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  1. Something's a bit fishy about this post.
  2. Are chest wigs a thing? If so, where can I get one? Might help keep me warm this winter.
  3. He'll also have to source a huge industrial shredder in which to fit large architectural drawings.
  4. Is Dealz where you prefer to do your shoplifting?
  5. It went up to £30 during lockdown, from £5. (I'm on PAYG - it came with the house I rent.) I always avoided going into the emergency credit as it was noticeably more expensive. If the emergency credit also ran out, you just didn't have any leccy until you put more money on your key. Now, as Roger points out, you continue to get charged for the standing charge etc. As far as I could see that didn't happen on the key meters.* I've got a smart meter now and I have to say I like being able to have an idea how much different items cost to run. For example, I can see every time I put the kettle on in the morning as there's a corresponding spike. It's also handy being able to top-up on my phone rather than schlepping to the shop. I'm yet to be convinced, however, that the price MEA/MU (whatever the hell it's called these days) is paying for these smart meters - the price we as consumers ultimately pay - is worth it. Are they "nice to haves" or essentials? ETA *I only ended up without leccy once, due to a temporarily misplaced key, so I may be wrong about standing charges while having no leccy.
  6. Low income households are often on PAYG electicity meters. If you heat by oil, you have to come up with a huge lump sum to fill - or even half-fill - your tank. While oil may be cheaper in the long run, heating with leccy on a PAYG meter is easier to deal with when you live paycheque to paycheque.
  7. They should publish the questions and answers in the Courier so every resident can become informed, not just those who could manage to attend. I wasn't able to attend, so a big thank you to those who could and took the time to report back here.
  8. "Fixed social hours and huge amounts of time off." You've clearly not been paying attention. Teachers have a lot of work to do during that alleged "time off". Perhaps you should re-read the thread. "Fixed social hours" are also a figment of your imagination. Nurses are also underpaid, but you're comparing apples and oranges. Both are similar in that they are vitally important and foundational roles in a healthy, well balanced, equitable, prosperous and productive society. But they differ in subtle ways. For instance I'm not aware of any nurses who have to take paperwork home with them as teachers regularly do with marking and lesson planning. A lot of work goes into that aspect of the job. I'm also not aware of any nurses who have to provide materials for patients out of their own pockets. I am, however, aware of several teachers who provide materials for their students out of their own pockets and they tell me it's becoming an increasingly common practice in primary schools. I don't know about the secondary schools, but it wouldn't surprise me if it's happening there as well.
  9. I've run out of "reactions" this morning so I'll say it here; thank you for your detailed explanation. ETA also thank you for using the phrase "brass plate". I was trying to remember how such companies were referred to but... brainfog!
  10. Who are you talking about? I've gone back through the thread to see if I missed something, but I'm none the wiser for it.
  11. Does that mean simply having a company address in Athol Street is no longer enough to benefit from the Manx "tax haven"?
  12. This is the very foundation of the problems the NHS faces, certainly in the UK. It has been purposely underfunded for years over there by successive governments which are made up of people who stand to gain from privatisation. Over here, I'm not aware of any politicians who would stand to gain from privatisation, but I wonder about managers brought in from the UK.
  13. Today is going to be an interesting day in the case of Trump v USA.
  14. Well, thats a shame then. I'm not particularly interested in football myself, but I do wish the lads well. It gives kids something to aspire to, and it would be nice for local kids to have local players to look up to in this regard, rather than only the high-flyers in teams across.
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