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  1. list of annoying view spewers (the skidmark gang) because they brown nose authority 1 manxman1980 2 Norseman 3 quilp (though does very occasionally show some insight, he is still very annoying) 4 Lonan3 (though does occasionally show some insight, he is still pretty annoying) 5 manxman1980 even when i cant be arsed reading his shite he still annoys me so gets 2 mentions dunno if they are really trolls but they annoy me because their views are generally the same pro establishment dead from the neck up sort of shite. Our society is really fucked if we never even look in the di
  2. How did it go yesterday? I got tied up with a missing person inquiry so didn't get down. I've watched some of her stuff online. Very interesting lady. This is Derek Flint's reply to an invite to a presentation by an interesting woman, i have no intention of meeting Derek Flint alone or in private only in public forum. Perhaps pming Derek might be an idea before you publicly call me a liar. Roger you owe me an apology but then MF is chocabloc with nonsense from people like you.
  3. thank you for your surprising and inciteful attempts at brown nosing our wonderful perfect truthful and caring "legal system". It is people like you who helped Jimmy Savile get away with his shit by saying everything's fine move along, now. It is not fine, our sham democracy is matched by our sham police and our sham legal system as well as sham MFers.
  4. perhaps I should be asking myself if i am drunk as this comes across as reasonable and intelligent. never been terribly nationalistic but if Juan intends to fuck off if we get independence then that might be a game changer for some people
  5. the skidmark gang are out together holding hands brown nosing authority together how cute so glad our tax money is being spent so wisely
  6. I think if you check your facts it was not me who wimped out with the police. Derek Flint was invited to a meeting which he was unable to attend. Let us get some facts straight. http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2011/apr/12/police-truth-blair-peach-tomlinson Similarly misleading stories surrounded the killings of Kevin Gately, Blair Peach, Richard O'Brien, Shiji Lapite, Roger Sylvester, Harry Stanley, Mikey Powell and other people killed by officers. The problem appears systemic and widespread: we can't trust the police to tell the truth. perhaps it is not just me,
  7. can't say i agree with chinahand about lots of stuff but he is bang on here. we might have a few psychos in iom constabulary and they might love a chance to let loose with the taser gun, rubber bullets and do a lap of the TT course in an armoured car.
  8. TJ, in a nutshell... You beat me to it...that's exactly what I was thinking. I bet when you 3 write your CV you forget to list brown-nosing authority on MF as your main hobby. Still all we need is Lonan3 and we have the full set of MF brown nosers. Wonder if the collective noun is a skidmark of brown-nosers
  9. you claim to have attended one of his lectures and you post this shite, were you awake, were you actually listening you useless scrounging twerp?
  10. because he is more intelligent and better informed and much more entertaining that reading your shite.
  11. The Kosovan Liberation Army funding corps is missing one of its salesmen these days. Nice to know MF is attempting to occupy the moral high ground. Like you were actually there and saw what happened, like you know well enough to make a value judgement like that.
  12. This well documented evidence was not written by the same people who were killing the native Americans and nicking their land and resources by any chance was it? Or was it written by the same people who wrote the dossier on WMDs in Iraq? Demonising victims of crimes is more common than you would imagine, ask whoever "wrote" the story to The Sun about Liverpool fans pissing on police officers at Hillsborough.
  13. you are either naive or corrupt delusional may be a better word than naive. Not many people would have the resources to take a case to appeal or the Privy council. Experienced lawyers are rarely naive and John is unlikely to be corrupt.
  14. That does not normally stop you commenting with your half baked ill-informed arse licking authority type nonsense. come on let's have a "few bad apples" or a "wait until all the facts are established by the proper authorities" type comment with an avalanche of smug self righteousness.
  15. not safe at all. In my bitter experience even criticising these vicious unaccountable psychos brings the wrath of the jobsworth shills down on you. These people seem to have been operating outside democratic control without proper public scrutiny for some time. Perhaps this politician is expressing his feelings whereas the more PR savvy know when to shut up and look at their shoes. So much for innocent until proven guilty - where is Manxman1980 and his ilk spouting his "rule of law" when you need him?
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