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  1. Note: I am a secondary school teacher here on the island. Teachers here generally are not providing online ‘live’ lessons as it would be deemed unfair on those students in homes which don’t have access to the internet, computer equipment or are able to be ‘online’ at that time for family or personal reasons etc. Most teachers are providing online content which can be accessed anytime such as worksheets/powerpoints/prerecorded videos or annotated lessons. Of course KWC are catering for a different type of audience. They can expect everyone to have the equipment and internet nee
  2. Unfortunately I thought as much. Guess i'll be training to be an accountant then instead of teaching in the near future haha. I'll give home tutoring a look at, but I suspect it's similar to supply in that it's probably just not frequent enough here as a main income source.
  3. I'm on the supply list but its very infrequent work, not enough to live on basically. I work in retail but it's the only job available to someone like me with only a years experience and no experience outside of teaching. Unfortunately, I can't really relocate, family issues/money mean I am stuck here for the foreseeable future-plus I'm quite settled with a long term girlfriend who has a great job here. It's quite disheartening and i'm at the point where I think that it's not worth all the hassle.
  4. Manx born teacher here, qualified 2 years ago and moved back to the island over 6 months ago trying to find a job as a science teacher. Not even a look in yet despite good grades/references/experience. Haven't seen a job posting in months. Working in retail and thinking why I bothered working so hard for my chemistry degree and PGCE.
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