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  1. Twitter has removed the ability to respond to this tweet - and two others he's made since 5:45am (our time) today. To see it, you have to click on a "view" button that says "Some of all of the content shared in this tweet is disputed and might be misleading about how to participate in an election or another civic process." The man has no shame. He's an embarrassment for the entire human race.
  2. Looks like an absolute clusterfuck looming. It's pretty much neck-and-neck. The Senate race is very close too although the networks aren't reporting on those races as much. It's crucial for the democrats to win a majority in the Senate regardless of who wins the presidency if the House (safe dem majority) wants to pass any legislation. McConnell has been blocking over 400 bills passed by the House over the past two years.
  3. How is that better? In Guernsey if you're well-off, you can avoid jail. If you're on a low income, off to jail you go. At least here it's one rule for all instead of one for the rich and another for the poor.
  4. You mean his lie-fest? He claimed he's won states that haven't completed counting. He's well known for projection - claiming the other side is doing things that he's actually the one doing. And he's claiming fraud and claiming his voters are being disenfranchised. It's what HE is doing. He's been planning this for months. It's why he put a fence around the White House. It's why he moved his party to the White House. He wants easy access to his bunker for when the shit hits the fan, and it will if he doubles down on claiming victory before the final count. And he will.
  5. Someone suggested "Hey Boy", which I quite like. Following in the same vein, perhaps "Hey Boat" said in the same cadence?
  6. Good night Mr Sheight. I've got better things to do with my time than argue with a perpetually confused individual who insists on word-twisting hyperbole. Sleep well, I know I will.
  7. Will it come complete with skid-marks?
  8. If you had any reading comprehension skills, you might understand that I think jailing people who are too selfish to abide by the isolation rules IS having the desired effect. Your hanging comment is just sick hyperbole. You sound like a petulant child.
  9. No, I don't agree at all. I think if we didn't have this deterrent we have even more people swanning around when they're supposed to be isolating. Don't forget that Guernsey has recently had cases of community transmission that was likely caused by someone breaking isolation rules.
  10. 17 isn't many at all when you consider how many have returned in total since this all began. Our compliance rate is much higher than across, with a much better result for the community.
  11. Oh oh! I know this one! It serves as a deterrent for others. In the UK where they're not doing much of anything to those not self isolating when they should, they have 1) a very low compliance rate and 2) an exponential rate of growth of positive test results, hospital admissions and now deaths. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. Simple as that.
  12. Mea culpa. I didn't realise it was a different article. However... That article is four hours old. He has to pay the fine immediately - like the first guy - and like the first guy, it doesn't sound like he can pay either. So he's likely going down too.
  13. It will cost the taxpayer many more thousands if some non-isolating bozo introduces covid back into the community and we don't find out until it's already spread exponentially. A stay in Noble's ICU is far more costly than a stay at the Jurby Hilton. Not to mention the economic cost of the lockdown that community spread would no doubt bring.
  14. Are people not reading the article? He's in jail to at least 15 weeks. He can reduce his sentence a bit if he manages to pay some of the fine, which is unlikely as he's on UK incapacity benefit. The very first paragraph: Emphasis mine.
  15. Recently watched a news segment on (I think) BBC where they interviewed several gun shop owners as well as their customers, all of whom reported record numbers of liberals buying guns. Probably comes from MAGAts taunting liberals on-line and IRL over their lack of guns for the coming civil war. I think it's going to be not just interesting times in the US for this week, but the madness will be on going until early January when the Senate officially counts the electoral college votes. Lawyers will be raking it in, biggly.
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