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  1. Some of us simply cannot be so sure - and through no fault of our own before you try to imply I need to lose weight.
  2. I'm wondering if it isn't people worrying about the brexit-induced bare shelves we're seeing in England that's causing panic buying here, more so than covid concerns. After all it doesn't seem like we're going to have another lockdown any time soon.
  3. Don't know if he's still doing his nightly pub crawl, but I saw him on the prom this past week looking his usual disheveled, glassy-eyed self.
  4. Oh I know. I've had many conversations with him. Unfortunately he can be quite pig-headed when he's wrong about something, even when presented with facts. Like Roxanne, I wouldn't be so sure he wouldn't have been given a ministerial position and that could have been a disaster if, for example, he'd been put in charge of health. For a dentist he's sure got some outdated ideas on healthcare.
  5. I'm of a similar opinion to you. I don't want further lockdowns. I don't want to hide away in a bunker either, but to a certain extent I must simply because so few people are wearing masks or socially distancing in shops or other indoor public places. I'm happy to go out and about outdoors, even without a mask, but I'm quite wary in shops. Tomorrow morning I have to catch a bus into (dirty stinking) Douglas and I'm not looking forward to it at all. I'll be wearing a mask and hopefully sitting near an open window. I think the main thing that worries me about people refusing to get jabbed is the likelihood of the emergence of a vaxx-resistant strain being created. The more un-vaxxed there are amongst us, the better chance of this happening. Or so I've been led to understand.
  6. It's because there were only three candidates last time, the third being Leslie Hanson. He would have been even more useless, and that's probably a huge understatement. I'm incredibly happy we have a much better field to choose from this time. Boot and Harmer will soon be history.
  7. Regarding family I posted about last weekend, the father tested positive for covid via both LFD & PCR. He had a slight cough and loss of taste and smell for a few days and that's it. He is now testing negative via LFD but is in SI until Tuesday. He and his wife are 30+, not yet double jabbed. Wife has been fine and testing negative. Two young children (4yrs and 3mos) in the household have had coughs, runny noses and general malaise this past week, with negative LFD & PCR results. So yes, there's clearly a non-covid bug making the rounds.
  8. Made my day yesterday.
  9. Good thing too with Ashford around.
  10. People who don't want to be bothered with masks like to ignore the the fact that a mask protects other people more than it does the wearer. It's no good telling people to wear a mask if they want when it will only really protect them when others wear them as well. Personal responsibility? Yes. Be personally responsible for protecting the community of which you are a member.
  11. They're still debating. It's on Manx Radio AM right now.
  12. Yes there's a big desire for change in Peel. Was happy to see Davidson voted out, but disappointed one or two others of the old guard weren't ousted as well. ETA we had one of the biggest turn-outs, if memory serves we were only beaten by Jurby.
  13. "Long derision" I'm stealing that 😎
  14. Nah. You're not that clever. We all know Ashford shredded it.
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