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  1. Covid isn't flu regardless of how much you want to pretend it is.
  2. People who were out at Christmas parties were there by choice. People at work are there because they have families to look after, rent/mortgages to pay, food to buy, Manx Gas to pay. They don't have the luxury of choice. They have to go to work. People don't have to go to parties. Apples and bananas.
  3. Good idea! Screw the screws who might take it home to vulnerable family members. If they don't like it they can get another job.
  4. Zarley


    Where's Michael Josem when you need him?
  5. Now look what you've done. John's unpinned so it's going to go splat.
  6. People seem to forget that a fair few hospital patients use the boat due to not being medically able to fly. It's not just people going across on jollies.
  7. Artsy-fartsy ones like the Bee Gees statue, the dancers statues, and the three legs down the airport?
  8. I've just listened to The Mountain while I did some sketching and it was very nice to have in the background. I'll try Visions this evening, and I may even give VoR's suggestions a go. Thanks!
  9. Why not? Did he bite you in your unmentionables?
  10. You're not having your booster jab because of corruption in 10 Downing Street? That'll show 'em who's boss!
  11. I was fine last night but today my arm is very very sore, much more so than it was with the AZ jabs (Pfizer this time). It's sore from just above the elbow right up into my shoulder. Can't raise my arm above my head. Also feel a bit shit all round. It will pass though and I'd rather this than ending up in hospital with covid. No side effects from the flu jab a few weeks ago. I had the pneumovax a couple years ago and no sides from that either. One side effect I've had from the AZ jabs is a marked increase in my pre-existing tinnitus due to ototoxic meds I have no choice but to take. I've been to audiology at Nobles and was diagnosed with some hearing loss (probably pre-existing but exacerbated by tinnitus) but they can't really diagnose tinnitus itself. Was given hearing aides that also have a white noise function, which helps a bit. The audiologist said there have been many others reporting the tinnitus side-effect due to covid jabs, but it's not well known outside of the profession as it's not been widely reported in the MSM. I've also read recently that it's also often a problem with long-covid. So far the Pfizer jab hasn't made it worse and I'm hoping it won't. The exacerbation occurred within 12-18 hours after both AZ jabs, so I'm hoping I'm in the clear this time. Tinnitus or no tinnitus, I have no regrets over having the covid vaccinations. Tinnitus won't kill me, but covid might.
  12. So you're doing your LFDs while "well high"? You're probably not doing them correctly then. 🤔 Test first, spliff after.
  13. By January this year there were a total of 25 covid deaths. The first death after vaccine rollout started was announced on 12 March. The covid death total as of last Thursday is 67. That's 42 this year, only four of which occurred by the end of April. The majority of the over 60s were double-jabbed by this time.
  14. I had to stop in three different shops after my covid booster today, and everyone in all three shops had masks on. I reckon word's gotten out round the island and every shop has someone on lookout. "Here comes Ramseytroll! Quick everyone, MASKS OFF!!!"
  15. Zarley


    They're not fighting, they're shagging. If your partner had a barbed willy like a tom's, you'd be screaming and whining too.
  16. Had my booster today, took a half hour including the 15 minute wait afterwards. What really impressed me was that they also offered a flu jab. I politely declined as I've already had one this year, but I thought others might be interested to know it's on offer.
  17. @philwebs Take your aids-denialist Murdering Mullis and fuck the fuck off. @AcousticallyChallenged you can take your aids-denialist website and fuck the fuck off too. There are better, non-denialist sources out there for information. Your research skills are normally quite good. Not this time. Fuck off.
  18. I would have been foaming at the mouth in a slightly different way 🤢🤮
  19. Zarley


    You're asking the wrong question. It should be, are you still his human?
  20. Several weeks ago I received my booster appointment for 9:30 this coming Tuesday, but something came up today that will make it difficult for me to attend. With much trepidation I rang this afternoon to cancel and reschedule, fearing I'd have to wait until after xmas. I was asked if I could make it the same day in the afternoon, I can, and she rattled off about ten different slots I could choose from. They don't seem to be overrun with people wanting boosters so why they aren't taking the details of anyone in the next group who is willing to turn up at short notice strikes me as ... well ... stupid.
  21. I assumed you were talking about the Bus Vannin minibus fleet, and therefore bus drivers employed by BV. Aren't they already on pretty good money, not minimum wage? And again, are there enough of them?
  22. Only if you're lucky enough to get a bed in hospice. There's no guarantee of an available bed when you need it.
  23. I've never heard of this multi-family house on Douglas Head, or anywhere else on the island for that matter. Did one of the immigrant families own the house? If they rented, who was the landlord who was permitting multiple-occupation in a single family dwelling? Were fire doors etc installed? I have known of some immigrants who share flats or houses, but they've all been single with one person, occasionally two, to a bedroom. You seem to be trying to make out like there're three, four, five or more sharing a bedroom. Your example smacks of someone adding 1+1 and coming up with 25. In my experience, people who come here to work and send money home for a better life there couldn't care less about making changes to how the island is run. Why would they when their plan is to go back home? Immigrants who do want change for the island have made it their home and aren't sending money back to their country of origin.
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