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  1. You've jinxed us now. You're part of a conspiracy, aren't you.
  2. So what? Do people in other work sectors feel any differently after having paycuts FORCED upon them? Or having no payrise for years, all the while the costs of a weekly grocery shop, not to mention rent and other necessities, go up and up and up? My guess is that they fwould feel even worse - and find themselves falling into depression and hopelessness when they struggle to feed their families and keep a roof over their head. But oh no, we cannot have our MHKs feeling weak and devalued. Poor little diddums.
  3. Yes, CoMin needs to be abolished. I also believe that MHKs should be elected island-wide - with the top 12, 24, or whatever number being the ones who get in. They should have constituencies only in the sense of having to deal with specific problems people are having within a certain catchment area, pertaining to that specific catchment area.
  4. Regardless of whether or not he actually said it, as a leader he should embrace and act on that ideal. Good leaders lead by example. They don't expect the people they lead to make all the sacrifices while they steadily increase their own earnings. We obviously have very few good leaders in the House of Keys. I totally agree with this sentiment. What makes it worse is that there are people in positions of authority in fields they know nothing about. Tim Crookall and David Anderson are two prime examples, men who are getting loads of extra money to dabble in direct policy in fields where their performance indicates near total ignorance - and it's we, the rank and file of the island, who bear the brunt of their over-paid inadequacies.
  5. That sign should be posted outside the Wedding Cake.
  6. Presumably. At one time there wasn't - or if there was, it wasn't being applied across the board. I've been traveling to Liverpool off and on for healthcare since 2001 and years ago people used to get escorts to come with them not because they were frail, unable to travel alone or not of sound mind, but because they wanted someone to go shopping with in the afternoon. There were a lot of pissed off people when this was stopped. I never took an escort, not even when I was on chemotherapy and desperately ill. I felt I was fortunate to be able to access the healthcare I needed and the last thing I ever wanted to do was to cost the system unnecessary money. Unfortunately, there were a lot of people who saw being able to have an escort, no questions asked, as a way to have fun with a mate at the taxpayers' expense. I'm super glad it's been stopped and only those who truly need an escort are permitted one. I used to regularly get myself frozen out of the conversation in the taxi back to the airport by airing my displeasure with those who were cheating the system. BTW, I hope all of you who work at the hospital keep up the pressure; please know you still have public support. I'm still in contact with various MHKs and others, voicing my concerns about bullies in the Manx NHS. Keep up the good work, and don't let the bastards grind you down.
  7. No... I think you'll find that they're pigeons. Nah, shitehawks.
  8. Oh Just for you. Thank you! I only managed to listen for about a minute - and I want it back.
  9. Pffft. "Greatest minds"? I preferred your original title - closer to the truth.
  10. I totally agree. My ex does this and it's riveting watching the contortions he goes through to abide by the letter of the law, but yet still remain up-to-date on shows he likes. He'll pay for all sorts of internet download services which cost more monthly than a combined BBC licence and basic Sky - but oh well. It's what rocks his boat I suppose. Oh, and sometimes he asks to come over to watch my licence-paid-for-telly when he can't get something over the internet. I'm usually busy that night. Good post. That just about sums these tossers up. For every genuine person who really doesn't watch TV at all and therefore should not pay, I reckon that there are another 10 who do watch it and are doing exactly as you say. ZARLEY: You weren't married to The Border Terrier by any chance were you? No. He doesn't "do" internet forums, fortunately for us all. He can get rather long-winded, pedantic and a bit "out there". Eccentric. Hey, wait, I can actually think of quite a few candidates here..... Seriously though, he's not a bad guy and we're still friends. Brother/sister type relationship - still family because we made a family. Stayed that way for the offspring's sake.
  11. Not so sure about that. My last telly was bought at Tesco, paid in cash, and at no time did I give anyone my address or was I questioned about my licence or lack thereof. Did you use a clubcard? Nope, never use the shoprite card or coop card either. Corporate espionage if you ask me!
  12. I totally agree. My ex does this and it's riveting watching the contortions he goes through to abide by the letter of the law, but yet still remain up-to-date on shows he likes. He'll pay for all sorts of internet download services which cost more monthly than a combined BBC licence and basic Sky - but oh well. It's what rocks his boat I suppose. Oh, and sometimes he asks to come over to watch my licence-paid-for-telly when he can't get something over the internet. I'm usually busy that night.
  13. Not so sure about that. My last telly was bought at Tesco, paid in cash, and at no time did I give anyone my address or was I questioned about my licence or lack thereof.
