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  1. I have a new neighbour who is behaving in a perverted manner and I would love Sarah's law so that I could find out whether it is wise to let my grandchildren use a paddling pool in my garden safely, they usually end up without clothes on, they are very young and the thought of this dreadful neighbour watching them is sickening.
  2. ,She was in the pool, and some of these mothers just seem to be frustrated strippers for goodness sake she could have sat by the pool and draped a towel over herself.
  3. I am terrified of being admitted to Nobles Hospital after seeing what happens to the old and vunerable on my last vist and with these new fangled wards the almost fit are left to look after the really ill while the staff congregate around the desk and gossip. Nobles has gone to hell and the people who worked years ago in the old Nobles Hospital without all the latest equiptment and new drugs must be turning in their graves. The people at the top are not fit for purpose and the doctors and nurses who care are banging their heads against a very thick wall. Interesting on M.R. at lunchtime when the replies to Zac Hall's questions were replied to but even then the reply's were a bit suspect.
  4. The youth and community centre should be used for all activities in Onchan, get a few pool tables and dart boards in there and a non-alcoholic bar and that should keep them quiet and off the streets.
  5. There should be a cctv in all nursery schools especially in places where nappies are changed.
  6. If you really want to be facinated take a trip through the lights at the Manx Arms from the Royal Avenue direction now that is truly facinating!!!!
  7. Amadeus totally agree with you why do people go off on tangents, meanwhile the Unite and divide union are refusing to hold a confidential ballot, at the last one the shop steward were at liberty to see which way the drivers voted, disgraceful. This Union has lost all creduality the drivers, in the main do not want to strike but intimidation is rife. This information was given to me by a non striker who said toxic workplace did not come near it.
  8. It is a pity he was not so upfront and honest about the scandalous way Nobles Hospital is being run instead of trying for a cheap cover up this man is a liar.
  9. When this sort of thing happens you can be sure the truth has been exposed, thus the panic, this sort of intimidation just shores up the stories and statements that have been made. I am not a Kate Beecroft fan but in this case I applaud her and it has been reported that she has been swamped with letters from the public that are not happy with the way Nobles Hospital is being run. It is a crying disgrace that hospital was way over price target,it was supplied with the very best of equiptment and now it is being let down by incompetent managers who rely on patients vunerability and fear to get away with MURDER. On top of this we have a health Minister who has turned out to be a cover up merchant, this stops now the public at large have lost confidence in this hospital and it needs to be sorted.
  10. This is a serious issue when the shit hits the fan they have a right to know what the actual harm it will cause.
  11. Brown and Christian would have been put up against a wall and shot in any civilised country, as for giving them a medal, crazy.
  12. Firstly and most importantly Mr Halsall I hate sweet wine wine, secondly my information comes from three bus drivers who I have known since schooldays and do not lie. They have told me that they did not want to strike but being near retirement age and not wanting confrontation they went with the flow, they are now telling me that this was the best option because of the toxic workplace that some of the drivers that did not strike are now working in. Some people do not have the appetite for bad feeling and bullying and believe me from what I hear Bus Vannin is full of it. You seem very much in the know and I think you must be one of the prime shit stirrers and definately in the Unions pay, I have heard you drink regularly with the leaders of this strife. I hope you are proud of yourself, a friend of mine in hospital had very few visitors over the T.T. period because of the actions of scum like you. The public will not forget, we know the drivers who have caused this distress. You may think you are the big man but believe me you just fill me with utter contempt.
  13. I know a lot of people avoid them like the plague and use the ... runs created by the nearby roads, a resident of Wybourn Drive has told me the traffic has increased tremendously since the new lights have been installed.
  14. Sorry Mr Halsall but the three bus's that were damaged on Monday were all driven by regular drivers, and where you get your information from is amazing I think you are one of the union leaders with a vivid imagination certainly you seem full of bullshit.
  15. Totally agree, when consultants have to stick their heads above the parapet the system stinks, the trouble with Nobles is too many chiefs and not enough Indians, also these small wards may look good but are impractical if a patient needs urgent help it is down to other patients to summon it whereas in the old days the sister sat at the end of the ward with the most critical patients near her and could see what was happening right down the ward with a glance. Things have not improved with this posh new hospital the lay out of the old Nobles made more sense. Bring back Matron she would soon sort some of these bolshie nurses, some are great but a few really let the side down and in this political correct useless society which we enjoy everyone is frightened to speak out.
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