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  1. The TT course is, for good reasons, the best road surface in general on the Island. And it is generally known and expected that every year, the Manx public will be inconvenienced on a number of occasions for it to be kept in that sate of repair, especially as TT approaches. However, I have to agree with the comment 'what about the rest of the Islands roads.?' MHK CRETNEY has already said on the radio that the cost of repairing the Islands roads is basically beyond being affordable..! This is due I take it to the VAT take back by the UK, which has put this short sighted Govt in the sh**, an
  2. Most of the money put into the seized asset fund is put there as a result of the enforcement agencies successful investigations into crime etc. including drugs. This money should be put back into enforcement as oposed to a charity that should be self funding. The priorities need to be sorted out in some peoples minds..... I think the money should be spent on behalf of the law abiding citizens of this land, and not on those who at the end of the day, make their own life choices, and got themselves into the situation they now find themselves in. People today with the all to common attitude
  3. I have said NO. I agree however with the other comments on fairness across the board.... Management taking a hit etc etc. Other Departments in Govt should go throught the same process...... But, it has to start somewhere, and for a bus driver to be paid the amount they do on this Island, I just find it incredible. how can driving a bus over here even come close to driving a bus in a big city etc elsewhere...? doesnt stack up. But, the same can be said for a lot of other work areas here. Just have to hope that this fiancial crisis forces the situation to be addressed accordingly in all
  4. I agree.......... I won my bet on CORKISH getting in though. I mean it was an almost certainty wasnt it..? So, BELL and Govt gets one of its 'tow the line' personalities into the MLC ranks....(Got to look after each other after all..!!) So much for its independance... but dont worry, you wont know he is there, because you wont hear him.....
  5. Been reading the forum for some time now, and I just had to join and have my say... The main topic of my constant amazement, frustration, anger, and disappointment is this so called Government the population of this Island has. How it looks after those who fit in and tow the line of the 'top dog' chief minister and his lapdogs. CORKISH is one of those. Never saying anything that might be construed as contrary to Govt opinion.... thats why he never said anything.... but he is a nice man isnt he..? Thats all it takes to get votes on the Isle of Man, either that or bang the tables and crit
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