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  1. For sale very good condition, had screen protector and case on since the day it was bought ? 180 ono
  2. Canon 400d for sale , very good condition comes with 4gb memory card ,18-55mm kit lens , small low pro bag . Ideal for anyone wanting to get in the world of digital slr picture taking, very good to learn on. 190 ono
  3. so i have finally taken the plunge and bought myself a dslr cret i went with your advice and went for a canon 400d , the only problem i seem to have now is what book to buy to help me learn instead of fudging my way throught the camera i have looked for the dummies guide to the camera but they seem to be like hens teeth does anyone have any advice on what book to purchase to help me hone my skills, ie what the hell do the letters tv mean on my camera thanks
  4. hello all before i go ahead and purchase photoshop elements 9, does anyone have any other suggestions on what i should be buying to enhance my pictures be it photoshop or different software i just dont want to waste the money on photoshop if i could use another software for half the price. as always thanks
  5. cret really appreciate the help you are giving me, after looking over ebay and the web etc i think i am leaning more to the canon 400d, i think and i know i shouldnt but the 300d just looks to old for me and the mp is a stumbling block, plus the screen is alot smaller on the older 300d. The 400d seems to have everything i am after and you can get a 2nd hand one for about 250 on ebay so thats a happy middle for me. sorry one last thing do you use photoshop or any other software or freeware
  6. Thanks Cret for the great advise, i think really it a bit of everything i am interested in, at first it i am hoping to take better photo's of family etc as the typical point and shoot compact does not really cut it for me. In the long run i would be hoping to be able to have pictures blown up and put on canvas or bigger picture frames but i do realise i have to walk before i can run. i would consider used items but without the prior knowledge i didnt fancy spending a shed load of money on something i dont know that much about yet, i suppose in my head buying a new one tells me that its the latest range and has all the new features i would technically need, i think its probably best to have a look through ebay and see if there are any gems out there. Maybe this is me not having any expericance but my head tells me no on the 300d as it only have 6 mp and i even have more than that on my phone !!!. the problem is that i want to make the right decision as quick as i can really i dont want to be buying a camera then realising pretty much straight away that it was the wrong choice. i think what i will do is deffo go with what you say and dont go out and buy the best i can afford at the time brand new i might aswell buy a used item and get to learn how to take the photos first, and maybe i will find one with someone selling different lenses with the item also they everyones a winner, do you think the 300d is the best place to start then? as people have told me you cant really go wrong with canon and its a good way to cut your teeth on dslr's. sorry to ask more questions but is there anything else i need to look for when searching for one, like for instance not get het up on the mp size.
  7. hello all i was wondering if i would be able to use someones help/ experiance, i am thinking about starting a new hobby and investing in a DSLR, now i dont have the foggiest on where to start. i was looking over the various sites and liked the look of the below http://www.jessops.com/online.store/products/80640/show.html, basically i want a camera that does not go out of date and worthless within 6 months but lets me progress my skills without having to buy a new one a year later becuase the particular one holds me back or i bought the incorrect one. could anyone give me some advise on where to start and would people suggest i invest in paintshop at the same time. help would be greatly appreciated
  8. does anyone else appart from me, have the problem where you are unable to join any games if you try and search for them yourself it just times out and says no games available even though it says it have found 50 possible games to join only way i can play online on the 360 is when i join session in progress from my friends list of recent players
  9. great thanks, so i take it turning off 3g wasnt enough then
  10. does anyone know how to completely turn off the internet on a Iphone 3g, but still be able to get onto the internet using wireless only. just received my bill and didnt expect it to be using data but it is, i have already disabled 3g on it so cant work out why i still have data fees any help would be great
  11. was the replacement screen done by Apple ?
  12. is anyone looking to sell their iphone , if so please give me a shout thanks
  13. wondering if someone could offer me some advice, i am looking for a programme or software that will enable to be able to transfer my files on my laptop and desktop to an external harddrive i know i could do a simple drap and drop each time but would prefer if an application with one click could backup for the files for me, but not the whole lot each time just new files. does anyone have any suggestions
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