that almost 25% of today's new cases are in the 70+ bracket. Is this just some blind reliance on "I've had my two Jabs, so I'll be OK now?
  2. New cases in the 70+ category, most of whom should have had 2 jabs, seem to be rising relatively more rapidly than most - cases have roughly trebled in the last couple of weeks. Are they just taking less care, or is there a more serious, underlying reason? Is the effect of the vaccine wearing off?
  3. Yes, two from those three, and the first two seem to be the most genuine
  4. I don't think anyone who knows anything about it has said that "we will all get it at some point". There will still be some out there who are carrying the disease but strict adherence to social distancing guidlines should help to ensure that it is not spread and will, in time, hopefully die out completely. Stay safe.
  5. I wonder if perhaps you may be double counting. As you know, sadly, some of the 47 Abbotswood cases have died, some are in hospital and, hopefully, some may have recovered. Taking account of those who may be infected but not positively identified, it is likely that there are a lot more than one active case in the community. Absolute care is still required and will probably be for a while longer.
  6. It's good to know that the Chief Minister is fit and well again but perhaps he would be well advised to stay quietly at home and leave the announcements to the Health Minister who usually seemed to get them right and confuse nobody.
  7. IOM Today 22.4.20 No new Covid cases confirmed - talks under way to open schools to more pupils A total of 108 tests were carried out by the new on-island testing facility yesterday - and there were no positive results.
  8. IOM today 22/4/20 No new Covid cases confirmed - talks under way to open schools to more pupils A total of 108 tests were carried out by the new on-island testing facility yesterday - and there were no positive results.
  9. Send the ungrateful wretch back to where he came from and leave him there.
  10. Castletown Golf Links is one of the best courses in the world. Very true, in the opinion of Golf Empire (a marketing company?), the owners and a few members. Actually it is just a decent enough course from which a number of long standing members are leaving and joining other clubs on the island.
  11. I am the Chief Expert, appointed by the Chief Secretary as requested by the Chief Minister. Every couple of months, clear the river of fallen trees and such rubbish and don't knock holes in the wall. That'll be £50k, please
  12. M.R. 21/8 The demolition of a landmark Douglas Promenade hotel marks the end of an anxious five years for the owner of a neighbouring business. Heavy equipment was moved in yesterday (Mon 20) ahead of work to demolish the Imperial Hotel. The power of M.F.?
  13. I wonder if the developer has any money?
  14. Looks superb. Hope it happens, and soon.
  15. No, "Jackson's" and "Ramsey" were correct. Right words, just not necessarily in the right order!
  16. Which would have to be "led" by Malarkey
  17. Dougie

    Front Page

    As you would expect, a calm, measured and sensible response from the Treasury Minister http://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/isle-of-man-not-going-bust-cannan/
  18. Spot on, Manximus. What we have is simply not good enough - both residents and visitors deserve better. BmC currently racing back to the island at 16 knots! Saving fuel, knowing that tonight's sailing has been cancelled? With luck the passengers who presumably arrived at Heysham soon after mid-day, expecting to sail at 1415 will arrive here before midnight - but don't hold your breath.
  19. He's finally plucked up the courage to turn it round. Docked 6 hours late and offloading. Overnight trips cancelled.
  20. BmC sitting in Heysham harbour facing inwards. Can't turn round to allow disembarkation because it's too rough! Probably scared of ramming the harbour wall (again!)
  21. The Tempest? Measure for Measure? The Two Noble Kinsmen?
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