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  1. Yes, an airport fireman, about five or six months ago? Six figures if my memory is behaving.
  2. I'm even more curious as to where Cameron stashed his cash.
  3. I dunno. Could you fit a packed lunch box up your arse? Notwell probably could - he's got his head up there often enough.
  4. Clearly a reference to Michael Jackson, who started out doing the one-glove thing on the left, but also did it on the right. They'll be moonwalking next. Mohammed and MJ: both revered paedophiles.
  5. Yes that is well built and looks good.Built by Inghams, I think. Is it called The Grove, or similar? That was one of Jonathan Irving's efforts.
  6. What you say makes perfect sense (the whole post, edited for brevity) - which is why it will never happen.
  7. Or care in the community?
  8. According to Boris HQ it was very much the other way around - Boris was head boy and top dog. According to Wikipedia they're also 8th cousins and both also related to the Queen and most of the European royal families. Soooo... they're both from Foxdle?
  9. I get the impression that 90% of MF posters are taxi drivers down the airport. The taxi company I employ to pick me up from the airport usually just fill me in on the skeet I've missed while away.
  10. Dilligaf, post #29, said: I also don't think anyone with a genuine disability is having to go through this process... Wishful thinking and incorrect. Everyone who is on Incapacity and/or DLA is having to go through the process. Some of the questions on the form are absolutely ludicrous. Two of them, for example, ask 1. if you can pick up a pound coin and 2. if you can pick up an empty cardboard box. How on earth does the ability to do either translate into being capable of working a full time job, or even enough hours to keep a roof over your head, and stay warm and fed? One can only work 16 hours and still get some government assistance. Most jobs that offer those kind of hours only pay minimum wage. It's not enough to live on.
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