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  1. Makes me think of literature; Modern Fiction (what with all the socks-in-residence).
  2. Wow, he's barking. Does he howl at the moon as well? Genuine question. Most of this thread was tl:dr so I've only read the last few pages.
  3. Why is it that my washer always eats my socks, but one just can't seem to get rid of sock puppets?
  4. Henry the Eighth stole them off the Cat'licks back when Hector was a pup.
  5. It certainly was a protest in my case, and no, I did NOT vote for him this time around. To be honest, these past two Peel elections were all about choosing the one who hopefully would cause the least damage.
  6. Aye, they don't make 'em like Eisenhower anymore. I like(d) Ike.
  7. That takes the "Miss Isle of Man Syndrome" to a whole new level!
  8. When seeing shouldn't necessarily be believing: http://www.vice.com/en_uk/read/kleinfeld-refugee-memes-debunking-846
  9. I would have thought a tube of KY would suffice - and it's cheaper too! if you're using KY you clearly haven't run your fingers through the wool enough to stir the ewe's passion So little time, so many ewes.
  10. I would have thought a tube of KY would suffice - and it's cheaper too!
  11. Feelings, unfortunately, are not facts. I think I'll wait for the (massaged?) figures before I get too excited.
  12. And "tough shit" to anyone who has to get to Liverpool for healthcare? Cheers. At least Manx Airlines always made sure the patient transfers flights went in the morning. Don't suggest the ferry either: sick people don't need to be tossed around on a boat. The plane can be difficult enough as it is.
  13. So many insignificant things to moan about, so little time... sigh!
  14. Good luck with that. People just love to quote his posts, so you will end up seeing them anyway. I put him on ignore within days of finding and joining this forum, but I still see his drivel most of the time.
  15. Zarley

    Flue Tax

    Wins the thread? Hell, he wins the entire internet, if only for a day.
  16. The majority of child sex abuse cases are perpetrated by either a trusted family friend, or a close family member. While cases in which an adult in a position of trust and authority abuses a child in his or her care receive more media attention - and therefore appear to be more common - they are in fact in the minority. In addition, pedophiles are rarely totally unknown to their victims. It's usually friends and family, although these cases rarely end up in court due to the victims not coming forward. A majority of pedophiles were also sexually abused as children. One has to wonder what went on behind closed doors in the Taghinejad family home, given that his son is also a convicted pedophile. Perhaps Davoud only recently moved on to the children he taught because his own children are now adults. (Am I permitted such speculation here? I'm not stating it as fact, I'm suggesting a possibility so I hope that's ok.) Whatever the dark secrets of the Taghinejad family may be, one thing is certain; he's a disturbed individual. I'm glad he was stopped before he had the opportunity to hurt more children than he has already. I hope those he abused get access to on-going counselling/therapy and are ultimately able to come out of this as well-rounded, well-adjusted people. It's possible with good care so I hope the mental health facilities on the island do not fail them. As a person who has seen first-hand the lasting damage sex abuse can cause, my heart goes out to them.
  17. If those were the only options, I'd give the bus a miss and ring for a taxi!
  18. Zarley

    Flue Tax

    Can we impose a "haven't a clue" tax on local politicians?
  19. Zarley

    Flue Tax

    I understood that much, what is unclear is what type of flue you are talking about. (or am I being thick?)
  20. My daughter teaches in a primary school across in what's generally termed as a "deprived coastal area". Her best mate teaches in a Manx primary. When the NUT president praised the island's schools and said "teachers and pupils were far happier and more motivated than across." I would say it's very true. Many teachers and TAs at my daughter's school are stressed to the point of illness and many have had to take time off. In three short years, I have watched my daughter go from a healthy, vibrant young woman who loves teaching young children to a sickly, stressed out person who dreads going to work each day. Due to all the paperwork (demanded by Ofsted) that must be completed for each child in her class, she works late into the night every school night and also works long hours every weekend. Ticking boxes and filling out forms takes up so much of her time that she struggles to plan lessons. It's horrifying and heartbreaking to watch. Her friend who teaches on the island, on the other hand, has none of this Ofsted induced stress. She has the time and energy to put all her effort into teaching her children. None of the teachers or TAs at her school are off with stress-related illness. My daughter is hoping to come back home and teach here asap. Not only does she want to give back to the society and educational system that served her well and enabled her to gain her qualifications, but she also wants to get back to doing what she went into the profession to do - teaching and moulding young minds, rather than ticking boxes and filling in forms about teaching children. I have to admit I'm worried about her mental and physical health. She's always been a very resilient person. Nothing ever phased her and believe me, life has thrown her more than her share (for her age) of curve-balls. Every time we talk on Skype these days, she looks worn out with dark circles under her eyes. It's difficult to watch what's happening to her and not being able to do anything about it. Everything else in her life is going very well, so it's completely down to the stress of being a teacher in England. If I still had young children, I know without doubt and with no need for league tables where I would want my children educated - right here on the Isle of Man. We may have a lot of problems on the island, but education here is fantastic and I'm glad it won some well-deserved praise from the NUT president.
  21. Zarley

    Flue Tax

    Could you elaborate please? Are you talking only about solid fuel/wood burning chimneys (which are becoming few and far between), or any type of flue?
  22. Not a bad idea, apparently: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/news/snails-farmers-just-cant-keep-up-with-demand-from-british-diners-9057148.html
  23. Mould? Maybe we could become the penicillin capital of the world? Mind you, I suppose one could argue our government already presides over the largest mushroom farm in the world - we're all kept in the dark and fed a load of bullshit.
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