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  1. Where did they get the time machine for the "age 16 to 64 who are at high risk" and on down the line to the right? Another Longworth minibus style extravagance?
  2. It's ridiculous. I've seen young families who don't have money to burn have to move into houses with no carpets after perfectly good ones were ripped out. Carpets aren't cheap these days and the waste is unforgivable in an era where recycling/re-use/repurposing is supposed to be the way forward.
  3. Yes, which makes this move to gas in existing public housing all the more infuriating. In the case of them removing oil boilers in perfectly good working condition before new tenants move in, it's a huge waste of taxpayers' money. I can't help but wonder if there was some sort of brown envelope back room deal between MG & IOMG in regards replacing public housing boilers. Nothing else makes sense, imo. Yes, that's what I thought and I said so to the office person who told me that gas was hotter. Got a blank look in reply. It was obviously a sop she was instructed to say to people who aren't happy about the boiler change. Thankfully my oil boiler is ok, although I did have a "scare" a while ago. Turned out it just needed a new five quid gizmo and it's been fine since. I swear by oil-filled electric heaters when you only need to heat one room. They're very good and as you say, not expensive to run.
  4. Wrong! I've been told by the local commissioners that if my oil-fired boiler ever costs more than around £50 quid in parts to repair, it will be replaced with a gas boiler. Allegedly this has come from central government, not local. Also, whenever someone moves out, they replace the oil boiler with gas before the next tenant moves in. I know people who had their boilers replaced and the oil tank with oil in removed, and they were reimbursed with a fraction of what the oil in the tank cost - in one case it had been filled only the week before and the money they were refunded wouldn't even have given them half a tank's worth. After not being fairly compensated they then have to find the money for a MG deposit. I was also told that gas central heating is hotter than oil, how can that be? If my radiators got any hotter they'd be a H&S hazard.
  5. Gosh, I never knew Rod Stewart moonlights as a plumbing mogul!
  6. Sorry to hear this happened to your child. I'm not surprised he was knocked sideways having had the vaccine on the heels of an illness as his immune system was probably still recovering. The nasal spray flu vaccine is a live vaccine and is contraindicated in people with compromised immune systems, including just getting over an illness. The school and/or Manx Care should have made this very clear and offered alternatives. My daughter refused the live vaccine for my GS at school and took him to the GP to get the flu shot instead. This is because her father is undergoing cancer treatment, and I'm also immuno-compromised. Doctors advise against being around people who have had a live vaccine for 48-72 hours. We all have dinner together most nights and this is why she refused the live vaccine. (Her father and I divorced years ago but we're still close - in a brother and sister* kinda way.) *We're not from Foxdale!
  7. I've found out what Greenhow did before he moved here in 1999...
  8. No it won't matter if you're on the system where you've always had your meter read and billed on actual or estimated usage after the fact. Those of you on this system won't (shouldn't) notice a change. I'm talking about "pay as you go" (PAYG) meters where you have a "key" that you take to a participating shop to get charged with x amount of money, which you then insert into the appropriate hole in your meter. With the "smartPAYG" meters you'll have to go online to top up rather than take your key to a shop. Like I said, convenient for some, but a problem for folks who aren't internet savvy or dont have a smartphone never mind a computer. A bit like online banking which we're all being pushed towards.
  9. BTW here's the url for more information if anyone is interested: https://www.manxutilities.im/smarter-living/
  10. I had a card shoved through my letterbox the other day wanting me to contact them to confirm my contact details. Couldn't get through on the number given that day, and forgot to try again the next day or since. (This thread popping up reminded me so thanks) According to the card, they're starting with homes that have a PAYG key meter first. They're calling it "smarterPAYG" It will be convenient for people like me who are online and somewhat tech-savvy but what about some of the older folks who aren't?
  11. This is something that has puzzled me since the photo first appeared. 1. If someone was getting rid of them for nefarious reasons, they would have made sure they were closed, perhaps even double-bagged with each bag knotted separately. The bags were open and didn't look as though they'd been ripped open or painstakingly unknotted. 2. If they had been dumped closed, knotted, whatever, who in their right mind goes to an amenity centre and digs around in the skips opening sealed bin bags? None of it makes sense imo.
