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  1. It's been my understanding that we have to wait for PHE to send us an allocated amount, based on our population size. Given how bad access has been for any type of Covid-19 test in the UK, I'm not holding my breath that we'll get some anytime soon. Here's an article about antibody testing from ITV - updated this past wednesday: https://www.itv.com/news/2020-05-22/can-i-get-the-new-covid-19-antibody-test/
  2. Zarley

    Back to work

    Government surveys are notorious for being weighted to generate the desired response. The UK's YouGov opinion polls are an excellent example.
  3. Zarley

    easy jet

    I would think that any change in repatriation policy will have more to do with the disparity between those on-island who have symptoms or have tested positive being permitted to self-isolate at home, while those being repatriated, regardless of symptoms or tests, are being made to self-isolate away from home and at their own expense. The disparity doesn't sit well with me. Either everyone should have been made to self-isolate at the Comis, or everyone should have permitted to self-isolate at home (perhaps with tags or random checks). However, likening being at the Comis to being in Guantanamo is so far OTT that you'd need a telescope to see it.
  4. Zarley

    easy jet

    Sorry, my mistake. I didn't realise that the people in Comis are being subjected to sound disorientation techniques and intentional sleep-deprivation. Now that's mental torture!
  5. Zarley

    easy jet

    Do you have a link for that please? Or at least a date for when he said it? I honestly don't remember Howard ever saying this but I'm happy to be corrected. The bloke in the video you provided seems to think otherwise, and Forestboy's keyworker granddaughter has gone through self-isolation. I'd like to know what is the truth. (meaning was Howard mistaken, misquoted, or does the right hand not know what the left is doing?) You got called a drama queen for this post because - seriously? You're likening Comis to Guantanamo? I didn't realise the repatriated folks at Comis were being physically tortured. (where's a facepalm emoji when you need one?) Do I think this could have been handled better? Sure. But I don't pretend to have the perfect answer either. It was always going to be a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation.
  6. Zarley

    easy jet

    The key worker cannot go to work the next day. Listen again. Key worker doesn't have to go to the Comis, but does have to self isolate and has been made aware of the penalties. I'm not saying it's right or that I agree with the disparity in treatment, but saying that the key worker can go to work the next day after arrival is incorrect.
  7. Edit: Duff embed job. Sad day. Loved Golden Brown.
  8. Yesterday they published the "presumed* recovered" stat. Today they published a "active cases" stat for the first time, with no mention of the promised missing *updated figure stat. Curious. ETA: on Sunday the "active" stat (if you did the maths) worked out to 28. Now today with only four new cases, it's up to 41.
  9. Thank you for finding the newer reference to the gender stats. Although I listened to that briefing, I missed bits due to phone calls I couldn't ignore, and never went back to read the news release. Too tired last night to look for myself. So again, thank you.
  10. It seems they will be testing asymptomatic people in a nursing home context. From appendix 1 in the document I linked to above (Stay Safe pdf document):
  11. Have you seen the Stay Safe (pdf) document IoMgov medium-term response to covid-19 that Tynwald will be debating tomorrow? The expansion of the testing strategy is discussed in Appendix One. I've skimmed through the document but don't have time right now to look closer. I will say this - some of the graphics are shit.
  12. I bought a David Icke book in a charity shop for 20p about twenty years ago, before I had internet access. Purely for the laughs. I normally recycle books back to the charity shop when I finish with them, but his went straight into the bin.
  13. Presumably they'd be included in the gender group with which they identify.
  14. So in people whose covid disease was severe enough to have them admitted to hospital, 60.2% were men and 39.8% were women. Which supports the idea that men have worse outcomes than women where covid is concerned.
  15. Zarley

    easy jet

    You're welcome!
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