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  1. Why? We have a man who will spend the rest of his life in the knowledge that decisions he made that day contributed to the death of his daughter. The variables, countless in number, that led to his car being in the same place, at the same time, as the bus. Does the justice system really believe that anyone will benefit from this prosecution? No outcome will lessen or increase the guilt felt by a man who knows he could have made a million different decisions that day that would have meant this collision never happened. As could the driver of the bus. That would have meant he could stil
  2. Disappointed Insp Flint hasn' been back with an answer on this one, he always seems keen to offer opinions on other subject's. As for BigWoof - I apologise if it offends your sensibilities if someone dares to ask a pertinent question that involves the police, how dare they! Why so protective BigWoof? Dont answer - I dont care, like you I can draw my own conclusions.
  3. In September 2013 it was announced that a large sum of cash had gone missing from police custody. An internal audit was taking place to find out where it had gone but I cant find any record of what came of it. Does anyone have any updates?
  4. In my opinion the IOM Newspaper Group have reached an all time low with their reporting and headlines regarding this tragic incident. Headlines like GIRL KILLED and GIRL DEAD not only infer that a person has been murdered but also can only increase the trauma for those close to the family. Once again the thoughtlessness, arrogance and ineptitude of the editor and his team make the Manx papers look more akin to the daily sport than a real news reporting media. Unfortunately unless a tragedy happens within their family that is reported by the UK gutter press the editor will not know the
  5. Sorry Thomas, I am dyslexic and find italics easier for me to read through. I will try to remember to de-italic before posting.
  6. There have been many government and pharmaceutical company funded studies that point out the alleged downsides of cannabis use. The latest ones all seem to concentrate on the alleged effects in later life of its use in a persons formative years, what I have not seen in any of these studies are statistics showing how many of those who's mental states have allegedly been adversely affected were already showing signs of potential mental illness in their youth. It is too easy for surveys and questionnaires to ask a question in such a way that the answers given reflect the underlying wishes of th
  7. If I remember rightly Lord Street was 'needed' to provide a police station in or near the town centre so unless something has changed that need will still exist. The other issue is if the Lord St station were to be put up for sale who would buy it? It is not like there is a scarcity of available office space on the market and for those companies looking for a large area for offices a purpose built unit on the edge of town will undoubtedly be a cheaper more attractive option. Once again I will argue that just because, when the times were better, funds were earmarked for blue ribbon projects d
  8. You may well be right on that one Manxy, but what would stop part of the excess capacity available at the prison being re designated as a police custody suite. As I have stated before my arguments are not against the need for more detention capacity, but for making better use of existing available resource's. If a saving can be made, I believe it should be. If this £3million is available I would rather see it spent on education or health than on a custody suite.
  9. And so the bandwagon is well and truly jumped on by those who would rather make disparaging remarks about me than actually open themselves up to another opinion or question government spending. At least Chutney, as a person of experience in the subject does, in a small way, come up with reasons for some of my suggestions not being viable. He has not, however, given an argument as to why the existing block can not be extended or answered the question of how many are held from Friday to Monday. He does state that those arrested can only be held at a designated police station, fair point
  10. OK Chutney, I have obviously touched a nerve by suggesting that the police waste public money when it is obvious to all existing and former police officers that this could never happen. A bit like secretly recording confidential lawyer - client meetings and beating up those arrested in the back of a van. I am however reassured that in the interest of getting the most out of public funds the police want to spend £3million on the basis of overflow guesstimates as opposed to hard figures. As for your claim that those arrested could not be held in custody in Jurby until after interview,
  11. Why has there been no statistics released showing how many times the existing custody suite has overflowed and by how many. Surely an extension to the existing would be considerably cheaper, as would shipping them up to Jurby until court appearances which could then be done via video link. Or is this just another case of the police wasting public money through scaremongering? Lets not forget that for minor offences the custody sergeant can give police bail to clear cells. At a time when savings are having to be made across government making better use of existing resource's has to be a be
  12. Forget about Tommy's achievements on the bike and in local football. Tom's greatest achievement was the respect he gave and received from his friends, this has been shown by the effort, commitment and endeavour those friends have put into this project in order to create, not only a memorial to his memory, but also a lasting legacy that will benefit the community as a whole. I grew up with Tom and was honoured to be able to call him a friend. I know that were he able to see what has been achieved in his memory he would be humbled that so many would work so hard for him. Well done to Kelvin,
  13. I stated that he should, in my opinion, be compensated for the way he was bullied and mistreated by the police. The compensation should come directly from the police budget as this would be the only way the organisation that misused its powers would be made to suffer the consequences of its actions. Before you come back at me bleating on about how the Island would then turn into an anarchistic state if the police had to pay compensation each time they arrested and then failed to charge someone, bear in mind that I am talking about this case in particular. You may also want to bear in mind
  14. Just thought I would give you all a quick update on the relevant police action against the 16 year old: No further action will be taken against the 16 year old as he has no case to answer and there is no evidence of any crime being committed by the 16 year old. So in other words, for those of you who need things explaining more than once: The arrogant, gobby little shit who deserves a good kicking has done nothing wrong, unless you count being unfortunate enough to be in a position where he can be targeted for being on the receiving end of some vindictive treatment at the hands of
  15. Feral little shits, arrogant little twats, obnoxious, need a good kicking, give them a clout, parents are scum, kids are scum, lack of a good example, spoilt and so on and so on. The judgemental, arrogant, self righteous attitudes of some of the respondents to this subject perhaps go further to show why young people have no respect for 'authority' than any other single factor. Especially as, as has been widely stated, children learn from their elders. Just to clear something up for one or two of you. The arrested 16 year old's parents were told, in the custody suite at police headqu
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