  12. He needs to be shown the door as well. He'd be first in line if I had my way. Two debacles that spring to mind are the recent census, and the handling of the Roberts Report. Not to mention all the other failures that have happened on his watch.
  13. There were some who wanted to delay the vote so further information could be gathered and considered but it was rejected. IMO MG tacitly threatened withdrawal of service if the vote didn't go forward on the day - in other words Tynwald was bullied and intimidated by a company that claims to not be bullies.
  14. FFS would you dickheads stop calling each other dickheads?
  15. The first step in dealing with a problem is admitting you have a problem. Alf has had the balls to publicly admit DoI has (is) a problem and I'm hopeful this bodes well for the future. Can anyone here imagine Quayle doing this? I certainly can't. The report came out during his tenure and IIRC he barely acknowledged its existence. Next we need to hear the same admission from Crookall - along with a concrete, detailed plan of what changes are to be made and how they will be implemented. Then I'll be even more optimistic that positive change will finally happen. It's not going to happen overnight but I find it encouraging that it would seem the wheels have been put in motion and right at the beginning of the new administration. Ask me again in six months to a year how optimistic I am - hopefully my faith in their ability to improve the DoI will be vindicated. I don't expect it to be done and dusted by then but I do expect progress. We shall see.
  16. I'm amazed it took eight years and three months to get to 500 pages on the subject of the Prom. With all the screw-up and controversies you'd think it would be four times that length by now!
  17. Wouldn't you just need a layer of civil servants to administer the work scheme?
  18. I thought they stopped that? Happy to be shown otherwise. ETA: not happy if they're still doing it mind, just ok with being wrong. Fucking fuming if it's still happening.
  19. The harbour isn't being dredged every day. Perhaps you're talking about the untreated sewage being discharged, I'm talking about the harbour and the Raggett PCBs etc which was the subject of the Roberts Report.
  20. Many from these countries may not come here directly, but people who travel to those countries do come here and certainly to our neighbours in the UK. It's important that globally most people get vaccinated because of worldwide travel, whether or not the poor in any given country are doing the travel themselves. IMO it's also important to call out misinformation, such as 50% of the world's population allegedly being vaxxed when it's clearly untrue and pulled from one's nether regions.
  21. Yes that was criminal. Can't believe the CS got away with it. Boot was (IMO) also responsible for it happening in the first place, as well as the subsequent "nothing (you're permitted) to see here" response. The majority of the ten allegations were upheld by the independent Roberts Report, two partially. The allegation that "Mr XY" "knowingly sanctioned deliberate pollution of controlled waters", was upheld in full. And yet nothing happened to "Mr XY". Meanwhile, Kevin Kennington (the whistle blower) was "chastised, humiliated, and regarded as a traitor" in meetings with Mr XY and "various officers" after KK made a protected disclosure to the AG. Not so protected after all, eh? KK also made a protected disclosure to DEFA minister Boot. The dumping occurred in 2016 and KK went to the AG when further plans were made to dredge and dump in 2017. Nothing was investigated until 2018, which produced the Roberts Report, delivered to Greenhow in March 2019. I don't believe this report (which upheld KK's allegations, see above) has ever seen the light of day - KK certainly hasn't been permitted to see it so I doubt anyone else has been either. Perhaps Greenhow got Asford to show him how to work the shredder. TL;DR something's rotten in the AG's office and it isn't the half-eaten butty in the back of the office fridge. IMO. The Ragget's PCBs dredged out of the harbour and dumped at sea in 2016 & 17 (and various times before that as well).
  22. Yes the public would be overwhelming behind the sacking of the incompetent trio. But - balls or no balls - does the CM or DOI minister have the authority to sack them? Because if one or both of them do have that authority, why didn't it happen years ago? Genuine question btw.
  23. Where have you seen stats which show 50% of the world has been vaccinated? "The World Health Organization (WHO) had set a target of 10% of the population of all countries to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 by the end of September. However, more than 50 countries failed to reach that level of protection. The WHO is now pushing for 40% to be vaccinated by the end of the year and more than 70% by mid-2022." https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-56237778 (published yesterday) The world isn't anywhere near 50% vaccinated - not even close.
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