  14. There might be if their records stated an individual didn't have a TV licence and required one. However the get around for this is their database holds details of addresses that don't have a TV licence. BD is correct. When I moved into a house that had been vacant for at least a month, I soon got a letter saying "this address no longer has a valid licence associated with it." Might not be a verbatim quote, but they were definitely saying the address had no licence, not that I had no licence. I do have a licence, btw. Their records obviously hadn't caught up with my change of address ~rolls eyes~ when I got that letter. I pay it monthly by DD. Less painful that way.
  15. @Dr.No Actually. Disappointingly, you do have a point. I'll think about it. In the meantime: @manxman8180 I take on board your points. There are however, a couple I'd like to make. As mentioned by WOC, healthcare professionals are registered in the UK. As part of this they have 'codes of conduct' to adhere to allowing them to maintain their registration (honesty, integrity and importantly putting patients first are at the very heart of these). Alongside these are well researched national standards, recommendations and guidance for the care delivered. Whilst we are an island, this does not make us exempt from all of this and the Healthcare Commission report of 2006 recommended that contingency plans should be develped and put in place to cover those standards that are unachievable due to our location and resources. This has not been done. Staff are not being unrealistic, of course there are limitations on the care that can be delivered. We are not talking about specialist services though, we're talking about BASIC standards. This would protect patients and professionals. Healthcare staff are not complaining 'just for something to do', however; judging by the lack lustre responses, perhaps they should take Dr.No's advice and STFU as no one seems to be interested. Staff are risking everything to get the message out there and few seem to be listening, or in fact even care that they are being lied to time and time again. The hospital manager is on record and in print as saying all is well and there is 'nothing to see here' (I would suggest she is in serious breach of her professional codes of conduct). Management have been supported by the Health Minister and today's feel good press conference, so we can all rest assured and carry on with our everyday lives. Until of course the services of Noble's Hospital are required. Lets just hope then 'Lady Luck' is shining down on the situation once again. I've been telling anyone and everyone I know about this thread and encouraging them to read it. Many have, some haven't. Those who have and have reported back to me are all enraged - and have all been encouraged to start writing letters and making phone calls to their own MHKs as well as Mrs. Beecroft. They've also been telling their own friends and families. Reading this thread has been an eye-opener for many. Now is not the time to give up in despair, now is the time to keep encouraging more people (staff, patients and patients' families alike) to look beyond the feel-good news releases and sound-bites and start asking hard questions and not give up until truthful answers and realistic solutions are forthcoming.
  16. PM me if you have a recliner you'd like to sell.
  17. Very true, for the most part. However, when you happen to be a patient with a longstanding, chronic condition, and are very knowledgeable about that condition including NICE guidelines, Royal College guidelines and various other governing body guidelines, correct treatment protocols etc etc etc, and you speak out about things being done wrong or badly or whatever and you're basically told to STFU, you're the patient, we're the medical staff, well, it's a sad state of affairs. At least I do have much more than a basic knowledge of my condition - I fear for those who do not and what kind of treatment they are receiving - or in some cases, not receiving.
  18. And my friends and family wonder why I have the ringer on my house phone turned off 99.99% of the time. Those PPI people (amongst others) were starting to drive me insane. Not a far drive, I'll grant you, but still.... I don't get any "cold calls" on my mobile (hope I'm not tempting fate!) so if people want to get in touch, they either have to ring the mobile or text me to turn on the house phone.
  19. I do not have a terrible mind, just an inquisitive one. I couldn't for the life of me think why you were suggesting covert feeding of the birds and the only thing I could come up with was poison. I was right in one respect though - you are talking about an additive to the food. A laxative never crossed my mind. And to be fair, I was NOT accusing you of anything, I was genuinely curious and wanted to understand what, exactly, you were hoping to gain by covert feeding of birds that should not be fed by humans (in this particular situation) in the first place. Agree on both counts. They are protected, yes. Pigeons and gulls both love bread. Maybe she's buying entire loafs for them. Who knows. Anyone who encourages huge colonies of these birds in urban and/or residential areas must be a little off their loafs to start with. And gulls will eat practically anything, so it's quite probable that she's giving them her kitchen scraps. I've got some quite disgusting stories from my days at the fishing concerning just what gulls are willing to eat. They're pretty to look at - but they're pretty vile creatures at the same time. Give me a house martin, robin or tit over a gull any day.
