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  1. He waffled on about why but I couldn't concentrate on what he was saying as had a phone call I had to take. However I did catch Hooper saying "better the devil you know" when he seconded.
  2. Three MHKs were nominated for acting Speaker: Crookall, Caine, and Thomas. Crookall was successful. Ashford nominated Watterson. Hooper seconded. No other noms so Watterson is Speaker.
  3. I would imagine there were others like me who were planning to be off-island on election day, but don't have an off-island address where they can receive the postal vote packet. If they assumed everyone who requested the packet would be posting on-island and didn't think it was a possibility some would be using the postal option while temporarily away, they wouldn't have pointed out it was only free when posting on-island.
  4. In my opinion, the cartoon falls under the heading of "everyday sexism". Taken in isolation, it's not particularly offensive or damaging in the greater scheme of things. However, these seemingly inconsequential minor acts of sexism add up because they're happening all the time. Like a tap constantly dripping in the background, it becomes maddening. If you continually add small pebbles to a pile of small pebbles, eventually they become a barrier.
  5. What it says on the instruction sheet* is this: "Post envelope B.** It is free to return your vote by post so you don't need a stamp if you are posting it in the Isle of Man."*** Which I took to mean if you take it away on a trip with you, you'd have to pay postage yourself. I paid particular attention to that bit as originally I was supposed to be in Liverpool from Monday afternoon to Thursday evening. I was going to take it with me as I hadn't yet made up my mind. The appointment was cancelled last minute so I was here after all. *Yes, I still have it. I shoved it in the same folder as the manifestos I kept for future reference. Sad or what? 🤣 **Emphasis theirs. ***Emphasis mine.
  6. I suspect if the women MHKs iron anything, it'll be Stu.
  7. Yes. You get a large envelope which contains one ballot paper (same one you get at the polling station), one postal statement on which you enter your DOB and signature, one smaller, windowed envelope marked A (for the ballot), one larger envelope marked B (for envelope A and postal statement), and one instruction sheet. It's free to post from the IoM but if you're off island you'd have to pay postage. You can drop it off at the polling station on the day as well.
  8. You beat me to it, neither could I!
  9. This inconvenient fact goes against the narrative that the UK was under the EU's thumb and forced to accept "laws made by faceless bureaucrats in Brussels". Brexiteers like to pretend we had no say - and the gammon lap it up. Sovereignty innit.
  10. Where can this be viewed? I'd like to be able to link to it in an email or two. Ta.
  11. Thank you for responding, Roger. I've made several attempts at a response since he posted that paranoid diatribe, but had to stop each time lest I get myself banned. And some men wonder why women continue to be pissed off about the situation. Some reading for perspective... https://www.unwomen.org/en/what-we-do/leadership-and-political-participation/facts-and-figures
  12. On the accident map, there are quite a few spots on the mountain road that look like multiple spots superimposed on each other. If they'd included a blown up mountain section similar to the Douglas section, I think there'd be many more accidents visible. Many.
  13. The more I think about it, the more I like Tim in DEFA. I think KLB might suit DHSC.
  14. How is saying "nothing is ever going to make any difference" and "will never ever happen" anything but defeatist? It's the very definition of defeatist. demonstrating expectation or acceptance of failure. Rather than sending out the message to our MHKs that we expect nothing will change, we should be demanding and expecting them to get it sorted. You're effectively giving them license to roll over. We, the electorate, need to take more responsibility for holding our elected officials to account. If the press/media wont do it, we need to get off our arses and start using every means at our disposal to ensure things change.
  15. Yes, you did. It's right there in your post. I put the sentence in bold text so it's easy to see.
  16. The main thing of note that I remember him doing is earning the moniker "Spewin' Juan". But I will give Declan the positive comments about being Speaker and his involvement in PAC.
  17. If all the MHKs have this same defeatist attitude, nothing will be done. I'm hoping there are at least a few who are willing to stand together to change the situation. We clearly can't continue to allow the DoI to have free reign. There's too much at stake now. If things don't change soon, we may as well just hand the keys over and be done with it. I'm pinning my hopes on change. It's tough being an optimist these days, but I refuse to surrender. My mental health depends upon it.
  18. To be fair, did any candidate in any constituency announce any plans as to precisely how they would deal with any of the issues? As for being "hilarious" if he gets DoI and they "chew him up and spit him out" well, maybe, if you think having incompetent, wanna-be oligarch, untouchable managers in the DoI who actively work against the island's best interests is hilarious. I dont think it will be funny if the DoI continue to run rings around any of our elected officials. It will be as far from funny as you can get. It's going to take more than one person to fix the problem that is the DoI. We need our MHKs to work together as a united front to change the problems in the CS. I'm hoping Tim will be one of the leaders in this effort. Don't get me wrong. I don't think Tim can do no wrong. I know his track record could have been better. But people can and do change for the better. I've done it myself and I've watched others do it. I'd rather encourage people to learn and grow and do better, instead of continually tearing them down for past mistakes. I'm rooting for him. I want him to succeed in his aims, not for his own glory, but for the betterment of the island as a whole.
  19. Zarley

    Manx Care

    2112 drops the bait. TVoR swims up, bites, and reels himself in every time. It was amusing the first few hundred times.
  20. I didn't either, but he managed to change my mind in the past month or so. According to Tim, he ran because he was fed up with the administration of the past five years, with the growth of government despite the promises to reduce numbers, the inaction on sewage, the flagrant screw-ups of the DoI and other departmental failings. I honestly think he'll surprise us all this time around. If I'm wrong, well, damn. I'll have to hold my hands up.
  21. I think Cussons would have gotten in over Cowin had Crookall not run. My second vote was a toss-up between LC and Tim. I voted Tim because I figure we need someone with experience in the next five years. I know several 20 and 30-somethings who voted Cussons. Cowin was (let's face it) too old and out of touch. His public speaking skills are abysmal. Anytime he stood up in the keys to make a point, he'd put people to sleep, if they could even understand his mumbling rambles to begin with. He "talks" a good game on paper, as his letters to the editor testify, but crucially, you have to be able to communicate your thoughts verbally as well in politics. I had high hopes when he announced his candidacy, but in person the reality was a huge let-down.
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