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  1. A bit like Brexit then. And that's gone really well too.
  2. Zarley

    TT 2022 ??

    I have reliable alternative facts that @Bandits is a founding member of TTanon. Rather than wearing a horned fur hat and carrying a staff, he wears a dark-visored helmet and carries a red flag.
  3. I've been thinking along these lines too. In past years, many in the younger demographic of TT visitors had a wife and young children at home. The deal was usually that they could come to the TT with mates, provided a holiday abroad was taken during the summer break with the wife and kids. I know this from chatting with bikers when I did bar work 15+ years ago, and hotel work more recently. Some would even come back for a holiday with the family during the summer. I wouldn't think there are many families who can afford two holidays this year, and probably many who can't even afford one.
  4. Zarley

    TT 2022 ??

    Hopefully a "good" cry? 😭
  5. Zarley

    TT 2022 ??

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/othersports/article-10883417/At-age-50-John-McGuinness-relishing-100th-Isle-Man-TT-start.html 9 McGuinness on the aftermath of his 2017 crash at the NW200: ‘I lost 52mm from my leg,’ he says. ‘They put it in a (fixator) cage and I had to grow it back 1mm a day, so I had to keep using a spanner to unlock the brace every day so it would grow. It wasn’t fun. Even when you get your leg over the missus you would boot her in the shin with a 5kg cage on your leg.’ And yet he's still racing. I hate that competitors die during the TT and MGP (or whatever other names they have for the August racing). It obviously can and should be made safer - but in an increasingly risk-adverse world I think it should continue. These people do it because they love it. They're not forced to do it. For the record, I'm not a fan. I've watched one race in over 30 years, just so I could say I've done it. But I "get it". I rode for a bit in my youth and I did some pretty crazy, dangerous things on that Yamaha 500 on rural, little-used back roads. While I wouldn't do such things today, I'd be pretty damn pissed off if someone had prevented me from having that experience and having those wonderful memories. My body, my life, my choice .
  6. Manx"17"... Is that your age or your IQ?
  7. Wouldn't this be for prisoners to report crimes on the "outside" that they have information about? Cell-mates seem to talk to each other about such things.
  8. I wouldn't trust a drink poured by him.
  9. Bonfire of the Vanities.
  10. Unless you're talking about double paper-bagging over the... um... larger head, that's a really bad idea. Double bagging is more likely to result in a split johnny. Particularly a ribbed one!
  11. "This vacancy is open to internal applicants only." Why? Why can't any suitably qualified Manx resident apply for the job?
  12. Would the private sector even want to employ the government employees who most need to be shown the door? I suppose the pubs might take some on. Do we need more shelf stackers in Tesco or Shoprite?
  13. Since when is DoI supplying missiles to Ukraine? And is that some sort of new-fangled missile launcher disguised as a crane in the background?
  14. Never going to happen (although it should). In his mind he's the injured party, not Dr Ranson or anyone else. He probably hugs his MBE close to his heart as he cries himself to sleep each night. Diddums. 🤢
  15. I've had an adverse event due to the vaccine and I reported it to the yellow card system on the advice of an audiologist at Nobles. I've had tinnitus for about ten years now, due to medicine I take for an underlying condition. This has been yellow carded by the prescribing specialist. When I had my first vaccine, the tinnitus became noticeably worse, and worse again with the 2nd and booster shots. My GP referred me to the audiology department at Nobles. The audiologist confirmed partial hearing loss and although they can't really confirm tinnitus, she said this probably contributed to the hearing loss. She told me that tinnitus was a widely accepted adverse event from the covid vaccines amongst audiologist and suggested I complete a yellow card report, which I did. I had covid (omnicron) at the end of March, and the tinnitus got worse yet again, although thankfully it has subsided more-or-less to pre-covid illness levels in the past few weeks or so, unless I'm tired or stressed. Then it's off the freaking charts. Would I have had the vaccine if I'd known my tinnitus would worsen? Absofreakinglutely. I was quite unwell during my bout with covid (yes, probably due in part to my underlying condition, probably due in part to just bad luck) and I dread to think how ill I may have become if I were unvaccinated. Everyone has to weigh up the cost/benefit situation for themselves when taking any medication or vaccine. None of them are perfect or side effect free. If I'd ceased taking the meds which first gave me tinnitus, chances are I'd no longer be here to tell the story. Same thing for the covid vaccine. I've learned* how to live with tinnitus. At least I'm here to do so. *still learning!
  16. If he didn't know what was going on, he should have. If he wasn't so far up his own backside he would/should have noticed something was amiss and got to the bottom of it. No matter how you look at it, he has to go. I have absolutely no confidence in his abilities as a minister and I doubt many others do. It's frightening that he's in charge of the purse-strings at a time of economic crisis. That fact that Alf hasn't got rid also leaves me with no confidence in the Chief Minister. What a shit-show. Astonishing indeed.
  17. Sod that. He's shown himself to be an untrustworthy liar and an incompetent buffoon. He should not be permitted near any public office, nor should he get paid for any consultancy work or project management in the public sector. He represents all that is wrong and toxic in IOMG as well as the civil service. He needs to go, full stop.
  18. Ashford should not only resign from the treasury, he should resign as an MHK so a bye election can be called. Without delay. He should then hang his head in shame and never hold any public office ever again, nor any other position in the public arena. He's a national embarrassment.
  19. Good to know - and I hope you're right.
  20. I think they should continue to provide them for free - or very low cost at least. One family member has cancer and I'm vulnerable as well. Our family would find it much more difficult to keep each other safe if we were unable to monitor our health via these tests. My daughter currently has covid - she caught it while teaching. She's not out and about, she's at home and quite unwell. She doesn't want to be off work; being a supply teacher she's basically on a zero-hours contract. She's fully vaxxed and boosted, young and healthy. She doesn't have "typical" headcold covid symptoms, she's extremely fatigued with bad joint pain. If covid tests weren't readily available it would have been easy to assume she was suffering from something else and because it's not presenting as a respiratory illness, we probably wouldn't think it was very contagious. While if I or the cancer patient in the family may only have a "mild" case if we catch it, you never know and I don't particularly want to find out if it can be helped. We're a close family, constantly in and out of each other's homes, so it's important we know the score. I'm NOT advocating the return or continuation of covid restrictions. However there's no good reason for removing the ability to test for those of us wishing to keep close, vulnerable family members safe. If you feel you no longer need to test, then don't test. Just don't remove the ability (or make it financially burdensome) to test from those of us who have genuine reasons to continue. TL:DR not testing will have absolutely no effect on how many people have covid, and some of us need to know if family members have it or not.
  21. Don't know if drivelling pains him, but it certainly pains his readers.
  22. We all know that whatever the DoI gets its grubby hands on, it's always the GMP that gets "laid".
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