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  1. Any news when the power cut in Onchan will be sorted? List power about 1.30 ish.
  2. Tranq

    Gta V

    Psn ID: Degsy Looking for some adds for gta online, seems hit n miss getting invites for missions etc. Just say Manx forums in the friend invite so I know where you came from.
  3. Cheers for the comments guys, I'll return the roku and stick with the ipad and hdmi connector for now.
  4. I just bought a Roku 2 XS thinking it would be ideal for streaming Netflix and BBC iPlayer in the bedroom, but after firing it up, I find neither app are available. Roku support said it's due to the IOM geographical region and a future update may unlock the app. Has anyone sussed a way to get this working before I end of sending the unit back for a refund?
  5. Amazing how they are all so similar, you'd think one of them would drop the cost by 5p a litre and take a share of the business. Though if they all did it, they'd be shooting each other in the foot I guess. Thanks for the responses, at least it quashed the "grass is greener" thought.
  6. Just got my fuel bill for 901 litres of "Burning Oil" from EVF (formerly Total) and it's £640.57 (unit price 67.90 pence) which is getting a lot more expensive each year (22% more expensive than the same refill I had in 2010) Does anyone know if other providers on the island are cheaper or is this normal across the board?
  7. The bit of rain turned into a lot of rain!
  8. Does anyone know if the Onchan Fair is still going ahead at 2pm today? Only a bit of rain, but just checking.
  9. Cheers for the advice guys. I've stopped the leak by turning the screw on the isolating valve (which now allows me to have running water again) But why it chose this evening to start leaking I have no idea, or maybe has done but never heard it before.... I still need it checking out though as the screw appears all to easy to turn (very loose). RC-Drift.com you have a PM
  10. Does anyone have a recommendation for a plumber who would work on a Sunday and what premiums can I expect to pay? Just found I have a pipe leak under the kitchen sink. I've turned off the water supply so no major drama, but I would prefer to have it fixed tomorrow than wait until Monday if possible. Cheers
  11. The Felt on my porch roof was looking tired so I had it removed and Fibreglassed last year. During the installation the ceiling acquired a fracture which the roofer denied causing. However when it rains, the roof now leaks which it never did beforehand. My fault for not using word of mouth and relying on door to door sales (I lost the chaps number, but you live and learn). It's only a matter of time before the ceiling caves in due to all the water damage. So I'm asking if anyone knows somebody competent at resolving the leaking porch roof and doesn't charge the earth? They must be loc
  12. Tranq


    These console arguments are as old as the hills. Atari 2600 v Intellivision v Colecovision NES v SMS SNES v Megadrive v Jaguar PSX v Saturn v 3DO v N64 PS2 v Dreamcast v Xbox v Gamecube I bought my PS3 cos it's the best!! haha Just kidding, I bought it because at the time Blu Ray Players were around the same price if not more expensive, so good excuse to get one to show off the true high def telly. I'm happy with it. Also, have a Wii, mainly for the kids. I'd buy an Xbox but it's overkill for my collection at this point, but I'd say it plays the same shared titles as the PS3
  13. Thanks Brickster! Will give them a call tomorrow.
  14. I've had a piano for ages and think it's time to learn properly. I can't sight read music too well, nor know my scales, so I'm effectively a beginner looking to start from scratch. So, are there any Music Teachers on the Island you would recommend and what are the typical rates? Ideally looking for someone close to Onchan if possible.
  15. I wouldn't go so far as taking him out of beavers because of a little bit of Jebus worship. I'd rather he got a balanced view and made his own mind up, like I did. I sang hymns and prayed every day at school, and it didn't stop me deciding it was a waste of time. I just wasn't aware the scouts was tied to religion at all. Good link, ta. Same here, I went to a Roman Catholic School for years, sang hymns, prayed, attended mass, took communion etc, though I never believed in the rituals, I just went with the flow because we had to but it only reinforced my own thoughts about religion.
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