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  1. When I had my booster, I wore a (new) surgical mask covered by a (freshly washed) cloth mask. My cloth mask fits very snugly around my face and particularly over my nose, which is important as it means my glasses don't fog. It also adds an extra layer, making it safer for everyone. I was asked to remove it by the nurse who checked my forms until she realised I already had a surgical mask on, whereupon she said I was good to go and probably better protected than she was. Quilp, you perhaps should have put the surgical mask on over your ffp3. Can't see how they can object to that.
  2. Andrew was hardly mentioned in Maxwell's trial, with references to him being limited to his occasional presence on the Lolita Express. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/dec/29/prince-andrew-ghislaine-maxwell-trial
  3. Me too. Everyone knows Randy Andy is physically incapable of producing sweat.
  4. I think he was being mindful of his ability to lose his temper when dealing with jobsworths. Probably did the right thing. 😂
  5. I don't find it hard to believe. My SiL got turned away in his VW van when clearing out before a house move. It only had two front seats, no separation between front and back, no windows in the back other than on the back doors and no taller than a conventional car. Smaller height-wise than a Berlingo. Not used for work other than in respect of getting there, but was deemed to be a work van and turned away. (Got it cheap 2nd hand, primarily to transport his bike and other hobby related items) A family friend with a 4x4 with back seats that fold down came to the rescue and were able to load 50% more into the 4x4 than the van. They weren't turned away.
  6. Peace on Manx Forums and Goodwill to all Members. Merry Christmas y'all! 🎄🎉
  7. Trying it on in order to increase their profits. That's what it looks like to me anyway. It's like I always told my daughter. If you want something, just ask. The worst they can say is "no"*. *Or "fuck off". She was just a kid though, so I tried to keep it polite.
  8. Oshkosh were initially famous for bib and brace type overalls for adults. They went into kids clothing on the back of that. Their catch-phrase was Oshkosh B'gosh.
  9. When a PM and his government fuck up and lie about it to the extent that the PM has to stand down, it's not good enough for him/her to be replaced by a cabinet member. They should have to call a GE.
  10. Barber? I think he must employ a gardener to achieve that finely-honed, through-a-hedge-backward signature look.
  11. At first glance I thought that was Howard Shipman stood next to #LiarJohnson. I've clearly been looking too much at @ColdWarSteve's artwork.
  12. What privacy? There's no real privacy at the Chester St hub nor is any needed. You get the jab in your arm, not your backside. All they really need are some tables and chairs. It can be done anywhere where there's enough space.
  13. Do you start your day with tea or coffee?
  14. Were those colleagues amongst those in the maskless offices you've been visiting lately?
  15. Does the new female news reader remind anyone else of Tricia Takanawa on Family Guy?
  16. Maybe Derek also likes a bit of coke?
  17. It also has a knock-on effect to others in the victims' lives. I know this first hand. My mother was sexually abused by a family member from the age of ten to seventeen, beginning in 1937. As a result, she was a very volatile, disturbed individual. Growing up, my siblings and I thought it was our fault, as kids do. She made our, our father's, and step-fathers' lives hell. It was only when I told her I was getting married that she told me what she'd endured*. I was the first person she ever told, forty years after she was last abused. Suddenly her behaviour during my childhood made some sense. I still grapple with the after-effects to this day and I'm nearly sixty. My siblings do too. I'm the youngest, btw. *An example of how she would consistently ruin any happy occasion. In my opinion, anyone convicted of sexually abusing children should be locked up for the rest of their lives. Screw the idea of letting them out and hoping they get sent down again if further offences come to light. One child's (and their family's) life ruined is one too many. The child doesn't get a second chance, why on earth should their abuser expect any mercy? They should rot in jail.
  18. Good news! I'm happy for you.
  19. Give me a break. If your kid had to stay off school because their teacher went to a crowded gig and didn't even bother to wear a mask, you'd be screaming bloody murder.
  20. I agree people have to make their own risk assessments. The point I'm making is that should Wrighty - or indeed any other doctor - knowingly put himself at risk for infection when his subsequent isolation will impact on people through having their appointments or surgery cancelled? Appointments or surgery for which they probably waited ages? I We all know what the waiting lists are like here. NDP said above, "This pandemic has properly messed with minds." Waiting lists mess with people's minds - and bodies - too.
  21. I've always had a lot of respect for Wrighty. He's one of the main reasons I came back to the forum at the beginning of the pandemic after a hiatus of several years. However on this occasion I think he was acting irresponsibly. Going to a crowded venue where people aren't wearing masks is just asking to be infected. Unless of course if he's already on leave and will be for long enough to cover any isolation period. That's fair enough, as I said above. Fill yer boots.
  22. My first thought was - triple-jabbed doesn't mean you can't get infected, particularly where omicron is concerned. My second thought wasn't that he might pass it on, although that's a concern as well. Nope, my second thought was if he tests positive, he's going to have to isolate.... how many appointments would be cancelled as a result? Fair enough if he's on leave and won't be returning until some time in the New Year, but if he's not on leave and does test positive he's screwed patients out of their appointments. It's not on that he'd take that chance given the current waiting lists.
  23. I think he acted in a highly irresponsible manner. Glad he's not my doctor!
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