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  1. Your just hoping Stuart Hall turns up / you a moaning bastard player!
  2. It's 'fo' not 'fa' - for example "suppin on ma gin 'n juice fo sho." You real gangster bitch - ya could teach me homies some serious gangster talk boy! I would hunt ya ass down and get my plant food faced bitch ridin shotgun ta give ya a stare like shes ad a fuckin stroke! Run out of twaten petrol because of all the rollin and controllin - if any homies wanna rescue me crew where on da west coast - peace
  3. yah dissin me crew in me ancient BMW i aint no steak - your all in fa some angry glares from me movin motor! gonna west side tonight with me bitches - 5 quid a wank if ya interested
  4. me and me homeys rollin large given menacin looks from me 5.0 - just know where about,so watch it Where can i drive on the island in me car so people think am proper gangster? Any tips?
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