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  1. If they're paying customers it IS their right to use the tables and chairs. Curious that you didn't have a word with the manager if mums and babies were more than you could handle. Betcha won't be complaining about those mums and babies when their taxes are paying your pension. If you cull them now you might go hungry in your dotage.
  2. I've also had a long term side effect from the OAZ - tinnitus. Really loud, inescapable high-pitch ringing that leaves me unable to concentrate, headachey, and fatigued due to lack of a good night's sleep. Not only is it interfering with work, it's interfering with my life in general for the past six weeks. And it seems to be getting worse (louder). I've got a doctor appointment (in person!) on 7 May, but I'm not sure she can do anything for me. I live in hope though. I will have my second jab, but if do-overs were a possibility I think I'd try for the pppfiffifer vax. Knowing
  3. Obviously they took the two brain cells he had rattling 'round his cranium, mated them in a test tube, put the resultant blob in a jar with growing medium - et voilà!
  4. If you read through the documents it's pretty much admitted that the population estimates are wrong, but they plan to plow on regardless. (Because Dandara said they must? Because the current gov't want to steamroller this through as some sort of legacy project? Answers on a postcard please.) Now is not the time to be doing this planning. They need to wait for the 2021 census information to be made available in the summer of 2022 and not a minute before. They also need to wait for the covid dust to settle and by summer 2022, we should be about there. Does anyone know
  5. I distinctly remember sitting at my kitchen table during briefings last April and listening to Ashford saying that "test, test, test" was one of the most important responses to the pandemic. I agreed, but couldn't understand why you could only get a test with certain symptoms, or why others in a household couldn't get a test when one member was positive. (I know of several households where this occurred.) I don't recall exactly when the mantra changed to "testing unnecessary" (when they stopped testing travellers at seven days perhaps?) but yes, I agree this unmasked them as charlatans.
  6. "Face-nappies", just like the real thing, protect others, not so much the wearer. We put nappies on babies not to protect the baby, but rather to protect others from having baby crap and wee everywhere. Same with face coverings. They stop most of the aerosols coming out of your nose and mouth from getting into the environment. Too bad face coverings don't stop the wearer's bullshit from getting into the environment. Is that the stuff with Ivermectin in it? Asking for a friend.
  7. There are three recent travel-related cases. One was reported on 10/04; a male from the IM3 area, aged 30-34. Two were reported on 18/04; both from the IM9 area, a male aged 55-59 and a female aged 60-64. My guess would be that the ICU case is one of the IM9 people. Possibly a couple where one accompanied the patient as an escort. Unless the reason for hospital treatment across was an unforeseen emergency, every effort would have been made to have the patient vaccinated two weeks prior to travel. I don't know if they do the same for escorts. Of course we have no wa
  8. Well heck, I'm not even showing yet!
  9. I've already seen people voluntarily wearing masks and SDing this afternoon.
  10. Thanks. I did figure that, so wanted to let people know it had been charged. They also fixed the errors on the symptomatic/asymptomatic page that Roger pointed out earlier. ETA: I thought it typically cheeky that while they amended the data, they left the update timestamp at 3pm. Sometimes it's difficult to not feel a wee bit gaslit.
  11. I've only just now had the chance to look at the dashboard and it is showing five new cases.
  12. Why would people who dispatch and/or collect dead farm animals be the only ones considering going on a foreign holiday? But seriously, I'm of a similar opinion regarding foreign travel. Some here seem so certain that we truly are at the tail end of this. For example; "Plenty of people will have covid in future. Most won't know. And most won't feel any material impact." I sincerely hope this is correct. However, this is a global problem and many places aren't doing as well as the British Isles and Europe. New variants pose a huge unknown in that we don't know i
  13. When Quayle is confronted with one of his clusterfucks, the flusterclucking begins.
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