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  1. It's not wrong that the nursing courses are the only ones where the tuition fees are completely paid for, with a 5k bursary on top, regardless of income. Also, it's not a "small grant" that has to be taken out, it's a loan. Big difference. I know of several families who were turned down for the maintenance grant, families who were living pay cheque to pay cheque and could ill afford the expense. I also know of twins who both wanted to go to uni where the parents made a tiny bit over the threshold for help. In the end neither went as the parents decided it was the only fair way to deal with the issue. I'm not privy to the exact state of the finances of any of these families, I'm just relating what I've been told by them.
  2. An open mind is wonderful... provided it's not so open that your brains fall out. Btw... I'd rather you kept your thing inside the box, thank you very much.
  3. The IOMG don't cover tuition costs aside from students from very low income families. The nursing courses are the only exception. Tuition costs are covered in full for nursing, together with a £5,000 yearly bursary, neither of which are means tested. I also think education should not be only for the rich. To the contrary it should be free, or at least very low cost. I think it should be paid for through taxes; after all it is an investment in all our futures. Apprenticeships should also be more widely available and free or very low cost. Not everyone wants to attend university, but everyone should be able to have some form of education beyond high school if they want one. I understand that circumstances can change but surely such changes could somehow be accommodated. To be fair, perhaps what bothered me was the way the speaker emphasised and spoke at length about the idea that one could earn the qualifications and leave to work elsewhere, but never said a word about the benefits to both the student and the wider community of using the qualifications here. It came across as encouraging leaving, but not encouraging remaining. It didn't sit right with the person I attended with either.
  4. I don't think calling it kidnapping or trapping is fair. It would be your choice whether or not to take a place on the course knowing you'd be expected to work here for a set period of time afterward. There's fierce competition for places and this may weed out those who want "take the money and run" so to speak. Would you be happier if those who don't want to work here be charged £9,250 per year to study? That's the current tuition fee at Liverpool University.
  5. I agree with the set period of time. The residency requirement to get on the courses is five years, and I think an equivalent five year post-graduation period of working for Manx Care would be reasonable.
  6. Did you mean aren't benefiting?
  7. From the article: "Ferguson launches into an argument that even that even those people who have been vaccinated can still contract and transmit COVID." It would seem he refuses to accept that while vaccinated people can and do get infected and transmit the virus, the are much less likely to do so. It does my head in.
  8. The island offers free nursing training (mental health and adult) which includes a bursary. I went along to a nursing course open evening at Keyll Darree this past November with an interested family member. My jaw dropped when we were told that one of the reasons the nursing courses are so popular is because you can use your degree to work in many countries around the world. There is no requirement to work on-island after graduation. So a free course, with a bursary, and you don't have to "give back" by working here and contributing to Manx society. There is a residency requirement to gain a place on these courses, so why can't they implement an after-graduation residency requirement? And by the way, Women's Studies is a thing of the past. It's Gender Studies these days.
  9. 1. Ronald McDonald House isn't a homeless charity. 2. The people in question are being offered alternative accommodation. 3. Please read the articles you link to.
  10. Bollocks. He has already shown himself to be perfectly happy to put others at risk. According to court documents released on Saturday ahead of the hearing, Djokovic’s Covid-19 infection was recorded by the Institute of Public Health of Serbia on 16 December, which provided the basis for the medical exemption he received from the Tennis Australia and Victorian state government medical panels. He was granted his exemption on 30 December. However, pictures on social media of Djokovic attending indoor events without a mask shortly after his Covid-19 test was recorded raise questions about Djokovic’s infection. On 16 December, Djokovic attended an event commemorating his own personal stamp. Pictures were posted of Djokovic a day later at the Tennis Association of Belgrade for an award ceremony. Djokovic was additionally pictured on the streets of Belgrade on 25 December despite Serbia’s rules requiring 14 days of self-isolation. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2022/jan/08/novak-djokovic-relied-on-december-covid-infection-for-vaccine-exemption-court-documents-reveal He may yet get kicked out (again) tomorrow and actually be deported, which would bar his entry to Australia for three years. Australia's immigration minister Alex Hawke will decide tomorrow (Tuesday) whether or not to re-revoke his visa and deport him. Oh, and his mum is claiming he was "tortured" whilst in detention. Perhaps they made him read Rob Callister's blog or Cretney's newspaper column.
  11. Zarley

    Next AG?

    If it's a secret society as you claim, then either you're a member yourself, or it's not all that secret after all if you know what photos hang in their hall.
  12. The plot where the Marine Hall was is where the skate park is now. The astroturfed area at the end is where the old swimming pool was. Is that the area you're talking about?
  13. What?!? You must have dreamt that bit one night after a few pints. I have never, ever, heard of or read of anyone, CS or otherwise, claim Peel had one of the cleanest beaches on the IOM. It's one of most picturesque, shame it's not clean as well.
  14. Nice offer, thanks, but I won't be going off-island for the foreseeable. Maybe next year? Thanks covid! (due to money issues, not doom-coven membership)
  15. Not yet, but I would like to one day. I had a friend (sadly now deceased) who lived there for years before coming back home to the island. She always said one of the things she missed most about Bradford was the Indian restaurants.
  16. Children coming to school in nappies is just the tip of the iceberg. One of the bigger problems seems to be children coming to school with very poor verbal skills and limited vocabularies due to the verbal interactions with their parents being mostly limited to being told to "shut the fuck up" and similar phrases, along with never being read to. Many of the parents who raise their children like this at were raised this way themselves. I wish I had an answer as to how to end this cycle of neglect and abuse* in families. Banning children thus affected definitely isn't the answer. *imo it's abuse to not equip your children with the ability to use the toilet and the ability to communicate successfully, before attending school.
  17. Zarley


    It's scary what's going on over there. Many on the left are also starting to arm themselves so they don't end up in a "bringing a knife to a gunfight" situation. They're just not making their guns a feature on their Xmas cards. I read an article the other day about how the US is rapidly heading for civil war 2.0 and I can see it happening. The mid-terms* are coming up later this year and then it's not long before the next presidential election candidates start posturing and calling each other names. Incoming shit-storm. *important due to elections in both the House and Senate, with the Senate races being particularly important due to the current 50/50 split between left and right.
  18. Zarley


    Wrong bit of anatomy anyway.
  19. Zarley


    Anyone who thinks the American anthem is "strong" has obviously never had to sing it. Strangling would be a better adjective.
  20. Zarley


    Getting up to go to bed doesn't count.
  21. They're changing next week, seemingly following us this time instead of the other way around. Apologies for the screwed up formatting. Link to the quoted article: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jan/05/covid-uk-follow-up-pcr-positive-lateral-flow-test
  22. Zarley

    TT 2022 ??

    I did wonder if I should phrase that differently
  23. As a Peel resident, I'd much rather that the area was kept as a public recreation space. It needs a bit of sprucing up and in my opinion the commissioners just don't want to spend the money. Our youth need somewhere to blow off steam and the end of the prom is an ideal area.
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