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  1. They're changing next week, seemingly following us this time instead of the other way around. Apologies for the screwed up formatting. Link to the quoted article: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jan/05/covid-uk-follow-up-pcr-positive-lateral-flow-test
  2. Zarley

    TT 2022 ??

    I did wonder if I should phrase that differently
  3. As a Peel resident, I'd much rather that the area was kept as a public recreation space. It needs a bit of sprucing up and in my opinion the commissioners just don't want to spend the money. Our youth need somewhere to blow off steam and the end of the prom is an ideal area.
  4. The best Indian meal I ever had was 38 years ago in Manhattan. (Broadway and 96th IIRC) 2nd best was on NYE 35 years ago in Lewisham. 3rd best was in Bedford about 20 years ago. I've never had an Indian on the island that came close to any of those.
  5. Zarley

    TT 2022 ??

    This. 70% of internal decapitation results in immediate death. Those who survive are often left with severe, life-changing injuries. There are the occasionally happy endings. Although the article I linked to describes this type of injury as rare, I doubt that description takes road-racing motorcyclists on the Isle of Man into account.
  6. Presumably The Who have the money to pay for all the extra paperwork that is needed now. Many, if not most, artists don't. It's also all the issues with trucks that carry all the necessary equipment. There are very short time limits and also limits on how many stops they can make. I could be wrong but I don't think many of these regulations existed in the era before Britain joined. And let's not forget that Britain had a say in EU regulations regardless of how much brexiteers claim they didn't. Also, Daltry is a dick.
  7. That's been my experience at the Royal India in Peel. They were pretty good when they first opened, but in recent years it's been nearly inedible or quite tasty. Rarely inbetween. My family and I have given up on them as it's such a disappointment when the food is crap, but still costs the same amount of money as when it's good. You never know which you're going to get.
  8. This issue was brought up again and again and leavers always refused to admit it would be a problem. Brexiteers don't give a shit about the arts.
  9. Zarley

    TT 2022 ??

    I think at this point in time, there's no way they can say much about what the entry requirements will be in late May. Things change too quickly where covid is concerned. On one hand, the pandemic may be on the decline with fewer cases world-wide and with much less severity. (fingers crossed!) In this scenario we may not need any, or very few, testing requirements. On the other hand, the world may be in the grips of a more transmissible and deadly variant. We may need to be very careful about entry requirements, if indeed the TT would even go ahead under this scenario. Or we may be somewhere in between those two extremes.
  10. https://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/62398-wet-ops/
  11. When Dr Glover proves she'd been hacked, I'll be engaging in a bit of schadenfreud when she sues a few people for slander and/or libel. 😉
  12. You're being rather optimistic today, eh?
  13. I assumed it was a brainfart-typo. In fact I'm positive.
  14. If you want your boat to float, I'd suggest one of the coastal towns with a harbour. 🤓
  15. The printing press. Musical instruments. The chimney (which in the history of mankind is a relatively new invention).
  16. Zarley


    Yeah, because a woman couldn't possibly think for herself. FFS
  17. We can't have that, can we. You're the King of Make Believe here. Banker needs to take his place with the rest of us serfs.
  18. No, it wasn't meant to be mean "hospitalisations per x number of infected". Only meant to show increase from one time period to another. I couldn't quickly find the article where I'd read the 53% to give details and decided to leave it until today. Apologies if you thought I ignored you yesterday. According to yesterday's data for England, there's been a 73% increase in covid patients since Xmas day. (Shuan Lintern is the health editor at the Sunday Times.)
  19. I knew you'd have a get-out clause at the ready. You're so predictable. W⚓
  20. Zarley


    I for one think she would have been elected in her own merits. I have to wonder how much of your vitriol comes from basic unconscious misogyny.
  21. @Ramseyboi, are you still intent on going for an illegal NYD beach walk? The Isle of Man Constabulary would like to know.
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