  20. What, exactly, are you proposing? I'm just curious to know if you're hinting at putting poison out for the gulls/pigeons - hence making it unattractive for this woman as dead birds start cluttering up her property, not to mention the properties of her neighbors. Poisoning the birds could have the unwanted effect of also poisoning local cats, and perhaps even the woman herself (through disease caused by handling the dead birds) as she disposes of the corpses. Going by some of your posts in other threads, I took you to be an animal/bird lover and perhaps even a vegetarian. Am I wrong? I agree that excess gull/pigeon populations in urban areas are not beneficial to anyone, but poisoning them could have unintended knock-on effects that perhaps you're not thinking through. If you're not hinting at poisoning, how would adding extra food for the birds through covert operations be of any help in the matter? edited for clarity's sake
  21. I was in a newsagents not long after seeing your post, and so decided to lurk in a corner for a few moments to watch the reaction of people picking up the Examiner. Those who glanced at the paper ALL did a double-take, with raised eyebrows and shocked looks. Every one of them repeatedly looked back and forth between the headline and the photo directly next to it. One would think someone at the paper has it in for Mr. Dunlop. What a cock-up! If I were Michael Dunlop, I think I'd be extremely crestfallen, ie. pretty damned effed off. At least the editorial writer doesn't seem to be complicit as the Examiner Comment (page 22) states: "The late, great Joey Dunlop would have been so very proud as his nephew Michael cooped [sic] the big race yesterday. What a Sunday it was and even the rain stayed away. The TT has burst out in style. There was hardly a dry eye in the island as Michael Dunlop won the Dainese Superbike TT 30 years after his late uncle Joey recorded his firwst [sic] race victory for Honda in 1983" [slightly off-topic] Hmm.... wonder if there's a proof-reading job going at the Examiner? Pretty much every page has typos and outright misspellings galore. [/off-topic]
  22. I currently live on less than £11,500 a year (from which I pay my rent, utilities and all other living expenses) so don't presume to know anything about my alleged "cosy" bubble. I know what it's like to scrimp and save, cut corners and do without. And before you even think it, I make sacrifices (heating, for example) in order to afford the luxury of an internet connection (on a gifted netbook) - and the connection with the outside world it provides me saves my sanity. (Or perhaps not, given the preponderance of trolls in cyberspace.) I have every sympathy for those living on minimum wage or less in these tough times, although I doubt very much that you are one of them. I certainly don't have enough extra dosh lying about with which to feed trolls, so don't expect any further responses from me to you. I apologise for my part in this hijack of a very important thread. I shall cease and desist. One quick question though, do I need to buy a subscription in order to put trolls on ignore? (I can't find an ignore button anywhere - on TJ's profile one would think it would be prominent and well-worn.) If it does necessitate a subscription, I'll just have to scroll on past when I see his name above a post. Answers in a PM please, as to not clutter this thread up with further troll-talk. Thank you.
  23. Every single white collar worker in the civil service is raking it in. The only ones who are not raking it in are the blue collar workers. TJ, I have to wonder sometimes if you're living on the same Rock as the rest of us, or if you're orbiting out there somewhere. Or do you just do this for effect? Don't bother responding, that was a rhetorical question. I'm already 95% sure you live under a bridge. Winds, thank you very much. I'm going out for a while myself - it is Mad Sunday after all and there's loads of leather-clad eye-candy about the place (I'm a woman, young enough to enjoy looking, old enough to know better than to touch). I look forward to your PM.
  24. I'll tell you what's on my mind as soon as I remember where I put the darn thing.

  25. I totally understand how, as a civil servant, you may have taken EORH's comments personally. However, when I read his comments I took him to mean the Fat Cats in Tynwald and other Ivory Tower "We're all in this together, except for me and my cronies" high-ranking civil servants. I think most people reading this thread will realise that not all civil servants are raking it in. Just an FYI, I am closely following this thread - in fact this thread was the reason I created an account here - because as someone with a serious, chronic health condition, it's in my vested interest to know what is going on at Nobles and in our DOH in general. I've been complacent for far too long and I know, I know, I should be ashamed. After reading this thread I am, believe me. I'm hoping to make my voice heard (other than anonymously) soon - but much like some of our health care workers, I'm afraid that sticking my head above the parapet will have direct adverse effects on my life. I'm frightened that doing so could result in very real problems for me when it comes to accessing health care. It's not only health care employees who (implicitly or otherwise) get told to STFU and keep their head down - some patients get similar treatment. It has to stop.
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