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  1. I think what's going to happen here is that if peoples injuries are bad enough to stop them from working then I am sure a claim is going to be made. Yes the TT is great we all agree that it has become a real world class event now, but if your stupid enough to invite people on to your land to watch it at least look at the legal side of things first or have a disclaimer that people can sign at their own risk. Since the accident when spectators got hurt on the mountain things have changed.
  2. http://www.manx.net/tv/mt-tv/watch/55725/senior-tt-crash-eye-witness Have a look at this.
  3. O right your in the know aint yaa, were you driving the get away car lol. My money is on kate beecroft, she is doing a great job with her wooden spoon, "keep up the good work kate"
  4. So where would the guy who erected the scaffold grandstand and has the burger van at the bottom of bray hill stand if people sue ? He is liable because he has invited people onto his property thus he has a duty of care? Maybe he needs to take legal advice as if I was him I would be worried.
  5. Isnt it funny how people forget their past
  6. Think they are probably a little young to know about that lol I think Phil still has a few memories lol
  7. I am really sorry to hear about this, hope everyone gets well soon. I drove past there the other day and when I seen that scaffold I thought who is the halfwit to put that there ? if you follow the racing line and camber it all goes towards that area? You would have to be mad to even think of standing there?
  8. privatise job done, we will have happy polish drivers
  9. I always enjoyed Miss wet T shirt during TT week, maybe we could have them in the street after 9pm ? The good old days hey when you could have a great night on £15 and vomit it all up on the way home
  10. Yeah and who gives a f*ck they will be pouring in soon from the eastern block haha. Might be nice to see some street entertainers and pick pockets down strand street, makes up for the Sh*t shops.
  11. How many use the isle just for an address I would like to know. ?
  12. Snowyballs


    Nice in a pie, shin up the tree and get a few, years ago they would tie the chicks legs to the tree and wait till they were ready to fledge. I guess years ago they had no choice.
  13. Well since the meat plant has seen most of the livestock shipped to the UK I am guessing this is why there is not as much going through. I had a friend who worked there a few years ago and he said then it was always busy. Guess if the farmers make more money sending stuff to the uk it will have knock on affects.
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