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  1. Same here. The off-road bikers only come over here to ride because they're not permitted to tear up their own countryside with the same freedom. They should definitely be paying towards rectifying the damage they do, or simply not be permitted to do it in the first place. The same should apply to local riders.
  2. Jed better get his skates on then, he's got less than a fortnight to lay claim.
  3. Maybe around the Chickens. It's not too deep for scallop fishing.
  4. It was said at last night's debate that the gas reserves in question are off the southwest coast, not the northeast, and allegedly wouldn't involve fracking. The information was in response to a question of whereabouts the gas would come ashore - but the question (as to where it would come ashore) wasn't specifically answered. I would speculate Peel or PSM. I'm embarrassed to say I can't remember who gave this information, however it was likely Cowin as he seems to be the "authority" on the subject. The debate has yet to appear on the MR website so I can't refresh my memory. On the subject of Cowin, at least twice he had to ask "what was the question again?", and the only one to do so. I thought he'd be a good candidate when he first declared, but after seeing him in person... OMG. He'd be an MHK disaster zone. He's far more right-wing than I thought he'd be and he's kinda creepy as well. Don't think I'd want to be in a room alone with him and my daughter agreed.
  5. Zarley

    Manx Care

    Maybe the DoI decided to put roundels in the theatres? In which case they'd better cancel November's operations as well. Joking aside, this is rather worrying. Wonder how long the GMP will be kept in the dark on this?
  6. About what, Finlo's mum being a clever lady?
  7. High shop rent is one of the biggest problems in Peel as well, and that's mainly down to the greed of one landlord who owns several properties. He's recently closed his own shop and that'll be yet another empty shop for god knows how long. It's hoped by many that he'll be selling up soon and maybe we can get a decent selection of shops as a result. Saying that, his asking price for the properties will probably be all out of proportion to what they're worth, just like his rental prices, and so they'll still sit empty.
  8. Same here. https://twentyfourkeys.com/ has him dead last with 0.74 points. Lord-Brennan 39.10 Harmer 19.32 Cowin 16.56 Cussons 11.97 Crookall 9.47 Lee 2.84 Boot 0.74 IIRC Crookall was in third place the other day, but I didn't write it down or take a screenshot so can't be sure. I have great confidence that whoever produces 24keys is spot-on where Lord-Brennan and Boot are concerned, but OMG do I hope they're wrong about Harmer! And yes I realise this rating system isn't the be-all and end-all, but I think it could be a fair guide. I'm looking forward to tonight's debate. Got my ticket and mask ready.
  9. I assume you got your coat after that comment? We really need a "facepalm" emoji or a "rolls eyes" emoji in the reactions options. 😁
  10. On the island? Does this doctor moonlight as a dealer? Can I have his number?
  11. Wondering... did this "bloke from the local" tell you of his covid woes while you were both belly-up to the bar?
  12. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2016/01/06/the-real-gateway-drug-thats-everywhere-and-legal/?outputType=amp Not only my view.
  13. Sorry John, but I must disagree. "Ann" has an open mind; it's so open her brains fell out.
  14. I see Tim quite often and he's always friendly and pleasant. We're on first-name terms. However, while he was still in government I, as a constituent, asked him for help getting some information for my daughter and her family who were returning to live here. We spoke about this several times, in person, over a few weeks. He assured me he was able, willing and happy to help. I'm still waiting for that help years later. And government wonders why more young adults aren't returning home after being away at uni, and in my (Manx-born) SiL's case, the armed forces. Help and/or advice is very thin on the ground for them.
  15. Thank's for the summary, 'ole Bean. I sincerely hope you're wrong about Harmer's chance of re-election, and Crookall too for that matter. Both have already had their chance and in my opinion, have proved sorely lacking. I'm looking forward to hearing from Cowin. A serial complainer he may be, but hopefully he has the drive - we already know he has the tenacity - to actually do something about that which he complains. He's been a thorn in the side of government for quite a while now, hopefully he'll be a thorn on the inside of government too. Lord-Brennan's a winner for sure.
  16. Thanks, I'd appreciate that. I've been unable to find anything online. Even looked at the environmental bit on Dandara's About Us section of their website. If they were including treatment facilities in their developments to help protect the environment, I'd expect them to be blowing their own horns and shouting it from the rooftops. One thing I didn't look at though, was something in the search results from the government. I'm not sure if it's about the sewage problem in Peel in general, or if it's specific to Dandara's Peel developments. It's a PDF and I can't download it on my phone and currently don't have access to another device.
  17. Thank you for the link. However, I'm still at a loss as to where this treatment facility is located. Did it ever actually get built?
  18. Alcohol is the biggest and most widely available gateway drug around, but it's legal. Meanwhile, people who want to use a bit of cannibis - which is relatively harmless and actually has health benefits - are penalised, criminalized and vilified.
  19. Yes I'm still scratching my head over this claim. I can't find any likely structure in the new estates up by the Highwayman, either side of the main road. Unless they're underground, but I don't recall any large excavations being made, nor are there any likely structures around that look like they could be access for maintenance.
  20. Gulls have been known to eat tampons. Well, one gull anyway. Saw it with my own eyes. 👀
  21. Do you have a grudge against teachers because you failed to learn the difference between their, there, and they're?
  22. I'm just surprised they didn't opt for a £1,000,000 pedestrian bridge over the road. Maybe we should be thankful for small mercies.
  23. Think that ship already sailed when they slathered paint all over the middle of the road. It's a roundabout Jim, but not as we know it. Love the imagery of cartoon expletives coming out of the driver's window. Oh to be a fly on that car's rear-view mirror! Thanks for my first chuckle of the day. 😂
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