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    Minimum Wage

    Stupid, or is it simply a case of not having the funds to relocate? It's extremely difficult to save any money on a minimum wage. It's called the poverty trap for a reason.
  2. The Tories desperately want to privatise the NHS. If you don't realise that you haven't been paying attention.
  3. Wonder if it's this sort of thing that led to lateral flow tests ending up in a skip?
  4. Zarley


    I heard they will be using ejetskis.
  5. Figured it was something like that when I googled the title 😂
  6. I've given meds to unwilling animals on my own plenty of times. I've needed help once or twice as well, but I'd get a friend or family member who the animal knew to help. I'd never get an employee to do it.
  7. It was clear to me as I've been backed into that "volunteering" corner myself a time or twenty, not only by a boss but more often by family members. Don't allow it to happen now I'm a bit older, but it was a semi-frequent occurrence when I was younger and less self-assured.
  8. Certainly sounds as though that's the case considering this part of the commissioners statement: It is a matter of disappointment the Board that after several weeks of silence, Miss Quine has through her public press release chosen to make misleading comments about an employee of the town that the Commissioners refute in their entirety. I'd like to know why she couldn't administer the doggy eardrops herself. Sounds like she's incapable of looking after it. Eardrops certainly aren't brain surgery.
  9. Absurd outrage? Would you like for there to no longer be an Isle of Man Post Office? I thought it was very short-sighted and frankly idiotic to not give the contract to IOMPO. Absolutely made zero sense. ETA It made even less sense when MIC then outsourced to Hermes. As has been noted above, they can be very unreliable. Some of the couriers are fantastic (the one in my area is) but others are abysmal. The one before the current guy was terrible. Haven't had a single problem either since the PO took over the delivery of smaller packages. Even though the current Hermes guy is good, the company itself still screws up and he does his best to rectify their mistakes.
  10. Read it years ago and I did enjoy it. Still have it - just had a look. It was on the shelf between The Magic of Findhorn and Frank Kermode's memoirs Not Entitled. I'm glad you mentioned Supernature as you made me go look and I found Kermode's book. Not sure what it was doing on that shelf, it should have been in the other room on the biography shelf. Been wanting to read it but thought I must have lent it out and forgotten... as you do. So thanks! 😀 The kid's book sounds good. Can't wait til my grands are old enough for that type of story.
  11. I'm currently reading the sixth edition of Invertebrate Zoology by Ruppert and Barnes. Not the whole thing mind you, mainly just the 60-odd pages on chelicerates, concentrating on arachnids. Spiders are fascinating creatures. I started studying them this past summer. I've a Wild Guide - Britain's Spiders - and so far I've identified around a dozen species in my postage stamp back garden alone. One is the "False Widow" Steatoda nobilis which has yet to be officially recorded on the island, but I'm hoping to change that. I've also just started The Secret Network of Nature by Peter Wohlleben. I'm not very far into it yet, but it's engrossing so far. Lined up after that is The Midnight Library by Matt Haig, which my daughter insist I must read. Has anyone here read it?
  12. Does that include political climate related contingencies?
  13. FFS you two, get a room!
  14. Very recent BMJ article about the differences between flu and covid.
  15. But they're all "really uncomfortable" with having to vote. Daren't print what I'm thinking. 😠
  16. If they haven't then maybe you should let IOM Newspapers know. By the way, why would you be receiving emails from QEII if you live in Ramsey?
  17. QEII High School has also made mask wearing mandatory. Awaiting outrage from the usual suspects.
  18. Yes. Body language speaks volumes.
  19. Organ damage is one factor of the covid/flu debate that is ignored by the "get on with it" crowd. Organ damage doesn't happen with flu. And personally, I very much doubt Ramseyboi's claims that no one he knows had symptoms of covid. More likely they didn't tell him because they knew his reaction would be that they simply wanted to skive off school/work.
  20. Are you saying Nobles admin are a bunch of boobs?
  21. While I agree with much of your post, what sort of scenery can you see on a day like today? I'd be using the coast road in these conditions, just to avoid the idiots who insist on driving like it's a fine sunny day regardless of how foggy and/or wet it is in reality. ETA: on a day like today you should be paying close attention to the road and other (possibly idiotically insane or insanely idiotic) drivers rather than gawping at the scenery anyway.
  22. Wild and crazy times ahead for the Bees household. Buckle up!
  23. Is that perhaps a Douglas bylaw? I don't live in Douglas and I've never seen or heard anything about a fine in my area. My bin doesn't obstruct anything so I don't know what the point would be. Some of my neighbours have worse things in their front gardens than a bin. If they're worried about aesthetics I could direct them to worse offenders than me.
  24. How is cannabis a "whole new ballgame" when it's being legalised in more and more jurisdictions every year? A cannabis bill would also bring us into line with them. How much more taxpayers' money must be wasted on policing pot, prosecuting "potheads" and the costly incarceration of people for a few joints, before these stupid anti-cannabis laws get changed? I could perhaps understand it if people high on pot continually committed violent assaults like people drunk on alcohol do... Oh but wait, possessing and consuming alcohol is legal. If I had my way, I'd legalise pot and outlaw alcohol. It's certainly the more damaging of the two drugs, by FAR.
  25. Someone should start a GoFundMe page to buy dentures for the OFT. But seriously, why can't OFT be given some real powers?
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