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  1. I've already named him to the DSS at Markwell House, and to the Police in Douglas. Why on earth would I be stupid enough to name him here? Like it's important I name him to mollags on a forum site so they'll believe I'm telling the truth?!!?! Yeah right!
  2. Are we referring to them as bully boys for trying to enter one's home, or because they are forcing one to get a TV license? I've never heard of a TV License Inspector trying to force their way into a household. If it's the latter reason however, tough. It's the law of the land until it stops being a law of the land... in which case just buy a license you 'orrible little thieving tykes!
  3. Terminal: "He may well have opened them in the 70s and kept them for a good few years but he certainly won't have those accounts any more." Well I'd like to think that Terminal, and I can't confirm this bit, but someone who knows him better than me says he uses those accounts regularly? Or at least was doing so when he last came up in conversation in Nov 2012. Meanwhile, I sell my old jallopy for £1,200, and go to the bank, and I have to try and prove where I got the money from?!!? Life just doesn't seem to add up sometimes.
  4. Getting to the bottom of who owns what seems a bit of a nightmare. With respect I think Manannan is splitting hairs about the debt. "The debt was further up the corporate ladder and belonged to Macquarie (Isle of Man) Ltd..." Macquarie (Isle of Man) Ltd was the Steam Packet. As Manannan says, Sea Lion (IoM) Ltd is the current owner of the Steam Packet, at least on paper anyway. Though again, in the real world, Sea Lion (IoM) Ltd is the Steam Packet, i.e. it owns the Steam Packet and nothing more. The main shareholder in the consortium of banks is Banco Espirito Santo - again as Man
  5. They don't need Horlicks, they need bloody diazepam by the bucket load. And I'd happily encourage them to take it. Nod off now ya b*stard!
  6. I genuinely have no idea who this infamous builder is who several other contributors have referred to. That said, I do know of someone who owns two £400k homes in Onchan, and a large £650k guesthouse in Douglas. He also drives a luxurious German car, owns a £50k mobile home, and takes several holidays a year in the far east. He also has at least two bank accounts on the island in false names, which he was able to open in the 1970's when they didn't ask any questions. Yet he has a blue badge, claims incapacity and disability living allowance and another longterm benefit I'm not sure of. I'
  7. Because some people are obsessed with money. Pay £350 pcm subsidised rent to live in social housing, and rent their own property out to some mug who thinks £1,500 a month for a three bed Dandara hutch is perfectly reasonable. Result... £1,150 pcm net gain for the bloated piggy bank or to spend on scratch cards. Money is their God... greedy b*stards!
  8. They rebuilt San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake quicker than it's taking them to put Peel Road back together.
  9. Just get rid of the TT and make the Department of Tourism actually do something pro-active to bring back a tourism industry. The holiday season these days on the island stretches all the way from late May to the first week in June. It's pathetic!
  10. That should be your signature Mr Sausages. It's your opinion on everything.
  11. Some people on here seem incapable of expressing an opinion about anything... other than opinionating on how wrong the opinions of others are. Nothing to say for themselves, but lots to say about the opinions of others. Like snappy-yappy little muts that spend their entire lives nipping at the heels of others!
  12. monasqueen: "What bugs me is the drivers who sit on my bumper when I am doing 32 in a 30 zone, can't keep up with me when de-restricted, but then snuggle up to my bumper again while I'm driving through the next 30 area." Here Here! Pointless assuming the Police would enforce it. They seemingly can't be bothered enforcing the 30 and 40 speed limits already in place around the island... or prosecuting men in white vans driving with a mobile phone stuck to their ear and their bumper up your arse. It seems pointless bringing in yet more laws until the Police actually bother to enforce the ones
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