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  1. What difference does it make if you paid weekly or monthly. It's the same amount of money but you get 4 weeks worth in one lot. If you can't work out how much to budget per week, more fool you. I love the old codgers bleating about how good it was in the old days... "Oh, it was all better when we suffered in our work, our winters were colder than yours, our work was more back breaking, oh how I wish we could go back to those better days we were happy with winter work schemes and nowt but cabbage soup for the young uns.. it's all changed for the worse..." Go and take a chill pill!!!! I wa
  2. I don't smoke. If I did, it would cost more every month than your rent does. How much do you think my rent is?
  3. Terminal - I would point out that a friend of mine pays less for his mortgage than I do for my rent. Plus the fact that we have to pay 1 weeks rent in advance, this now makes it 54 weeks. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  4. Hmmm - Interesting facts and figures there guys. Maybe I should present these findings to my Employer - afterall I get paid a salary based on 52 weeks. Bring back the old days when we got our wages in cash, in a brown envelope on a Friday afternoon. Knew where we were then and if we ran short of money we would know it wouldn't be that long to wait until the next pay day.
  5. I received the Onchan Tenants Newsletter today and I am gobsmacked (to say the least) that we now have to pay for 53 weeks of rent per year instead of the normal 52 weeks. They state that because rents are due on a Monday, there are 53 Mondays in the calender year. Just another day in paradise.
  6. I'd buy a sticker too. Maybe Farghers newspaper shop could start selling them - they could also sell giant lollypops for the pedestrians to use when they are trying to cross on the pelican crossings.
  7. Well said Rob. So glad you got into the Commissioners at the last election.
  8. So are the pedestrians who try to cross the road "bad pedestrains"? I have seen many having to run back to the safety of the pavements whilst crossing the roads when the pelican crossings are actually on green. My friend was nearly killed outside the Co-Op yesterday - no fault of his own, major fault with the timing of the lights yet again.
  9. You mean there are people on the Island who CAN actually claim DLA?
  10. All it takes is for one car to stop to let another car out of lay-bye outside the charity shop - then BOOOM - the traffic coming down from Avondale Road comes to a halt. Every day I see cars coming down from Avondale Road nearly being hit by cars on the Main Road. It is not the drivers fault - the lights change to quickly on the Main Road, It is like playing Russian Roulette if you happen to be the 3rd, 4th or 5th car coming down Avondale Road. Another confusing issue is when you are driving towards Douglas on the Main Road - you get through the first set of lights, then sometimes you see the
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