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  1. But they're not necessarily isolation breaches. It was either the Xmas case or the pub case (don't remember exact details) that was caused by someone developing symptoms and testing positive after they'd fulfilled their isolation period. This easily could have happened again. It could also happen that someone fulfilled their isolation period and developed an asymptotic infection after their 14 day test. You'd have a bugger of a time finding that person.
  2. To be fair, I've not ever been done (for this particular offence anyway) so I'm only going on what I saw, and what I heard about the aftermath. Mind you this happened 20-25 years ago. She only got pulled because she was going the wrong way on a one-way street and nearly crashed into the cop car going the correct way. She told me herself that she'd been done for that in addition to driving the push-bike under the influence, and got fined a couple hundred quid. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  3. Not to mention that it's illegal to ride even a push-bike while over the limit. I watched someone I know get done for this*, and I've heard of a couple others. *it was quite the scene too. She ended up over the bonnet of the cop car with an arm twisted halfway up her back. She's five-foot-f%ck-all and a bit of a scrapper. She's grown up a bit since then, thankfully. No coppers or members of the public were harmed in the making of this post. (Aside from harm to one participant's bank balance.)
  4. Zarley

    Good News

    I've got some personal, rather than general IOM, good news. My daughter, who is expecting my second grandchild at the end of April, managed to buy a newer home for a reasonable price despite all the cash-buyer gazumping going on at the minute. It's a stone's-throw, walking-distance away from my house which will make things much easier where my grandson is concerned. They moved in last weekend. I'm thrilled. Their happiness over the new house and the impending birth are the only things keeping me sane these past few months. It's good to have something positive to look forward to and i
  5. Yeah, those Play Stations have a lot to answer for!
  6. This is where they piss me off. Honesty, forthrightness, and transparency about how their decisions concerning covid are being made would, IMO, go a long way towards alleviating the hysteria and fears. When people are kept in the dark, it's human nature to try to fill in the blanks. This leads to rumours, wild speculation, conspiracy theories and worst-case scenarios being bandied about on social media and in real life down the pub and in the shops. People wonder - and quite rightly, given governmental cock-ups past and present - what are they trying to hide this time?
  7. Does "The Problem" go by the initials "CS" by any chance? 🤔
  8. Edit back atcha! 😉 Excellent analogy. Well said. We definitely need a change from the same old song and dance. Tunes like "Lessons Learned", "Commercially Confidential", "Not Found To Be Responsible" - not forgetting insincere hits like "Where You Can" and "We're All In It Together" - need to be scrapped. A great place to start would be to outlaw tap-dancing around the expensive fiasco that is Douglas Prom.
  9. From your fingertips to God's iPhone! Has anyone heard of any new candidates talking about standing in Glenfaba and Peel? I really hope we get a few progressive minded people standing in G&P who will encourage more people to vote. Last election was a matter of choosing the least horrible. No good choices at all. I voted anyway because I'm a firm believer in the idea that if you don't vote, you can't complain about your representatives in government. I want my bitching rights!
  10. Competence Evaporated. Complete Error. Comic Endeavour. Cock-ups Everywhere. Clumsy Effort. Couldn't Even (organise a piss-up in a brewery).
  11. Maybe by the time these tunnels are dug, electric vehicles will be advanced to the point where you could have electric engines on either end of freight/passenger trains that ride on rubber tyres and a road surface rather than rails. Would alleviate a large part of the clean air/oxygen problem.
  12. Someone else is sounding "slightly flustered" in that clip. At .16 you can hear someone heaving an almighty sigh.
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