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  1. Are you saying Nobles admin are a bunch of boobs?
  2. While I agree with much of your post, what sort of scenery can you see on a day like today? I'd be using the coast road in these conditions, just to avoid the idiots who insist on driving like it's a fine sunny day regardless of how foggy and/or wet it is in reality. ETA: on a day like today you should be paying close attention to the road and other (possibly idiotically insane or insanely idiotic) drivers rather than gawping at the scenery anyway.
  3. Wild and crazy times ahead for the Bees household. Buckle up!
  4. Is that perhaps a Douglas bylaw? I don't live in Douglas and I've never seen or heard anything about a fine in my area. My bin doesn't obstruct anything so I don't know what the point would be. Some of my neighbours have worse things in their front gardens than a bin. If they're worried about aesthetics I could direct them to worse offenders than me.
  5. How is cannabis a "whole new ballgame" when it's being legalised in more and more jurisdictions every year? A cannabis bill would also bring us into line with them. How much more taxpayers' money must be wasted on policing pot, prosecuting "potheads" and the costly incarceration of people for a few joints, before these stupid anti-cannabis laws get changed? I could perhaps understand it if people high on pot continually committed violent assaults like people drunk on alcohol do... Oh but wait, possessing and consuming alcohol is legal. If I had my way, I'd legalise pot and outlaw alcohol. It's certainly the more damaging of the two drugs, by FAR.
  6. Someone should start a GoFundMe page to buy dentures for the OFT. But seriously, why can't OFT be given some real powers?
  7. Well, credit where credit's due; at least you know you're a dick and had the decency to apologise.
  8. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/breaking-new-council-of-ministers-revealed/ Ashford is treasury minister!
  9. New boys? New boys??? Let's hope this time around it's new boys and girls, rather than just a new old boys club. Although I would prefer new men and women. Semantics I know, but I get fed up with grown women constantly being referred to as girls, much more often than men are referred to as boys. It's one of my pet peeves.
  10. Been hearing that too. Teachers and students both taking it home to family.
  11. Meant to add... I would have thought he already had his ministers lined up in his head before the CM election took place. It doesn't normally take this long, does it?
  12. I was just thinking earlier that if he doesn't announce his ministers etc by tomorrow (Friday) morning, then perhaps people aren't as willing/happy to work with him as claimed.
  13. I agree with Sid. I thought the same when I heard the number in hospital had risen again. It's been rising daily this week and with 533 active cases (that we know about) it's going to continue to rise.
  14. I have my bin at the front of my house because I got sick of my neighbours filling the damn thing every week. I only produce one or two bags a week and it's a bit ridiculous when I can't fit them in my bin. Where I live if the bin is the slightest bit open, the seagulls have a field day and make a huge mess - to which I'm unwilling to contribute. And no, I can't put the bin in the back garden. It has to live outside my back gate because it won't fit through and there's nothing I can do about it (I rent). I'm not a huge fan of having it in front of the house, but it beats having nowhere to put my rubbish.
  15. No, that funny shaped building whence the morning boat departs.
  16. Wasn't the impression I ever got from her, and I guess I missed her advance indication of intent that Joe speaks of on the previous page.
  17. Thank you. Apologies to everyone for getting Watterson wrong. In my defence, my tinnitus is off the charts today.
  18. I was surprised when KLB seconded Barber's Cannan nomination. I never thought she'd support a Tory.
  19. Yes I was thinking I was sure "and Mr Speaker" was said when giving Allinson's votes, but the at the end Moss said by process of elimination it was Watterson and Wannenburgh.
  20. Maybe because the latest envelope opening was of one marked "PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL".
  21. Watterson and Wannenburgh.
  22. The vote: Allison 8 Cannan 14 Spoiled 2 Deputy Speaker: Caine 14 Christian 10
  23. Bashing the Bishop is a time-honoured Manx Forums pastime, regardless of thread topic.
  24. Not only that, but he's shown us again and again that he doesn't have much respect for women in general. He's not even good looking and has no dress sense. I can't for the life of me imagine what the attraction could be. I'm surprised he ever managed to find a wife, let alone an alleged lover. Blows my mind.
  25. An in-depth look at Bigio: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/haiti/article254361683.html It's quite an interesting read. Seems his dealings with IOM are small beans compared to what he's got salted away in Swiss banks, BVI and the Bahamas.
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