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    Manx Care

    What gave it away?
  2. Zarley

    Manx Care

    Agreed. My opinion of Ashford (a lying, pompous, lying liar who suffers from Dunning-Kruger syndrome) has absolutely no bearing on how I treat medical staff. The lack of timely appointments is not their fault. They do their best in a broken system.
  3. Isn't the problem with the power station site the proximity to the Food Park?
  4. Hey there Roxanne, nice to see you posting again. When you say Mr C, do you mean Crookall? At first read I thought you meant Cowin. I was initially excited about him running, but after listening to him at two meetings, I'm sorely disappointed. I've had no other experience of Cowan. I am warming to Crookall this time around. I'm wondering if he's perhaps older and wiser and now better placed to make a difference. My second vote is between him and the other Mr C, Leo Cussons of the Green Party. I had to go back to Peel Golf Club about 40 minutes after the meeting last Friday to retrieve a personal item I'd left behind and Kate and Tim were at the bar, deep in conversation. I've no doubt they'd work together well. I also think she'd probably work well with Leo.
  5. Leaving the scene of the crime. Hopefully Ashford will be consigned to the back benches. I'd rather he was voted out, but unfortunately that seems unlikely. I don't trust a word he says and haven't since his fictional letter shredding fiasco.
  6. Anyone who agrees to take on the role of CM should have the intelligence and foresight to realise, in this volatile world, that they could very well be called upon to do just that. I think Howard signed up for power, kudos, a gong from the Queen and a chance to rub elbows with bigger fish. In his arrogance he bit off more than he could chew.
  7. Same here. Really disappointing. I came in a few minutes late last night, just as Cowin was finishing his introductory ramble. As I missed the beginning, was any reason given for "Mikey's" absence? None was given at the Manx Radio event. Has he withdrawn? He may as well. He seems to be hiding from the electorate which doesn't bode well for the future should he get in. I doubt he will anyway. Saying that, according to twentyfourkeys*, he's ahead of Boot down at the bottom of the pile: Mikey, 4.05; Boot, 3.02 *We plebs have been warned off the site, but what's the harm? I'm not taking it too seriously and I'm not a gambler. I didn't even know it was a betting site and I don't see any links to somewhere to bet.
  8. Why do you wish to punish the wardens? They're both really nice blokes and don't deserve that at all.
  9. Hopefully Boot will be grilled on this whistle blower incident at tonight's meeting at QEII.
  10. And they take longer to cook.
  11. Guilty as charged I 'spose. 😳 Apart from the agenda bit.
  12. Why, do you get one every time someone damages a tire? You're gonna be sore!
  13. Thanks for the link/information. Why does everyone seem to mention fracking in the same sentence as off-Maughold? Manx rumour mill? Fake news? I would hope Cowin has some evidence to back up his claims about the southwest, otherwise he's going to look like a fantasist at best or a liar at worst. Either way he's screwed if he can't show show some proof.
  14. Thanks for catching that. I went back to fix it and in my defence, it was the autocorrect on my Fire tablet. When I wrote billion it corrected it again to million. My electronic devices like to troll me. As for the gas, I'm more interested in the alleged gas reserves in the south as he seems to think fracking wouldn't be involved. I'm not sure I like the idea of fracking off Maughold. I'm also not sure I believe him about any of it. I'd like to see some receipts.
  15. Yeah it certainly was gobbledygook in places. To be fair I wasn't terribly surprised at how garbled some of the Cowin bits were; he was very difficult to follow in person as he's quite the mumbling waffler. I dread to think what Hansard will be like should he be elected. But that doesn't excuse mistakes like attributing Wint's questions to Cowin on several occasions for example. Poor editorial oversight.
  16. The same was true of friends in my daughter and SiL's circles of friends - when they were in their 20s. Now they're in their early 30s and they've all returned to settle down and raise families. A few have brought spouses/partners who weren't raised on the island. They've all had at least two children, apart from one who got started a bit later than the others but plans on having a second in due course. And of course a some didn't leave the island at all, and those tend to have more than two children. The fellas in these families usually get together once a month or so for a night out. The women get together at each other's houses for a few glasses of wine with the same frequency. They also get together as families at each other's houses for food and drink. They don't go to the pub with the same frequency as my generation did because 1) it's too expensive and 2) they can't be bothered dealing with the drunken yobs who do still frequent pubs, while spending a small fortune for the privilege. Looking around my neighbourhood, there are quite a few young families with 3-5 children parented by people who didn't to go uni and never left the island. Few of them are pub-goers, they go round to each other's houses to drink instead. Of course, it is true that we've lost the summer season transient workers in the past decade or two. Take Peel for example. 30 years ago there were always plenty of young Irish women who would come over in summer to work in the fishyards, mainly in the kipper yards. As herring is no longer landed here, that source of work has dwindled. The shellfish yards now mainly employ resident Eastern Europeans as the locals no longer want to do it. You very rarely encounter Eastern Europeans in the pubs.
  17. The transcript from Friday night's Glenfaba & Peel MR Constituency Debate is now available (although it's riddled with silly mistakes). It was indeed Cowin who claimed the gas reserves he is talking about are off the southwest coast and not off Maughold. It was in response to a question from a member of the public about having ideas about alternative income should the e-gaming and/or the finance sectors fail. I had hoped to C&P the relevant section of the transcript but it won't let me, so here's a few quick quotes. If you would like further detail, please click on the above link. Cowin: "...£800 billion worth of gas reserves just to the south of the island." Wint: "Ok and will that in any way harm our green agenda?" Cowin: "No, in 2018 they were looking at gas reserves off the east coast but that would involve fracking." (so presumably this gas is accessible without the need for fracking) Wint: "Where would the gas be brought ashore in the Isle of Man?" Cowin: "...I haven't actually got the exact details but I do know it's to the southwest of the island within our territorial waters and basically it's our reserves." I'm still thinking he must be talking about the area around the Chickens, just south of the Calf. Don't think local fishermen will be very happy if I'm right. There's a meeting on Wednesday at QEII and I'm hoping someone questions him in more depth about how he knows any of this and how reliable his source is. I might even muster the cahones to stand up and ask him myself - I'm not the most confident public speaker, but I really want to know if there's any truth to this or if it's just a cynical attempt to get people to vote for him.
  18. What I don't understand is if we allegedly have fewer young people than "back-in-the-day", then why are so many of our schools full to bursting? Why are we either adding on to existing schools or building bigger ones? If we have so many school-aged children, does it not follow that we have a fair amount of 20-30 somethings? Am I missing something?
  19. Zarley

    Peoples Wood

    It was a completely fictional request, based on a section of Quicksilver. No need to apologise.
  20. Have a look at Roger's link. They're finding in the deserts of southern Arizona that plants beneath solar panels cools them. Quite an interesting article.
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